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Sadly most people don't know that Lincoln was yelled at -- to his face -- for being "obsessed with Nigger rights".

Stephen A Douglas 1858:

✅   Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

✅  Lincoln would have your wives walk down the street with "Niggers"

✅  "Lincoln  would have your children in school with Niggers"

✅  Lincoln would have "Niggers" vote etc. 


"Is that what you want", Douglas would scream.   The crowd would yell back "Nooo".

If that is what you want, Mr. Lincoln is your man. 

At times Douglas got the crowd so hateful they would yell, "Down with Niggers".

Well, vote for Mr Lincoln if you want that, Douglas would say.  Mr. Lincoln is "obsessed with equality for Niggers".

And it worked.




Most people today have no clue -- none - zero-- that Lincoln had spend years kicking slavery in the ass, as hard as he could, as often as he could, already, by 1858.

And it was well know.

Lincoln had ALREADY said slaver owners should be kicked to death.

Lincoln had ALREADY paid to have a black woman freed by paying off the slave owner.

Lincoln had ALREADY tried to stop the Mexican War  because it was a war to spread slavery- - and he was hated for it.

Lincoln had ALREADY tried to end slavery in District of Columbia.

Lincoln had ALREADY tried 43 times to outlaw the spread of slavery into the land the US just took in the Mexican War -- and he was hated for it.

Lincoln had ALREADY spoke for years, powerfully, magnificently, for equality for blacks, in fact, he did little else with his life for years, ALREADY by the time of the debates.

So while Douglas lied his ass off that Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  Douglas knew Lincoln could be beat by pumping up hate for "Niggers"  and making the public think Lincoln would have their daughters sleep with them.

Very basic -- this was extremely well known -- by everyone. No one thought otherwise. North and South, newspaper editors, politicians, voters, they all knew Lincoln did not advocate "Niggers"  sleep with white women.  That would have gotten him -- or anyone -- killed.

But that was the game Douglas played. And he won that race because of it. 


Not just yelled at by anyone, but by the most powerful speaker -- the most dramatic, the loudest speaker - in the US : Stephen A Douglas.

Douglas actually won -- as you will see -- because he painted Lincoln as all about "Niggers".  Douglas had a lot of help from newspapers, too.  

Like this Salem newspaper -- accusing LIncoln of "Nigger worship"  and treason.  

Even "moderate" newspapers could be hateful to abolitionist -- it was certain death politically (and sometimes, actual death) to be labelled an "abolitionist' .   During Lincoln's political life,  people in Illinois were killed by mobs for being "abolition".


At the time Lincoln lived "abolitionist" was turned into exactly what happened during the LIncoln DOuglas debates -- and it worked. An abolitionist, in the minds of most folks, was someone who would have your daughters "sleep with Niggers".  And allow "Niggers"  to vote, etc.

In fact, Lincoln got that bullet to his brain for speaking -- very carefully-  about voting rights for "educated" blacks.  John Wilkes Booth changed his plan from kidnap to kill when he heard Lincoln speak about voting rights for "educated blacks".

It was that radical that people -- including the President -- were killed just for suggesting that sometime in the future "educated" blacks could vote.

Yet  look at those who trash Lincoln -- even about that speech for voting rights.  They trash him BECAUSE he said voting rights for "educated" blacks and suggested it in the future.

They simply don't know, and don't care, that was as radical as hell -- and could (in this case, did) get you killed for saying it the wrong way in front of the wrong person.

Lincoln knew that -- and Lincoln knew that Douglas would likely win-- and did win -- by trashing Lincoln for being "Negro Worshipper" "black Republican"  etc etc.


In most newspapers then, and in all text books now, Douglas's  "Nigger rants" as Quincy papers called them, and  were cleaned up.    They substituted the word "Negro" and simply omitted "will sleep with your daughter".

But Douglas, according to newspapers, even ran from side to side of the state screaming - yes screaming -- such things. 

Douglas was not stupid, this was the perfect way, the effective way, to turn people against Lincoln.

Attacking Lincoln for "Nigger obsession" worked.

Even Douglas newspapers were disgusted with the vulgar "sleep with Niggers"  line,  and others like it. But Douglas knew what he was doing. He was winning.

As Bloomington papers reported, 80% of the people in downstate Illinois believed Lincoln was dangerous to the white race, despite how Lincoln repeatedly claimed just because he was against slavery did NOT mean he wanted your daughters to sleep with blacks.

See how Lincoln artfully handled the attacks, in the video below.

There were no debates- - at all - two years later, when Lincoln and Douglas ran for President.  In presidential elections, at that time, the candidate oddly did not go around speaking and campaigning like they did later and do now.  

Lincoln would have lost that race, for the same reason as he lost in 1858, but three men ran against Lincoln.   Lincoln did not get even 40% of the vote.  Lincoln never could defeat Douglas in a one on one election.   However, Lincoln wisely wounded Davis in 1858 politically--which caused two others to run, too. 



This is how Lincoln handled it hundreds of times, in various speeches.  You can and should read his full speeches to grasp this.  This is a very cleaned up version, but it does show the basic issues, absent "Lincoln will have your daughter's sleep with Niggers".

Notice how Lincoln handles the charge about whites and "Niggers" sleeping together"



Stupid people get part of the story -- the part they like, invariably - and then suppose themselves geniuses. Happens all the time with those who Trash Lincoln.

They get part of the story.

For example, I can show parts of speeches where Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.

I can show comments where Lincoln said he will kill slavery carefully.

I can show speeches where Lincoln said we should hang those in the South who want to destroy the Union because they lost an election.

Yes hang those in the South who try to tear US apart because they lost an election.

Does anyone today tell you that Lincoln wanted to hang Southern leaders for secession?

Hell no.  No one is that stupid.  Yet, Lincoln said it.

So why not quote him that way, and claim he wanted to hang Southern leaders?

Because his full speech show a completely different story.  


Douglas was not the only one -- in fact, Douglas had a lot of company, a lot of friends, a lot of newspapers say much the same thing.   Here, Illinois papers call Lincoln "Nothing but Niggerism"   and "a traitor to his country in time of war"  for being against the Mexican War.

(The Mexican War, as Lincoln and Southern leaders knew well, was actually a killing spree by the US to take land from Mexico-  about half their land - to make room for the growth of slavery.)

 Shouldn't Douglas  have checked with people 150 years later, who trashed Lincoln for exactly the opposite things? 

 As you will see below, Douglas not only told the crowd things LIncoln did  for "Niggers" in the past 10 years,  he  had copies of  Lincoln speeches that showed Lincoln radical and eager for "Nigger equality" as Douglas called.

Douglas vulgar use of "Niggers"   and "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  was common knowledge at the time --so vulgar even some  pro-Douglas newspapers castigated their own candidate for using it.

But it worked.  

 From the moment Douglas brought  up "Nigger equality"  and "your daughter will sleep with them"  -- Lincoln had to be very careful what  he said.

He was not careful enough, because he lost to Douglas because of it.  As Bloomington papers said, 80% of downstate voters believed Lincoln would cause "free Niggers"  to walk down the street, marry with and go to schools with whites.

It was not that these Northern citizens wanted slavery -- they did not. In fact, many moved to Illinois to get away from slavery. But they did not want to see black males around, either.

Douglas knew it.

Lincoln knew it.  

Everyone knew it.  It was the overriding public sentiment of the day.  Politicians-- like Davis -- North and South used it to get and keep power. 


Stephen A Douglas 1858:

✅   Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

✅  Lincoln would have your wives walk down the street with "Niggers"

✅  "Lincoln  would have your children in school with Niggers"

✅  Lincoln would have "Niggers" vote.



Lincoln's long history of kicking slavery in the ass- - while speaking wisely. Douglas knew it well, and Douglas told folks about it, and about Lincoln's quotes for equality.

Abraham Lincoln 1847 on:

✅  Said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death

✅  Said US may hang those who try to destroy Union because they lost an election

Said he has to kill slavery carefully

✅  Said Slavery is a cancer that must be destroyed or it will destroy the Union

  Said any black person is equal to Judge Douglas or Lincoln or any man in their natural rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of  happiness

Slave power was spreading slavery by killing --- and he, Linclon  would not let them do it.

You can take those quotes and make it seem as if Lincoln was the most radical guy around.



But take a closer look at those radical quotes- -in context. In other words, the the full speeches, and know what was going on.

Southern leaders were already killing to spread slavery -- and boasting of it.  Learn about Southern leaders speeches in Kansas, their boasts of killing, and their boast of spreading slavery to the Pacific.

 Lincoln was not strident or boastful, he was kind, and polite, and understated.



Men were still being killed and beaten in the North for speaking against slavery too bluntly  -- even on the floor of the United States Senate, a Senator was beaten nearly to death after a strong speech exposing the killings and tortures in Kansas--- tortures and killings done to spread slavery.

Yes, Lincoln slave owners deserved to be "kicked to death".  Yes he said it -- look at the context.  No one left his speech thinking he wanted slave owners kicked to death.

In the same speech Lincoln was very thoughtful and soft spoken about his respect for the South, and the plight of those in the South who were raised with slavery as normal. 

Douglas, of course, would not show Lincoln quotes where he showed compassion and understanding for those who believe slavery was right.

Douglas would just show -- like those today just show-- the parts that makes people dislike or even hate Lincoln.

They won't show (often they don't know) Lincoln's full speeches. 

You need to read the full speech to "get it".  You can easily chop it up, and get anything you want from it.

But the whole speech, in context, is quite amazing, and wise. 

 Yet most people don't even read Lincoln's full speeches, or know his full actions, but think, often, they know everything about it, because they read five or six quotes, out of context.

That's the problem -- stupid people, and some bullshitters-- play that quote game, and don't really care much about context, or his full meaning.

Most of those who trash Lincoln today, do so for the same reason Douglas trashed Lincoln -- to get attention.  

Only now, though they want attention, they usually Trash Lincoln using exactly the other quotes.  And most are too stupid to know it.

Link to Lincoln's Peoria Speech

Even if you read Lincoln's full speech, you would still need a good grasp of what was going on: 

Unless you know what was going on in 1854,  when Lincoln gave his "kick slave owners to death" speech, something different was going in in 1856, and then in 1858, and then in 1860 and 1862.

Your teacher or text books should have made that clear, but almost never do.

Southern leaders with Stephen A Douglas, just pushed  Kansas Act through, after which Southern leader David Rice Atchison went to Kansas, and started to terrorize, later kill and torture, to spread slavery there.




Another Douglas -- Frederick Douglas -- who often had major differences with Lincoln,  explained how radical Lincoln was. 

Was Frederick Douglas stupid about Lincoln, too?

Douglass knew what Lincoln knew -- public sentiment was everything.

He knew that whites were hateful and fearful of blacks, because they were told that blacks will take your women, your daughter, your wife,  that blacks will destroy the white race.

Douglass was not at all satisfied with Lincoln many times- - but he knew, and explained it well- - that Lincoln was "bound" to do what was possible, and what was legal. Douglas knew that not anyone in US history had run for office saying they were for "social equality" for blacks.   That was political suicide- - you lost automatically.

Douglass actually wanted Lincoln to "let the South go".

Douglass and most abolitionist hated the way the  Supreme Court  ruled that blacks are inferior beings, and ordered that blacks be seen not as human beings, as Dred Scott decision did.

Lincoln pledged to uphold even the odious as vile Dred Scott decision, as he must do as President -- until Lincoln could change it..  As Douglass explained later, essentially, LIncoln was right. Keeping the Union together and getting a Constitutional Amendment to end slavery was the only way to defeat slavery.

Lincoln was not king, Douglass knew, and knew too that most whites, even in the North, as you will see, hated the idea of black males being free to walk among white people in the North. 

Lincoln spoke carefully -- as he kicked the living shit out of slavery. 




If anyone gave more speeches, travelled further, or fought harder, in deed and words, against slavery, we don't know who that is. 

Lincoln spoke more words than are in the bible,  about slavery, and why it had to end, and how it is spreading like a cancer.

 Most people are not going to bother to get all his words.  It is easier to play "the quote game".

But it was no game.  People were being enslaved -- millions of people.  Those who tried to stop just the growth of slavery could be  tortured, killed.



As Lincoln knew well -- and explained repeatedly, in writings (candidly) and in speeches (politely)  slavery was growing by violent means thanks to Kansas Act, Dred Scott, and paid killers in Kansas.  

Lincoln's House Divided Speech  was focused, 100%, every word, on politely as possible exposing the fraud and violence that was now a toxic cancer  that would have to end, or it would take over US North and South.

That's sounds preposterous now -- but Southern leaders were boasting of exactly that, at this time.  Southern leaders were actually making it very clear, because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott (just as Lincoln said) they had the right and duty to spread slavery, including to spread slavery in the North and West.








Before Southern leaders sent 2000 killers to Kansas, they had to pass Kansas Act- - so they did.  Stephen A Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and David Rice Atchison personally took the Kansas Act to President Pierce to sign.

Then, immediately, Atchison went to Kansas, met with his first bunch of hired killers, and invaded Kansas to terrorize, and later kill (and boast of it) to spread slavery.

When Kansas Act, by itself, did not work (because people in Kansas unexpectedly fought back) Slave power then made it so much worse by Dred Scott decision:

Slavery became stage 4 cancer the moment Dred Scott decision was announced.  Now, slavery had to die, or the Union had to die.

Just as Lincoln said.  And he was hated for saying it.


You have to be some kind of stupid to claim you read Lincoln's speeches and don't grasp his focus on Kansas Act, Dred Scott and how those two violent frauds were the "machinery" that made US future all slave, or all free.

Yet we don't teach that Lincoln meant that literally -- and with good reason.  

We don't teach he was hated for it, just like he was hated for saying blacks are equal under the law, and equal to any one -- including himself, and Judge Douglas. 

Lincoln explained this at least 100 times, in various ways, as politely as possible. 

 Unless you know that -- and know what Southern leaders were doing and boasting of doing (killing to spread slavery) you are essentially stupid about anything that led to the US Civil War.

Nothing is more basic.

Jeff Davis himself wrote that Dred Scott decision was basic -- that it changed everything, and gave the South the right, even the duty, to force the spread of slavery, even where slavery was rejected overwhelmingly -- Kansas and beyond.






No wonder Lincoln spoke of slavery as a cancer, or as a snake that needed to be killed.  Slave power had been killing for years, and Southern leaders made it very very clear what they wanted -- the spread of slavery, even the spread of slavery against (yes against) states rights.

So for a country founded on "all men are created equal" the South was now engaged proudly -- and they boasted of it, specifically, that the were the opposite.  They were creating a country based on God's will to enslave, and the "great truth" that blacks are inferior beings, as ordered by Dred Scott decision Lincoln spoke of hundreds of times.  
Slavery -- and how it was growing, by virtue of Dred Scott, was going to kill our nation, or the cancer had to be killed.
Lincoln even compared slavery to a growing cancer that must be killed -- or it will kill.

Slavery had to end -- or the Union will end. Only one will survive.



When Lincoln said slavery had to end, or the union will end (his House Divided Speech) it was so radical  --though polite -- that people in the South and North claimed Lincoln had just declared war on the South.

See the Lincoln Douglas debates -- over and over Douglas accused Lincoln of urging war against the South, precisely because Lincoln said slavery had to end, or the Union had to end, that we can not exist this way, because of Dred Scott decision and Kansas Act.

You are not taught this, but the House Divided Speech -- slavery must die or the Union dies in more blunt terms -- was so radical and caused so much outcry, that Lincoln's own friends asked him to please walk that speech back.

Lincoln refused -- because he was exactly right. Slavery was spreading to all of the US, or it would die.   He was soft spoken about it, called it "nationalization" of slavery,  He was right, because Southern leaders were at that time killing to spread slavery and boasting they would spread slavery to the North (yes, really) and to the West.

True, Lincoln had to speak carefully.   Douglas used Lincoln's words against him then, by quoting Lincoln's assertion that blacks ARE equal to whites in their natural rights, and that slavery must end or the Union must end.

Again and again, Douglas and his newspapers (Douglas controlled dozens of newspapers) attacked Lincoln for his long history of trying to stop slavery.

So why don't people today even know Lincoln's long history of trying to stop slavery from 1847 on?

It's astonishing, and a failure of US education, that most people are entirely unaware how radical Lincoln was -- in words and deed -- to end slavery long before the Lincoln Douglas debates.



Another basic stupidity of today is how hated anyone was -- even in the North -- for being "abolition".  Bounties were put on their heads, some of them were killed.   Abolition newspapers were attacked by armed mobs, even in Illinois.

Even in Boston, abolition speakers were killed -- for the bounty on their death.  

They were hated for the same reason and by use of the same words as Douglas used in Lincoln Douglas debates.  Over and over, for decades, anyone who dared speak out against slavery were accused of "destroying the white race"  and in favor of "Niggers" being with white women. 

Douglas, in the Lincoln Douglas debates, used the same and proven way to get hatred against anyone who spoke simply against the spread of slavery.



Just like you can make Lincoln sound like a rabid abolitionist, you can make Lincoln sound like he was pro slavery.

And everything in between --anything you like, you can find a quote that will fit your BS perfectly, as long as you don't show Lincoln's full speeches and actions.

It's not hard to paint Lincoln any way you want, just edit the quotes carefully, and ignore his full speeches and actions.

It's easy, which is why it's done so much.

Lincoln was a master at understanding  "public sentiment".   He was keenly aware that most whites hated the idea of free blacks walking down the street.

In fact, it was against the law in Illinois for a black person to move to the state -- they could be arrested and whipped in public for simply being in Illinois, unless they were born there.

Did you know that?

Lincoln knew that. Everyone alive knew that.

Furthermore,  the Supreme Court had already ruled that backs are not to be see and human beings (very important fact -- more about that later).

Did you know that?

Lincoln knew that.
Everyone alive and paying attention to slavery knew that. 




Public opinion on black males was 100% against them to be free if that meant they would "sleep with our daughters".   

No one -- remember this -- no one dared run for any office by saying blacks should marry whites, or that blacks should be free to walk down the street at the same time your wife did, or that blacks should vote.

Lincoln -- and everyone -- had to be very careful what they said about "perfect equality"  and "social equality"  Lincoln was radical when you read  his full speeches.   

Abolitionist did not dare run for office -- they were still being killed, in Illinois and elsewhere, for being too "radical".   Even in Illinois, people Lincoln knew (the Lovejoys)  had their family member killed, possibly burned to death in his own Alton building, for publishing an anti-slavery newspaper during LIncoln's stay in Illinois.

Douglas -- not only told the crowds that Lincoln was "nigger lover".  Douglas made sure the crowd knew Lincoln was a friend of the Lovejoys.  Douglas mentioned the Lovejoy name -- and veryone alive then knew it. Lincoln knew what Douglas was doing -- tying Lincoln not only to the idea your daughter will sleep with "Niggers"  but that Lincoln was like abolitionist.

Yet even abolitionist did not -- ever -- get up and claim blacks and whites should be "socially" equal, meaning blacks should be able to sleep with white women.

Even Lovejoy, the one killed, was not that radical.


Douglas knew -- and everyone knew -- the central issue what what happens if slavery can not spread?

Will blacks be so numerous, because of the very high birth rate of slaves (slave women were forced to get pregnant, their children were a major source income for slave owners.

Just stopping the spread of slavery -- just that -- would "exterminate the white race".

 Stephen A Douglas 1858:

✅   Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

✅  Lincoln would have your wives walk down the street with "Niggers"

✅  "Lincoln  would have your children in school with Niggers"

✅  Lincoln would have "Niggers" vote.


We don't teach this -at all - now, but the common and often repeated justification to spread slavery was that blacks would be so numerous,  they would be more numerous than whites- - in fact, in many areas,  slaves outnumbered white's already. 

Politicians -- including Stephen A Douglas, used hate and fear of black males taking white women, black males revolting, black males walking down the street as free men, what a vile idea to white people North and South.

Even those who were against slavery  hated the idea of black men taking white women.  Politicians, North and South, pumped this hate up to insane levels -- but those politicians won -- including Stephen A Douglas. 



 Douglas was a dramatic politician as United States ever had.  He could hold crowds in awa -- he could get whites to yell "Down with Niggers"  for example, when he went on his "Nigger rants".

Douglas even ran side to side of the stage screaming such things.   And as Bloomington papers reporters, Douglas won because he could paint Lincoln as "Negro Worshipper".

Lincoln, accordingly, spent much of his time (as did other Republicans)  trying to assure the public that being against the spread of slavery did not mean your wive's and daughters would be with, walk with, sleep with "Niggers". 

Frederick Douglass also claimed Lincoln was radical. And he, like Stephen A Douglas, explained at length why he considered Lincoln radical. 

 Lincoln had an earned reputation -- from 1847 efforts against the Mexican War (because it was a war to double the size of slavery) and then Lincoln tried 43 times to stop the spread of slavery into that land, just stolen.

Then -- Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia -- all in the 1840's.   Long before the Civil War, over and over, in word and in deed, Lincoln had taken strong --and politically almost suicidal -- moves to kick slavery in the ass.





Men like Douglas -- and every Southern leader and politicians, were adept at making any move against the spread  both Stephen A Douglas and Frederick Douglass just needed a few minutes with your high school history teacher to learn what was going on, and why Lincoln didn't care about slavery.  



Funny (not really). Many now trash Lincoln for the exact opposite reason he was trashed at the time, including supposed "scholars".

 We are told Lincoln "was nothing special"  and "did not care"  about slavery until late in the war.  Yet Lincoln was hated, and lost elections, precisely because he dared to say blacks and whites should be equal under the law for their rights to "life liberty that the pursuit of happiness".



The term "social equality"  was a euphamism for "Niggers sleeping with, walking down the street with, going to school with "Niggers'.

This was a time when the United States Surpreme Court ruled officially that not only are blacks "inferior beings" -- the Court ordered (yes ordered) that blacks be seen not as human beings (not persons) but as property.

The court did not say that was okay -- the court ORDERED-- remember this,  the Dred Scott decision ORDERED that blacks be seen not as human beings.

You need to know that to make sense of anything else, including the Civil War and Lincoln Douglas debates. Most people, and the Supreme Court itself, saw blacks as not human beings as whites were -- the Court ordered that the federal government (yes, ordered)  recognize blacks not as persons, but as property, just like any property .

To say the Supreme Court was wrong -- Lincoln admitted it was the rule of law at the present, but it had to be overturned, by re-hearing the case, or by Constiutional Amendment.

LIncoln got the 13th Amendment passed as fast as possible.  It was the only way to undo the vile order of the Dred Scott court -- which did all it could to not only push slavery further, but to destroy any efforts to legislate against slavery.  The entire purpose of the Dred Scott decision was to obliterate (as it did) any legislation by anyone at anytime anyplace to reduce, much less stop, slavery from spreading.

Lincoln's stand  was radical as hell -- at the time. People just don't grasp that today.  

No matter what he did -he is criticized now for the opposite.

For example, Lincoln got his bullet to the brain because Boothe heard Lincoln speak about voting rights for "educated" blacks -- the last speech Lincoln made.

Boothe changed his plan from kidnap to kill, because of that speech for voting rights.

You can find 100 "scholars" today who trash Lincoln for that speech, "proving"  he did not care about voting rights for blacks, because he said "educated" blacks.

Yet saying even "educated" blacks should be able to vote was radical, as you will see.  Crowds of white people (as Lincoln knew well, he saw it) would scream "down with Niggers"  when the speaker, like Stephen A Douglas,  got them worked up about "Niggers"   voting and "Niggers" in your schools.


Lincoln was not stupid about it, or he would have never gotten elected dog catcher.  Even though Lincoln bent over backward to explain he was for "equality under the law" -- that was the same thing as "your daughters sleeping with Niggers"   by the time Douglas and other speakers got the crowds going.

Lincoln lost the election to Douglas for Senate because Douglas said this kind of thing to the people of Illinois -- and his newspapers (he controlled over a dozen newspapers) said the same kind of things.


It was not just Stephen Douglas. Newspapers in Illinois, and all over, trashed Lincoln for his "Niggerism" and for being a traitor to his race, and his country.

This is what Lincoln actually faced.

Despite being called "Negro Worshipper"  who "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" --- which damaged Lincoln to the point he lost the election,  Lincoln gave the most powerful appeals possible for equality under the law.

He said the lowest slave woman is equal to him, equal to Judge Douglas, and equal to any man.

He said we should hang those people who, because they lose an election, try to destroy the Union.

That's right - hang. 

That's right - slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

When you read Lincoln's speeches about slave owners deserve to be kicked to death -- context is important.  See his full speech. Yes, he did say they deserve to be kicked to death, but the total speech  is clearly not a radical attack on slave owners.  But you can chop up the quote and make it seem that way.

Lincoln, in that same speech, showed great empathy for Southern people -- saying they didn't invent slavery,  and he himself did not know the answer.  His entire speech was about how slavery was spreading,  as all of his speeches were.

Now -- because of Kansas Act (and soon, Dred Scott decision)  slavery was a cancer that would kill it's host -- it would kill the Union.  We will be all slave, or we will be all free states, because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott.

Lincoln knew -- and said, and wrote -- that he had to speak carefully.  He did not go into the war to put down slavery -- as slavery was legal, and he had almost no public support (public sentiment) to do so.  People in the North did not care enough about equality - they were not even for "social equality".

 To "act"  as he wrote in a letter,  as if we would illegally and against the US Supreme Court visit violence upon the South to free slaves  was wrong and would hurt our cause.

Lincoln's "cause"  was clear -- and he said so - to uphold the Constitution as his oath, and as political reality, dictated.

All the while Lincoln obeyed the Constitution, even the parts he hated (yes hated)  Lincoln was wisely working to change public sentiment, and to amend the Constitution in a legal  and proper way -- by Constitutional Amendment, with the agreement of Congress, as required, and agreement of 2/3 of the states, another requirement.

Lincoln got the 13 Amendment passed as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, he kicked the living shit out of slavery. 

Lincoln took at oath to uphold the Constitution - even the vile Dred Scott Decision, as ordered by the US Supreme Court.


When you get Lincoln's exact words, such as the "kicked to death speech"  they are not nearly so harsh as you can make them seem.  Context is everything.


In fact, in the same speech where Lincoln said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death, you can find words that people trash Lincoln with because he is not a flame throwing abolitionist in every sentence.

Almost every Lincoln speech is like that. You can, and people often do, pick this or that quote, and sell it as the full story. 

No one at the speeches was confused.

You won't be confused if you read the full speeches and know what was going on. 

But you can pull an isolated thing out if you like -- slave owners deserve to be kicked to death is an example, and make it suit your purposes. Happens all the time.

So when you hear that Lincoln said such things as blacks are NOT my equal -- get the whole quote, learn the full meaning.   In the next sentence, oftentimes, Lincoln then demolishes, obliterates that prejudice in a way the people could and did understand, even if you don't. 

Same way with his speech about hanging those in the South who would destroy the Union because they lost an election.  You can edit those words and make him seem like a monster.


The point here is -- get all his words, in context.  

 He spoke carefully, wisely, because he had to.  Most whites were terrified that black men would take their daughters, because that is what they were told over and over, by the hate and fear mongers of the day.

Lincoln was lucky he did not get a bullet to the brain much sooner than he did.  Others did get bullets to the brain, and were burned to death, even in Illinois for being "too abolition"  meaning for social equality.

In fact no one -- absolutely no one -- spoke for or dared campaign for social equality (meaning black men should be able to sleep with white women).   That was not just political suicide, that was a great way to get yourself killed. 

Lincoln -- see his full speeches -- was radical as hell for equality of the races under the law. 


And this is why he lost -- remember this:  Newspapers at the time said Lincoln lost BECAUSE his enemies were able to paint him as "obsessed for social equality"  and BECAUSE Douglas got crowds to cheer "Down with Niggers" .

Of course everyone in the crowd did not cheer Davis "Nigger rants"  as Quincy papers called Douglas's outburst of dramatic, hateful, vile, and vulgar  language. But Douglas got the white male voters to reject Lincoln.  

And that is what Douglas was trying to do -- pump up the hate and fear to do it was fine with him. 

"As Lincoln spoke carefully, urging peace, at times speaking of Union, he kept the border states out of the Confederacy, then kicked the living shit out of slavery."

Lincoln was against the  Mexican war because it was actually a killing spree -- that US started by killing Mexicans, then claiming US citizens were killed on US soil.

Lincoln knew that, and it was an open secret.  Even Southern leaders knew it -- Henry Clay, Kentucky Senator and former Secretary of State, knew it too.   Clay, though a slave owner, became a hero to Lincoln when Clay stood up against the Mexican war because it was a war to double the size of slavery.

Lincoln was accused of "treason"  for being against the war.  Even 13 years later in the debates, Lincoln was accused of being a "Negro Worshipper"  a "traitor"  and someone who would "have your daughters sleep tieh Niggers.


People today simply have no clue how politicians like Stephen Douglas, and all Southern leaders got crowds pumped up with hate and fear -- of black men taking their daughters. 

It's an ugly issue now, and was then.

It was central to the Lincoln Douglas debates because it was central to the entire Civil War, fast approaching.



In fact, by the time of the Lincoln Douglas debates, Southern leaders were already at war, already killing, already boasting of killing to spread slavery into Kansas. 

A US Senator already hired 2000 men from Texas, Alabama, and South Carolina to invade Kansas in 1856.  The killings started even earlier, 1856 was just when the US Senator could hire enough men to do the killings he wanted. 

When Lincoln spoke of Kansas -- which he did hundreds of times, this is what he was talking about.





 The fundamental issue -- as Douglas made sure -- was that those against slavery would surely have your daughters sleeping with blacks, would have your children in school with blacks.

Not just Stephen A Douglas -- others too,  went into great detail how your daughters will be with blacks if Lincoln gets his way.

Crowds cheered "Down with Niggers"  when Douglas got the stupid people pumped up with fear of "Niggers"  sleeping with their daughters.

Your "daughters" sleeping with "Niggers"  was the emotional and smart way for Douglas to attack Lincoln.

So he did. Over and over.  Stupidly,  we teach none of that in a candid way.

 As you will see,  Bloomington papers said 80% of the public thought Lincoln was "too much for Niggers" 

Lincoln lost because of that. 


Lincoln was against the Mexican War because it was fought to double the size of slavery. 

Lincoln, in his polite and clever best,  challenged the US President from the floor of Congress to show the "spot"  where US citizens were killed by Mexican forces.


These are just some of the reasons Frederick Douglass said Lincoln was "swift, radical, zealous and determined'  for equality.

He knew what was going on --he did not need your high school teacher to tell him five or six quotes by Lincoln


No, Douglass was not stupid.   He knew not only Lincoln, Douglass knew exactly how radical Lincoln was-- because he knew the full story, not just a few quotes.


Douglas carried around a leather satchel (it would be worth a fortune today).  In it, he had Lincoln's speeches about equality of the races.

Lincoln had a long history of declaring that under the Declaration of Independence, our country started on the basic belief that "All men are created equal".

The founding Fathers, he said dozens of times,  with plenty of evidence to back it up, that the Founding Fathers put slavery "on the road to extinction".    Now, because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott decision, Southern leaders had made a mockery of the Declaration of Independence, and set in motion either the death of the Union, or the death of slavery.

We can not exist this way - we will be all one thing (all free) or all slave.  

For this kind of speech, Lincoln was called a radical, a negro worshipper, a traitor to his race and to his country, as you will see. 

Lincoln did speak powerfully, even after being accused of "worshipping Niggers"  of equality.   You would never know it from the 8 quotes most commonly used when those who trash Lincoln claim he "did not really care"  about slavery. 



US had made up a distortion -- a lie -- that US citizens were killed by Mexican army forces.   The US was therefore "bound by honor"  to seek "satisfaction"  from Mexico.

 That "satisfaction"  just happened to be half of Mexico's land.

That land just "happened"  to be wanted by slave power to double the land to spread slavery. The US kept killing until Mexico "agreed" to sell us half their lands for 1/100th of what is was worth.



Lincoln was hated by some -- even in his own state -- for speaking this truth and challenging the President (Polk) on his lie.  

Lincoln, in very polite language, asked from the floor of Congress for the President or his administration to show the "spot"  were US citizens were killed.

 Polk would -- and could -- never document a spot on which US citizens were killed. The only killing was by US forces, deliberately sent to start a war.

Polk knew it, and everyone else knew it, even Southern slave owners, like Henry Clay said so, and Clay (Lincoln's hero) was  against the war, too, for exactly that reason.  US was simply murdering people to get land -- and get it to spread slavery.

Lincoln had a long history of kicking slavery in the ass- - including being against the Mexican War, including trying to make it illegal to spread slavery into the land we stole from Mexico (yes, we stole the land). 

Lincoln also tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia in the 1840's.

Lincoln also had hundreds of speeches and quotes for "equality under the law"  for blacks -- and was called "Nigger Worshipper"  for it. 




The "Lincoln quote game."   Ever hear of it?

Teachers play it, "historians" even play it.  Stupid people play it, smart people play it. Sadly the "quote game"  while valid if you have all the quotes, is horribly misleading when you only have part of the quotes, and none of the context.

You would assume that any time a "historian" or teacher pulls up a quote -- by Lincoln or anyone else -- that quote is a solid indication of something important.   If there were more to the story, of course your teacher or the "historian" would have said so.


Actually not right at all, sadly.   Lincoln, because he spoke thousands of times, in different times, different situations is especially open to distortion, but by no means him alone.

For example, suppose the only quote you ever heard about Lincoln was where he said slave owners deserve nothing but kicking contempt and death?

Yes Lincoln said that in a very famous speech.

How about if you only heard Lincoln's words about how he had to kill slavery carefully,  like he would kill a snake in bed with his children -- carefully. 






There are dozens of other quotes, too, where Lincoln spoke powerfully of his hatred for slavery and why slavery had to end. 

In fact, his famous "House Divided Speech" is exactly that -- he is actually exposing for the 100th time the fraud and violence used by the South to spread slavery.  


 It was no surprise to anyone then,  Lincoln was not the only one to expose this.   The mere fact Southern leaders sent over 2000 killers to Kansas in 1856 and had an ongoing killing spree there made it very clear the "Kansas Act"  was a "monumental deceit".

Over and over -- and over -- and over -- Lincoln explained this.  Do we think he was joking?

Do we think he was wrong?  Apparently we do think Lincoln was wrong, because idiotically the "Kansas Act"  is often taught as an effort to "resolve the issue" of slavery in Kansas.

The Kansas Act, and the Dred Scott decision, were the "machinery" deliberately designed to spread slavery and spread it to all of the United States. Lincoln explained that over, and over, and over.

And over.


Spread slavery to all of the United States?  Was Lincoln out of his mind?  

 Southern leaders had boasted of exactly that.  See Killinlg to spread slavery to all of the US -- and bragging of it.


Lincoln spoke over 2 million words in over 3000 speeches, about slavery.   Like we do the bible now, we do Lincoln's words. Pick a few here and there. 

Works well 

Stupidly,  the quotes most people know who trash Lincoln now,  are incomplete quotes had are drastically different when you know the full story.  

 It's not so much outright dishonesty, it's human nature to pick the parts you want.


We can pick out speeches were Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death, and that we should hang those in the South who try to destroy the Union because they lost the election. 

We can pick out Lincoln quotes about why he had to kill slavery carefully. 

We can show Lincoln's speeches where he said the lowest slave woman is equal to him or to any man in her right to liberty.   It was no trouble at all for Stephen Douglas to quote Lincoln -- as he  often did -- and make Lincoln seem like he wanted "your daughters to sleep with Niggers". 

In fact, as you will see, Douglas ran from side to side of the stage screaming such things at Lincoln and at the crowd, after which the crowd yelled "Down with Niggers." 

Just like now it is no trouble for "historians" to quote Lincoln -- as they do -- and make Lincoln seem like he was "nothing special"  about race.





 Stupidly, there is not one textbook in any US school that even mentions Stephen A Douglas repeatedly got crowds to yell such things as "Down With Niggers".    Yet according to Bloomington Illinois newspaper at the time, that is how Douglas defeated Lincoln.

Even though Lincoln again, and again, and again, tried to explain that he was against slavery,  he was not advocating your daughters to "sleep with Niggers" .

Douglas -- and others like him - were great at making anyone who was anti-slavery seem like they wanted your wife to "walk down the street with Niggers"  and your children to "go to school with Niggers".

No one -- absolutely no one -- no candidate whatsoever-- ran on "social equality" for blacks. The United States Supreme Court had officially ruled that blacks are not human beings -- not persons -- under the law. 

Blacks are "inferior beings"  and must -- must -- be seen as property, not persons, by the government.  That is a court order (yes order) from the United States Supreme Court, as you will see.

Again and again, in the debates, Douglas pointed this out.  Mr Lincoln is "preaching revolution"  because the United States Supreme Court had already ruled that blacks can not be equal to whites, are not equal to whites, and must be seen as property.

The Dred Scott decision is stupidly taught now as being about "citizenship"   and completely gone in our understanding is how powerful hate and fear of blacks were,  so much so that the Supreme Court actually ordered (yes ordered) blacks be seen (recognized) not as human beings, but as property. 

Douglas painted Lincoln -- in long, detailed, highly specific rants --as "obsessed with equality for Niggers"   and told the gullible crowds that Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers."

Why?  Douglas explained why.  Because Lincoln dared to say the Dred Scott decision was wrong, vile and would destroy the Union or it would destroy slavery.

Because of Dred Scott, the government must "protect" slavery even in places slavery was rejected overwhelmingly -- specifically in Kansas Territory. 

That was the rule of law -- and Lincoln had dared to question it.  Lincoln therefore was "preaching revolution".   Douglas even said Lincoln was declaring war upon the South by saying slavery and Union can no longer exist together, because of Dred Scott decision.

Only one would survive -- slavery or Union -- Lincoln said.  Dred Scott decision was the "machinery"  as Lincoln called it -- to spread slavery into all of the nation, and as such it will not hold.   We will overturn it, with a new argument before the court, or we will overturn it, by Constitutional Amendment (which Lincoln did) ,

 Lincoln also predicted the Union would survive, and slavery would end.


So vile, so ugly was Douglas's attacks on Lincoln that even some Douglas newspapers rejected his vulgarity.  But the vulgarity worked -- as Douglas knew it would work.

Douglas knew better, of course.  In fact, at one time Douglas was on the same side as Lincoln -- against slavery, and against the expansion of slavery.    But that was a hard sell. 

Douglas flipped to hard line "Nigger rants"  to get where he wanted to be.   He would have easily defeated Lincoln again, for President instead of Senate, if he faced Lincoln one on one.   In the President race of 1860, three men opposed Lincoln (as Lincoln hoped they would),  and those three divided up the anti-Lincoln vote.

Douglas knew that anyone  who dared be against slavery was then immediately and loudly accused of being for "Niggers".  Rather than fight that, Douglas joined that.


In fact the entire GOP party, officially, had to do what Lincoln did - deny they were for "Niggers sleeping with white women"     

Douglas was not the only successful candidate to use the "Nigger men will sleep with white women"  card.

This card worked well in the South, too.



If we do not spread slavery, the white race will be exterminate,  said various Southern politicians, like Robert Toombs.

These were not idle words -- people were still being killed for being "abolition"  even in Illinois during Lincoln's time there. It was no joke -- just for your physical safety, you better not be "too abolition"  in many Northern places, including Illinois.

Everyone who dared to be against the spread of slavery -- every Republican including Lincoln -- had to face the same onslaught, only Lincoln was attacked by the most powerful speaker of the era -- Stephen A Douglas.

Not just Douglas personally, because Douglas had dozens of newspapers doing his bidding too.    Douglas also had hundreds of paid men at his speeches, jeering Lincoln and cheering Douglas.  Douglas was the "king of patronage"  because of his power in US Senate. 

It was not just Douglas saying Lincoln would have your daughters sleep with "Niggers"   it was newspapers saying much the same thing, in various levels of vulgarity.

And it worked -- remember that -- it worked to get Douglas elected.

We do a disservice to our nation by not being candid about the Lincoln Douglas debates, because hatred of, and fear of, the black man taking white women was very much the basic issue, not only of the debates, but of the nation.

Very few people wanted slavery --yet politicians got power, over and over, North and South, by attacking anyone against slavery much the way Douglas attacked Lincoln, though Douglas, as was his style, pumped it up more than anyone else we know of.



Stupidly,  our text books do not even mention the most important part of the Lincoln - Douglas debates.

Stephen A Douglas regularly went into "Nigger rants"  as Quincy papers called it.  Douglas ran from one side of the stage in Charleston screaming "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers -- is that what you want?"

 Douglas got the crowd to yell "DOWN WITH NIGGERS".

Then Lincoln had to get up to speak. 

Commonly known then - there is zero, absolutely zero -- of this central issue mentioned in our schools, and zero about this in our textbooks.

Yet as you will see, this is why Douglas won.


To answer the question of what Lincoln said after crowds yelled "Down with Niggers" --  Lincoln said in certain respects a black woman is "not my equal"   IN CERTAIN RESPECTS.  But in her right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, she is my equal and the equal of any (white) man.

It's not the debates that matter -- it's the amazing and very real hate hate and fear of black males, pumped up by politicians, North and South.  

It was well known at the time --- and not even talked about know -- that Stephen A Douglas beat Lincoln in 1858, because he could smear Lincoln as "Nigger Worshipper"  who would "have your daughters sleep with Niggers". 



This video below -- from a 1939 movie-- sadly does not show Douglas running from side to side of the stage, doing his "Nigger rants"  and getting the crowd to yell "Down with Niggers".

Still, it does show Lincoln's way of responding to the attacks.  And it does show a cleaned up version of what Douglas attacked Lincoln for, re the Dred Scott decision. 

Over and over Lincoln SEEMED to agree with a prejudice of the day, in one part of a speech, only to then obliterate that exact prejudice.


  But you have to read the full speech, not just part of it, a task seemingly too complicated for most people today. 

This was not the side issue -- as you will see, Douglas did not just mention this a few times, and go on.  This was the biggest issue, the one Douglas spent most time on, and the only subject he ran side to side about, screaming.

Yes, Douglas ran side to side of the stage screaming it.

Douglas made this the emotional issue, the hate issue,  and wisely so politically.   It worked.  Douglas would have easily defeated Lincoln again, for President in 1860, if three men did not run against Lincoln then, dividing the vote against Lincoln.



Douglas crude, loud, repeated "Nigger rants" as Quincy papers called them, some of his own supporting newspapers were disgusted (but they supported him anyway).   This was extreme as it could be, as crude, as sexually blunt as you could be. "Niggers will sleep with  your daughters"  if Lincoln gets his way.

But Douglas knew exactly what he was doing.  Lincoln spent much of the debates trying to explain why blacks ARE equal under the law, and how slavery will spread because of Dred Scott and Kansas Act, the two actions created by "Slave Power" to push slavery that would "make us all one thing or all another"  said Lincoln over and over.


Lincoln was radical -- a traitor in fact -- according to Stephen A Douglas, because he was for equality under the law.   

Again, and again, and again, endlessly, Douglas attacked Lincoln claiming that equality under the law was "revolution"  because the Supreme Court had ordered (yes ordered) that blacks be seen as not human beings, "not persons".  Further the Supreme Court ordered,  (yes, ordered) that the federal government protect slavery even where it was rejected, specifically in Kansas, which voted 95% against slavery.

Douglas wisely and effectively tapped into, and profited from, fear and hate of black men taking white women.  Slave power, with Douglas helping them, could and did make Lincoln seem like a "Nigger Worshipper"   "obessed with equlity for Niggers". 

This was the tenor, the words, the emotional power of the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Anyone who teaches or thinks of the Lincoln Douglas debates without knowing this is profoundly mistaken.



The "Nigger rants"  Douglas used to defeat Lincoln (Newspapers at the time said Douglas used these "Nigger rants" so effectively that 80% of downstate voters actually believed Lincoln would have their daughters "sleep with Niggers")  was not just Douglas's way of winning,  the same basic political rhetoric was used to gain political power in the South.

Douglas was all set to beat Lincoln again, for President, with exactly the same message -- "Do you want your daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- but three men ran against Lincoln, and split the anti-Lincoln "anti-Nigger"  vote.  

 Lincoln did not even get 40% of the vote. 

Why?   Because most Americans, North and South,  were violently opposed to black men taking white women.  They feared black men would take their daughters, and that is exactly the nerve, the fear, Douglas went after again, and again, and again, in great and vulgar detail.

 That is an ugly harsh truth, but it was the political reality then, and would remain the political reality for the next 100 years. 



Stephen A  Douglas painted hateful, fearful, awful pictures -- pictures in words, words like your children in school with Niggers,  Niggers on your juries, your daughter marring and sleeping with Niggers.

 Stupidly, we teach Lincoln Douglas debates as a calm and polite discussion of "the issues".  

There is not a single US textbook in the US, and as far as we know, not a single high school student in the US, that is ever given the important, basic, and very ugly facts about the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Not one.

If teachers don't know, if the text books don't mention it,  are students  supposed to get this information from a duck?






The Dred Scott Decision's court orders.....  the most powerful few words in any US Supreme Court decision. 

No other decision, before or since, came close the vile nature of this one.   The United States Supreme Court ordered that the federal government see blacks as non - humans, as property.  

And that was exactly the intent, and exactly how Southern leaders used the decision to justify the killings in Kansas, 1856 and on.  Even the Civil War (as you will see) bragged about starting the Civil War based on the Dred Scott decision. 

 The federal government was ORDERED to protect slavery, until Lincoln could stop that court order by a Constitutional Amendment, which he did. 

Unless you know this, which most history teachers do not, you can not make sense of US history during the 1850's and 1860's. 


They literally pledged (ordered, but on steroids)

1) the federal government to see slaves as property

2) the federal government to protect slavery



This is precisely the language Jeff Davis used to justify violence to spread slavery, when he sent over 2000 men to Kansas in 1856.  (It did not bother Davis one iota that Dred Scott did not come out till 1857.)

Douglas claimed Lincoln was "declaring war" upon the South by saying we can not remain half slave and half free,  that slavery (because of Dred Scott specifically) would either destroy slavery or destroy the Union. 

Our schools water Dred Scott decision down to be about "citizenship". Oh hell no, the court  ordered -- remember this -- ordered that blacks be seen not as human beings, but as property, and that the federal government must protect that property, even in Kansas, which had rejected slavery by 95% vote repeatedly.

Lincoln, said Douglas repeatedly, was "preaching revolution" for saying blacks were human beings, not property, and as human beings, as persons, had rights under our Declaration of Independence.

We do not teach this amazing order from the court --- that blacks are NOT HUMAN BEINGS!   Yet that is exactly, precisely what they ordered.  O R D E R E D .

This was not "ober dicta" -- other words -- in the decision.  This was the order of the court.   Don't let your teacher mislead you.   This was the order of the court.  This was the part of Dred Scott Jeff Davis quoted himself about justification for sending killers to Kansas.


You can't understand US history of this period or the debates if you don't know this about Dred Scott --and therefore, most people don't  know this. They think Dred Scott decision was about "citizenship".   


 Douglas spent more energy -- as you will see-- on Lincoln "wanting" your daughter to "Sleep with Niggers".

He would not say "Lincoln believes your daughter should marry who she pleases".   That would not get Douglas votes.  That was vague.

Douglas was too smart to be vague on this. He would and did yell, even run side to side on the stage, that Lincoln want's your daughters to "Sleep with ______".


Yes, in Illinois, to Lincoln's face,  the most powerful speaker of the century (according to Horace Greeley)  yelled to the crowd that Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

Then, in each debate, to one degree or another, and in Douglas's solitary speeches, Douglas hit this theme  again, and again, and again.  

There is not a single text book in the US that teaches this -- and damn few teachers that know it, sadly few historians who address it. Two of them do address it, but not as a basic insight into the Civil War that it is -- Allen Guelzo and Michael Burlingame. 

The ugly truth is important for  two reasons

1) Douglas was because of is ability to make the public think Lincoln would have their daughters sleep with or marry Negroes.

2) The political power generated by those who pumped up that hate and fear led directly to the Civil War


Then Lincoln had to get up to speak.

What did  he do?


It was not just the crowds -- newspapers in Illinois accused Lincoln of being only about "Niggerisms" . Lincoln was a "traitor to his country"  and "worshiped" the Negro.

  According to Blooming newspaper Pantagraph, 80% of white voters downstate believed Lincoln was too "pro Nigger"  to paraphrase Stephen A Douglas. 



Despite being attacked for "Negro Worshipping"  and "n


Unless your history teacher read to you directly from Illinois newspapers at the time, you never learned that Lincoln Douglas crowds yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS".

If your teacher knew their history as well as they should, this is an easy one. Well known at the time.   
Lincoln as "obsessed for Nigger equality"  was actually the emotional focus of the debates -- Douglas made it so.   It was on this topic --and this topic only -- that Douglas ran from side to side of the stage yelling
Newspaper in Southern Illinois called Lincoln "Nothing but Niggerism"

Nothing but "Niggerism"?   Lincoln "Worshiped"  the Negro race, they called.  This was Illinois papers.

Lincoln's political enemies accused him of being a traitor to his race,  and said he would "burn our children to death slowly"  just by being against the spread of slavery. Let me repeat this, because you won't hear it anywhere else -- Lincoln was accused of burning our children to death just for being against the spread of slavery.

Have you ever heard any of this?  Hell no.  Which is why I wrote this.  

We are never told about this ugly part of the Lincoln Douglas debates in any clear way.  That is a stupid mistake.
Remember -- this is why Douglas won. 



Equally as stupid -- we do not teach the overall justification for killing to SPREAD slavery. Southern leaders had a justification -- in their speeches -- to expand slavery.

We will be exterminated if we do not.

Let me repeat that - only by the expansion of slavery will the white race be saved from "extermination". 

The governor of Florida to Constitutional Convention 


The governor was very clear -- he claimed no had alleged Lincoln would end slavery in the South -- quite the opposite, Lincoln had no power, no wish, no ability, no public support, to end slavery in the South.

But just stopping the spread of slavery -- as Perry says clearly here -- will " burn us to death".






Most people today have never heard such a thing -- yet it was at the heart of the hate and fear campaign to spread slavery.

Lincoln was  just all "Nigerien"  claimed newspapers in Illinois - yes, Illinois.  Lincoln is a traitor to his race, and "zealous for treason."   Why was he guilty of treason?  Because he said the United States Supreme Court was wrong,  more than wrong, he said the Court was the tool of slave power to push slavery into all of the US with Dred Scott decision, as south

Lincoln has an "exhaustive"  record of Niggerism, and the very fact Lincoln now runs for Senate is the "culmination of impudence" .   Lincoln's past efforts for equality of races, said Illinois newspaper,  should forever prevent him from being rewarded with political office.

When Stephen A Douglas yelled things like this to the crowds, he also asked "Is that what you want?"  Do you know what the crowd yelled back?

"No" and "Down with Niggers"  according to eyewitness at Knox College debate.  

 Here is that speech in the newspaper at the time. Aug 4, 1858. 

"DOWN WITH NIGGERS "  the crowd yelled.

Remember this - when Douglas went on his "Nigger rants" as Quincy newspaper called it, he was so dramatic, to intense, the crowd would yell "Down with Niggers."

Then Lincoln had to get up to speak.



As a practical matter that is simply unknown now, though two outstanding historians (Allen Guelzo  and Michael Burlingame) cover it well enough.  

 In the many "re-enactments" of Lincoln Douglas debates by school children and in high school "debates"  supposedly styled after Lincoln and Douglas, this is not even  hinted at, much less shown as the heart, the soul,of the debates.

Academics like to ramble on in bullshit terms about the debates, yet do not grasp themselves what was going on. 

According to the Bloomington Pantagraph,  80% of Illinois voters (meaning white males) in downstate Illinois believed Douglas -that LIncoln was radical for the black race. 






Yet when you read Lincoln's FULL speeches -- not the edited or misleading quotes, Lincoln brought down the thunder.  In the rights under the Declaration of Independence, said Lincoln blacks ARE my equal and the equal of any man.

Lincoln was punched so hard, so fast, so often, that most of the Lincoln Douglas debates Lincoln was trying to assure the public that equality under the law did NOT mean your daughter will "sleep with Niggers". 

The lowest slave is equal to him, and to Judge Douglas, and to ANY man.   Lincoln said that and made it very clear. No one walked away confused.  Equality under the law, equality because of the Declaration of Independence.

Anyone who was against the spread of slavery -- just the spread of slavery  -- was trying to "burn us to death slowly"

"Torture us to death by slow fire"

 It wasn't until the 1890's that "abolitionist"   meant to most people what did does now.


Smart people -- meaning people who knew the full story, not just a few quotes -- knew Lincoln was radical too.   One of those smart people was genius Frederick Douglass......

Douglass knew exactly what was going on, he did not need to spend a few minutes with your high school or college teacher.  He knew all the violence, all the threats, all the dangers whites and blacks faced who dared speak out as "abolitionist".



Lincoln had a long history of trying to stop slavery--  and was hated for it by some --  long before he ever ran for Senate or President.

Lincoln's enemies would be stunned to come back today and hear that Lincoln was called "moderate" on slavery, in speech or action.

Lincoln's actions were radical -- for example he tried to stop the Mexican War because as he (and others) knew well, the Mexican War was concocted by slave power to double the size of slave states.  Since we stupidly don't teach the Mexican War as a war for slave power, it's useless to teach that Lincoln tried to stop it for that reason.

Then, after Lincoln could not stop the Mexican War, he tried 43 times to stop the USA from spreading slavery into the land we just stole (yes, we stole it, we kept killing them until they "sold" us half their land -- the good half).

Then Lincoln, still in Congress, tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia.   

Lincoln's enemies made sure the public knew about Lincoln's radical past, and his radical speeches.




True, Lincoln spoke carefully,  he wisely spoke carefully. 

Others, with the same hatred of slavery as Lincoln had, did not speak so carefully -- some were killed, but others essentially committed political suicide -- became unelectable --- by speaking too candidly about slavery and equality.  

The entire GOP party in fact, made it quite clear, it's goal was to stop the spread of slavery, and they in no way were for "social equality"--  which everyone knew to mean black men could sleep with white women.

Over and over,  Douglas and Southern leaders made damn sure "social equality"  meant your daughters will "sleep with Niggers" 



 In fact, his careful words not only got him elected, his careful words kept 4 states out of the Confederacy at a specific time -- his letter to Greeley about the Union was actually a letter to the four Southern states that were almost certainly going to join the CSA.

In fact, Kentucky legislature had already voted to join the Confederacy, when Lincoln wrote that letter to Greeley empathizing Union.   Former President candidate John C Freemont had stupidly -- and illegally -- declared as free several dozen slaves in Missouri and Kentucky.

There was -- until Lincoln passed the 13th Amendment -- no legal basis for officially freeing those slaves.  Lincoln had won the election on the basis that if slavery ends, it must end by rule of law.   As much as he hated and spoke against the vile Dred Scott decision, Lincoln was still bound by that decision.

When Freemont illegally declared those slaves free, four border states were still up in the air about staying in Union, or joining the Confederacy.

Sure, Freemont could free the slaves, and immediately lose the war.  If those four states join the Confederacy, as Lincoln knew well, thats 500,000 more men for the slave states to fight with.  And Washington DC is completely surrounded by the CSA -- and the war, just started, is over, with the Confederacy winning.

Lincoln's letter sent just the right message to those four border states, enough to help Union sympathizers, who were not for slavery, to keep those four states out of the Confderacy.

Probably the most important letter ever written in US  history.  Certainly the most important in Civil War history, was this letter to Greeley that kept those four states out of the hands of Slave power.


 LIncoln's attempt to stop the Mexican War for example --  because it was an attempt to double the size of slavery (a successful attempt)  was just one action.

Douglas knew, too, about Lincoln's 43 attempts to stop slavery from spreading into the land just taken from Mexico in the war. 

Douglas also knew  of Lincoln's attempt - long before Civil War war --   to outright end slavery in District of Columbia.

You may not know of Lincoln's long history to destroy slavery,  but people alive then knew. 



Lincoln spoke twice, at least,  about killing slavery carefully -- he compared killing slavery with  killing snakes in bed with your children. You could not just swing wildly with the first club you saw.  You had to kill slavery wisely, because  it was already in bed "with the children".

And Lincoln made it clear -- killing slavery had to happen, if the Union stayed together.  First and foremost, Union meant slavery would end.  One or the other ended, as Lincoln said over and over.

Either slavery ends, or the Union ends.   We can not have both slavery and Union.   He made this very clear in "House Divide Speech"  but said much the same thing in dozens of other speeches.




Again, and again, and again, Lincoln spoke in a way that seemed to agree with some prejudice of the day.

Then again, and again, and again, over 1000 speeches, Lincoln would do this same thing.  He would swing around and destroy that very idea he seem to agree with five or ten seconds, or thirty seconds, before.

Over and over -- and over -- Lincoln did this same rhetorical "trick".  He seemed to agree,  he validated the feelings and fears of the public (remember the public was told endlessly "your daughters will sleep with Niggers)  but then came back beautifully and effectively against slavery and the need to first stop the spread of slavery, and over time, to end slavery altogether.

  Those who trash LIncoln today simply quote him on the parts where he seemed to agree with a prejudice of the day.  



Slavery is an evil that will spread to all of the US. It must be stopped.  Either it will destroy the Union or the Union will destroy slavery.

We will be all one thing -- or we will be all the other.

This is what he said, in one way or another, in almost every speech he made.

And this is what he acted upon.



Think you know enough about Lincoln and Douglas to play the quote game?   Maybe, maybe not.


Playing the "quote game" is perfectly fair.  Necessary. 

Play quote games till the cows come home,  but get all the quotes, all the actions.  

Get Lincoln saying slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

Get Lincoln suggesting he would hang those in the South who would destroy the Union to spread slavery (which is what they were doing).

Get the crowd shouting "Down with Niggers"  at the Lincoln Douglas debates. 

You won't get any of that from your textbook. 






✔️ Lincoln's radical actions against slavery for the last 12 years before he even ran for POTUS

✔️ Lincoln's full speeches, and how radical they were to the white public.

✔️  That Lincoln (and others)  lost elections because his opponents made the public think he was for "Nigger rights".


Frederick  Douglass said "We...measured him..not by stray utterances to injudicious and tedious delegations....not by isolated facts torn from their connection; not by any partial and imperfect glimpses, caught at inopportune moments; but by a broad survey, in the light of the stern logic of great events."

In other words, Douglass did not judge Lincoln by slogans or a few quotes ---but by "a broad survey,"  the full story.  All his actions, all his words (not just some words).  



To show you how hated "abolitionist"  were, he is excerpt from a letter to Jefferson Davis, where the "General of Law and Order"  in Kansas boasted they were simply hanging abolitionist, without a trial.

"Abolitionist, without Judge or Jury... we will shoot, burn, and hang.... it will soon be over."  Letter to Jefferson Davis.

Yet Lincoln went to Kansas -- did you know that ? 

Atchison  was not kidding. This was not a joke.

Even in the North, crowds gathered to catch abolitionist, and rewards were given for the capture and hanging of abolitionist in Boston.  



Why not let the South go?

Lincoln had a special and very clear reason to keep the Union and keep the Constitution -- yet abolitionist like Garrison and Frederick Douglass openly wanted Lincoln to "let the South go".

Lincoln knew - and said -only keeping the Union together would destroy slavery, which is exactly why Lincoln kept the Union together, and it worked.


Then Lincoln had to get up to speak for equality of blacks and whites per the Declaration of Independence.

Yet -- the Declaration of Independence (really) had just been ruled essentially unconstitutional by the Dred Scott decision.   Blacks, ruled the court, are "so inferior" that they are not human beings - not persons.  You really need to read the full Dred Scott decision.   The "slogans" you hear about "blacks can not be citizens"  is an Orwellian bit of double speak.

Lincoln was a "traitor"  a "revolutionary" who is "declaring war on the South"  for his radical statements that slavery had to end, or the Union had to end.



It was not just Lincoln, and not just this period of time.

Quincy Illinois, a site of one of the debates,  newspaper called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglass for just speaking against slavery -- did you know that?   Lincoln knew that.    See the newspaper clipping yourself.   



Alton Illinois -- the site of another debate -- was also the site where the brother of a close friend of Lincoln was killed -- maybe burned to death -- and his newspaper / print building was burned to the ground and his printing press thrown in the nearby river, for publishing an "abolition"  newspaper" 

Guess who knew that?


Guess who never told you any of this?  (And there is much more to the story of deadly violence against  any white person advocating equality under the law). 

 Alton Illinois mob killing Lovejoy

US text books do a poor job showing the killings and tortures against people who spoke out against slavery.  

LIncoln knew that every time he opened his mouth.  He was there in Quincy, in Alton, in 100 other places, not to get shot, but to plead for the equality of the races under the law.

Even that was too radical -- Lincoln lost.  Lincoln did NOT win the Senate race against Douglas.  And only won POTUS when three candidates ran against him.

Lincoln would have lost the Presidential race in 1860 for the same reason he lost the Senate race -- because he was too "radical"  for "Nigger equality".

According to Illinois newspapers, Lincoln was a traitor,  and his friend Frederick Douglass should be hung for speaking against slavery in Kansas. (Lincoln would then go to Kansas and speak against slavery).

As for not being an "abolitionist," Lincoln did say he hated slavery as much as any abolitionist, and was often accused of being one.  At the time (as you will see below) the term abolitionist was like that of child molester now.   


In the South, Southern leaders said Lincoln will exterminate the white race.  Our daughters, our children, will be "burned to death slowly"  because Lincoln wanted equality.

People were still being killed -- even in the North -- during Lincoln's life for being "abolitionist".

Did you know that?   

 In Boston, for example, slave power folks offered 100 dollar bounty for the capture and death of an abolition speaker that announced he would speak there.  When the mob caught the abolition speaker they tried to hang him. His friends were able to help him escape. 



In Kansas,  the "General of Law and Order" named by Jefferson Davis, told his supporters to just hang every abolitionist- - no need for a trial.  He boasted about that.  Atchison's men did just that, they killed John Browns son, Frederick, and tortured another son to madness.

No trial. The crime was to be "an abolitionist".

Pro slavery newspapers boasted of killing --hanging -- torturing -- abolitionist. 


Abolitionist -- those who supposedly would have your wife "sleep with Niggers"  as Douglas claimed -- were as low, if possible, on the social scale in some people's minds,  as child molesters are now. 

When Southerners used the word "abolitionist"  from 1840 to 1900 or so,  that is what they meant - - someone who would destroy the white race, have your daughter sleep with _________,  etc.

When Lincoln said he wasn't an abolitionist - but hated slavery as much as any abolitionist -- this is why he said it that way. 

You could be, and people were, killed for being an abolitionist in the 1850's in the United States.



Even abolitionist -- remember this -- did not speak out for "social equality" such as black and whites should be able to marry.   The hatred and violence to abolitionist, even in the North, was bad enough without trying to get social equality.



A surprising number of people do not have a clue Lincoln lost to Douglas in that race.   And unless their teachers read Illinois newspapers from that time period, even their teachers do not know that Lincoln lost BECAUSE most of the public (white males) thought Lincoln would have their daughters "sleep with Niggers".  Bloomington newspapers reported 80% of voters thought Douglas was right about Lincoln and "Niggers" as Douglas called the black race. 

More about that below.

The point is, Douglas attacks worked. He defeated Lincoln.

Douglas went into great detail --Lincoln would have your wife walk down the street with "Niggers" --  your children in school with "Niggers" and more "zingers"  like it, we show below. 

Yes, he said "Niggers" and said it with a spitting clear disdain for blacks.    That has all been cleaned up --most teachers have no clue, but at the time newspapers reported it.   

Few major historians deal with this topic -- Michael Burlingame and Allen Guelzo do-- but that is recent. 

No one has yet made this clear.   Burlingame and Guelzo cover it, but not as a basic and important fact.  Nothing is more basic. 

Stupidly,  historians are as dumb about this as most high school teachers.

We'd like to change that.


No debate ever was calm, Douglas brought hate and fear into it, and wisely so -- that's how he won.

Douglas was always on the attack.   It worked.  It got him elected. 

Most history teachers  do not know that Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death (see below) even though they may teach the very speech wherein Lincoln said slave owners deserved to  be kicked to death.

We show you that speech. 

Most history teachers do not know that Lincoln said he had to kill slavery carefully -- though he said that several times.  Kill. Slavery.  

LIncoln, Stephen A Douglas, and Frederick Douglas -- arguably -- the three of the six  most important men of the 19th Century.

Stephen A Douglas, and Frederick Douglass, both said the same essential thing.  That Lincoln was radical.   Were they stupid?



Did  Stephen A Douglas  just need a 10 minute conversation with the average high school history teacher?  He knew Lincoln when they were both starting out, travelled with him, agreed with him (until he found out how rich he could be by disagreeing with Lincoln),  and defeated Lincoln in elections. 

Did Frederick Douglass need a chat with Eric Foner?  

How could (Frederick) Douglass and (Stephen A) Douglas be so stupid? 



It's a good bet your "history teacher"  from high school or college will insist they read the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Oh - really?

You can test that rather quickly -- ask them what Douglas central message was?

Stephen A Douglas was lying right? 


Douglas did not outright lie in any debate.  His "Lincoln is radical" was the  most basic point during the debates.

Much of the time -- most of the words -- were Douglas attacking Lincoln for being "obsessed"  or "radical"  for "Nigger equality".  

Most of Lincoln's time, most of his words, were focused on trying to respond that he (Lincoln) was for equality under the law.

Douglas would then attack -- per the Dred Scott decision, blacks are not equal to whites,  and I will defend that decision against any "radical" or "revolutionary"  who says otherwise.

Lincoln was the "radical"  who dared to question  -- and said we must change -- the Dred Scott decision. Lincoln would change that decision, of course, with the 13th Amendment.

The Kansas Act, the Dred Scott decision -- Lincoln being "radical for Nigger equality, and the spread of slavery - took up nearly every word by both men, one way or another.    If your teacher taught it any other way, they are stupid.  Yes, they are.

 Stephen Douglas carried a leather satchel around with him, of Lincoln's speeches, and would quote from them during the debates. 

That fool Frederick Douglass - he was stupid and fooled by Lincoln, right?   Nope.  Frederick Douglass was a genius, an escaped slave. He knew exactly what Lincoln had done and said for 25 years before he said those things.




Yet Lincoln  was radical,  especially radical for equality under the law per the Declaration of Independence which he quoted at least 1000 times.

 He parsed words on everything else, but that.  And still lost. 

Lincoln did say radical things ven said those who treat blacks as  property (The Dred Scott decision ordered, yes ordered, that blacks be seen as property --see below) deserved to be kicked to death.

Kicked. To. Death. 

Lincoln had a long history of saying such things, and Douglas often just read from Lincoln's speeches to prove it, during the debates. 



When  your teacher tells you about the debates,  none of this is shown.  

No high school text book, and likely no high school teacher, has ever re-enacted any part of the debates by having  one group of students yell "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"  before Lincoln gets up to speak.

Yet that is what happened to Lincoln.

So no one -- or very few -  "get" the Lincoln Douglas debates. Stupidly,  we have high school teachers actually requiring children to list the good things about slavery. 


Instead, children  assume  the debates were calm, respectful debate over deep constitutional "questions".

Idiotically some teachers claim Douglas and Lincoln were friends.  When you know more about Lincoln, you will know how deeply and correctly he despised Douglas, and with good reason.

Douglas even ran back and forth across the stage, at least in Charleston Illinois, screaming these things, apparently drunk.   

I doubt you could get any movie, and college play, and documentary to show such things... yet that is what happened. 

There is a damn good reason Stephen A Douglas, took this approach, used this language and antics.  Can you guess why?

 Douglas was doing the politically wise thing --  tapping into hateful and fearful  public sentiment.  Most of the people in Illinois had never seen a slave in person, if they grew up in Illinois.

Yet Lincoln  brought down the thunder anyway -- he stood up (and lost becasue of it) for blacks and for equality under the law.  It would have been suicide for Lincoln to say "So what, if your daughter wants to sleep with blacks, that's her choice". 

Lincoln had to handle, as Douglas put it "Niggers" sleeping with white women very, very carefully.  So he did.

But Lincoln came out FOR the much hated, much feared blacks -- powerfully, wonderfully, in a brilliant and effective way. 

 Lincoln, if you just take part of his quote (the quote game) seemed to agree with a prejudice of the day.  But then Lincoln flipped it around and destroyed that prejudice by resetting the question.   

Making your political opponent a "Negro Worshipper"  was political gold. 

This sentence is a link to that speech. 

There was a time Douglas was anti-slavery and  generally pro-equality under the law, but that was long ago.  By the time Douglas faced Lincoln in the debates, he had a large plantation in the South himself. He bought and sold slaves. 

Douglas was a powerful national figure, because he personally controlled of almost everything to do with Kansas  as Chairman for both the House and Senate Committee on Kansas.   He personally decided everything the Congress could consider, in both Houses, on anything to do the spread of slavery. 
  And if Lincoln did not stop Douglas -- Douglas was going to be President in two years.  As a practical matter Douglas was entirely in favor of the spread of slavery.  He had colluded with US Senator Atchison and Jeff Davis on the Kansas Act,   He had supported the Dred Scott decision.  Lincoln knew it, and Douglas knew it. 

So Douglas did the smart thing, yelling these things as he did repeatedly and with great energy.  He had to defeat Lincoln or lose the Presidency,  

So he went into, as Quincy papers wrote,  his "Nigger rants". 

On no other topic did Douglas show near this kind of drama, the yelling, running side to side.

All that -- stupidly-  is not in, or even mentioned in, our text books.

Entire college courses on the debates do not mention this.

How can they mention it, if they never heard of it?

To be fair, the "Nigger rants"  were edited out of most newspapers then.   We know the crude language because some newspaper reported it, and some newspapers shamed Douglas for such vile and crude language.  You must study original sources to get that. 

 Most historians are book based, now.   Which is itself rather stupid. 

 The man who did shorthand --one of the few that could then-- for the debates later said Douglas almost never said the word "Negro".  He almost always said "Nigger". Douglas was cautioned in in the Senate (to no avail) to stop using the term "Nigger".   

It was just good politics. 


 Bloomington Pantagraph at the time said Douglas won because of this --specifically that 80% of the downstate voters were afraid Lincoln would have their daughters sleep with Negroes-- or as Douglas said it "Niggers"

 But you get that kind of thing from newspapers at the time.

 You wont find them in text books. 


Was "kicking slave owners to death"   Lincoln's "real" position?

Lincoln said in 1854 that slave owners deserve "contempt, kicking and death"  for what they are doing to the black race. 

Was that a "position statement".  No. 

But but but....he said it.

We do that same thing in reverse to trash Lincoln.  He said a lot of things.  Two million words probably.  You can mix and match them for a life time. 

 When you read the whole Peoria speech,  and if you were there, you would in no way shape or form think Lincoln was advocating gathering up all the slave owners and kicking them to death.

When you know Lincoln's full speeches, you won't be so stupid as to think Lincoln "didn't really care"   or was "reluctant" to end slavery.

Did your high school text book show a big Lincoln quote--"slave owners deserve contempt kicking and death"?

Probably not.

Lincoln said he had to kill slavery carefully, wisely.  Did our teacher, or any movie, or "expert"  or documentary show you Lincoln explaining  how he would kill slavery carefully?

Probably not.

But Lincoln's political enemies and friends sure knew. 

Southern leaders knew. 

The newspapers then knew.  

The public knew-- Lincoln told them things like this in over 2000 speeches.

Lincoln's speeches --when  you know the full speech -- were radical. Yes,he spoke carefully, and wisely so,  but when you know the full speech, they were radical as hell.


Lincoln said slavery had to end, or the Union had to end.  Because of what Southern leaders did, (Kansas Act and Dred Scott) now it was all or nothing.  Our nation does not survive if slavery survives.

So stunning was that position that Lincoln was accused of "Declaring war upon the South"  by people in the North and the South.  

His own political friends asked Lincoln to walk back that position. He refused. He said it carefully, but he said that again, and again, and again.

Our nation (the Union) can not continue to exist, half slave and half free.   We will be all one thing, or we will be all the other.

Slavery was a cancer, it would kill the  host (the Union) or it must kill itself.  

These kinds of speeches is why Stephen A Douglas called Lincoln "Obsessed with Nigger rights" 


If Lincoln's political enemies were alive today, they would be stunned, probably laugh their asses off,  that anyone 150 years later would claim Lincoln was "reluctant" to end slavery, or "didn't really care" about slaves.

Why would people who knew him so well claim Lincoln was "radical for Niggers" ?

Why would newspapers call him "Negro Worshipper"

Why would the most powerful speaker of the century (Stephen A Douglas)  tell crowds Lincoln was a "traitor" for being against the war to double the size of slavery in the US (The Mexican War was a war to double the size of slavery).

Why did a crowd yell "Down with Niggers"  after Stephen A Douglas told them all the things Lincoln would do for the black race?

The short answer is -- they knew a hell of a lot more than 8 quotes and some distorted bullshit.   They were there.  In person. They didn't need to check with "historians" 150 years later.

  They knew his full actions -- like Lincoln kicking slavery in the ass, as much as he could, from 1847 on, against (yes against) public sentiment.

They knew his  full speeches.   No one left one of Lincoln's speeches (over 2000 of them) confused whatsoever.  Lincoln's most basic message was this

1) that the black person is equal in all rights under the Declaration of Independence -- even though the United States Supreme Court had officially ordered (yes ordered)  that blacks are NOT human beings (not persons) and that they have no rights that white men need to respect.

2) that  because of this ruling by the Supreme Court --now, only one would survive. Slavery was now bound to spread (and spread by violence) or slavery would die.  We must keep the Union together because that is the only way to end slavery.

Keeping the Union together  meant slavery ended.  How it would end would be up to the South, but it must necessarily  end.  The South said the same thing -only to their wishes.  The Union must end, or slavery can not spread.
  If your teacher did not tell you that, I can't help it. Lincoln explained it over and over. Even Southern leaders explained it.   


Now turn to 2012

Eric Foner claims Lincoln "was nothing special, he was much like others of the time". He "evolved"  said Foner,  and was "big enough to be inconsistent".

Oh really?


FONER  (and many others)  do the same thing  over and over.  Don't misunderstand, Foner has a lot of information, you can learn a lot from him, but he is, well, rather devious in his selection of quotes. 

Foner knows full well Lincoln's full speeches, he has studied them at length. But he studies them to get the parts that seem to prove Lincoln did not care, or did not do anything.

Foner knows exactly how radical LIncoln was, and why he was called radical, why he lost the Senate race.  Foner knows that no one was MORE radical than Lincoln in an effective way.


Lincoln did use different language at times  for the same reason a surgeon uses different tools at times.  Slavery would die or the Union would die.  Lincoln said that at least 100 times more than he wrote to Greeley the famous letter about "IF I could free none of the slaves" -

Lincoln pulled a very sharp knife out, when he wrote Greely -- and it worked.  With that letter, Lincoln kept four states from joining the Confederacy, one of the most important letters in US or world history.   Foner knows exactly how powerful and necessary that letter was.

Read that letter carefully --  Lincoln had ALREADY said he had to kill slavery carefully.

Lincoln had ALREADY said the Union had to die or slavery had to die.

Lincoln had ALREADY said slave owners should be kicked to death.

Lincoln had ALREADY said slavery and Union could not long exist together. 

He had already said that and much more.

But when Lincoln wrote Greeley, four border states were joining the Confederacy.  Kansas legislature had already voted to join it!  --  Foner never bothered to explain that as far as I know, yet nothing is more important.

Lincoln said the same thing he always said, but in a very clever way -- the "IF - Then"  statement. If I could keep slavery and keep Union I would.   He had already explained for years why it was impossible to keep slavery and Union together. 

One had to die -- slavery or Union. One would live. Slavery or Union.

The Greeley letter allowed those four states to stay out of the Confederacy and won the war.

So it was horrible for Lincoln to write a letter that saved hundreds of thousands  of lives, got rid of slavery, and won the war?

God people are so damn stupid. 


Radical. Douglas kept a leather satchel during the debates -- in it, Lincoln's speeches and quotes in newspapers.   Lincoln saying blacks and whites are equal under the law.  

Lincoln said   ANY female slave is his equal to him, and equal to Judge Douglas and the equal of ANY man in her rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But that was "treason" and that was "preaching revolution.  That would mean blacks will walk down the street with whites, etc, etc.

And for good measure, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against Lincoln's position, and actually ordered-- yes ordered -- that the government see blacks not as human beings (not persons)  but as property.  So Douglas was right, legally.

Blacks had "no rights which the white man must respect" said Dred Scott decision, along with the order (yes order) that blacks are to be seen not as human beings (not persons) but must be seen as property.

Lincoln was radical to be against the Mexican War, try to stop it, because he knew it was a war to spread slavery (and it was that). This was unpopular even among Whigs, and Lincoln was a Whig then, in 1847.

Radical because he then tried 43 times to stop the spread of slavery into the land just stolen. 1847 too. 

Do you know anyone else who tried 43 times to prevent slavery from going into the land just stolen?

Radical because Lincoln then tried to end slavery in District of Columbia -1847.   Did everyone else try to end slavery in the District of Columbia?

I missed that. 

Add those facts to Lincoln's killing slavery as soon as he could, and completely as he could, when others were very content to let it stay -  see what you come up with.

Context, man.  Gotta get ya some context- - and all the facts. 


Foner, like most historians not worth his salt, plays the "quote game".  Quotes are fine, we need them,  but Foner gets the narrative first, then searches for the quote. Any quote to fit the narrative.

He isn't the only one, of course, that does this.  And Foner loads up his notes with so much conflicting data that he has all the basis covered.   But  his narrative does not hold up .

But Foner won't give emphasis to Lincoln's powerful, amazing, and thunderous quotes in the face of a crowd that just yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"

For example, he trashes Lincoln for being for "colonization"  but omits to tell you more than one Southern leader spoke of genocide to blacks in they had to free them. 

He omits to tell you Frederick Douglass was for a time -- like Lincoln --giving thought to colonization.  Not involuntary colonization -- but voluntary.  If they wanted to "self deport".

But blacks generally did not want to "self deport"  they were born here. 


Lincoln  over and over had a habit of SEEMING to agree with a prejudice of the day.   Wisely so.  He was not there speaking to make enemies.  He would do no earthly good, and be an idiot, to seek to insult the people he was speaking to.   That has always seemed to go right over the head -- or not be a concern at all, to the "historians" who play the quote game.

For example in his Peoria speech, Lincoln seemed to agree with colonization. That's the part generally quoted.

Then Lincoln - in a polite, wise, and effective way, slaps the shit out of that very prejudice.

He does this so often it should be called the "Lincoln Rope A Dope".  

Very effective  to his audience.   He was not speaking to people 150 years from then.  He was speaking to crowds that had yelled things like "Down with Niggers".

For colonization, after agreeing with it, he explained it was horribly unjust and not practical whatsoever. You would need all the ships in the world, and the black population would not be lessened here with the ships available.

So Lincoln pooped on the idea, but pooped on it in a way that did not piss off the audience.  Brilliant thing to do. I doubt Lincoln would care much to learn 150 years hence he will get beat up for parts of his speech.

Lincoln got a bullet to the brain for his speeches, he is  not going to be upset over fools and bullshitters taking quotes out of context. 

Plus Lincoln actually RESCUED stranded blacks that did try to colonize on their own during the Civil war.

You can make Lincoln seem like the most radical slavery hater on earth -- next to John Brown -- if you want to. Or you can make him seem like he liked slavery.

All depends which quotes you use. That's a direct result of that quote game. 

Use the quote where Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.  

Use the quote where Lincoln all but promised to hang Southern leaders if they tried to destroy the country by spreading slavery.

Of course when you find that quote, Lincoln was vague about that hanging. He didn't say the word hang. He said he would do what they did to John Brown.   He knew his audience, and he knew their sentiments.  

Didn't anyone tell you that?  Bet not.  You could have found it, just read all of Lincoln's debates.  Lincoln suggested hangings, without saying hang, during the Knox College debate. 

Or you could use the quote where Lincoln said he had to kill slavery carefully. Yeah- - kill slavery.  Lincoln spoke about killing slavery. He needed to do it carefully.



If you just played the guote game that way, you can make Lincoln sound any way  you like.


Stephen A Douglas used Lincoln's radical quotes -- like Lincoln saying slave owners should be kicked to death.
He quoted Lincoln to make the crowd dislike and fear him.  Try to grasp that.  And it worked.




Crowds at the Lincoln Douglas debates yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS".

Did you know that?  After they yelled such things, Lincoln had to get up to speak. 

Did you learn that in school?  You should have been taught that. 


Did you know Lincoln  in the debates was accused repeatedly and dramatically of wanting white girls to "sleep with Niggers"?

Not just "sleep with Niggers"

Lincoln would have your wives walk down the street with "Niggers" -- Douglas said the word "Nigger"  with intensity.  And he did it over, and over.

It worked.  Douglas won  because of it, according to Bloomington newspapers which said 80% of downstate voters thought Lincoln would have their daughters sleep with blacks.  They liked Lincoln personally, but they did not like their daughters "sleeping with _________"


Rhetoric 101

Most people were against slavery -- but the politics, the hate and fear way to get elected, was to paint anyone (not just Lincoln) that was against slavery as being FOR "Nigger rights". 

Lincoln never did beat Douglas in one on one race.  Lincoln only won Presidency when three candidates ran against him.  He got less than 40% of the vote.  Douglas would have won again easily, and for the same reason, if Douglas ran against Lincoln one on one for President. 

Stephen A Douglas took a lot of time in the speeches, and used all his power and drama. In Charleston Illinois, Douglas ran back and forth on the stage screaming these things. 

High drama, and he held he crowd spellbound. He was called the best speaker of  his generation by Horace Greeley.  Super self confident,  full of energy,  loud,  with actor's like skills of dramatic entry, dramatic everything.   

This was not some piker trying to paint Lincoln as "Negro Worshipper"  -- this was the best speaker most people ever saw in their lives. 

Douglas went on -- and on -- about Lincoln and  _________

Your daughters will sleep with Niggers.

Your wife will walk down the street with Niggers.

Your children will go to school with Niggers.

Niggers will be on the juries.

Niggers will be able to vote.


Is that what you want?  Douglas would scream.

The crowd yelled back "NO!".  At least once, they yelled back "Down with Niggers" at Knox College.   And they were right, they did not want that. They hated that idea. 

Then Lincoln had to get up to speak.


And we are not taught a fking word about it.

Not.One. Word.


The other things they debated were trivial compared to this.  


Quincy newspaper reporter wrote that Douglas "went into his Nigger rants"  as if it were a common thing for Douglas--and it was.

Douglas was warned by US Senator Sumner not to say "Nigger" in the floor of the Senate.  But Douglas did anyway.  Even Southern Senators did not generally use that word -- and never in the hateful vile tone and manner Douglas used in the debates.

If you don't understand what  happened in the debates--it does not matter if you have  a Phd or never heard of them  --you can not understand the violence toward, and hatred of, blacks pumped up by politicians for political gain, in the 1850's.

The debates -- if you know the full story, not the watered down nonsense --are very much a metaphor for the Civil War itself.   Douglas used the very same approach to defeating Lincoln as the South used to scare the shit out of people to justify the spread of slavery.

Do you want your daughters to "sleep"  with blacks?   That's whats going to happen if we can not spread slavery.  Nothing is more basic than this, and nothing is taught less than this, about the US Civil War. 



Douglas knew exactly what he was doing - he did not run across the stage screaming for exercise.

He did it because it worked.

"Niggers" sleeping with your daughters.

"Niggers" walking down the streets with your wife. 

"Niggers" in your schools.  This is what got people elected- - North and South. Douglas won the Senate race because of his "Nigger rants"  as Quincy Illinois papers called Douglas's speeches about Lincoln.

Remember -- newspapers at the time described Douglas speeches as "Nigger rants".   Furthermore, the man who did stenography for the speeches said later that Douglas rarely used "Negro".  He use the term "Nigger"  and did so with venom.

Our stupid text books have never shown any of this. It is ugly, yet, so ugly even some newspapers at the time whitewashed Douglas "Nigger" rants.

But there is no way to  understand the era, or the Civil War, or LIncoln, without knowing this.

A crowd that yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"

This is what Lincoln had to deal with. 

When you know -- and only when you know -- Lincoln's full quotes, his full actions, will you know how radical Lincoln was.

Lincoln spoke too -- why not just use his quotes like this -- of the need to kill slavery carefully.

Lincoln spoke too -- that Slavery would end or the Union would end. Did you know that Douglas told the crowds that was a "declaration of war" upon the South?

Lincoln spoke too -- any slave woman is equal to him, equal to Judge Douglas, and the equal of any man.

Why not just use those quotes?  If you want to play a game of quotes, get all the quotes.


1858  Lincoln - Douglas debates.

Stephen A Douglas: 

" Mr. Lincoln is obsessed with equality for the Nigger".

Now why would anyone say such a stupid thing? 

Well -- read the full debates yourself, not edited bullshit that gives the opposite impression.    Douglas spent a lot of time proving how radical Lincoln was. 

He did not need that much time, most people already knew it, in central Illinois.  He just read from Lincoln's quotes.  And reminded them of Lincoln's history. 


But how can that be?   We have the quotes!!

Did not our own experts 150 years later say Lincoln was "nothing special" about race? There are quotes that say so. 

Do we not have dozens of books that show us the 10 Lincoln quotes over and over, that prove Lincoln was going to let slavery continue?  

There are quotes that say so. 

Do not we have absolute proof that Lincoln was racist and wanted to ship blacks to Africa?

There are quotes that say so.




But wait a minute -- look at the FULL speech in context -- when you get the FULL speech, again, and again, and again and again, Lincoln says exactly the opposite.

In ceretain respects  black are not my equal -- but in their rights under the Declaration of Independence they ARE my equal.

He wants peace -- but he will not let the South destroy the Union.

He is sympathetic to slave owners that did not start slavery -- but slave owners that deny blacks are human beings deserve to be kicked to death.

Those are Lincoln quotes too.

So why not just go by those quotes?

Why just go by the cherry picked quotes?  

Why not cherry pick the quotes that show Lincoln was ready to hand Southern leaders, and kick slave owners to death, and kill slavery over time?

Lincoln had a lot of words -- don't believe those bastards who give you a few quotes as if that's proof.

Get the whole picture. 



Quotes are a valid way to learn, and teach, of course.  Very important.

Lincoln had a very specific way of speaking. 

His technique was brilliant - and it worked. 

But that technique is perfect  for those who are stupid or want to smear him, then or no.



Lincoln seemed to agree with a given prejudice. The hatred of black men, for example, he had to deal with. Then mowed that down.

He seemed to agree with colonization (voluntary) for freed blacks. Then mowed that down. 

Lincoln crushed the prejudice in the same damn sentence or paragraph, but you will typically only get partial quotes. Or only part of the story.

"Niggers" taking white women -- Lincoln had to deal with.

Why on earth would Lincoln even take a moment to seem to agree?

Because most people there hated the idea of "Niggers" taking white women.  

Crowds had yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"

Lincoln was trying to get elected, not get shot.

But even so -- even with all the pressure against equality --Lincoln brought the thunder for equality.



Yes facts matter, who knew?

Well, maybe Stephen A Douglas wasn't stupid?   In fact, Douglas carried a leather satchel during the debates.  Do you know what Douglas had in the satchel?

Douglas had dozens newspaper articles quoting Lincoln,  or Lincoln's own speeches,  Douglas had transcribed and printed -- every one of those speeched or quotes showed how Lincoln was "radical for Nigger equality" as Douglas told the crowds.


Douglas of course chose Lincoln quotes where Lincoln insisted blacks ARE equal to any white person.

Yes, Lincoln said in 100 places, 100 times or more, that blacks are or should be equal to whites because the Declaration of Independence says  "all men are created equal, they all have an inalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness" 

 Lincoln not only said this 100 times -- Lincoln had a long history of kicking slavery in the ass.  For example, Lincoln tried to stop the Mexican War, because he knew it was a war to spread slavery into those lands.

And Lincoln  was right - the Mexican War, even according to Henry Clay, a Southern leader and slave owner, admitted that's exactly what it was.

Then Lincoln tried 40 times -- 43 to be exact, to stop the spread of slavery into that land, just stolen. 

Then, Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia, by legislation and bribery -- he simply offered slave owners money for their slaves if they freed them.   

Lincoln even offered the slave owners to set a date in the future -- slavery would end in the future, and they would be paid for it.

Of course, slave owners refused.


Douglas reminded the public again and again of Lincoln's "radical" words. 

Douglas reminded the public -- again and again -- of Lincoln's radical actions against slavery.  

Douglas reminded the public- - again and again -- of Lincoln's connections to "abolitionist" -- at at time when abolitionist were hated in may areas like we hate child molesters today.




It was not slavery alone -- most people did not have slaves. 

Political leaders in South simply pumped up the hate of anyone against even the spread of slavery.  

Douglas and politicians in the South regularly won because they attacked anyone against the spread of slavery because just stopping the spread of slavery would mean the death of the white race/


Just stopping the spread of slavery would "torture us to death by slow fire"  from equality with the African.

That is basic to understanding any of this- but it is not taught. This was not a trivial issue, it was the central issue.

Jefferson Davis said it was central issue -- and acted accordingly. By "acting accordingly"  I mean he sent over 2000 killers to Kansas in 1856, and when that did not work, he created his own country, the CSA to get the job done.  

Jeff Davis and Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums - let me repeat that -- WAR ULTIMIATUNMS, immediateley upon creating the CSA.   

Proud headlines in Richmond papers boasted of "THE TRUE ISSUE"  and then detailed the war ultimatums.  The first war ultimatum was the same thing South leaders had said for years-- and sent killers to accomplish -- the SPREAD of slavery into Kansas. 



Speakers -- like Douglas, like Southern leaders-- got crowds to cheer war and cheer hate, by pumping up the fear of "Niggers"  sleeping with white women.

It is an ugly truth -- but it is the central truth in how politicians won in the 1840's and 1850s.

The politicians pumping hate -- that got those politicians in power.   It worked. And it led directly to the Civil War.

That is the lesson your history teacher is most stupid about, and most needs to learn.


Lincoln could not deny those quotes for equality, in fact he repeated them, as you will see. 

Douglas said Lincoln would have much more than "equality under the law" -- Lincoln's way  would have your wives walk down the street with them, your daughters sleep with them, your children go to school with them.  Is that what you want, Douglas asked the crowd.

They answered "NO"  and "Down with Niggers" according to newspapers at the time.

Your "history" text books have never shown that -- yet nothing, nothing, is more basic to understanding US history leading up to the Civil War than that.

Not just to understand the debates- - to understand what led to the Civil War

If Lincoln had his way...according to Stephen A Douglas, repeatedly, loudly, in the Lincoln Douglas debates.....

✔️ Your daughters will sleep with Niggers.

✔️  Your children will go to school with Niggers

✔️  Your wife will talk down the street with Niggers

✔️  Niggers will vote

✔️  Niggers will be on juries. 

✔️ Is that what you want?

✔️ Do you want Niggers on your jury?

 Lincoln -- and most other people alive in 1850's-- would be stunned to hear that today, Lincoln is derided for "not caring about slavery" .   Holy shit, he was hated at the time for being a "Negro Worshipper" . 

The Lincoln Douglas debates were basically Douglas yelling (yes yelling) that LIncoln was radical for "Nigger rights"  and the horrors that would come  just from stopping the spread of slavery.

Let me be clear -- just stopping the SPREAD of slavery was a horrible mistake that would have your wife walking down the street with blacks, your daughters sleeping with blacks.

That was smart politics- - it worked. 

Douglas made the public see images in their minds that he wanted them to  see. His words drew pictures -- of their daughters "sleeping with Niggers". 

Of their wives walking down the street with "Niggers".



Lincoln gave powerful statements -- entire speeches-- for racial equality under the law.  Douglas (Stephen A Douglas) accused Lincoln of "bringing tears to your eyes about the poor plight of the Negro" -- and then went on to say how good slaves had it.

Do not be fooled by Lincoln's stories about the plight of the poor Negroes --Lincoln is a radical, he will have your daughters sleep with "Niggers"

No one -- absolutely no one  running for office in any place in the United States -- were stupid enough to say it was fine with them if your daughter "slept with Niggers".  

That was the box  Douglas put Lincoln in 100% of the time, in every debate, in every speech he made.   And it worked-- Douglas's "Nigger rants" according to Quincy papers, worked.

Douglas won that election, Bloomington papers said,  because Douglas went on the "rants" that Lincoln was obsessed with equality.

Yet Lincoln brought down the thunder -- any black woman is equal to me, she is equal to Judge Douglas, she is equal to any man.   Over and over -- and over -- Lincoln in the most powerful terms, pleaded for equality under the law. 

The United States Supreme Court had ruled that blacks are NOT human beings (yes, they did) and that blacks MUST be seen as property not persons.   We have watered down the Dred Scott decision to the point of absurdity- we teach it is about "citizenship".

As Lincoln said over and over the Dred Scott decision ruled that blacks have "no humanity"  and are "property and only property".

Lincoln did not overstate that one iota. The Dred Scott decision language actually ordered-- yes ordered, let me repeat that-- ordered that blacks not be seen as human beings (persons) but must be seen as property. 

There were two essential points in the Lincoln Douglas debates -- you are not taught either of them.  Douglas attacked Lincoln two ways 

1) Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers", your wife to walk down the street with "Niggers", etc   And he said "Niggers". 

2) Lincoln is radical (or a traitor) for being against Dred Scott decision that blacks are not equal, and are property, not persons under the Declaration of Independence.


You can have no idea how horrible that sounded to most white males of that time.  Blacks were not allowed to even move into Illinois!   The punishment for blacks that came into Illinois was public whipping -- yes, even in Illinois.  The black person could get another 39 lashes of the whip if they stayed another week --39 lashes of the whip until they left.

Try to grasp that.  People were still being killed in Illinois for being "too abolitionist" -- by mobs. 

Stephen A Douglas was smart to attack Lincoln this way......It worked. Lincoln lost that election. Douglas  won.  Don't forget that.



He responded wisely

Lincoln said  he did not need to marry  a black woman or have her as a slave.

He could just let her be. She is not my equal in some respects- - any more than I am Judge Douglas equal.  But in her natural rights...... she is my equal and the equal of Judge Douglas, and the equal of any man.

Douglas called Lincoln a traitor -- a revolutionary - a man that will "have your daughter sleep with Niggers"  because Lincoln said the Declaration of Independence "all men are created equal with a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Douglas correctly pointed out the United States Supreme Court ruled that blacks are NOT persons -- not persons -- and have no rights under the law, or under the Constitution.

Radical enough for you?  

There is a reason Frederick Douglas said this -- just like there is a reason Stephen A Douglas called Lincoln radical.....   see if you can guess what that reason is...

Your daughter with -- your children with --- your wife with -- 

Over and over.  Douglas screamed this to the crowd.Guess who knew that -- and all about the public sentiment behind Stephen A Douglas "nigger rants"??

Frederick Douglass knew.  And Frederick Douglas explained it pretty well.   Maybe he knew a thing or two? 

Douglas didn't need a high school teacher 100 years later who didn't know  his ass from a turnip to tell him about Abe Lincoln or the Civil War.  Many high school teachers tell their kids (because that's what they learned) that Lincoln "didn't really care" about slavery.


There are  about 10 quotes from Lincoln that sure seem to back that up - right?

Well -not really. When you get the full quotes, the full speeches, and when you learn Lincoln's full actions (as Douglass knew, as Stephen Douglas knew, too)  Lincoln was one radical son of a bitch.

They both called him radical.   They both used that word -- radical. 

From about 8th grade on, you should have been taught about Lincoln being called "Nigger Worshipper" (yes, Nigger worshipper")

And you should have been told the crowds -- some in the crowds yelled back  "Down with Niggers" .  That was the core issue -- not just for the debates, but for America itself. 

Those who insisted on spreading slavery told the crowds Lincoln will destroy the white race.

And people believed them.  As you will see, the public bought into the hate and fear mongering about black men.  It's a ugly thing, but we make our students -- and the nation as a whole -- stupid by not being candid about this.

This is the issue and the public sentiment that caused the civil war.   We should not simply hide it under the rug.

 Some newspapers whitewashed the "Nigger" references, some did not.  The man who took shorthand at the debates said Douglas rarely used "Negro".  His typical word was "Nigger".  And Douglas (Stephen A) used the word "Nigger" in the most hateful way he could muster -- and he could muster as much as any speaker of the century. 


According to Quincy papers, Douglas went into "rants" -- "Nigger rants".  

 He even ran side to side of the stage during the "Nigger rants". He went so fast, no one could keep up with his tirades,  so the Quincy reporter just wrote "went into his Nigger rant".

It was a rant they already knew.  It did  not surprise anyone.   But the added "your daughter will sleep with Nigger"  hit home -- it worked. As you will see Bloomington papers reported 80% of the public in Southern Illinios actually thought Lincoln would have their daughters "sleep with ____".

Douglas (Stephen A) knew exactly what he was doing. He was winning the election.



Douglas started his "Nigger rants" before he even got on stage.  

Stephen Douglas  would make up stories about Lincoln and a white woman in a carriage with Frederick Douglass.

Douglas made sure the  real energy in the debate, the real focus, was on Lincoln being "radical for equality". That was the real issue - and it worked. Douglas won.

Douglas insisted LIncoln was declaring war upon the South.  



Crowds cheered.  Remember this -- the crowds cheered Douglas when he went into the hate and fear mongering.

Then Lincoln had to get up and speak in defense of blacks -- the crowds at times had just yelled down with blacks.

Lincoln was speaking to people who already hated the idea that free blacks might be in their own city and in their own streets.  Now, the most powerful speaker of the century (Stephan A Douglas)  according to some, had just blasted Lincoln in the most vile terms he could dream up.




Still Lincoln delivered the most powerful words for equality - ANYWAY.  

First, Lincoln  had to set up his powerful message.   Again, and again, and again, dozens upon dozens of times in hundreds of speeches, Lincoln used this technique to reach the public.

Lincoln would seem to agree with the overriding and powerful fears and hates of that day -- hate that made it a crime in Illinois to be a free black. (it was a criminal offense in Illinois for a black person to move into the state). 

In "certain respects" Lincoln said, a slave is not my equal.  We may not be equal it skin color, Lincoln would say. But blacks ARE equal to whites in all rights under the Declaration of Independence.

If we let the "logic" of skin color to make it a Constitutional right to enslave others, then what is to stop a person with lighter skin than you to enslave you?

Lincoln said such things -- often.

So yes, Lincoln spoke carefully. No shit. 

Speaking of a slave woman Lincoln said she is "certainly not my equal in certain respects-- -but she IS my equal,  the equal of Judge Douglas, and they equal of any man in her natural rights [under the Declaration of Indpendence].


Stupid people -- and people fooled by partial quotes --seem to never know the full quote, and typically they are so stupid by the distortion that was in their heads already, they don't grasp how profound Lincoln was.


This was much more than a debate trick by Douglas..... claiming black men are going to take your daughter was the center emotional issue of slavery itself - Southern leaders insisted "Nigger men" will take our women if we do not spread slavery.

Yes it's ugly -- it was ugly then, and newspapers condemned Douglas for it (other than his own newspapers he controlled). But you are made stupid if you do not know this. 

Generations of Americans have not been taught this. 

So most people today have no clue -- because no one told them, that Douglas, the most effective speaker of his generation, got the the crowd so worked up they yelled back "No" and even "Down with Niggers".


By the time Lincoln got up to talk, Douglas had some in the the crowd yelling "Down with Niggers".

Then Lincoln had to get up and defend equality under the law.

Was Frederick Douglas stupid? 

Was Stephen A Douglas stupid?

Did they not have a clue? 

Lincoln radical?
Lincoln zealous for equality?

Maybe those fools just needed ten minutes with any high school teacher in the U S. They would learn a lot! 

We know better now, right?

Lincoln didn't care about blacks or slaves. He only cared about them later -- yeah, that's it. Later. And he cared only because that got him votes!

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation? What a joke. It didn't even free all the slaves.

And those horrible Lincoln quotes! Lincoln talked about UNION! Not slavery! 


No one wanted to free the slaves, if that meant "Niggers" would "sleep with your daughters".


He responded wisely

Lincoln said he did not need to marry a black woman or have her as a slave.  He could just let her be.

" She may not be my equal in certain respects....But in her natural right she is my equal and the equal of Judge Douglas, and the equal of any man"

She is my equal.

She is the equal of Judge Douglas.

She is the equal of any man.

Radical enough for you? 




Most people think the big "Lincoln Douglas debate" was in the race for President. Nope, it was a Senate race.

Lincoln never did debate Douglas again-- and wisely so. Douglas won the public cheering in many places, with his "Nigger rants". Lincoln did not campaign much for President race, as was the custom of the day, oddly enough. 

The point is, Douglas knew public sentiment so well, he beat Lincoln in every one-on-one campaign. He beat Lincoln with this approach in 1858. 

In fact, Bloomington Illinois Pantagraph newspaper wrote at the time that 80% of downstate voters believed Lincoln was going to have their daughters sleep with Negroes, and Lincoln lost that election as a result. 

Public sentiment did not change much from 1858 to 1860. 

Southern leaders were doing the exact same thing to trash Lincoln  -- in speeches in the South. It worked, that is how you were successful in politics. You pumped up the hate and fear of black males.  Douglas won his race, and those who attacked Lincoln most in the South won, too. 


Most of the people in Illinois, particularly in Central and Southern Illinois, didn't want slaves to be free it it meant their daughters would even walk down the street with black men, much less "sleep with them".

In fact virtually NO ONE anywhere wanted their daughters to "sleep with Niggers" .   Yet that is what Douglas (and some newspapers) threw into Lincoln's face day after day, debate after debate. 

They did not want blacks to vote.

They did not want free blacks walking down their street, or going to schools with their children.

That was Lincoln's problem -- how to defuse the hatred for black men pumped up by men like Douglas? 

You can't possibly make sense of Lincoln's quotes, unless you know that, and most people don't know that. 

Lincoln could not get elected dog catcher if the public thought he wanted white women to sleep with black men.

Every sentence Lincoln spoke had to be crafted with that in mind. Unless you know that, you don't know shit about the US of the 1850's, and what led to the US Civil War.

Southern leaders used this hate pump to justify spreading slavery- - we will be exterminated unless we can spread slavery.

That was the "hate pump" that led directly to US Civil War.

In fact, Quincy newspapers advocated the death of Frederick Douglass for speaking against slavery in Kansas. See for yourself.

People were killed in Illinois- during Lincoln's time there -- for publishing anti-slavery newspaper. Not everyone was pro slavery or anti-black, of course, but many were. And it was dangerous to be "abolitionist"  in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Elijah Lovejoy  was in the wrong place at the wrong time - his own printing press in Alton. He was murdered by a public mob after he refused to stop his anti slavery efforts. 

Lincoln would later name his brother, Owen Lovejoy, as US Attorney General.  Lovejoy was unelectable because he once said blacks should have the right to vote.   Even though he changed his tune -- he walked that back - Lovejoy's political career was done.  



Every time Lincoln spoke about slavery -- which is almost equal to the number of times he spoke --Lincoln had to address his past and present  "obsession" with "Nigger equality".


Lincoln was not radical in sense John Brown was --and wisely so. Brown ended up dead, for one thing, but worse, Brown helped the South, though of course he did not mean to.

Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists -- (Frederick Douglas was very close to Brown, lived with him for a time)  thought what Brown did at Harper's Ferry was stupid -- because it was stupid. 

Brown's actions justified Southern leaders claim that abolitionists were out to exterminate the slave owners and their families. 

So Brown's stupidity ended up  with the torture of slaves, even got some  hung, as an immediate result.  You are probably not told of the massive reaction to Brown's raid -- Brown could not possibly have done more to help slave owners if he tried.

Brown's raid now gave slave power exactly the excuse it needed.  See, see, slave power essentially said.... the North really is trying to kill us.   

Southern leaders used Brown's raid hundreds of times as proof they must be MORE violent against blacks, not less violent.  

That is what happened because of John Brown's raid.  

Lincoln knew that. Frederick Douglass knew that.


Lincoln admired Brown's intentions, but as Lincoln said --we have to kill slavery CAREFULLY.

In fact Lincoln twice told the story of killing a group of snake that were in bed with his children.   It would be easy to kill those snakes in a stupid way (paraphrasing) but now that slavery is in bed with the nation, we have to kill it carefully.

And he did that -- he killed it carefully, speaking as he did at times about Union, while kicking the shit of slavery.   That seems too much to understand for those who trash Lincoln.

Over and over Southern leaders claimed they would be exterminated if they freed the slaves, and here Brown fed right into that.



Neither Brown nor Douglass wanted to save the Union.  It took Douglas over 30 years from then to realize Lincoln was right -- keeping Union together was only way to end slavery.

In fact many majory abolitionists  were fine with "letting the Union go,"  Frederick Douglass and Garrison included.

  Lincoln's brilliance was being one of the few to grasp that. The Union, and only the Union, could prevent slavery from spreading.   If the South could destroy the Union, they could spread slavery anywhere they desired. 

In the Union, the South could not spread slavery.   Lincoln explained this dozens of times, in various terms.   Union continues --would mean slavery dies.  Ending the Union would mean slavery would  spread.



Lincoln spoke of slavery 100 times more than he spoke of Union, but the way we quote Lincoln today, you'd think he walked around saying Union all day.

Not even close. 

 But Lincoln did explain why the Union would survive or slavery would survive.

One could not survive.  One would survive.

When Lincoln said slavery would end or the Union would end Southern leaders said it was a "declaration of war".   



Lincoln's enemies in the North said the "Union will end or slavery will end"  was a naked declaration of war on the South.

Even newspapers in the South said that was in effect a declaration of war.

Lincoln's friends asked him to walk back the talk about slavery or Union will end, both can not long exist together.  Lincoln refused to walk it back.   Yes he knew it was an extreme statement -- but it was a true statement.

He gave dozens of speeches centered around that -- slavery will end, or the Union will end.

If Lincoln had not used that language, he not only does not  get elected,  the US falls apart and slavery spreads.  

So Lincoln is BAD to use such terms? 

160 years later, there seems to be endless "experts"  trashing LIncoln for speaking about Union.

Yet speaking about Union at the right times won the Civil War.  Speaking of Union in the famous letter to Greeley, for example, kept the border states from joining the CSA.

If four more states joined the Union -- it was over. That was a swing of 400,000 men.  More if they joined the CSA, Washington DC is surrounded by CSA states.   

Lincoln knew that  even if "history teachers" are too stupid to know it was vital -- Lincoln knew having Kentucky in the Union (the letter was focused on issues in Kentucky -- Kentucky slave owner legislature already voted to join the CSA , but Lincoln's last minute effort worked)

So it was okay for Lincoln to send men to die and kill ?  But it was horrible if he said words about the Union?

How fucking stupid can you get?  

 Seriously, grown men, some "experts" in history, deride LIncoln for speaking about Union as if that's BAD?

  Holy shit, what pompous shit heads.   I guess Lincoln should have just got another million men from someplace and killed even more people so that he did not do such a horrible thing as talk about Union.

That would mean the spread of slavery -- but I guess that doesn't matter to these "experts" who trash Lincoln for it. 



Ironically Lincoln was with the South on this -- ihis full speeches are quite clear -- and the South actually agreed.  Southern leaders explained it too -- they  could  not spread slavery in the Union, so the Union had to go.

   Yet this is the common narrative against Lincoln for about the last 50 years  -- that he cared about Union.  He did care about Union - and wisely so.  The Union was how he would destroy slavery.  He explained that over and over -- it's not a surprise to anyone who has the brains to read a Lincoln speech, and 

 He did speak about Union, at the right times. And it worked. If he had done otherwise, the history of the US -- and the Declaration of Independence -- would be drastically different.

Lincoln had to speak about Union in order to defeat slavery.  Try to grasp that. 



Is there anything more extreme that bragging you are at war to spread slavery?

I can't think of any.  Can you.

Take a minute. Think this over.  Who on earth --ever -- has boasted (yes boasted) they were at war to spread slavery.

Go on, take your time.  Think this over.  Ask others who in world history actually bragged they were at war to spread slavery.

Southern leaders did that --they bragged they were at war to spread slavery.

But guess who is the bad guy?  Lincoln.  That's how stupid these people are -- now and then.  Lincoln is the bad guy for speaking of Union a few times, as he kicked slavery to death.

But Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery?  Historians say virtually nothing about that -- our text books never make this clear. 


Not  candidly.

We  tell our children things like "race mixing was an issue".

Race mixing?  That says next to nothing. Screaming to the public that Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with Niggers"  is not equal to "race mixing was an issue".




Douglas correctly pointed out -- that the US Supreme Court ruled that blacks are not human beings (not persons) but are property.

Lincoln, he claimed, was "advocating revolution" by saying -- simply saying -- blacks should be considered human beings!

We stupidly teach this in euphemism, that blacks can not be "citizens"  Actually and specifically  the Taney Court ordered- ordered-- blacks must not be seen as persons.

 The Taney Court officially ruled on that matter, blacks are not human beings (not persons).  They are, and must be seen as property.


We also do not teach this ...


We take for granite today that the Declaration of Independence is for all men -- and they have inalienable right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness.   

Oh hell no - The United States Surpreme Court struck down the Declaration of Independence as valid -- did you know that?

Probably no.  How did the rule Declarations is not valid?  But ordering -- ordering -- that blacks must not be seen as people.   

Lincoln had to obey even this vile decision.  He knew it was a ruling by slave power to destroy the Declaration of Independence protection for blacks.  Which is exactly what it did.

But he had to obey it, until he could change it, which he did with the 13th Amendment. 

But typically Lincoln would say radical things more like this-- after he said blacks and whites may never be "perfect equal"  Lincoln would say things like  any slave was his equal, and the equal of Judge Douglas, and the equal of any man. 

But he had to say that AFTER he said in some respects blacks are not the equal of whites.  He had to validate the sentiment of the public. Then he delivered the radical part.

Those who trash Lincoln using a few famous quotes ... guess what part of Lincoln's speech they use?  They make it seem like Lincoln made a policy statement that blacks are inferior.

Quite the opposite.  He made a powerful clear statement -- and everyone understood it --that the lowest slave is equal to anyone, to him, to Judge Douglas, to any white man, in their rights under the Declaration of Independence.


Quincy papers said Douglas would "go into his Nigger rants".  Charleston papers said Douglas ran from side to side of the stage screaming about Lincoln and "Niggers". 

Most people who know much about Lincoln know he freed the slaves in District of Columbia in 1862.   He had the power to do that legally, and did so, in a practical way. He paid the slave owners.   

But before that, in 1847, in Congress, Lincoln tried to do the same thing -- end slavery in District of Columbia.  By paying them. 

They refused.   Did you know he had tried to end slavery there almost 20 years earlier, in Congress? As President he could do it.  As Congressmen he could not do it, but he tried.



Stupid things like slave rebellions would not work.   Lincoln did not want the war -- the war  according to Southern leaders, was already going on.