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 What Frederick Douglass knew -- and you don't.  

Example of Lincoln saying blacks are not equal --in one sentence -- then kicking inequality in the ass sideways, the next sentence.

No one who saw him speak thought he was against equality. 

But Scum Sucking Pigs quote Lincoln in a way that fools stupid people, who won't or can't read the full speeches, and learn the contex.

Douglass claimed Lincoln was 

1) Swift

2) Radical

3) Determined

4) Zealous  

Swift, radical, determined, zealous for equality.

But but but -- didn't  Douglass know about Lincoln's letter! Or the other quotes?  How stupid was Douglass? 



Douglass said something about Lincoln, that he said about no other white man, in politics.    He said Lincoln was swift, zealous, radical and determined for equality.   

Was Frederick Douglass stupid?


If Lincoln had said "Hell yes I want slavery to end, and I will kick Southern scum's ass to end it" -- that's John Brown kinda trash talk -- guess what?  

 Most Northern soldiers would have fought for the South.

See, most whites wouldn't piss on a black man, woman or child, if they were on fire.

Guess who knew that?  Lincoln knew.

Guess who had to get those whites to fight a huge civil war?

Lincoln had to.

Guess who's approach worked?   Brown lasted about 1 fucking hour, was captured, and hung.   Lincoln got the job done.

Too complicated?   Lincoln could have gone all John Brown on your ass, and not got elected, not got anyone to help end slavery. 

Would that make your dumb ass happy?


Lincoln was careful and smart how he spoke.  Now -- fuck off to those shit  heads who can't grasp that.  Frederick Douglass understood it, cause he was fucking there. 

While Frederick Douglass said John Brown was the only white man he met that was genuinely "at home" with blacks,  John Brown's way of ending slavery didn't work.   


See the difference?   Lincoln's way worked. 

Pay attention here, your history teacher doesn't get this -- but Frederick Douglass got it. 

Lincoln had to speak carefully, he had to "parse" words.

But his full speeches are as powerful and clear as anything in US history -- and it worked.   Too complicated?

Lincoln was killed by Booth, hours after Booth heard Lincoln speaking for voting rights for blacks.


Kicking slavery in ass -- sideways.

Yes, you can take a Lincoln speech, cut it one way, and make Lincoln look horrible.

Here is a clue, though. Lincoln was a fucking genius, and he purposely SEEMED to agree with something, then in the next second, or a few moments later, he kicked that shit in the ass sideways.

Over, and over, and over, and over, Lincoln did this. He did it so often, it's in virtually every speech.

This is a perfect example -- Lincoln did say, in this speech, that blacks and whites are NOT equal.  But what the fuck did  he say overall?

He blasted the living fuck out of the prejudice -- moments after he seemed to agree.

Did your teacher tell you about Lincoln's style of SEEMING to agree, before he kicked slavery in the ass?

Now, why the hell would he do that?  Any clues?  

  Lincolns way -- was to get help from those would have gladly let slavery continue, or spread.  He did it by appealing in terms of Union. He did it by not playing up his anti slavery goals.   

LIncoln knew, and said, that keeping the Union together was how to stop the spread of slavery. Did you ever  hear of his House Divided speech?

You heard of it -- but did you know what  he said?  He said one or the other will happen.  We will keep the Union together -- and slavery will end, or slavery will spread.  One or the other.

Guess who said much the same thing?  Jeff Davis. Davis said he and the South had to leave the Union becuase of the resistance to slavery spreading in Kansas.

Did you know that  -- or not?

In other words, do you know much, or just know a few quotes?

Yes, quotes matter.  SO get the full quotes. Get his full speeches. Get his full actions -- you wont be so stupid.

Lincoln's enemies constantly accused him of being a "Nigger lover"  did you know that?   This was at  a time when Lincoln could have been shot for some of the things they accused him of.  Did you know that?

Did you know -- yes or no -- that Stephen Douglas spread the rumor before each debate, that LIncoln was seen with Frederick Douglass and a white woman, in the same carriage?

Hell no.  That did get people shot, at the time. Did you know that?   Yes or no, did you know that?

FUCK NO. You were never told that.

Lincoln needed to get their vote, AND lead them through the biggest war in US history.  How did he do that?

He couldn't do that stupidly.   Douglass pointed out -- Lincoln HAD to get the agreement of others, he was not King. His own leading generals said they would not fight if they thought the war's purpose was to end slavery.

Did you know that -- or not? Hell no. 

Most whites in the North would not piss on a black person is they were on fire. Guess who knew that -- Lincoln did, and Frederick Douglas did.

Lincoln had to get those folks -- most of whom would gladly let slavery continue and spread -- to help end slavery.  Douglass understood that.  And said so. 

Douglass saw a woman whipped to death by his own father, (his slave master was his biological father) while shouting scripture.   So Douglass was not fooled by bullshit.

Douglass knew - to be blunt - what scum sucking pigs Lincoln was up against.  And Lincoln kicked their ass, and Lincoln kicked their ass with words, as much as the army did it with weapons.  




Lincoln was not king, and even in the North, most whites would not piss on a slave if they were on fire.  Lincoln had to parse words -  he had to speak carefully.  So he did.

But even speaking carefully -- as you will see -- Lincoln kicked slavery in the ass sideways.

Did you know Lincoln's political enemies told crowds that he was a "Nigger lover" obsessed with equality for the "Nigger".

And yes, Stephen Douglas used the word "Nigger" regularly, even in Congress, where he ignored dozens of admonishments for doing so.  

Douglass knew that Lincoln was accused of being a "Nigger Worshiper" by newspapers.   You didn't know that.   Stephen A Douglas "dirty tricks department" told folks before each Lincoln Douglas debate that Lincoln was seen with Frederick Douglass, and a white woman, in a carriage.  That could have gotten Lincoln shot a lot sooner than he was.

YOu didn't know that, did you? Hell no.  But you have those half quotes out of context in your head. Here is a clue, get the full story, you wont be so stupid. That's true of all history, and especially about Lincoln. 

Douglas knew that Lincoln's enemies told whites that Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

Again, and again, and again, in speeches, Lincoln seemed to agree with some sentiment of the day --such as blacks are not equal to whites --   then reverse course and blast the living shit out of that sentiment, claiming that any black person is equal to any white person.

Guess which part of the speech  the bastards tell you about?

Guess which parts they leave out?

NO one -- not one person -- who ever heard Lincoln speak had any doubt what he was about. WHy?  Because they heard the whole speech, and they knew the context.

They didn't get just a out of context quote by some ass wipe 100 years later, who wanted to trash Lincoln.

And they sure as hell didn't tell you how LIncoln kicked the shit out of slavery  till it was dead.   

But you have to read the whole speech -- and more importantly, see his actions.   Douglass was there, so he saw it all.

Your history teacher gets his information from text books, most of them printed by Southern publishers, and the Southern school boards decides what gets in most of them, and have for over 100 years. 

Thats why I read newspapers, books, letters and speeches from that era, I found too much bullshit distortion in "text" books trying to make Southern leaders seem moral and religious. 

Did you know, at the time, Lincoln was hated for being a "Nigger lover"?

Oh no one told you?  Surprise surprise. The newspapers sure told people then, but your "history" teacher didn't tell you now. 

In fact - read the Lincoln Douglas debates. In every debate, Stephen A Douglas mocked Lincoln for his "obsession" with equality for the "Nigger" -- and yes, Douglas used the word "Nigger" even in Congressional speeches.

In fact, some southern papers accused Lincoln of trying to kill the white race, if he just stopped the spread of slavery.   Lincoln would have been arrested in the South, where it was illegal to speak, or even write, as Lincoln did.   In fact, Southern Congressmen wanted Northern abolitionist arrested for publishing anti slavery material, in the North!

Did you know that at every Lincoln Douglas debate, Douglas had men walk around before the debate, and spread the rumor that Lincoln was seen in a carriage with a white woman, and Frederick Douglass?

This is the kind of thing that could get you shot, at the time.

Read the Lincoln Douglas debates yourself -- and realize Stephen A Douglas was doing his absolute best to incite hatred for Lincoln, based on Lincoln's "love for equality."

This was not 1950  or even 1880. This was 1858, and people were sill being killed for being an abolitionist, not that far from where the Lincoln Douglas debates took place.

Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass knew.

Guess who didn't know that?  You. You didn't know that.

Every debate -- every one -- Douglas bought up Lincoln's obsession with equality.  He ranted about Lincoln being a radical, obsessed with equality.   But you are told Lincoln didn't really give a shit. Some really stupid people think Lincoln used slavery to get ahead politically. God people are stupid, Lincoln LOST his Senate race because of it, and would have lost Presidency by a landslide, if the candidates were not so split.

Lincoln had to be very careful what he said, or he would be lucky to get 20% of the vote.   Most whites wouldn't piss on a black person if they were on fire -- and Lincoln was trying to win an election. 

Was Lincoln seen with a white woman and Frederick Douglass in a carriage?  Of course, Lincoln never met Douglass till later.   But to get the crowd to hate Lincoln,  but Douglas won his race for Senate, because he painted LIncoln as a  "Nigger lover".

See the clip  -- this 1939 movie clip, takes the dialog right from the Lincoln Douglas debates.    

Yes, Lincoln had to be careful what he said.  People were still killed then if they said the wrong thing, in the wrong place.

Others claimed Lincoln would cause the end of the white race -- just by stopping the SPREAD of slavery.

Oh you didn't know the claim that Lincoln would make your daughters sleep with "Niggers"  and get the white race "exterminated"?

My my, looks like those who trash Lincoln forgot to tell you a few little details.

Do you know who knew those details?   Frederick Douglass knew.


In fact, as you will see, Lincoln's enemies claimed Lincoln was "radical and obsessed" with equality for the "Nigger".

Today, every dumb ass who read part of a letter, or a quote, somehow is certain they know more than Frederick Douglass, who was, you know, THERE, and knew a few things.

Why would Douglass claim Lincoln was radical swift zealous and determined?   Was he stupid?  

You can disagree with Douglass all you want -- but learn what the hell he knew and said -- and why he said it.  Then you won't be so stupid.

If you know more than Douglas,  or  half as much as he, you wouldn't buy this bullshit about Lincoln being for slavery or not caring about slavery, whatever crap they got you believing.

Because Douglass knew what you don't -- he knew the full story, and he knew what scum sucking pigs Lincoln was up against.

Douglass didn't need white men 100 years later making up bullshit. Douglass was there.

--------------  SOURCE  ------------

See Douglas full speech - click below. 


Bet you didn't know who called Lincoln a "Nigger lover"  who "is obsessed about equality for the Nigger".

Radical? Swift? Zealous? Determined?

Stop right here if you can't handle blunt language.   

This won't be politically correct. It's about time Lincoln haters and stupid people learned a few things about Lincoln. And no, they don't know.  

Frederick Douglass knew, and these are things he knew.....these are the reasons Douglass said Lincoln was radical swift zealous and determined.



Most stupid people today act as if Lincoln was king -- and could just wave a magic wand.


Worse, they don't know Lincoln's first goal, and he said so, was to stop the spread of cancer.    Southern War Ultimatums, in March of 1861, demanded the SPREAD of slavery -- Lincoln said no.

To blame Lincoln for trying to first stop the spread of cancer, is like claiming your cancer doctor is pro cancer, because he first tries to stop the spread of it.

If you don't know about South's killings to spread slavery, and war ultimatums to spread slavery, you can't know Lincoln.  His speeches and actions will be meaningless to you.

Lincoln had to deal with a population that believed blacks were more like dogs that could talk.

 Here are some more facts, you weren't told about, but Frederick Douglass knew well.   





Take a look at what Douglass knew -but you don't even suspect.

Still, you can -- if you want -- take selected quotes from Lincoln, and make him seem like a racist.  It's apparently fun to do, so many have done so.

But where did they get their (mis) information?   Read the FULL quotes, the FULL speeches.  You aren't an expert just cause you read a letter, or some other bullshit.

 Lincoln kicked slavery sideways, knocked its ass out of the park, then jumped up and down on slavery till slavery was dead, not just dead, not just gone, but the God of Southern slavery was exposed as total bullshit.

Who the hell do you think did that?

Who the hell do you think kept whites in the war, got the whites to fight?   Think your history teach did that?

Remember, many in the North, including most soldiers, would NOT fight if they thought the war was about Lincoln.

Got that?   

Lincoln also had to keep the border state's in the Union.

Too complicated?   The four border states were crucial -- if they fell, and became CSA, the war is over.  

Who the hell do you think kept them in the war?   Your bunny rabbit?

Really, who the hell do you think kept those border states in the Union?

Lincoln did.

You may think Lincoln gets too much credit. Bullshit. Lincoln doesn't get nearly enough credit -- but you'd have to know what Lincoln was up against. You'd have to know about the border states.

You'd h ave to know that most whites wouldn't piss on blacks if they were on fire.

You'd have to know that Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested if he just talked about ending slavery.

In other words, you'd have to be educated by someone other than dumb asses taking quotes out of context, and spewing half truths.

It's like if the Tea Party would write the history of President Obama -- and they will.   They will twist crap, accuse him of all kinds of things.   

Douglass wasnt fooled by such bullshit, cause he knew what Lincoln did, not the edited quotes, with spin by lying bastards or those who want to minimize him for whatever reason.


Southern leaders bragged about killing to spread slavery  -- long before the Civil War started, in fact, Lincoln got in because Southern scum were killing to spread slavery.

Did you know that? Hell no.  That's not in your text books.

Guess who knew that?  Douglass. See this  


You didn't know that -- so don't claim you did.

Do you know who David Rice Atchison is? No, you don't. 

He is the guy that got Lincoln back in politics, in 1854.   Guess who knew that?  Douglass did.   Guess who didn't know that -- you didn't.  

Southern leaders were already killing, and already bragging about killing, to spread slavery  long before Lincoln left Springfield.  Douglass was famous then -- but no one knew Lincoln at the time.

If you don't know about the spread of slavery and Atchison, you don't know much.


Nor did you know Congressmen on floor of the House,  in the Civil War, wanted Lincoln ARRESTED -- that's right arrested - if  he even said any words at all about ending slavery  as part of the Civil War.  

 They wanted him ARRESTED for speaking about it as an idea

Let's be clear -- they wanted him arrested if he SPOKE -- SPOKE-- SPOKE about ending slavery.  Did you know that, yes or no?

Hell no.  Oh hell no, you didn't know that.   They wanted the war to end, their sons were dying in it.   They didn't give a rats ass about slaves in South, most of them had never seen a black person, did you know that?

Lincoln knew that. Douglass knew that. You didn't know.

Lincoln had to keep kicking ass, and speak about union.  So he did. If he did not, slavery would have continued.  Got that?

Did you know the guy running against Lincoln for president was pro slavery until the civil war started?   McClellan was not against slavery, and fought only for union.   He was good friends with Jefferson Davis,  had dinner with him at his house repeatedly, considered he and his wife close friends. He did not like Lincoln.

So Lincoln had to be careful what he said, who he said it too.

You were certainly not taught this.  I had to find it in newspapers and Congressional record, at the time.  And they were bragging about it.


Yes, Lincoln had to -- had to -- be careful how he spoke, because millions of whites in the North would not piss on a black person if they were on fire.

If Lincoln had said "Hell yes, I hope to end slavery with this war" -- guess what?  The war is over, the South win,  there would not be enough Union soldiers to continue the war. Even US Grant said he would resign if he thought the war was about slavery (he would later admit, Lincoln was right all along).

Guess who knew that?  Douglass knew it.


Some in  North wanted the South to win the Civil War -- did you know that. Most of the United States Supreme Court wanted the South to win, especially Roger Taney, Chief Justice.

Some North Congressmen wanted slavery to continue,  and spread even.  New York papers suggested Lincoln allow the South to spread slavery into Kansas --which was the top war ultimatum by Southern leaders in 1861.

You didn't even know  about the South's war ultimatums to spread slavery, and New York papers suggestion to Lincoln, to let it spread, did you?

Seriously - -- did you know about the Southern War Ultimatums in April of 1861, that Lincoln MUST allow the spread of slavery into Kansas, even though Kansas white voted against slavery 95%  and were admitted into the Union as a free state?

Guess who knew -- Douglass knew.

When you learn what Southern leaders demanded as a war ultimatum, and who they were killing before the civil war, you wont be so stupid.  In other words, learn real history, not bullshit quotes out of context.

Few in Congress wanted to make the Civil War about ending slavery,  even if they were against slavery.

Douglass knew that. 


Even Lincoln's advisors, who were anti slavery, wanted Lincoln to STFU about slavery.    They wrote to Lincoln pleading that he STFU about slavery, so he would be reelected.  Did you know that? HELL NO  you don't know that.

Telling the whites in the North the war should be about slavery too, would lose his re-election, they told him. And you didn't even know that. You know some bullshit quotes, out of context.


Another thing you have no clue about -- and your "history" teacher didn't tell you, but Douglass knew well.

LIncoln's style of kicking ass in speeches.  Again, and again, and again, Lincoln gave speeches -- parsing words carefully, just as he did as a lawyer.  Lincoln seemed to agree with a prejudice, then came back and kicked the shit out of that prejudice, either in the next sentence, or later in the speech.

Lincoln was speaking to people who thought blacks were little more than dogs that could talk.  And he was trying to win an election -- too complicated?

Bet you didn't know who called Lincoln a "Nigger lover"  who "is obsessed about equality for the Nigger".

Yet, Lincoln  brought down the thunder anyway -- using a technique to first SEEM to agree that blacks are not equal.    But then read the rest of the speech -- he sets up the prejudice, then mows it down.

He did this in speeches, in debates, and this is how he changed minds.   But remember, Lincoln was kicking ass the whole time --and if that meant seeming to agree with a prejudice, then kicking the shit out of it, he did that.

Remember -- Lincoln's first job was to stop the spread of slavery. That's what he was doing.    That's why he ran for office.

Saying Lincoln was for slavery by first trying to stop the spread of it, is like saying your cancer surgeon is pro cancer, because first he tries to stop the growth.,

Most people today have no clue the Civil War started because Southern lunatics were killing to spread slavery, and had been for years.    Seriously, if you don't know about the killing sprees to spread slavery, and the Southern Ultimatums to spread slavery, you don't know shit about Lincoln, and you can be easily fooled by other dumb asses, or people who just like to trash LIncoln.

Show me anyone else-- anyone -- who did this, who changed the minds of those who thought blacks were more like dogs than humans, who were told blacks were not  human beings (yes, Stephen A Douglas and Southern leaders all claimed blacks were not persons -- not human beings -- for purposes of the US Constitution.

Lincoln used this technique o in every Lincoln Douglas debates-- you can find quotes that Lincoln says blacks and whites are NOT equal, IN CERTAIN RESPECTS. 

  Then he kicks the living shity out of that prejudice, in a way that worked.  ANY black person is equal to ANY white person, ANY black woman is equal to ANY white man.

ANY -- ANY black slave is equal to ANY ANY white man.  Why the f^%$#  do Lincoln haters leave that out?  Because it does not fit their little bullshit, that's why.

That's what Lincoln said, if you pull your head out of your ass and read the full speeches.  This movie clip catches this -- you can edit the speech to make it SEEM like 

Douglas knew that.  Did you know that? HELL NO.


Douglass knew what Lincoln did. He did not get this from a book written by folks spouting bullshit to or half truths. 

Douglass knew what kind of scum sucking pigs Lincoln was up against. You do not.

For example, you are told Stephen A Douglas was for popular sovereignty.  Actually Douglas was helping the killers in Kansas, in agreement with Jefferson Davis.

Guess who knew that -- Lincoln knew it, and Frederick Douglass knew it. You did not. 

No one told you that, did they?


New York papers reprinted the Five War Ultimatums,  which Southern newspapers bragged of as "THE TRUE ISSUE".

Did you ever even hear about "THE TRUE ISSUE" war ultimatums of March 1861? Hell no.

New York papers responded to the ultimatums by suggesting Lincoln obey them. Did you know that? 

Hell no. 

Did you know who wanted Lincoln to obey the Southern Ultimatums?  Stephen A Douglas.

Did you know that? No.

Guess who knew?  Frederick Douglass knew.

When Lincoln spoke, he was brilliant,  he got his point across. He changed people's minds.  And he did that, by seeming to agree, then kicking the hell out of that prejudice. 

Yeah, Lincoln could have got to Boston and Maine to give speeches to folks who already agreed with him.  Like Garrison did.

Guess what -- Garrison got paid to go speak at places that already agreed with him.

Too complicated? Need time?   Garrison's slaver speeched got radical -- AFTER he got paid to speak.

Lincoln was speaking in places where many folks hated, detested abolitionist. 

Did you know that? Hell no.

In fact, Southern scum on Supreme Court said blacks were not human beings, but "so inferior" they were not persons.  That was the law of the land by 1858. Did you know that even?

Hell no.  Hell no you didn't know.   All kinds of shit you didn't know.


Actually, you gotta be some kind of stupid, to think Lincoln used equality for blacks, to get white support. 


Nothing could be further from the truth.Lincoln was risking his life to speak so forcefully for equality -- and he was killed hours after he spoke for voting equality for blacks.

Oh - -but your teacher, or whoever trashed Lincoln "forgot" to mention that


Here is a clue -- Southern leaders, before the Civil War, spoke of killing the slaves, if they had to free them.

Did you know that?  HELL NO.   

Guess who knew that?  Lincoln. Guess who else?   Douglass knew.

Southern leaders said they would have to kill the slaves -- "with our own hands"  if they ever freed them.

To get around the genocide --- Southerners  said they would kill them -- some speakers came up with the possibility of colonization to whoever wanted.  Not forced deportation, but voluntary.

Lincoln spoke about colonization, too.  But , just like the other issues, LIncoln set it up, before he mowed it down.

In his Peoria speech, for example, Lincoln spoke about colonization -- then came back to the topic and destroyed that idea.  He SEEMED to agree with possibility of voluntary colonization, then showed that it was vile and unworkable, it was not possible.   

But Lincoln haters leave out the part about Southerners talk about killing all the blacks -- genocide.

Gee -- so Lincoln is the bad guy here?  Fucking idiot.



Most Northern men would not have fought in the Civil War, if they were told it might involve freeing the slaves.  


In fact, five "border" states almost joined the Confederacy, and if they had, the US loses the Civil War.  So yeah, LIncoln could have said "Yeah I want to end slavery, no shit" -- the war is OVER.  Slavery spreads.

Got that? Too complicated? 

Guess who knew that?  Besides Lincoln - -Frederick Douglass knew that.

Lincoln's Southern enemies wanted him dead, and he would have been arrested for speaking for equality in the South, where it was a crime to speak or write openly against slavery.  Lincoln was not even allowed on the ballot in 9 of 11 Southern states, and his votes were not even counted in Virginia anyway. 

Lincoln had to parse words -- because most people in the North saw the black man as not exactly a human being.  The United States Supreme Court officially declared that blacks were not "persons" but were "inferior beings" -- so inferior they had no rights as persons under the Constitution.   See this...


Lincoln's "full measure"  said Frederick Douglass.  

Take a sentence, take a letter,  and you can make Lincoln look like he hated blacks.  But take his full speech, take his full actions, and no one -- NO ONE -- kicked slavery in the ass, then kept kicking, till slavery was dead, dead, dead like Lincoln.

Others wanted Lincoln to STFU about ending slavery.  And those were his advisors, who were anti slavery too. 
But Lincoln didn't shut up -- he had to speak carefully, so he did, yes. But he kept kicking slavery in the ass. Kept kicking inequality in the ass.

Lincoln was killed -- hours after his speech for voting rights for blacks -- because he spoke for equality.

But do Lincoln haters tell you that? Do those who trash Lincoln tell you that?
Hell no, they don't tell you.

But Douglass knew that. Douglass knew a million things, large and small, like who killed Lincoln, and why.   Who hated Lincoln, and why. Lincoln was hated -- by people in the North too -- for his stand for equality.

Douglass was there -- he not only knew Lincoln, more importantly, he knew the scum sucking pigs that Lincoln had to deal with, like the Congressmen calling for Lincoln to be arrested if he even said slavery should end, for the war to end.

Did you know Congressmen  (Northern Congressmen) called for Lincoln to be be arrested if he just said the words, slavery should end for the Civil War to end?

Hell no you don't.  

 So when LIncoln wrote to Greely, emphasizing Union -- Douglass knew the price Lincoln would pay for emphasizing force to end slavery.   Five Northern states barely stayed in the Union, and would have joined the Confederacy, and killed to keep slavery, if Lincoln had said it, at the time, any other way.

Yeah, Lincoln could have told Greely  "Of course I hope to end slavery you stupid shit" -- and lost the war, and slavery would have continued. Lincoln spoke  how he had to -- try to grasp that.  And it worked. Try to grasp that.


Douglass had been tortured, chased, he had to buy his own freedom from the man that raped his mother -- yes Davis biological father was his owner, and like many slavers, he raped slave women.  

Douglass saw his owner -- his father -- whip a woman to death while screaming scriptures.

So was Douglass easily fooled by bullshit?   


Douglass knew a few things, you don't.


Lincolns friend Lovejoy was killed for speaking for equality for blacks.   And had Lincoln got loud and pushy in his speeches he would have attacked.

Yet LIncoln's full speeches DO kick ass, Lincoln kicked slavery in the ass sideways, like no one else -- even with the racists crowds at the time.   Do Lincoln haters tell you that? HELL NO.

Lincoln did have to speak carefully - but read his full speeches, he kicks the living shit out of slavery,  the more he gets into the speech.

Yes, at first he SEEMS to agree with the sentiments of the day.  Then later he kicks the shit out of those sentiments.

 His political opponents taunted Lincoln for the death of his friend Lovejoy, killed for being an abolitionist.  Stephen A Douglas called Lincoln "obsessed with equality for the nigger".



Lincoln was made fun of, hated, and eventually killed, because he spoke for equality for blacks.

In fact, no one -- remember that -- no one spoke for equality for blacks, as effectively as Lincoln, according to Douglass.  Not any "abolitionist" back East, talking to crowds that already agreed.

Lincoln was speaking to crowds, most of which would not piss on a black person if they were on fire.     If you don't get that -- you are stupid, and will not understand Lincoln.

Yes, Lincoln  parsed his words at times, but his full words, his full speeches, his full actions   - not the selected, cherry picked bullshit - were like nothing whites heard  before.


Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass knew.  

But but but -- Lincoln didn't care about blacks -- he was not for equality!!  We have those QUOTES!!   We saw them in a book!! 

 No one would mislead us in a book, right?  No way, no how, no sir. 

Actually,  Lincoln's FULL speeches, his FULL actions, were quite stunning, and strong, and effective FOR equality.   


Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass knew.  


When you learn Lincoln's full speeches, his full actions, and not the distorted bullshit written 100 years later by white men who learned from text books, you will see, Frederick Douglass knew what the hell  he was talking about. 

In fact, so stupid are folks today who trash Lincoln, not only do they claim he wasn't really against slavery,  they claim such crap as "technically, Lincoln didn't even free any slaves"  because the Emancipation didn't apply to all slaves.

That's the kind of bullshit people will say, and others, dumber even than they, believe it. 

You only know what you are told.  So just because some self confident dumb ass spews some smoke up your ass,  better check with original documents, and learn the full story. 

Lincoln obsessed with equality for the "Nigger"?

Contrary to the meme, so often espoused by those who trash Lincoln, that he was not for equality -- Lincoln was actually quite radical FOR equality.

So why do guys like Eric Foner claim Lincoln "evolved" over time?  Lincoln did evolve, he evolved by spotting how to kill slavery entirely, which was unthinkable in 1855.

Foner and others idiotically insist LIncoln was "nothing special" about equality.  The dumb asses have no apparent clue, he was quite special.

In fact, no one was like him, in "full measure" said Douglass.  

Foner and others take quips, half quotes, and from those,  claim their bullshit.  Seriously, are they too stupid to read the full speeches?   Are they too stupid to know Lincoln was hated from 1855 on for being a "Nigger Worshiper".

Foner never mentions that.   It doesnt fit his bullshit. 

In fact, Lincoln should be hated for being "obsessed with equality for the nigger"  said his political enemy, Stephen A Douglas. Stephen Douglas all but offered a bounty for anyone to kill Lincoln then -- he repeatedly emphasized Lincoln wanted "your daughters" to sleep with "Niggers".

Did you know that? Hell no. No one told you that.  You'd have to read the Lincoln Douglas debates, and know the history of the time --Lincoln's friend was killed for being "radical"  for abolition, and Lincoln's enemies worked very very hard, to make Lincoln hated, as his friend was, the friend that will killed, by being burned to death.

See why knowing things matter?

Guess who did know that, and many other basic facts?

Frederick Douglass knew.

 And yes, Stephen Douglas regularly used the word Nigger.

See this video clip -- taken from 1939 movie -- the Lincoln quotes are almost verbatim, and very much in context, from the Lincoln Douglas debates.... you can read the debates if you want, go ahead!   Clearly stupid people never read Lincoln's full speeches, and couldn't find the LIncoln Douglas debates if it was stuck to their TV.

Such dumb asses -- as Douglass pointed out, Lincoln did the Emancipation proclamation that freed all slaves under Lincoln's lawful control.

And as Douglass knew, THEN Lincoln personally caused the passage of the 13th Amendment.

Seriously -- some people are so stupid, they think "only" freeing the slaves in his control, was a bad thing.  And they are too stupid to realize then, Lincoln freed ALL slaves, by the 13th Amendment. He did both.  BOTH.

Got that? BOTH.


Lincoln was killed after Booth heard him speak for voting rights for blacks.   Did you know that?

Did anyone who trashed Lincoln even mention that? Hell no.  Did they tell you Lincoln spoke more passionately, more often, more effectively, for equality than anyone else?

Oh yes, there were some speakers back in Boston, or Maine, jabbering lovely things about ending slavery.  Ever notice they weren't out in Kansas, or Missouri, or Illinois, saying these things, and being hated for it?

No you didn't notice that, cause whoever told you this shit, "forgot" to mention it. Guess who know all this?

Frederick Douglass.



Yes, Lincoln had to be careful HOW he said it -- he was running for office, trying to get votes from people who would not piss on a black person if they were on fire, to put out the flames.

And yes, when he was president, Lincoln spoke about "saving the Union" -- because if he said otherwise, whites would not join the US Army, nor fight.   Most whites would  not piss on  slave if that slave were on fire.

But long before Lincoln ever mentioned Union, he kicked slavery sideways. And he continued to kick slavery sideways until it was dead and discredited.  No one else did that.  

Lincoln COULD have said "Hell yes I want to end slavery with this war, no fucking kidding".   But if he had, the South would have won the Civil War, and slavery would have spread.

Too complicated? Need time?   Maybe go check with whoever you get your thoughts from? 

But Lincoln had already, dozens, of times, spoke about slavery being an evil -- exposed, fought, and opposed the lying bastards who were trying to spread slavery.

Do you know anyone else that did what Lincoln did?  Hell no - because Lincoln was doing what no other white man -- with exception of John Brown -- did.

Did you know that? Hell no, you don't know. No one told you. 

Try to grasp that.   And Lincoln lost the Senate election, BECAUSE people thought he was too much of a "Nigger lover".

Also, no one spoke more powerfully, and if you read the full speeches, you will see that.

If you know anyone who spoke more often, more powerfully, for equality than Lincoln, in those circumstances, please tell me their names.   Frederick Douglass didn't know of them. I don't either -- cause no one like that existed.

Lincoln WAS radical for equality, and less than a day after he spoke for equal voting rights for blacks, Lincoln had a bullet in his for that speech.

Too complicated? Need more time?

Maybe Douglass knew something that you don't. 



Yes, Lincoln did parse words -- no kidding.

Yet Lincoln was a radical -- so radical, his friend was killed, and he was eventually killed, for being so "radical" for equality.

Maybe Lincoln knew he had to be careful  HOW he said it.  I guess he could have gotten killed earlier, if that would make you happy.   But Lincoln got killed AFTER he won the Civil War, and AFTER he got 13th Amendment passed in Congress.

Passing 13th Amendment in States.

In fact, Lincoln's death created such an outpouring, that the 13th Amendment then passed in the states. Yes, it had to go to the states to be ratified.   Most people don't have a clue, that AFTER Lincoln got 13 Amendment passed in the Senate, it had to then go to the states. 

And, no, it was not a sure thing it would pass.    The war was over, the Southern states were back, and no longer fighting to spread slavery.  

But slavery itself was still in limbo -- until the 13th passed the states.  No one mentions this now, but it's possible that 13th Amendment does not pass the states, without Lincoln's death.

Go look at the newspapers of the time - it could have failed.  There is no way to know for sure, but if Lincoln had not died, it might not have passed. 

So Lincoln was effective -- he got shit done. He ended slavery.  He beat the South. He stopped the spread of slavery, and stopped slavery.

Southern scum still cry about it.  


Lincoln did parse words -- but read his FULL speeches, he kicked slavery sideways, out the ass, and down the street.  He kicked slavery till it was dead.   Without Lincoln parsing words -- though in full he was quit the ass kicker -- Lincoln doesn't get support of most Northerners. 

Lincoln  had to, he was speaking to people who would not piss on a black person if they were on fire. And when he went "full monty" -- when he spoke for voting rights for blacks, hours later, he was dead because of it.

So you think he should have spoke like that sooner, and died sooner? Dumb ass. Learn what the hell was going on then -- learn why Lincoln was, in fact, recklessly radical for equality, even though he did parse words at time.

You hear these idiots quote Lincoln about the Union -- as if they found fingerprints on a murder weapon. 

Here is a clue  -- long BEFORE Lincoln ever mentioned Union, he was kicking slavery in the ass sideways.   No, not in the East to crowds that were against slavery, but to people in the "West"  where folks could remember those killed for speaking of equality.

By the time Lincoln spoke about "Union" preservation, he was not only President, but keeping the Union together was the only way to stop the spread of slavery.

Try to grasp that.   If Lincoln had stupidly emphasized abolition of slavery -- instead of parsing words  -- the border states would have joined the SOUTH, and slavery would have not only continuted, but spread into Kansas and West, as the Southern leaders demanded in the War Ultimatums.

Oh you didn't know about the South's War Ultimatums?

Guess who did know?  Douglass knew -- and LIncoln. And almost everyone alive, in 1861, because the South bragged about their ultimatums and had demanded the spread of slavery for at least 10 years -- violently demanded the spread of slavery.

Yet even then, even when Lincoln "parsed words" he kicked ass.

Read  his FULL speeches. After Lincoln parsed words, he kicked the living shit out of slavery in the next sentence or paragraph.

Gee -- I wonder why Lincoln detractors don't tell you that?  Either they don't know, or they are lying.  


Lincoln got back into politics, BECAUSE of the violent spread of slavery into the West.  Since most people who, for some strange reason, consider themselves very knowledgable about Lincoln, don't even know that his first and overriding mission was to stop the SPREAD of slavery, and he said so.

If you don't know (and you probably don't) the killing sprees in Kansas, paid for by Jefferson Davis, starting six years before the Civil War, here, learn something your text books didn't tell you, but should have.   Then you wouldn't be so stupid about Lincoln.

IF you don't know who Atchison is, or what he did -- you don't know shit about Lincoln, or the Civil War.

To understand Lincoln, you have to understand what violent fucks were doing in Kansas to spread slavery.   That's what got Lincoln back into politics.   Lincoln's first goal (because that's the only thing that seemed remotely possible) was to stop the spread of slavery.

Slavery was a cancer, Lincoln said. Stop the spread, and you kill the cancer.   Guess who said he was right?  Jeff Davis and the Southern leadership said if the North stopped the spread of slavery, the whites would be exterminated.

YOu didn't know that, did you?

Hell no, you didn't.

Foner also said Dred Scott decision was "a narrow ruling".

That takes a special kinda stupid.

Actually Dred Scott specifically found blacks were "so inferior" they were not human beings, but "inferior beings"  and then ordered (yes ordered) blacks to be treated as property, not humans.

Seriously, did Foner ever bother to read the Dred Scott decision?

Davis used that decision to justify killings in Kansas, for years before the Civil War.  Did Foner bother to read Davis own justification for killings in KS, based on Dred Scott decision? WTF. Really, WTF.

Go on, read the Dred Scott decision yourself.  And learn how Jefferson Davis bragged that Dred Scott gave the South, essentially, the "right" to spread slavery, contrary to Kansas citizens overwhelming votes to keep slavery out.

Narrow decision, Foner?  Someone that stupid should not be allowed to speak about Lincoln or the Civil War.



You only know what you are told.

If you just went by what Lincoln did and said, however,  you would know

Some blame Lincoln for "speaking for the Union". Yes, he did, and rightly so. But he also -- and for years --spoken and acted for equality

And he was hated for it.  His enemies taunted Lincoln for being a "Nigger Lover" and even "Nigger Worshiper". 

You didn't know that, did you? Douglass knew that.

Remember -- that LONG BEFORE he spoke a word about union -- Lincoln was already kicking ass sideways. 

Every dumb ass today blames Lincoln for speaking about the Union, as if they just discovered a lost planet.

Hello dumb ass, YES, he spoke about Union.  And he had to -- most people in the North would not piss on a black person to put out a fire.

But even before that, before he ever spoke about Union, Lincoln spoke like no one else - about equality.  



Yes, Lincoln spoke about Union --  no kidding. 

But before that, before Lincoln said one God damn word about Union, he said many things about ending slavery - especially stopping slavery from spreading.

And Lincoln was hated for it.

BEFORE -- BEFORE   -- Lincoln spoke about Union, Lincoln's enemies attacked him for his obsession with equality for blacks.

Oh you didn't know that? Guess who knew that? Frederick  Douglass.

NOTHING shows the power of lies, liars, and selective editing, quite like those who trash Lincoln.

According to Frederick Douglas, no one spoke as powerfully, and did as much against slavery and for equality under the law, as Lincoln. And Douglass worked with, and for, the biggest abolitionist speaker of the time.

But Lincoln spoke to people who would not piss on a black person if they were on fire.  Garrison and others (who were paid to speak) spoke to people in Maine and to crowds who already were against slavery.

Too complicated?   No one told you that, did they?  No one got in front of the crowds Lincoln did, and spoke so powerfully, as LIncoln did.  

Guess who knew that?  You sure didn't. Nor did your teacher tell you.

But Douglass knew.

"We take Lincoln's FULL MEASURE"  said Douglass. Most people today learn about Lincoln from bullshit text books, or worse, books that trash Lincoln.

Guess what Douglass knew?  Douglass knew what LIncoln was up against.  Douglass knew the scum sucking slavers -- but Douglass also knew the devious lying bastards in the North, who tried to, and eventually did, kill Lincoln for being for equality.

Yes, you can take a few words, or even a few sentences -- but read the ENTIRE speeches, and know what he was up against.  No one -- NO ONE -- according to Frederick Douglass  -- was as effective as Lincoln, as powerful, as radical, as swift.

That's what Douglass said -- maybe he knew something?


Douglass knew Lincoln was called a "nigger lover"  who wanted white women to "sleep with niggers."

Oh you didn't know that? Surprise surprise.

And yes, Lincoln's enemies used the word NIGGER.  Stephen A Douglas was famous for it -- history books and newspapers cleaned up his use of he N word. But he said Nigger. 





Lincoln DID speak about equality for the Negro - over and over and over, long before the Civil War.  

Did you know -- yes or know -- that Lincoln spoke repeatedly and powerfully (and was hated for it) for equality under the law for blacks, BEFORE the Civil War?

Did you know he lost the election in 1858 BECAUSE he spoke so powerfully for equality?

Hell no you don't know that.

No kidding -- you only know what you are told.  Bout time someone told you what Frederick Douglass didn't have to read books to find out.  Especially books 100 years later, that distorted things.

Ever hear that Lincoln didn't really care about slavery or equality?  Bet you were told that.

 Ever hear that Lincoln just wanted to "save the union" and was a racist and used slavery as an issue to drum up popular support for the Civil War?

Well, why the hell would Frederick Douglass, who was there, and knew Lincoln well, say Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous, and determined"?

Was he stupid?   Did Frederick Douglass just need to read books 100 years later by people misquoting LIncoln, or not explaining the context?

Because you can bet your ass, Frederick Douglass knew what the hell he was talking about.   If these lying and stupid bastards want to trash Lincoln -- and they do -- they should try to get through Frederick Douglass.

Good luck with that.

And he changed people's minds.   He didn't give a shit if some history teacher or other dumb ass 100 years later would take a few words here and there, and ignore his full speeches, and his actions.  Lincoln was getting shit done -- and guess who knew that?

Frederick Douglass knew that.

You didn't know that. Your history teacher probably does not, because this is not in text books. 

  What Lincoln detractors do, is to pick out the quotes, out of context.    Yes, Lincoln did SPEAK about Union -- no kidding. Wisely so.  And wisely so.  But before, during and after that, he spoke powerfully, often, and with thunderous effect, for equality.  Try to grasp that.

Do you know who DID know that?   Frederick Douglass.  And he knew a million other things, large and small, that you have no clue about.

Did you know that most  people  -- including most Union Generals -- would not fight to end slavery, and US Grant said so. in 1861?

Did you know that many in the North saw blacks as inferior beings -- some thought they were ordained by God to be punished, others had never seen a black person.  Most were not affected one way or another by slavery, and would not risk their lunch, much less their life, to end slavery.

Did you know that?   Hell no.  Guess who did know that?

Frederick Douglas.

Grant would  change his mind, as time went on, in fact, Lincoln's careful and wise use of language was how he actually fought back and led the Civil War.

Make no mistake, Lincoln spoke powerfully, and often, for equality.   See the video below of a 1939 movie clip, based on Lincoln's words, and meaning, from the Lincoln Douglas debate.

Lincoln was accused of being a "radical abolitionist" and "nigger lover" by his political enemies long before the Civil War.

Did you know that? Hell no. Guess who did know?  Frederick Douglas knew. 

But Lincoln had  to keep in mind what people were like, he was not going to be a dumb ass and alienate the effort of people who would fight to save the Union. He DID speak often and powerfully for equality -- before the Civil War.  Try to grasp that.

Too complicated? Need time?



Guess who did know  Lincoln was called a "Nigger Worshiper"  and that Northern Congressmen wanted him arrested if he even spoke about ending slavery as a goal of the Civil War? (and much more)?   

Douglass knew.  Hell many people knew -- it was in the damn newspapers, from Chicago to New York.  Oh you didn't know that?

Guess who did know?  Douglass.

Guess who did NOT know that?  You didn't know.  Either does your teacher.  And if Lincoln haters know, they sure as hell never mention it.



Think Douglass knew Lincoln by the distorted, out of context quotes  put in books 100 years later?  

This may be over your head -- but Lincoln was speaking to people who who would not cross the street to piss on a black person, much less fight a war to free them.  Too complicated?

Lincoln was not in Boston or Maine talking to people who already agreed with him.  He was speaking "out west"  in Illinois, miles from a slave state,  where people had been killed for speaking too often for freedom for slaves.  

Try to grasp that.

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass knew that.

Guess who didn't know that?  You.

Do you think Douglass got his insights into slavery and Lincoln from from some white "history teacher" who only knows the bullshit narrative fed to him or her, in text books, often edited by Southern school boards?

Or did Douglass know something Lincoln haters and detractors do not even suspect?  Is it even POSSIBLE that Douglass knew what the hell he was talking about?


Like this "detail" -- Northern Congressmen called for Lincoln to be arrested if he even SAID the words, slavery must end, for the Civil War to end.

Lincoln's own advisors urged him not to even mention an end to slavery, as a part of the Civil War.     They told him he would doom the Civil War to failure, give victory to Confederacy, if Confederate sympathizer McClellan was elected.     And remember -- the South's war ultimatums of 1861 emphatically stated their demands to SPREAD slavery, even against the will of the voters, in the West.

Bet you didn't even know about the Five Southern Ultimatums of 1861 -- the first two, demanding the spread of slavery into Kansas.

Guess who knew about those ultimatums?  Lincoln - guess who didn't know -- you.  Guess who didn't tell you -- your history teacher.

Guess who else didn't tell you -- Lincoln haters.

There are hundreds of things like that which Lincoln knew -- Douglass knew -- but you never did.  And I doubt your "history teacher" knows. 

       Ohio Congressmen called for Lincoln to be arrested if he even said slavery had to end, for the Civil War to end.





Ask your history teacher -- or a Lincoln hater-- who was doing more, saying it more powerfully, than Lincoln?

Who -- give a name.   Who was telling people blacks were equal to whites,  right to their faces, in areas that still hated blacks, or thought they were "dogs that could talk"?

And Lincoln was eventually killed for speaking about voting equality.

Did you know that much?  DId you know, yes or no, that Booth shot Lincoln after he heard Lincoln speak about voting equality?

Hell no you didn't know that.  Nor did your history teacher bother to tell you, nor did Lincoln haters.  

Do you know anyone else that was shot and killed while President for speaking about voting rights for blacks?

No one -- and guess who knew that? Douglass knew that.

Guess who didn't have a clue, or didn't care?  Lincoln haters.

 Lincoln's genius included keeping enough white support to win the war - when many in the North wanted the South to win.  

Did your history teacher even tell you that?

Hell no.

Not surprisingly  "experts" today who  belittle Lincoln,  dare not do deal with Frederick Douglass.  Or they quote Douglass -- naturally - out of context.  If they were in the same room with Douglass, they would run like the cowards they are.     Douglass scared the shit out of liars and dumb asses, which is why we like him so much. 

One of FOX SPEW'S  Lincoln haters -- like most Lincoln haters, 
he is too stupid to even doubt what he claims.

Frederick DOuglass:  .....I attended the reception of President Lincoln on the evening of the inauguration. As I approached the door, I was seized by two policemen and forbidden to enter. I said to them that they were mistaken entirely in what they were doing, that if Mr. Lincoln knew that I was at the door he would order my admission, and I bolted in by them. On the inside, I was taken charge of by two other policemen, to be conducted as I supposed to the President, but instead of that they were conducting me out the window on a plank.

'Oh,' said I, 'this will not do, gentlemen,' and as a gentleman was passing in I said to him, 'Just say to Mr. Lincoln that Fred. Douglass is at the door.'

He rushed in to President Lincoln, and almost in less than half a minute I was invited into the East Room of the White House. A perfect sea of beauty and elegance, too, it was. The ladies were in very fine attire, and Mrs. Lincoln was standing there. I could not have been more than ten feet from him when Mr. Lincoln saw me; his countenance lighted up, and he said in a voice which was heard all around; 'Here comes my friend Douglass.' 

As I approached him he reached out his hand, gave me a cordial shake, and said: 'Douglass, I saw you in the crowd today listening to my inaugural address. There is no man's opinion that I value more than yours; what do you think of it?' I said: 'Mr. Lincoln, I cannot stop here to talk with you, as there are thousands waiting to shake you by the hand'; but he said again: 'What did you think of it?' I said: 'Mr. Lincoln, it was a sacred effort,' and then I walked off. 'I am glad you liked it,' he said. That was the last time I saw him to speak with him.5

. There can be no neutrals in this war; only patriots and traitors.