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Information  you just won't get in history books since 1900,   but you should.....

Lincoln said slave owners deserve "to be kicked to death". Lincoln shouted -- shouted -- in one speech that "we won't let you" destroy the Union to spread slavery.

"We will be all one thing, or another".  All slave, or all free.

Slavery was going to die- - or the Union was going to die, and Lincoln was not going to let the Union die.  

 Learn all of Lincoln's speeches, not edited bullshit. 


Was Lincoln lucky he did not get a bullet to the brain sooner.


The clip does NOT show Douglas screaming "Lincoln will have your daughters sleeping with Niggers" and running from side to side of the stage, as he actually did in the debates.  But it's as close was the truth comes for what we have.   


Douglas speeches were spectacles -- he shot off cannons as he got of the train for the Lincoln Douglas debates, for example.   He had his supporters scream themselves hoarse, the bands play. 

Douglas did not just mention "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" and "Lincoln is obsessed with slavery".  

Douglas spent a lot of time, during the debates, before the debates, and after the debates -- and at other places -- that Lincoln was going to  have your daughters sleep with, marry with, go to school with "Niggers".

It was not just a small throw away insult. It was very basic.

And no one ever told you. Ever.



Douglas just not just make up his "Nigger rants"  as he walked up the debate stage. Nor was he alone  --in fact, though he was far mor theatrical and bombastic (he ran from side to side of the stage, screaming this) -- he was in "good company".   This was the common refrain of others, and others were even more coarse than Douglas.

But this was the charge in newspapers, in other campaigns- - even in the NORTH.   

This is not even mentioned in any clear way in any US text book. Nor do our major "historians"  do more than a vague reference to it, except of Allen C Guelzo.   And even Guelzo sees fit to wait to the back of the book and spend rather little time on it.

But Lincoln spent a LOT of time on it -- much of his speeches are Lincoln answering these charges.    Douglas told the crowd other horrors that would become them if Lincoln was elected. Their wives would "be" with Niggers on the street, and "Niggers" will be on juries, and in schools.  

Our white race will be mixed with Niggers -- there will be race mixing, Douglas said time after time.

Lincoln pointed out -- the race mixing was coming from SLAVE states -- from the plantations themselves (and he was right).  Slave rape, according to people on the plantations -- was common. And babies were born - and those babies were lighter skinned, and they were still slaves. The could be raped -- and where, and get even lighter skinned slaves.

In fact, even Robert E Lee  had slave girls that could "nearly" pass for white according to Lee's slave ledgers.   


Crowds jeered -- -- more than once after Douglas denounced Lincoln's "obsession for the Negro" or  "Nigger" -- the crowd yelled back "down with Niggers" according to newspapers at Knox Illinois. 


This is what people today have no clue about -- 

Lincoln then had to get up to speak -- if you don't understand the hatred and fear to and for blacks even in Illinois at the time (because of the hate demagogues)  you do not understand US history, or Lincoln or the Civil War.


If you do not know that people were still being killed even in Illinois, for being "too radical" for "Nigger equality"  you have no clue what Lincoln faced.

 Not just to get elected- - but to avoid getting killed sooner.

The "trick" to getting elected (Lincoln was not elected to the Senate -he lost that race) was to somehow get a majority of votes but not make the public afraid of you. 


Did you know that Douglas even taunted the crowd -- told them he saw Lincoln with a "Negro" or "Nigger"  in a carriage with a white woman?  In every debate Douglas tied Lincoln to Frederick Douglass. Stephen A Douglas did not merely  mention them in the same sentence -- he said both Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were with a WHITE WOMAN in the same carriage.

Because Stephen A Douglas knew what got people hateful -- that's why.   He knew what you do not -- that Quincy papers had called for Frederick Douglas to be executed some years before, for speaking against slavery.

So when Stephen A Douglass told the crowd that, he was all but calling for violence against Lincoln, too.  See more below about Stephen A Douglas role in getting other political enemies beaten --I mean physically beaten, because that is exactly what he did.

See -- you need to know the full facts.  If you read the Lincoln Douglas debates, you would not possibly know how amazing it was that Stephen A Douglas taunted Lincoln by mentioning Frederick Douglass.   But Lincoln knew --

Quincy papers had called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglass.  And Stephen A Douglas had also taunted Lincoln as wanting your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".

These are the kinds of things you must know -- and our "historians" have never mentioned, much less made clear -- if you want to understand how damn amazing and brave Lincoln was to say what he did. Like in Peoria Lincoln said slave owners deserve "kicking, contempt, and death".


Radical enough for you?

"Only by distorting Lincoln, by not showing context and his full speeches, can anyone claim he was not radical as hell --  but more, LIncoln was effective, he got the job done.  Lincoln did have to parse words at times - wisely so.  He would have been killed a lot sooner had he not.  And what earthly good would that do?" 

Get Lincoln's FULL quotes and his FULL speeches. Stunningly powerful.  No one running for office in "the West"  (Lincoln was considered the "Western candidate then)  went where Lincoln did and said what Lincoln did 

Douglas was mild, in his accusations of Lincoln being "obsessed with equality for the Nigger.

In the South, Lincoln was called "the blackest abolitionist"  who will DESTROY THE WHITE RACE.


 After the crowd was told Lincoln will have your daughters "sleep with Niggers:" Lincoln had to get up and explain why he was for equality. 

 "Just because I do not want a colored woman for a wife, does not mean I need to have her for a slave.  I don't need her for either. I can just let her alone.  In certain respects she is not my equal, any more than I am Judge Douglas's equal in certain respect.   But in her right to eat the bread she made with her own hands, she is my equal and the equal to any man." 

Lincoln eventually got a bullet to the brain, after his speech about voting rights for blacks.  People who hate Lincoln today mock him -- claim he was not for voting rights for blacks.  The bullet in Lincoln's brain is testimony to how foul and deceptive those lying bastards are.


He will force our daughters to be with Negroes, that is what must  happen if Lincoln is elected.   In the South it was more extreme -- Lincoln will "BURN US TO DEATH  BY SLOW FIRE   FIRE"  just by being against the spread of  slavery. 

 Let that sink in a little while.  Read this official pronouncement from the governor of Florida. Let me repeat that -- official pronouncement. Not some drunk in a bar. 

 This is what Lincoln lived with every day from 1845 on.  And more importantly, the US lived with it. And this extremism brought on the civil war.  

This governor explained it clearly.
Read his words. 

Lincoln will burn us to death slowly -- just by being against the SPREAD of slavery

Most people have no clue just how violent slave power was. 

And how they pumped up the hate against anyone - including Lincoln - who dared to speak even against the SPREAD of slavery.


Lincoln's effort to end slavery in Washington DC 1848-- right after he stood up to President Polk on causing war  in Mexico for the benefit of slave power



It was smart politics -- it worked. Douglas won that election. 

And it worked in the South.  The hate and fear mongering was astonishing, and we do not cover it in any meaningful way in our text books.  It's essentially long removed from national memory, and stupidly not addressed adequately by historians today.

To that the crowd would yell "DOWN WITH NIGGERS" .



Newspapers, even in Lincoln's "home town" of Salem Illinois called him a traitor and "the blackest Republican."


While Lincoln was able (by humor and brilliant speeches) to handle Douglas's repeated taunts.
Sadly  Lincoln's use of  humor was not enough to keep the bullet out of his brain, after John Wilkes Booth heard his speech about voting rights for blacks, the night before Booth shot Lincoln.


Your "history" teacher should have told you. Yes, they should have.



Lincoln -- and anyone like him -- would cause the "extermination of the white race"  according to Robert Toombs, repeating a meme that brought crowds to their feet. 

Crowds cheered speeches like this -- did you know that?  

As Francis Blair pointed out at the time, the men who spoke like this on stage did NOT speak like this off stage.  But on stage, to get the crowds to cheer, according to Francis Blair (who knew them all and was there) they did speak like this.



Did you know Lincoln stood up to President Polk, when Lincoln was a Congressman 1847-1848, and accused him (correctly) of starting the Mexican War for the benefit of slave power?   See more below.   He not only fought slavery by accusing Polk, he also tried forty times - FORTY TIMES -- to then stop slave power from spreading slavery into the land the US just stole by war.

And he did not stop there.  Then Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia.   Did you know that?  All this is basic, very basic.   And that too cost Lincoln.   


   Even in his adopted home town of Salem Illinois, where before people had loved him, now Lincoln was despised by some, hated by others.  Even 12 years later, Salem Illinois newspapers recalled Lincoln being "a traitor"  called him "the blackest republican for standing up to Polk on the Mexican War. 

  See these newspaper clipping about Lincoln being a "traitor"  and "black republican"  and "abolitionist" for his decades of being against slavery. 


Francis Blair, former slave owner,  knew everyone that matters- - Lincoln, Douglas, Davis, Atchison, Toombs, Stephens. He made it clear, the hate mongers pumped up the fear and hate against Lincoln -- even in Illinois.

 And it worked. 


The hate mongering  worked.  The crowds cheered -- the newspapers warned the public of the dangers of freed blacks walking the streets, raping your women, being on juries.

We will have to compete with blacks for jobs, our schools will have black students and our daughters will be with black men.

The hate mongering would end in much death -- the Civil War.

Lincoln's death is very much included --  the hate pumped up people North and South.  

 Southern men were not all pro-slavery, in fact Hinton Helper said if slavery was put to a vote in the South, it would be outlawed.  But Southern men did believe, because they were told 100 times in 100 different ways, that black men would take the white women. 

Lincoln was the "head of a party"  that would make your daughters sleep with Niggers -- this was the basic hatred of Lincoln,  and it got that way thanks to hate demagogues North and South. 


Remember - these were not some nuts in a bar, some shrill unusual hate demagogues no one listened to. These were the very top men in America -- Stephen A Douglas, Robert Toombs, David Rice Atchison,  and the exact same message was delivered in "open letters"  by Southern governors to the people.

The only historian who even mentions Douglas's "Nigger rants"?

Even Guelzo seemed blissfully unaware that newspapers in Illinois --in cities that supported Douglas --  called for the execution of Frederick Douglass for speaking against slavery.  

And the same newspapers that call for Frederick Douglass to be executed for speaking against slavery in Kansas -- surprise surprise -- were for Stephen A Douglas in the US Senate race.

Douglas screaming about "Lincoln's obsession for the Nigger" worked.  And it would eventually help get Lincoln a bullet to the brain. 



The violence promised -- and delivered -- to Northern abolitionist was very real.  Did you know even Northern newspapers called for Frederick Douglass to be executed for going to Kansas and speaking against slavery?

Quincy Ill newspapers -- see this.....

Douglas (Stephen A) harped on this at length. You need to read his full speeches. Douglas blasted Lincoln for thinking blacks were even full human beings -- he got the crowds to cheer "down with niggers".

Lincoln had to go to Quincy -- and other Illinois cities -- and debate -- in front of crowds who included folks who would as soon kill an abolitionist as look at them.  Not because they were pro-slavery, but because the public was told repeatedly men like Lincoln would "have your daughters  sleep with Niggers"

Unless you grasp that, unless you know that well, you can not make sense of not just Lincoln, and his speeches, you can not understand US history, or the Civil War. 

Our "historians" (except for Allen Guelzo) have essentially whitewashed this basic dynamic from our national awareness.   

  Even Guelzo mentions it towards the back of one book, and treats Lincoln's responses as an artful clever dodge on the debate stage. He does not treat it as something basic in American life, and what Lincoln and the US had to face.

Lucky Lincoln -- or lucky USA?

Lincoln not only had to speak in a way that gave him some chance of getting elected, he had to speak in a way that did not get him a bullet to the brain sooner.  Lincoln used humor - and his amazing ability to speak to the people in a way that made them change their minds.

People came to Lincoln's speeches often expecting to hate him for being "for Niggers".  Because that is what they were told.

They left his speeches recognizing humanity in the black race, and the danger of Southern efforts to spread slavery.



When folks today wonder why so many in the South (at first, before the massive desertions) fought for "slavery" -- they did n ot fight for slavery.  They fought because they were convinced "our daughters would sleep with Niggers" - a very crude but motivating hammer Southern leaders, editors, and even Northern politicians like Douglas particularly used. 


This hatred - pumped up for political purposes -- had profound effects after the war in reconstruction, and the hatred has continued in various forms to this day.

Toombs was the Secretary of State for the Confederacy, and he spoke in much the same way, saying much the same things, as other Southern leaders at the time. Lincoln will destroy the white race. 

Crowds cheered him too.   Remember that -- crowds cheered such talk.  Hate and fear mongers have always gotten crowds to cheer hate and fear speech.

The US Civil War was no exception.  

You don't know Lincoln's amazing stand against the Mexican War -- because it was done for slave power.

The country did not forget Lincoln's stand against Mexican War, and Douglas brought it up repeatedly in the Lincoln Douglas debates. 

And it worked --like the "Nigger rants" - like saying Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  it worked.

Lincoln called President Polk on this land grab, even though it's often suicide politically to be against a war. That was in 1846, and Lincoln was already doing all he could possibly do (given public sentiment) to stop slavery. 

Public sentiment was very much in favor of expanding the boundaries of the US -- and slave power was even more eager to expand slavery territory.  The Mexican War was part of that violence to spread slavery, and to get more land to do so. 

In 1847-48.  Long before the Civil War, Lincoln was fighting slavery.

Public sentiment was NOT against slavery -

Public sentiment was NOT against slavery -- in fact, most whites in the North didn't care one way or another.   But they sure as hell did not want black men around their white women.   That's an ugly, but very real truth, and played the central role in  the Civil War.

The South never fought to keep slavery.  Southern leaders were killing to spread slavery -- see their speeches.   But the average white male in the South didn't even like slavery. Many hate slavery and had moved out.

But they did not want black men around.

One of Lincoln's amazing accomplishments was that Lincoln changed what the white public cared about, more than any other white political figure.

Only the author of "Uncle Tom" changed people's perceptions more. Harriet Beecher Stowe.   


There are stunningly ugly parts about US history and Civil War -- widespread rape of slave women, torture of preachers who preached against slavery --gouging out the eyes and cutting off the heads of slaves.



Men were killed, tortured, and beaten IN THE NORTH during Lincoln's political life for speaking too bluntly for equality of the races.  Did you know that, or not?

  US Senator was beaten almost to death on the Senate floor-- you may know that already -- Charles Sumner.

But did you know Stephen A Douglas sat ten feet away laughing as Sumner was beaten?  No, you did not know.  

The newspapers at the time reported Douglas was joyous as Sumner was beaten -- and in a drawing of the beating, Douglas was shown in the background laughing.  

I show you the drawing, and Douglas, highlighted. And here is the newspaper clip....

Did you know Stephen A Douglas told Sumner, the day before he was beaten almost to death, that he should be "kicked like a dog"?

Just because you never knew this -- Lincoln sure did, every anti-slavery speaker had to be careful where he spoke, and who he spoke to. 

The edited quote here seems to prove Lincoln was "as racist as anyone," right?

You must get his full speech, in which Lincoln then undermines that very statement --  refutes it, and goes on to say any black person is equal in natural rights to any white person.  

So you need to get his full speeches, and the context -- context being the hatred and fear pumped up by men like Stephen A Douglas, Toombs, and a thousand others. 


It serves no purpose to teach the ghastly horrors -- but we should teach the basics truths, best we can, about what led to the Civil War. 

Stupidly we have not yet done so.



Every time Lincoln got up to speak (and he gave over 3,000 speeches) he had to avoid getting hated - even assassinated - by the fringe radical part of the pro-slavery folks. 

They called Lincoln radical and obsessed for equality for a reason -- they knew his actions and his full speeches.  Like his speech about slave owners deserve to be kicked to death


There were also more radical speakers than Lincoln -- but they refused to go where Lincoln went, and did not run for President or Senator.  

The abolitionist speakers were hated by many -- even by people who opposed slavery often had no use for "abolitionist"  precisely because abolitionist were tied to the notion white women would sleep with black men.


Not the blunt, ugly, but honest approach, that's for sure.



If anyone could trash Lincoln, it would be Frederick Douglass who sometimes blasted Lincoln in his newspaper, North Star, for not being militant enough, and eager enough, for war to end slavery.

But Douglass knew - and you do not -- what Lincoln faced. 

Yet Douglass said that, all things considered, Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery.  

The Cornerstone speeches

          The Cornerstone speeches

The Cornerstone speeches 

Alexander Stephens gave a series of speeches --most history teacher assume there was only one. It was a series of speeches to crowds that cheered. Stephens was on a speaking tour, just before the fighting started, bragging that the Confederacy was based on "the great truth" that blacks are inferior beings.

He also bragged that the Confederacy was based on punishing the black race for biblical sins. Let me repeat that.  He boasted the Confederacy was based on -- created for -- God to punish the black race. 

No one batted an eye -- this was a meme by slave owners all along. Blacks were being punished -- or civilized as some said -- for God.



It takes a special kind of crazy to boast of punishing an entire race, and to justify torture.   But then, Southern leaders had, over the years, gone more and more extreme  in this regard, as they had to i


Mostly our "historians" seem enamored over BS.  There is always plenty of room -- chapters or the entire book -- of bullshit, and little basic information. You don't get much more basic than Southern War Ultimatums and Southern leaders long repeated speeches about killing to spread slavery and how they created their country to punish blacks for biblical sins.

  Regardless of the reason, only a few historians even mention any of this, and when they do, it's on towardsthe back page 178, in a throw away paragraph, on a throw away page, in a throw away chapter.   Essentially they may as well not put it in at all -- and most "historians"  did not put it in anywhere at all.

No room, apparently. So the basic emotional and hateful weapon used by the South and by Lincoln's enemies in the North is virtually unknown by now generations of Americans.

"Historians" like Bruce Catton and James McPherson spent more space and time covering Confederate belt buckles than describe or seem to even be aware of what Lincoln actually faced. 

You can't understand Lincoln, or what was going on in the USA, North and South, unless you understand this.  __________________________________________

We are not taught any of that.  None.  Yet that was the actual and effective way Southern leaders not only spread slavery -- but it was what Lincoln and the world (not just US) had to deal with.  Violent oppressive men who claim God told them to enslave -- even that God told them to punish (torture) blacks.

And our "historians" give us drivel like " ""middle rank Southerners believed there were advantages of capital controlling labor"

Furthermore if you major in history, you better be able to give your teacher the bullshit. Most history teachers swim a pool of bullshit, but then so do most "historians" including McPherson, Foner, and Catton.

As long as "historians" give us bullshit, we will not only not learn about what led to the Civil War, we will have no ability to correct our mistakes of the past.   It's time we learned who did what -- and why -- leading to the Civil War.  


maybe they knew?

When some Southern  soldiers were captured early in the war -- they said they fought because the "Yankees"  were going to have their daughters sleep with "Niggers."

Gee -- I wonder why they got that idea? 

 The point is, the propaganda against Lincoln, against anyone who dared be against the spread of slavery -- was effective. It worked.  It also led to hate and fear of black race that continues today. 






There are reasons Southern and Northern leaders claimed Lincoln was "radical" and "extreme" for equality.  In fact, Lincoln was called "the worst sort of abolitionist" -- do not believe him, they said. He has said the Union had to end, or slavery had to end, and this, said Southern leaders "WAS A DECLARATION OF WAR


If you were taught the facts about Mexican War you would know US did invade Mexico, did start a war, and did it to gain territory to spread slavery.    Even Southern slave owner leaders said so (Henry Clay, notably). 

Lincoln failed to stop the war to spread slavery - - but he then  tried 40 times -- 40 times -- to stop the actual spread of slavery into the land just stolen by the Mexican War.   His enemies knew that. I doubt anyone ever told you.  I doubt most history teachers have a clue of either fact. 

Lincoln's  enemies also knew Lincoln pushed into Congress, not long after the Mexican war, a bill to abolish slavery in District of Columbia.

In books about Lincoln and slavery -- you'd think the authors could find a page or two -- or even a paragraph -- about Lincoln's amazing efforts to stop the Mexican War, to call out President Polk on his efforts to help slavers spread slavery, and then try to end slavery in District of Columbia.  This was part of a pattern of Lincoln's day to day, almost hour by hour, efforts to first stop the spread of slavery so that slavery would die, rather then the United States and the Declaration of Independence die.

It was one or the other, said Lincoln essentially.

 And repeatedly Lincoln spoke about the impact of this upon the world, not just US. If the slavers could force slavery into the rest of the country by Dred Scott and Kansas Act, and officially declare certain races as not human beings (The Dred Scott decision did in fact declare the black race as not human beings, not persons),  the that could well be the end of government of the people, by the people. 

 When Henry Clay said the US invaded Mexico to spread slavery (and many others said it too) then the US invaded Mexico to spread slavery.  
4) Lincoln's enemies knew that Lincoln said slave owners deserve nothing but "kicking and death". 

Instead of chosing ten out of context and distorted quotes by Lincoln -- why not go by the ten most amazingly powerful speeches and letters by Lincoln where he was radical as possible -- suggesting death to slave owners, for one example?

Or here is a thought -- go by his actions.  His full speeches were amazing -- "Lincoln blasted the bejesus" out of slavery and the South's vile history of spreading slavery by violence and means "foul and more foul"  like the Kansas Act and Dred Scott.


Most people -- even many "history teachers"  think slavery was ever voted for  in any state in an honest way. It never was.  As Lincoln explained correctly in his letters, slavery was ALWAYS spread by killing and violence, ALWAYS maintained by the same means.  Everything about slavery was violent. What we call "Trouble in Kansas"  was the South's campaign to send over 1000 men there in 1856 to kill and torture those who even spoke publically against slavery -- all the while calling it "a perfect right to decide their domestic institutions themselves".

The Kansas Act -- which is idiotically and absurdly taught today as being an effort to "resolve the slavery issue peacefully"  was the most violent effort to do just and precisely the opposite.

It takes a special kind of stupid 
to call the Kansas Act
an effort to settle slave issue peacefully.

5) Lincoln's enemies knew he spoke of violence against those who would attempt to destroy this country by pushing slavery in the manner of Kansas Act and Dred Scott.  No one told you that, either. 

5) Lincoln's enemies knew Lincoln said dozens  of times, slavery had to end -- or the Union would end. Essentially one would live, one would die. He was not fooling around, he was deadly serious. 

And he was right, only one could survive, because of Dred Scott and Kansas Act. 

That's why so many people today are stupid about Lincoln and slavery.  They don't know what the hell Kansas Act and Dred Scott were -- though Lincoln explained it many times.


House Divided  

"It will be all one thing, or all another" 

Stunningly, though Lincoln's House Divided Speech is taught or at least mentioned in all US schools, stupidly we don't take Lincoln at his word.  

Southern leaders sure did. In fact, they agreed.  They made sure that was the case -- either slavery spread to the Pacific, or there would be war. Southern War Ultimatums boil down to that.

Slavery will spread to all of the US -- or slavery dies.   Only one thing will survive (because of the "machinery of Kansas Act and Dred Scott). 

Lincoln (and others) saw this immediately -- Kansas Act was a violent ruse to spread slavery where 90% of the citizens were against it.   When the ruse did not work as planned (because KS citizens fought back) the South went as we would say "nuclear"  and put through Dred Scott decision. 

From that point on, the Union had to end, or slavery had to end. Given the war ultimatums and killing sprees, given that Southern leaders were by now fully entrenched in spreading slavery by their speeches and pledges to Southern voters, they could not back down.  
Lincoln was not kidding. And he was correct.  Furthermore, Southern leaders agreed with him on that. 

In fact Lincoln's "all one thing or another" -- all slave or all free -- speeches, were used against him time and time again.  . One would live, one would die -- and he "did not expect" the Union to die.

Lincoln expected, he left unsaid, but clearly implied - that slavery would die. Keeping the Union together meant the death of slavery, because slavery could not spread in the Union. It could only spread by violence if the Union was torn apart. 

It takes a special kind of stupid to ignore Lincoln's repeated and most famous speeches leading up to the Civil War.

Lincoln shouted, in an unchartaristic manner for him,  "WE SHANT LET YOU" destroy the Union, in his Knox speech.   At the time, the South was promising endless violence to spread slavery (See Southern War Ultimatums 1856).  In the Knox speech Lincoln essentially gave that a big FU.

The famous "House Divided Speech"  was entirely about this -- one thing would survive - the Union or slavery. Keeping the Union together meant one thing to Lincoln -- slavery could not spread.

It would help for folks today to read the newspapers of the time, North and South. They were filled with stories of violence, killings -- to spread slavery.  In the very same New York papers that reported Lincolns speech now called "House Divided" were stories about the killings to spread slavery into Kansas.  Unless you know Southern leaders sent killers to Kansas, and were actively killing and torturing to spread slavery there and beyond, you really can not make sense of Lincoln at all, and certainly you can't understand his House Divided Speech.



Only by destroying the Union could slavery spread.  This was not simply Lincoln's guess - this was the promise of the Southern leaders. We shall have the spread of slavery into Kansas or we shall have war.  Learn Southern leaders own war ultimatums.

  It's astonishing that this most basic agreement by Southern leaders and Lincoln is ignored now.  Southern leaders made it very clear, by sending  paid killers to Kansas in 1856, and by their own official declarations and speeches.

If they could not spread slavery into Kansas and beyond in the Union, they would indeed spread slavery into Kansas and beyond, outside the Union.

How on earth this is a surprise to anyone alive today, who claims to know the history of the Civil War, is an indictment of the lazy and inept way we teach the Civil War. For some reason our "historians" and text books have been too cowardly to expose what Southern leaders were bragging about and doing at the time, in candid terms.


 Lincoln's enemies  knew Lincoln's full speeches were amazing and effective -- because his speeches explained the vile perversion of laws, of religion, and of human decency in the South's violent efforts to spread slavery.

Lincoln's enemies knew Lincoln was right -- they were spreading slavery by violent and foul means.  They didn't even deny that -- instead, they had to attack him by claiming he would destroy the white race, and or make your daughters sleep with "Niggers".


Yes this is an ugly thing - Southern leaders were obsessed with the idea black men being free to "be with your wife"  and "sleep with your daughters".   Over and over this was the central emotional issue of speeches against Lincoln, including during the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Why not show that -- Southern leaders were proud of it! 

It's a damn shame we don't teach this.
It's basic -
It's what actually went on
It's what actually mattered. 


They knew that Lincoln's life was devoted -- almost every day from 1846 on, toward fighting slavery. You may not know that - but they did. 

  They well remembered Lincoln's efforts to try to end slavery --starting in District of Columbia, submitting this legislation to outlaw slavery there. 


It was no secret to Lincoln's enemies that Lincoln went where others dare not go (see below) and spoke against slavery even in Kansas, where it had been against the law to speak publicly against slavery.

They knew that newspapers, even in Illinois, called for the death of black people who spoke against slavery in Kansas. 

Lincoln had to speak in cities where the newspapers called for THE DEATH of blacks who spoke against slavery. Let that sink in.

These were not Southern papers I show here, they are from cities were Lincoln travelled, and knew well, and had to speak in debates there. 

Remember, they called for the DEATH of a black man who dared go to Kansas and speak against slavery, because it was against the law there to do so.  Let me repeat that, they called for the DEATH of a black man who went to Kansas and spoke against slavery.
You didn't know that -- and it's not your fault. It's rather typical of the amazing things we simply are not told, and is not taught, in US schools. 


Lincoln was probably the most hated man in America for a while.

He was hated because, according to Southern leaders, he would


He was hated and feared by many in the North because he


Many people people believed those who claimed "Niggers" will take white women.  It's an awful truth, but no one thought it was so ugly at the time.  That's how it was -- politically anyone against slavery had the same problem.  But Lincoln was so well known, largely because he stood up to President Polk and tried to end slavery in District of Columbia in the mid 1840's - that he was a special target of men like Jefferson Davis, Robert Toombs, and Stephen A Douglas.


Lincoln -- who always said public sentiment means everything -- was very careful how he fought back against these charges.  He would say things like "I never said I was for perfect equality --"  but the overall speech was amazing and powerful FOR equality under the law.

Almost every Lincoln speech he used the same technique -- he would SEEM to agree somewhat with a sentiment of the day in one sentence -- but then Lincoln would "flip"  and essentially destroy that sentiment he seemed to be against.   

You could call it "the Lincoln shuffle".  And it was very effective -- it changed a lot of minds.  Not enough for Lincoln to win that election, but enough to make Lincoln extremely well known, and the candidate for POTUS in 1860.

You can see the technique Lincoln used in this video -- it does not show Douglas's "Nigger rants" but it is faithful to the words and meanings of both men, and shows Lincoln technique to seem to agree with a prejudice, then destroy it. 


Running side to side on the debate platform....

Douglas words (Nigger, etc) were cleaned up by almost every historian later.  The above video clip from a 1939 movie shows both men's positions, but drastically cleaned up the language.

 Douglas hit the "Nigger rants"  as Quincy papers called then,  very hard -- in fact, in Charleston newspapers told of Douglas running from side to side of the stage screaming that Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

On no other topic was Douglas so loud and emotional -- he was a bit like modern day Alex Jones declaring Obama and Hillary Clinton are "of the devil"  and "smell like sulfur".

That was the political atmosphere Lincoln had to deal with.

He was  hated -- even in Illinois -- by many for being a "Negro Worshipper"  and made fun of in Illinois and New York papers for insisting "dumb negroes"  should be equal under the law like white folks.

Lincoln in this cartoon is shown declaring a handicapped black person is "superior" intellectually over the white race.  

Douglas was known, even in the Senate, for using the word "Nigger"  after 1854, when he and Atchison passed the Kansas Act.  In fact the man that told Douglas not to say "Nigger" on Senate floor, was beaten almost to death on the Senate floor just a few days later.

Bet you didn't know that, did you? 


Lincoln repeatedly said there was no need for war -- he had no authority to end slavery where it was. Slavery was vile, and it would eventually destroy the United States by spreading, like the "cancer"  it was.   The Supreme Court had ruled- - and Lincoln was bound by that rule -- to respect the slavery laws.  Only the people of the states- - 2/3 of the states-- could change the Constitution.  

Lincoln was against the spread of slavery by force, yes. But that was "intolerable"  said Southern leaders.  Stopping the spread of slavery would destroy the white race. 



"No one ever left a Lincoln speech confused about anything-- slavery had to go, or the Union had to go, and Lincoln was going to make sure slavery went, and the Union stayed."

But now we are told "Lincoln didn't really give a shit" or even "Lincoln was at best a  bystander" and had no intention to end slavery.

Others say Lincoln was not against slavery.

Stunningly some insist Lincoln just "used" slavery as an issue to get political advantage -- a hilarious and stupid view, because it was actually dangerous to do what Lincoln did, to go where he did, and say what he did.  Lincoln  is lucky (see below)  that he was not killed sooner than he was.  His trip to Kansas in 1859 came after (remember that after) Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery in Kansas.

As far as we know, no major US historian has seen fit to even mention -- in a clear way -- how amazing it was for Lincoln go to go Kansas and speak.  Nor have any even mentioned how Douglas taunted Lincoln and all but urged any violent man in the audience to attack Lincoln.

Despite the dangers,    Lincoln was a bad ass -- his full speeches are amazing, and powerful.  He used wit and humor effectively, or he probably would have been beaten like Sumner was.

And of course Lincoln was eventually killed.

You can take the out of context quotes if you want, ignore his full speeches, ignore his actions, and mostly, ignore what was going on --  and for some reason people love to do that.  

But given the full set of facts,  Lincoln's actions and full speeches, he was one of a kind. Sure others did speak against slavery -- but no one did as effectively as Lincoln, or go where he did when he did, debating the most powerful speaker of the day, who shouted to the crowds that Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".


And people were killed in Illinois and elsewhere for being "too much a Nigger lover". Our "historians" should tell us that candidly.

  The dead included Lovejoy, killed not far from one of the Lincoln Douglas debate sites years before.  Lincoln named Lovejoy's brother as Attorney General during the Civil War.   (It's possible that Stephen A Douglas's business partner, the one who got him to pass the Kansas Act, led the killers to kill Lovejoy. David Atchison, US Senator, led killers later into Kansas.  The method of killing and some of the actions by killers in Kansas led by Atchison, are the same used to kill Lovejoy)  

Stephen A Douglas - besides shouting that Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers" made damn sure the public knew Lincoln was friends with Lovejoy.   Douglas had a history of pumping up the hatred, and then smiling as his political opponents were physically beaten, like Charles Sumner.

No one told you that Douglas was essentially urging violence upon Lincoln during the debates, but that is exactly what he was doing.  Lincoln had to be very careful how he answered Douglas's charges.

But you are never told any of this -- not one word -- in any US history book on the high school level, and as far as we know, none on the college level either. It's not some grand conspiracy to keep this from you, it's just stupidly repeating bullshit they got from others.



Even supposed "historians" like Eric Foner will insist stupidly that Lincoln "was nothing special about slavery."

Nothing special?

Who else did what Lincoln did, went where Lincoln did, and was as effective as Lincoln?   

Who else stood up to President Polk and called him out about killing to spread slavery?

Who else tried 40 times to stop the spread of slavery into the land stolen by the war against Mexico?

Who else did nothing but travel around the country after Kansas Act and warn of the plot (he called it "the machinery') to spread slavery to the rest of the USA?

Did you even know there was an effort, boasted about by Southern leaders at the time, to spread slavery to the rest of the US?  Very basic, but those speeches and documents (we show you) have always been available to anyone.  Why not refer to what the South boasted of -- and did. 

Lincoln sure knew, and Lincoln exposed it. 

We will go further into this later -- but oddly, almost bizarrely -- "historians" like Foner, Catton and McPherson do not even mention, or mention as if in passing,  Lincoln's stunningly powerful attacks against slavery 1846 on, including Lincoln's radical struggle against President Polk's effort to spread slavery by the Mexican war, literally stealing land by killing to facilitate the spread of slavery.

Mostly the "historians" seem to refuse to show how vile and violent Southern leaders were, killing to spread slavery and boasting of it.  And then vowing to keep killing until slavery "was spread to the Pacific".



Specifically as Congressmen, Lincoln challenged Polk (or anyone) to show him the "spot" where Mexicans attacked the United States. The US was not attacked,  the US had created a fictional story of Mexicans attacking US soldiers as pretext for an invasion into Mexico and excuse to steal their land.

And Lincoln dared anyone to show him the spot.  Yes, the Mexicans did fight -- later, after the US attacked them.  The Mexican military was weak, and the US had little trouble winning that war. 

Lincoln essentially accused Polk of creating a war to spread slavery into more land. What's more, Lincoln was exactly right.

Lincoln could not stop the war to spread slavery  (Mexican War) though he tried -- but he did try to outlaw slavery into the land just stolen.  Forty times he tried that.  

Lincoln's  efforts were rejected. Obviously the US was not going to outlaw slavery in the land they (via slave power) just stole to spread slavery. 

Lincoln knew that, but tried anyway. If the US took the land because they were attacked, why then insist slavery could go into that land?  The obvious answer -- that's why they attacked Mexico in the first place, to spread slavery. 

Before he left Congress, then  tried to end slavery in District of Columbia.  Lincoln's "proposal for abolition in DC"  is below.

It's nearly certain most of you never heard of this, much less in context of Lincoln's  efforts to stop US from stealing lands to spread slavery from Mexico. 

By the way --Stephen A Douglas participated in beating a man nearly to death himself, bet you didn't know that?

And Stephen A Douglas told Charles Sumner, shortly before he was beaten on the Senate floor, that he should be "beaten like a dog
Remember that.


Jefferson Davis insisted slaves were "the most contented laborers on earth"  and only the lies about freedom caused them to not be happy laborers as God intended.

Did you know the basic spiel by Southern leaders was that GOD designed slavery, and slaves were happy with God's plan.   It was only the lies from the North, if the slaves would hear of them, that made slaves unhappy.

It was a matter of life and death, they said.  What if slaves learn that people claim slavery is evil?   They will "be discontented" -- seriously,  if slaves ever hear sermons or speeches against slavery, they will be "discontented."

Can't have slaves "discontented" now can we? 

 Never mind they were torturing slaves who dared tried to escape, and burning men to death who fought back against slavery.  It's a truism of human nature - when you torture, kill, oppress, enslave, you must must must justify it.  

So they justified it, and blamed anyone else for slaves being "disconnected".

Seriously,  Southern newspaper said Satan was "the first abolitionist".   Satan was against slavery. God was for it.  The Texas Declaration of Secession said if you were against slavery, you were against GOD.

Does that sound like someone who "didn't care" about slavery?

You can read entire books about Lincoln and not read anything about these amazing early efforts about our 16th President.   If Lincoln had died in 1850, his actions up to that point were amazing in his boldness to battle slavery, with clear goal to put slavery "on road to extinction".  Ironically Lincoln gets little credit for how stunning he was in his efforts to stop slavery, and get rid of it, early.


Kansas Act, passed in 1854, changed everything because that and Dred Scott meant slavery would go everywhere, North South and West, or the USA would fall apart, and we would have a small US, surrounded in the West and South by a slave nation.

If the US failed -- if the "experiment" of the Declaration of Independence failed, Lincoln asserted that meant lasting damage, perhaps forever, that "government of the people, by the people" would vanish from the earth. 

If slave power could push slavery into Kansas and the West, when 90% of the citizens of Kansas voted against slavery (as they did) and if a few men could declare blacks are not human beings but property (as they did in Dred Scott) then there was little hope for mankind in the future.  

You may think that is hype of overstatement by Lincoln, but it was not.  Lincoln thought -- and spoke of, wrote about -- how toxic to mankind it would be to have Kansas Act and Dred Scott, then the violence by the South, push slavery west and North and destroy the Declaration of Independence as the South had done (The Declaration of Independence was effectively declared unconstitutional by the Dred Scott decision).

 Lincoln became more radical after 1850, not less, and he became more radical BECAUSE of the Dred Scott vile decision, and Kansas Act. 

  Yes he had to parse words at times -- but his full speeches were radical as hell, and his actions even more radical.

There was no other way to proceed, and Lincoln knew that. 


You CAN find quotes -- about 10 of them -- that seem to justify Lincoln being reluctant to end slavery, or reluctant to push for equality of the races under the law. But to do that, you must ignore the 99.9% of his speeches and actions.   

But get all his speeches, the full speeches -- and get all his actions.   No one comes close to Lincoln for his stunning effectiveness and drive to end slavery and establish equality of the races under the law.   But you will never know that, you can never know, until you understand his full speeches, and full actions. 



Some slams against Lincoln are less goofy -- but untrue -- such as Lincoln "evolved" over time about slavery, as if he was not radically and passionately anti slavery.  In fact, every day of his life from 1846 on was spent on little else but ending slavery.

Lincoln's enemies, North and South, would be amazed today that anyone would call Lincoln anything but radical to end slavery.  In fact, his enemies hit him with that every time they possibly could, including to his face repeatedly, in newspapers and in books at the time.

Frederick Douglass explained that Lincoln was "bound" to obey public sentiment, and that compared to anyone else, Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery and enforce equality of blacks and whites under the law.

Think of that... swift, radical, zealous and determined.  Douglass Oration about Lincoln  about Lincoln.

Davis promising to invade the North
and spread slavery there. 



No one was confused at Lincoln's speeches.   They left knowing exactly what he meant -- slavery had to go, or the United States would go.

Bluntly put (Lincoln avoided being blunt, for wise reasons)  the United States was in a battle to death over slavery.  Southern leaders, by the Kansas Act and Dred Scott, had made it a fight to the death. Only one would survive.

And Lincoln said he expected the Union to survive.

People think Lincoln only, or even chiefly, cared about Union -- but if he did care about Union, he did so for the very reasons he claimed.  Only the Union surviving and the Declaration of Independence being held as valid, could stop the spread of slavery. 

At the time, no one was sure if slavery would grow, as the South promised it would, not just to the rest of the USA (See below) but to the rest of the white world.

A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

And it was about to perish, if the slave owners and slave power had their was -- see their ISIS like speeches, we show some below. 


Over a million words.  You can -- and people have -- quoted him to prove anything you want. Just take a few select quotes and you can make Lincoln seem as racist as Jeff Davis.

Lincoln calls for slave owners to be kicked to death?

Take a few other quotes, and you can make him seem uncaring about slavery.

Fair enough -- word games, using Lincoln's own words, are valid. But get the full speeches, in context, as people at the time did.   Lincoln was the most radical and effective figure of the era.    His enemies and friends called him radical.

Why would they do that?  Were they stupid?


Southern leaders claimed Lincoln's "radical Niggerism" was going to destroy the white race.

Did you know that?  

Southern crowds cheered such speeches.   Did you know that?

Southern soldiers captured early in the war, who owned no slaves, were asked why are you fighting?   Do you know what one group of men said? 

Because the North was going to make our daughters "sleep with Niggers"


When Lincoln got up to speak -- every time he got up to speak -- he had to be careful what he said.   In the Lincoln Douglas debates (you are not told this, but it was well known at the time)  Douglas yelled in Lincoln's face, and in two cities (Quincy and Charleston) ran back and forth on the stage screaming that Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

Just stopping the spread of slavery meant your daughters will sleep with Niggers.  That was the meme at the time.   We don't teach that as a basic truth about what men like Lincoln faced -- and Lincoln most of all.   It's an ugly vulgar meme, but Southern leaders had no trouble shouting it to cheering crowds, and North politicians who wanted to defeat Lincoln, said the same thing.

Lincoln obsessed with equality for "NIGGERS"?

Why would Stephen A Douglas  say that? Not once, not twice, but repeatedly, in public, to his face.

This was NOT an isolated thing -- in fact Southern newspapers regularly called Lincoln a "black republican"  who as guility of "Niggerism"  and would destroy the white race.

Lincoln did -- of course -- parse words.  That is not amazing at all.  But what is amazing is how profound and extreme he was in pushing equality. Lincoln called it "equality under the law" .   



Douglas beat Lincoln because he was able to show Lincoln as too radical for the "Niggers" 

Douglas would have defeated Lincoln for President two years later, but three candidates ran against Lincoln, all three were okay with the spread of slavery.  Lincoln alone was not.

Lincoln did get more votes than anyone else, but more people voted against Lincoln than voted for him.


Douglas knew that whites were extremely afraid that black men might take  white women.  It was a common ploy among politicians in the North -- but especially common and extreme in the South.   Douglas hit that again and again.

Idiotically, many "scholars" today claim Douglas was for "popular sovereignty"  and did not care a whit if slavery expanded or not.   As Lincoln himself repeatedly showed, and Douglas's full speeches show, Douglas was rabid against equality of any sort, and got crowds into a frenzy speaking about white women "sleeping with Niggers".

But Douglas was not alone, he was just louder, and arguably the most powerful speaker, North or South.   But the South had their own stunningly loud and proud speakers, and they too attacked Lincoln -- to cheering crowds -- on  his "Niggerism". 

(moving soon to

Most people today -- even "historians" don't seem to know how fucking radical Lincoln was for equality.  They seem to focus on a few quotes -- about 12 quotes -- out of 2.1 million words.



Sure, quote Lincoln all you want.  Just get the full speeches, and in context. No one left a Lincoln speech at all confused.  He was effective -- he changed the minds of people he spoke to. 

Lincoln would often (in fact, regularly) seem to agree with a prejudice of the day, then "double back" and destroy that same prejudice, and argue for equality for all races.

Those who quote Lincoln in a way to make him appear uncaring or against equality of course do not bother to mention that the entire speech, the full speech. They may not even know or care of the full speech or context. 

Lincoln often blasted the prejudice he moments before seemed to espouse, as you will see below.  The full speeches are amazing, and radical as hell, when learned about in their entirety.

If you only go by a few quotes, out of context, and ignore what was going on, you can make Lincoln seem any way you want. 

But Stephen A Douglas, and Frederick Douglass, and Southern leaders knew damn well what was going on.   Anyone who dared speak up against slavery at all, were not only accused of wanting your "daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- they could be and were killed.

If you don't know that -- even in parts of  the North -- people were killed for being against slavery (and most don't have a clue) --- then you can't understand basic US history leading up to the  Civil War. 

Lincoln's friend, Lovejoy, was killed,, inside his own newspaper building, not far from where a Lincoln Douglas debate took place.

It's no accident that Stephen A Douglas -- who accused Lincoln loudly and repeatedly of wanting your daughters to sleep with "Niggers" -- told the crowds that Lincoln was just like those abolitionist such as Lovejoy.   Remember, Lovejoy was killed for being an abolitionist, in Illinois.  Not in the South, in Illinois.   Others were beaten and killed too, not just in the South, but in the North and West, for speaking against slavery.    


There is a  reason Stephen A Douglas, Southern leaders, and Frederick Douglass himself, said Lincoln was radical to end slavery, radical for equality under the law.

Because they knew wtf was going on, The knew of the violence, killing, terrorizing that could happen, even in the NORTH, if the hate and fear mongers got some people to hate anyone against slavery, on the basis of "taking the white women".

It's a horrid and ugly truth, and it was the reality of the day.  

And they knew Lincoln's kick ass actions, such as in Congress 1846, calling out the sitting President Polk, for starting a war in order to steal land to spread slavery.

You will see a few words, at most, mention that Lincoln "disagreed" with Polk's position, but you never see what he called Polk out -- as others did -- as going to war against Mexico in order to expand slavery.  

Now, if you had no idea President Polk started a war to spread slavery, don't blame me. People knew it, and said this was the case, even Southern slave owners said it (Henry Clay, famously).

Lincoln could, and did, show in speech after speech the spread of slavery, and how slave power used means "foul and more foul"  to push slavery.   His personal letters show he was keenly aware of the killing sprees, tortures, relentless violence used to spread slavery. 

It is astonishing to me today to hear anyone speak of Lincoln who does  not understand that Lincoln's speeches, with the exception of Gettysburg, were nearly ENTIRELY about this, and nothing else.  About the history of the Southern leaders pushing slavery by nefarious means, including the Mexican War, Kansas Act, and Dred Scott.

Lincoln, of course, was exactly right. 

If you don't believe Lincoln, look at Southern leaders boasting of just that. See Southern War Ultimatums -- I show you below.

 See speeches by the US Senator who pushed Kansas Act through, who immediately went to Kansas, and there started killing and terrorizing to spread slavery.

You probably never even heard of that US Senator.

See also Jefferson Davis (you have heard of him) own "Adress to the People of the Free States"  stating empatically he looks forward to slavery in the North where he promises to put all blacks there
"back on the slave status in perpetuity".

Davis even said at the time he issued the address "so there weill be no confusion in the future".

Most people -- even many history teachers -- seem perplexed when you tell them Southern leaders boasted of these things, not sorta, not kind, not in a way.  And not some drunks at a bar.  The top Southern leaders, the ones actually doing the killing, or leading the men doing the killing, were boasting of this. 

We should have taught this all along in US history books. 

  Instead we allowed an essentially bullshit narrative about Southern leaders as men of principle who cared about states rights. 

Nonsense, when Kansas rejected slavery overwhelmingly, Southern leaders immediately sent men to Kansas to kill and terrorize, and force slavery there -- not just force slavery, but to violently silent all opposition to slavery.

Does that sound like state's rights to you?

In fact, Jefferson Davis would explain his twisted logic why state's rights was of no effect in Kansas Territory -- because blacks were not human being, but were "inferior beings"  and the Supreme Court ordered -(yes, it did, the Supreme Court ordered)  the federal government to protect slavery in Kansas, even after Kansas citizens overwhelmingly rejected slavery.

You should have been told this. You never were.

This is what Lincoln actually had to deal with.

Lincoln's main point.  The vile means used with increasing violence to spread slavery.

Lincoln repeatedly explained what was going on.   Southern leaders were boasting of it themselves -- pushing slavery until it would be all over the US, North South, East and West.

And if you don't believe or know Southern leaders were killing, and boasting of killing, to spread slavery to the entire US, North, South, East and West, I will show you their own documents where they fucking BOASTED of this.

A big reason US public is so stupid about Lincoln and Civil War --  Southern cry babies and school boards made it impossible for US text books to show Southern War ultimatums, Southern speeches boasting of killing to spread slavery.   There is not a US text book anywhere that shows something as basic as Southern War Ultimatums.  

What the fuck?   You can't possibly make sense of Lincoln, unless you know what was going on.

Ironically, the Mexican was not the first war created by slave power to spread slavery. And it would not be the last. 

 As you will see, slave power didn't stop with the Mexican War.  The Civil War, according to Southern leaders boasting of it at the time, was about spreading slavery.   Lincoln called them on that too.

Maybe it's time  you learned the full story. 

The most powerful speakers in US history  pumped up the fear and hatred of black males -- then claimed Lincoln was Nigger lover who wanted your daughters to "sleep with niggers".

But but but -- but but but -- that letter to Greeley!!!  

But but but -- that edited quote!

But but but -- those books with "footnotes and everything"  say Lincoln was "racists as anyone"  and "didn't really care about blacks.  Lincoln "wanted to send them back to Africa". 






According to Northern and Southern leaders at the time  Lincoln was the most radical abolitionist of the era. 

Southern leaders were especially focused on Lincoln, telling cheering crowds that Lincoln equaled "Niggerism"  and the literal destruction of the white race.

So every time Lincoln spoke, he was speaking to people who thought he might be "Nigger lover" who would indeed
" make your daughters sleep with Niggers".

You are not told this.

Douglas screamed this in Lincoln's face -- repeatedly.  In fact, he ran from side to side of the stage in at least two debates, and the "Nigger lover" rap was on Douglas used again and again.

Want  your daughters to sleep with Niggers?  Vote for Lincoln.


That was not a side issue, not a throw away line. And people believed it. Lincoln did not win that election in 58 because enough people saw Lincoln as "Niggerism" which would result in black men "walking down the street with your wife, raping her as soon as they could".

Over and over -- and over - people North and South were told this.

Lincoln had to speak, therefore, very carefully.

Still -- despite the danger to Lincoln -- Lincoln's speeches were amazing for equality, amazing for why and how we must end slavery before it destroys the United States.

As Lincoln said over and over, slavery will destroy the United States, or the Union will destroy the slavery. One will survive.


Why would Lincoln's contemporaries say he was so extreme, so radical??

Did they not know about Lincoln's 8 quotes and  his letter to Greeley?

Did they not know that Lincoln didn't care about slavery, and used it for political gain?  (Hilarious, because Lincoln was lucky not to be killed much sooner than he was, for his "radical view" about equality).





There is not one US text book that teaches what Southern leaders, at the time, were screaming from the rooftops, as crowds cheered.

Not one text book that shows even NORTHERN papers calling for the execution of "Niggers"  who spoke against slavery, and implied the same treatment for whites who spoke against slavery too radically.

In the South, it was even worse, regularly Lincoln and others were accused of the certain destruction of the white race,  just by stopping the spread of slavery.


Quincy Illinois paper calling for the execution of Frederick Douglass for speaking against Kansas Act. 

 Lincoln was repeatedly accused of meeting white women and Frederick Douglas in the same carriage -- practically an open plea, to some, to kill Lincoln.

Lincoln was a bad ass - he even went to Kansas to speak, after Southern leaders made it against the law to speak openly or publish newspapers against slavery. 

In most of the South, and in Kansas, when Lincoln was running for Senate, it was a crime, punishable by torture (yes torture) to speak against slavery in the open, or to preach against slavery.

Yet people will look at you like you lost your damn mind when you tell them this. Yet even in the NORTH, Northern papers called for the arrest, and hanging, of Frederick Douglas for speaking -- let me repeat that -- SPEAKING - against slavery.

There is a reason -- a good reason  -- the signs at Lincoln Douglas debates (on Lincoln's side)  said "Free Speech"  and "Free Kansas".    Do you know what the reason is?  

They were referring to the laws against Free Speech in the South and in Kansas. 

 The Quincy paper above shows how newspapers urged death onto folks who did such thing. 

Were you ever told Lincoln even went to Kansas?

Were you ever told he went there AFTER it was a crime to speak against slavery there?


Did you know other famous men at the time refused to go to Kansas and speak?  You better be very careful even in Illinois what you said, so many people were convinced that just stopping the spread of slavery would doom the right race.

If you don't know that, you really don't understand the period leading up to the civil war, or Lincoln. 


If you don't understand the hatred and violence toward anyone who was against slavery, you don't understand what a bad ass Lincoln was.

When Stephen A Douglas repeatedly told crowds Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  and that Lincoln went with Frederick Douglas and a white woman, he was urging violence.   Stephen Douglas did get other political opponents beaten, almost to death.

Douglas (Stephen A) knew that the emotional battering ram to use to defeat Lincoln, was to accuse him of "wanting your daughter to sleep with Niggers" 

It worked. Douglas won that race. 

So when Lincoln got up to speak, for his own safety, he better be very careful how he said what he did.  Lincoln did, at times, parse words.  But see his full speeches, his full actions, and you will see he was radical as hell.    The only way those today who would make him seem "reluctant"  or "ambivalent" about slavery is to not know or care what the full story is.

According to Northern and Southern leaders at the time  Lincoln was the most radical abolitionist of the era. 

This was a time when people were still being killed, even in Illinois,  for being "too radical" to free the slaves.

Not because people loved slavery -- it had nothing to do with that.  But because people were told, North and South, "Nigger men" will "sleep with your daughters".

If you don't know thatn you don't know the basics about Lincoln and what led to Civil War.

As Southern leaders grew more intense -- to the point of insisting they were doing the will of GOD, and that Lincoln was going to make white women sleep with "niggers" -- will you understand the the Civil War.

Even most people in the South were not pro-slavery.  But when Southern leaders and editors pumped up the fear and hate by equating just stopping the spread of slavery with death of the white race,  it worked to give those extreme speakers power, but it also worked to bring on the Civil War.

Certainly not enough people in the South were so extreme that they would kill to spread slavery.   Yet the Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums and were killing to spread slavery.

When you understand Southern leaders -- and their friends in the  North, pushed the "Niggers will get your daughters" meme -- you will understand why Southern men who didn't own slaves, and didn't even like slavery, would be rallied to fight.


Over, and over, and over,  and over, they were told freedom for blacks -- OR EVEN NOT SPREADING SLAVERY -- would get your daughters raped or seduced by blacks.

When you understand this, you can read Lincoln's speeches and "get it".  He had to parse words -- so he did.  Lincoln would have been attacked physically if he got up on debate stage and said "So what if your daughter sleeps with Niggers"?

Lincoln had to say he did not need a black woman as a wife.  He could just let her alone.

Get his full quotes (not edited bullshit).  Get  his actions -- kicking slavery in the ass sideways, hated for it, eventually killed for it, from 1846 on.

Oh you didn't know?  Lincoln was hated for being "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".  Lincoln, said a Southern papers "equals Niggerism". Your daughters will marry Niggers, the white race will be exterminated.

After such comments -- including Stephen A Douglas yelling this in Lincoln's face (yes, he did, see below)  -- Lincoln had to get up and defend blacks to a white nation that didn't really give a shit.   In fact, many white males in the North were as afraid of black men "taking our women" as in the South.

This is an ugly truth - ugly as hell.   But it the central issue the United States faced, and Lincoln had to answer those insults.  Did he want your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?

Was Lincoln going to let "Niggers" walk the streets by your wife, your daughters?

Was he going to let them vote?  Sit on juries?  


Q ) From 1846 on,  why was Lincoln as a Congressmen hated by the South.

A,    Because he  stood up to President Polk, and accused him correctly of starting the Mexican War to gain land to spread slavery, Lincoln was a marked and hated man.   

Did you ever hear this even mentioned in any US text book? 

Did you even know that Lincoln (and others) rightly accused Polk of  creating a war, in order to add slave territory for the South?

You might not believe that is what the Mexican War was about (yes, that is what it was about - to add slavery land).  But why the fuck are we not told Lincoln accused Polk of that very thing?

This is as basic as it gets. Yet you can can't find any mention -- even mention - of Lincoln standing up to Polk because he was at war to help slavery spread.  How fucking stupid is that?

And it's not taught in any US highschool text book, that we know of.  Yet it was the biggest thing in Lincoln's life -- the biggest thing he did as a Congressman.  

You think they could fucking mention it as a matter of trivia.  Shit fire, they spend more time explaining Lincoln's growing a beard and a chat with a young girl, that the really important thing, calling out a US President as going to war to spread slavery.

Every fucking "historian" who has glossed over this, or not mentioned it, is not necessarily a dumb ass. They apparently just repeated the bullshit they heard, and were too stupid and lazy to read original documents at the time, and take Lincoln's own very clear letters about this, seriously.

 There is no biography of Lincoln, in the last 40 years, that even mentions Lincoln's amazing challenge of a sitting President, that we know of.  Certainly none that make this a BFD (big fucking deal), which it was. 

When Lincoln could not stop the Mexican War, even by openly challenging President Polk, Lincoln tried 40 times to outlaw slavery in the land we just stole from Mexico.

A very BFD.

And Lincoln's fight against slavery didn't stop there.  

Nor did the hatred of Lincoln by slave power folks and their paid lackeys in the North (Like Stephen A Douglas).

But more -- why the hell have you not heard of this?  And there is much much more.  As Stephen A Douglas said repeatedly: Lincoln, is "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".

No one told you Douglas repeatedly said Lincoln was obsessed with equality  -- in fact Douglas  fanned the hate and fear of black males having sex with white females, in the same sentences as he fanned the hate and fear of Lincoln.  He tied Lincoln to the "Niggers"  and told the crowd Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

Then Lincoln had to get up and speak.



Southern leaders sure knew about it. "Lincoln equals Niggerism" said Southern newspapers.  Were they stupid?  Lincoln was going to destroy the white race, just by stopping the spread of slavery.  

How the hell do you destroy the white race by being against the spread of slavery?   Might seem strange to you know, but this made perfect sense at the time. 

Lincoln will destroy the white race, they said.  In speeches  He wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

He will EXTERMINATE the what race.  And people believed it. 




Most people today -- thanks to our history books that white wash this most basic issue -- have no idea at all how radical Lincoln was.   

Instead, they know a few Lincoln quotes, taken completely out of context,

For one thing, people were still being killed -- yes they were -- for being too "radical for the Niggers"  even in the North.  Did you know that even in Kansas, Southern leaders made it a crime to speak publically, or preach, against slavery?

Did you know people where whipped, tortured, killed EVEN IN THE NORTH --  for being to radical for the "Nigger".

So when LIncoln got up to speak -- he was speaking (even in the North) to people who not only would not "piss on a nigger if he were on fire" .  Whites in the North could easily hate and fear anyone who dared speak of ending slavery.  Men like Stephen A Douglas eagerly used this approach hundreds, if not thousands of times, not just in the debates, but in almost every speech he made about slavery after 1854.



Douglas said Lincoln was radical "for the Nigger" .

Did Douglas actually believe Lincoln wanted "your daughters" to sleep with "Niggers".

Of course not.   But this was a common, very common, approach to anyone who was against even the spread of slavery. 

This is quickly obvious if you spend a few days reading Southern speeches and newspapers at the time.  You won't really learn it any other way, because the vile nature of those who attacked Lincoln (and many others) has never been taught -- the attack was about "Niggers"  taking white women.

Not sort of. Not kind of.  Not a few times, by a few people.

This was the typical and effective way to attack those who were at all against slavery for any reasons.

Even in the South, if you were not eagerly pro slavery, pro spread of slavery, you could be and were accused of being "Nigger lover"    or "abolitionist".

"Abolitionist", in much of the USA, even the North, was a derisive term, an insult, almost like calling someone a child molester now, in much of the USA.

Including in Illinois in the 1850s.


I can't help it if you didn't hear Lincoln. But you can read, right? Certainly historians and history teachers should know this very well. Instead, they don't know at all.

Even as early las 1890, people alive in the Civil War tried to remind folks how the word "abolitionist"  was a term North and South, of immense hatred by most people.  Abolitionist -- the way it was used then -- was almost as bad as being called a child molester now.  It was shorthand, and understood as such, for the destruction of the white race, for black men to "sleep with your daughters". 

Unless you know that, you can't understand why Lincoln would say he was not an abolitionist -- but that he hated slavery as much as any abolitionist did.

So historians should read his full speeches -- in context. And teach  his actions 1846 on. 

You won't be so easily fooled by bullshit. 

Wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?

Mr Lincoln "harps constantly on this subject of equality". 

WTF?    That's from the Lincoln Douglas debates, and it's not some "gotcha" quote.  Douglas explained, sometimes for hours, just how vile life would be if blacks were allowed equality.

Blacks would destroy the white race, make living in the US a nightmare.  Lincoln would  "Burn us to death slowly over an open fire"  is how one Southern leader put it.
 Is that what you want, that is what you will have with Mr Lincoln? 

Men like Douglas shouted (yes shouted) and Southern editors preachers and speakers shouted (yes shouted) this message to the public.

For years. Get that in your head.  For YEARS Southern leaders, Southern preachers, Southern editors pumped up the hate and fear of blacks, in order to advance the spread of slavery.  Just stopping the spread of slavery was going to "EXTERMINATE THE WHITE RACE".

Remember this -- it's new to you.  Just stopping the violent spread of slavery was going to "EXTERMINATE THE WHITE RACE".

Your daughters will "sleep with Niggers".   Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers, shouted Douglas. Yes, he shouted it.  It's a fucking shame, a travesty, we do not teach these ugly truths, because the ugly truth was what Lincoln faced.

THEN  -- after this tirade, by the best speakers of the day, Lincoln had to get  up and defend the black race, even after the SCOTUS officially ruled blacks were not human beings.  Really, not human beings.  No, Im not kidding -- NOT HUMAN BEINGS. 




Douglas (Stephen A Douglas)  not only said this repeatedly to crowds during the Lincoln Douglas debates (yes, he did)  Douglas actually ran from side to side of the debate platform in Charleston Illinois screaming it.

He yelled this into Lincoln's FACE.  Someone should have told you -- not just to show how vile Douglas was ( and he was) but to show how Lincoln lost that Senate race. Douglas was able to scare the shit out of white males.   He had enough convinced that "Niggers" would take their daughters.

This was not some throw away line -- the central message from Douglas to the people of Illinois was that Lincoln was a radical "Negro Worshiper" who would have your daughters sleep with "Niggers". 

That has been white washed --but it was the reality of the day. And then Lincoln had to get up to defend the black race, and argue for equality -- after, after, let me repeat this-- after, the SCOTUS had officially and specifically ordered (yes they did, read the decision) that blacks can not be seen as humans, but must be seen as property.

And do you know what Lincoln said? Hell no you don't.  Lincoln said those who "make mere merchandise" of the Negro, and "deny his humanity"  should be KICKED TO DEATH.

Lincoln was talking about the Supreme Court, and slave power.  Radical enough for you?

Kicked. To. Death.  That is what they deserved, Lincoln said in Peoria not long after Dred Scott decision came out.

Blacks will be "recognized" as property.  

Orders the federal government to PROTECT slavery.

Even in areas that  rejected slavery by 95% vote.

This is what the fuck was going on.  

Lincoln showing the absurdity and fraud of the Dred Scott decision
which would push slavery everywhere. He was right. 

Let me repeat that too. Lincoln said those who make merchandise of black men,and deny their humanity, should be KICKED TO DEATH.

This is how ugly it got -- because Lincoln was dealing with scum sucking pigs like Douglas and the SCOTUS.  Maybe it's time we learned, and taught, what the fuck was going on.  

Lincoln was not only going to have your daughters "sleep with Niggers"  he was going to have them walk down the street with your wife (unthinkable at the time)  serve on juries, and be able to vote.

This video does not show the ugly hate screamed out by Douglas -- and the same thing was going on all over.  

Still the video does show how Douglas (and many others) attacked Lincoln of being obsessed with equality for  "the Nigger" -- or as the screenplay writer changed it, "the Negro" 

Contrary to this, shouted Douglas, dozens of times, is the United States Supreme Court who ruled blacks can not be seen as human beings (not persons).  And in fact, MUST be seen, and treated, as property.

You probably never heard that the SCOTUS literally ordered -- ordered -- that blacks be seen not as human beings (not persons) but as property.

And further, the SCOTUS ordered- - literally ordered -- the federal government to protect slavery even in areas that had voted 95% against slavery.

Here are the words in the Court's order.  The United States "recognizes" blacks as propery  (not human beings)

In the same short sentence, the SCOTUS ordered the federal government to protect slavery.

And if you don't believe the SCOTUS actually ordered blacks to be seen as not human beings, read not just the order, but the decision itself fully. That is exactly what they ordered.

IF that is not not enough, Jefferson Davis himself made it very clear, that was basic effect of the Dred Scott Decision, and he was sending killers to Kansas on that basis.   Southern leaders, and Stephen A Douglas, gave dozens of speeches (and in every single Lincoln Douglas debates) explained this at length,   Dred Scott ordered blacks to be seen as property.

This is what Lincoln was railing against -- and if you don't know that, YDKS, you just know the white washed bullshit put out endlessly.  He railed against it in every debate, every speech -- yet he admitted he was bound by it as President, until he could change it by Constitutional Amendment -- which he did do, in the 13th Amendment. 

In fact, when Confederate solders were captured early in the war-- and were asked why they were fighting, do you know what the said?

Some said this. Yanks want our daughters to marry Negroes"  This was the propaganda -- North and South - for twenty years leading up to the Civil War.  And it worked. 

Over and over Southern leaders pushed slavery further and further,  each time declaring the future of the white race depended on it.

If we do not spread slavery (remember this) the white race will be exterminated. 



Because Lincoln gave over 3000 speeches, over 2 million words,  people can quote him any way they want. And they did so then and now.

But get his FULL speeches, not misleading " utterances torn from their connection" as Frederick Douglass said, but by the full picture. That means all his words, and all his actions.

Frederick Douglass was there -- he knew the slave owners, he knew Lincoln, and he knew what Lincoln was up against.

We can presume Frederick Douglass knew wtf he was talking about.  He claimed Lincoln was radical, swift, zealous and determined.


Lincoln's enemies, North and South, said exactly the same thing -- that Lincoln was "radical"  "obsessed"  to destroy slavery.  

They were right.   His full actions, his full words show the most radical man in the US who was effective.  John Brown might have been more radical, but he was caught within two hours and hung in two weeks. Brown stupidly created a huge backlash in the South -- gave credence to the the propaganda that anyone against slavery would cause blacks to kill not just the white masters, but anyone right.

Ending slavery would be an invitation to rape and murder,  said some Southern papers. 



Since the SCOTUS had already ordered that blacks could not be seen as human beings (as persons)  but they must be seen as property,  Lincoln was bound as President to respect that -- until he could get it overturned (which he did).

Southern leaders explained this repeatedly -- stopping us from spreading slavery would destroy the white race.


Lincoln had no public support in 1861 to bother slavery where it was.   He had declared slave owners deserved to be "kicked to death"   -- see his powerful speeches, in total.

But there was no "warrant"  -- to public sentiment, no legal ability or right to simply invade the South and force them to give up slavery.  No soldiers would join for such a fight.   So yes, Lincoln spoke of Union.  No kidding, and if he did not do that, the US falls apart, and slavery spreads.   So he made the right decision, even if your "history" teacher is so stupid as to belittle him for talking about Union.  He talked 1000 times more about slavery and why we had to end it, than Union, but that has not stopped "history teachers"  from implying Lincoln only cared about Union. Or that he only wanted to stop slavery.  



Get all his speeches, and his private letters. He was radical as hell, and then proved it by kicking the shit out of slavery as soon as he could get public support to do so.

In fact, every day of Lincoln's life, after 1846, was spent fighting against slavery.  

      To deride Lincoln because he spoke of stopping the spread of slavery,  is like hating your cancer doctor for first stopping the spread of cancer with drugs, before they cut out half your brain. 

 LIncoln's letter about Union,that so man wave around as prove he did not care about slavery, came when Kentucky was about to go with the Confederacy -- his letter was really to Kentucky, not Greeley.  And it worked, Kentucky did not join the Confederacy, largely because of the latter, and contacts Lincoln had in Kentucky, speaking there on his behalf. 

Lincoln had by that time given thousands of speeches on slavery, spent years fighting slavery, fought it in Congress, fought it in speeches, fought it in Washington DC to try to end slavery there.

No one even fucking mentions that, but waves that letter around. Read the letter closely -- typical of Lincoln, he parsed words carefully. IF -- IF -- I could save the Union, IF I could free the slaves.   Lincoln was a wordsmith, and wrote this way to make everyone think what they wanted.   Had he not done this, Kentucky goes to the Confederacy, and slavery spreads.  As Lincoln knew and said, without Kentucky, all is lost.  He would rather have Kentucky on his side, than God!


South's Five Year head start on the killings

What most people today do not grasp -- the South was already at war, already killing, already boasting of it, in Kansas.   Already the South had made it illegal to write or preach or vote against slavery in Kansas. 

See the 1856 speech and other documents, by Southern leaders at the time.  They were boasting they were at war.

Guess who knew this?   Frederick Douglass -- and most people alive in 1850's.

Guess who doesn't seem to have a clue?  Most US history teachers. It's not their fault, no one told them.

It was going to take war -- to fight back.  So far, Southern scum had been fighting civilians, citizens.


Within two weeks of Lincoln taking office, the South issued War Ultimatums.  Did you know that? According to Southern headlines, boasting of it, there were five -- five- - War Ultimatums.  They were already in Kansas killing, and already boasting of it, but do you know what the War Ultimatums were?

Five Ultimatums. All five, 1,2,3,4,5  were about the spread of slavery. Specifically into slavery.

And by this time, did you know Kansas was already a free state?  Already the citizens there voted against slavery by 95%?  

No, you did not know.

 Jefferson DAVIS wrote this officially.  See his book "Rise and Fall"

After Kansas was a free state, he demanded it be a slave state.

Yes, he knew Kansas had voted 95% against slavery.

Did you know Jefferson Davis specifically repeated the demand to spread slavery into Kansas-- after, after that territory became a state.   A BFD.  

That is what Lincoln was dealing with. 

 Davis also issued officially a promise to invade the North and have slavery there.  See it yourself, it's in his own paperwork.

Lincoln was radical and dangerous -- said the South - just for speaking against the spread of slavery.   Actually the radical fucks were those already killing and boasting of it, to spread slavery.  It's about time we quit the bullshit, and tell what the fuck was going on. 

Lincoln -- and anyone against the spread of slavery -- were "trying to make us sting ourselves to death".

Always the most extreme language -- and the crowds cheered such speeches, according to newspapers at the time, who boasted of it. 

Let me repeat that, crowds CHEERED Toombs, and others like him, who put the most hateful and fearful visions in the white man's heads, deliberately. Your daughters will sleep with "Niggers".

Our white race will be "exterminated" -- and Lincoln will cause that, just by being against the spread of slavery. 

That is what Lincoln faced.  It's not my fault you did not know. You should have been told. 

(Lincoln aptly compared slavery to a spreading cancer, and said first, we must stop the spread of it). 

Radical?  Zealous?  Swift?  Determined???

 Lincoln's own actions, from 1846 forward show is that Frederick Douglass did indeed know WTF he was talking about.   It helped that he was there, knew Lincoln. 

Douglass on Lincoln.  "We saw him, measured him, and estimated him; not by stray utterances to injudicious and tedious delegations, who often tried his patience; not by isolated facts torn from their connection; not by any partial and imperfect glimpses, caught at inopportune moments; but by a broad survey"


It's almost as if  many "historians" don't know, or perhaps don't care, what  his full actions were,  and how radical he was.   It often sounds better to lay on the bullshit, one way or another.

You won't see much of the information we show here even mentioned in an any US textbook, and  rarely mentioned in a clear way, in most biographies of Lincoln. 

Even worse, if possible, while some might obligquily mention a few of these things, they never, as far as we know, show just  how radical Lincoln was. Because he was.

 All things considered, no one, not even John Brown according to Brown's good friend Frederick Douglass, was as radical and effective 


Why on earth would Douglas say such a stupid thing?   We have experts -- and most history teachers now -- saying that Lincoln did "not really care" about slavery, at least not until half way through the US Civil War.

Actually in 1854, in fact for a 15 years leading up to the Civil War, Lincoln's full speeches -- remember that full speeches -- show an extraordinarily determined man to expose the South's plan to spread slavery against the will of the people, and announced more than once if necessary, the United States must stop the spread of slavery even by death. 

By death.

Why not quote that -- and other amazing powerful statements by Lincoln?  And show how radical he was, 1846 on, starting with standing up to President Polk.  

Did you know Lincoln stood up in Congress and accused (correctly) President Polk of starting the Mexican War in order to spread slavery for slave power?

Hell no you didn't know.

Did you know Lincoln tried 40 times after that, to push legislation that prevented slavery from going into the lands US just stole to spread slavery?

Hell no you didn't know that.

Did you know that Lincoln then tried to end slavery in Washington DC, and was from that point on, a marked man by Southern scum, slave power, and men like Stephen A Douglas?

Hell no you didn't know that. No one told you.  Not my fault no one told you.


Why Ken Burns film about the Civil War sucked.....
yes, it does. 

NONE of this -- not one word of this -- got in Ken Burns "Civil War" documentary.  Why? 

Not one word of Southern War Ultimatums. Not one word of Lincoln's amazing actions, 1846 on, to kick slavery in the ass.

Not one word of Lincoln insisting slave owners deserved to be kicked to death.

Not one word of the SCOTUS ordering blacks to be seen not as human beings, but as property.  They ordered that.

Not one word of the SCOTUS ordering the federal government to protect slavery, even where it was rejected overwhelmingly by the citizens in elections (Kansas). 

Not one word of Lincoln going to Kansas- after Southern leaders made it a crime -- and speaking against slavery there. 

Not one word of 1000 things that should have gotten in. 

Not one word. Not one fucking word.

 Probably because Burns stupidly used Shelby Foote, who adores Jefferson Davis and the Confederate leaders, as  his "advisor".   If Shelby didn't tell him, Burns didn't know it.

 Big mistake.

Foote: Essentially a Jefferson Davis groupie.

Foote essentially gave the "Jefferson Davis" spin on the Civil War, and so omitted all Southern War Ultimatums, all mention of Southern declarations of War in 1856, sending two thousand killers to Kansas 1856, etc. 

If you don't know what the South did -- and Lincoln's full actions and speeches against that -- YDKS.

Sadly Burns did not get that in, at all.

He meant well, but he had no clue what he was talking about, and Foote was not about to tell him, of what was going on in the 1850s.


Douglas and many others claimed Lincoln was a "radical abolitionist"  because they knew his FULL speeches -- remember that, full speeches. Not the out of context bullshit you are often fed.

Lincoln said slavery must end, or the US must end, one or the other.     One will die.

That's the basis of many of his speeches, notably "House Divided Speech."  Southern response was loud,  they claimed Lincoln had just declared war on them.   
In a way -- Lincoln did, in as restrained language as possible. One thing will live, the other will die.  The Union will live -- and slavery die, or slavery will live, and the Union die.

The House Divided Speech was entirely, 100%, every word, about the violent and vile efforts by the South to spread slavery against, remember that, against states rights.  Because of Dred Scott, slavery must be everywhere, or we will destroy it, and slavery will be nowhere. 




This is what crowds were told, North and South.  I can't help it if no one told you,  you should have been told.  It was that basic -- and it's basic to understand the times, and how brilliant and bad ass Lincoln was.
Not my fault that no one told you.



Linclon claimed -- and was correct --that he had "no warrant" to end slavery.  There was no law against slavery, in fact the SCOTUS ordered (yes ordered) the federal government to protect slavery in the Dred Scott decision. Literally ordered the federal government to protect slavery, even in areas that rejected slavery by 95% vote, namely Kansas.

Dred Scott was the law of the land -- and Lincoln had to respect and obey that, until he could (and he did) get Dred Scott overturned by the 13th Amendement.

When Lincoln said "I have no warrant"   he not only meant he had no legal basis to end slavery where it existed, he meant there was no public sentiment to fight to end slavery.

His own personal feelings about slavery were extreme -- which you can tell by his actions from 1846 on, and his full speeches.  He said, for example, that slave owners deserved to be kicked to death.

Try to top that.


Lincoln also tried to stop President Polk from stealing land to spread slavery -- as you will see. He also tried to end slavery in 1846, in the District Of Columbia.

He also tried over 40 times to stop slavery from going into the land stolen (yes stolen) from Mexico by war.  I can't help it if no one told you USA stole land from Mexico by war -- Lincoln accused President Polk of that, and so did many others, including some Southern leaders themselves -- Henry Clay,  a Democrat in the South, accused Polk of the same thing, and rightly so, the USA really did concoct a deadly war, for slave owners, to spread slavery.

 was an "ignorant ape" who would "exterminate the white race"  and "torture us by slow fire to death"   by making the entire country of whites equal with "inferior beings".  

We will be exterminated, said Southern leaders, if we can not spread slavery. Never mind protecting it where it was, we must expand slavery or we will perish.

Warnings --

1) Under construction-

2) Crude language, because it's needed here.

Stephen A Douglas did  not just say Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".  He shouted it, ran from side to side of the stage screaming it.

Newspapers at the time reported it.  Why the fuck have we taken out the violence and danger Lincoln faced -- and of course the slaves faced?   


QUESTION:  Have we dared to teach, even 160 years later, the ugly  truth of what went on leading up to the Civil War.  And therefore, never taught what Lincoln actually faced?

Nigger lover?  Wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers?  Not by some nuts in the crowd, but by the most powerful speaker of the century -- Stephen A Douglas, to his face?

ANSWER:  We have yet to teach the ugly truth.

Even now, historians find  easier to speak in euphemism or bullshit. Sounds better. 

Omit that most whites at the time Lincoln ran for Senate hated and feared black men -- and were told by the powerful Trump like speakers of the day, to fear them.

Black men are going to take our white women -- the heart of the fear and mongering leading to Civil War, and brought up in every Lincoln -Douglas debate, and the "emotional knife" Douglas used to stab Lincoln not once, but hundreds of times, and in hundreds of ways.

Lincoln had to then get up and defend the black man -- who many people hated and feared.  Get  his full speeches, not edited BS, and you will see just how  radical he was.  

Get a few "torn asunder" comments -- as Frederick Douglass called them (out of context crap)  and you can make Lincoln appear as evil as you like to.

But as Douglass said, given all the facts, Lincoln was indeed, in action, and in effect, radical, zealous, swift, and determined.

If you know better than Frederick Douglass, who was there, please tell me the facts that show Douglass did not know what the hell he was talking about.


 Historians even now do not tell of the ISIS like tortures, violence, burning to death, of people who fought against slavery.   Southern leaders had WHITES killed, and tortured too, for trying to resist the spread of slavery, as you will see.

Why not teach that?    Why not teach the speeches were Southern leaders promised unending killing and violence until slavery was spread even into all Northern states?

Jefferson Davis himself boasted of killing ("by force of our arms" = killing) to spread slavery into the entire North.  Why not show that, and all that portends? 

Why not show the War Ultimatums that slavery MUST be spread, and spread by violence if needed. 

 Lincoln, however, had to deal with the real issues  --  the killing sprees, the war ultimatums,  the "machinations" that would push slavery to all of the US, North and South, or die trying.

And Lincoln dealt with the ugly violent truth that is not taugh in any US text book, but only after Southern leaders not only killing to spread slavery, but boasted of their War Ultimatums, and boasted they would keep killing until slavery was spread to the North (yes the North) by force of Arms.


Official  Southern documents actually make this very clear. Lincoln, by just being against the violent (yes violent) spread of slavery, was "torturing us to death slowly" 

Just allowing "Niggers" to walk down the street, on the same sidewalk as a white woman, was made to seem a terrifying invitation to the rape and murder of white women.

"Niggers" will be sleeping with your daughters  was not a side issue. It was the main issue -- the way Southern leaders (and Northern helpers) stirred up hate and fear.

Douglas just not just say Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".   He ran from side to side of the stage screaming it, in Charleston Illinois -- and wisely so.

Douglas won that race, and would have won the Presidential race with the same approach, but two other candidates, also pro spread of slavery (like Douglas) ran, dividing the pro-slavery vote.

Southern leaders were pumping up the hate the exact same way -- Lincoln will make your daughters "sleep with Negroes" and this will destroy the white race.

Sleeping with "Niggers"  was the main "knife" as Lincoln called it, used to stab anyone who dared speak against slavery and the violent spread of it.

It was the central issue of the day, the raw nerve of the day. 

And Lincoln was vilified, North and South, for "wanting your daughter to sleep with Niggers... your wife will be with Niggers on the street".

People were still being killed, whipped, hung for daring to speak against slavery  --- even in Kansas, a Northern state.   And those were WHITE people who opposed slavery -- of course, blacks were treated much worse.

Did you know Southern leaders sent 800 men (mostly from Texas) to Kansas to kill and terrorize in 1856?    See Atchison's speech to these very men, below. 

A central them -- not "sorta"  not "kinda"  -- was the often repeated with great fanfare and volume, that Lincoln would make your daughters, North and South "sleep with Niggers".

That ugly truth never made it into any US history book, but we very much at the heart of everything leading up to the US Civil War.

Did you know those men made it a crime to speak against slavery, publish anything anti slavery in Kansas (it was already a crime to do so in the South).

Did you know Lincoln went to Kansas after Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery - and there spoke against slavery?

North and South it was the issue that mattered.

The Confederate soldiers were told that  -- Yanks would make your daughters marry "Niggers".



How the hell have so many "historians" just whitewashed this basic and very real issue -- one that shaped not only Lincoln's actions, but shaped the entire nation?

Not one word -- not one - in any book by Eric Foner, Bruce Catton, or James McPherson on the relentless attacks on LIncoln for "being obsessed with equality for the Nigger,"  and all that portends.

Southern leaders pumped up the fear and hate of that black man (Nigger)  being with your white daughter. Why not mention that? It's not hard to find, Stephen A Douglas himself again and again cited this in his famous debates against Lincoln.

It was no secret, then.  But it might as well be a secret now. 

Lincoln had to say - hey hey hey, I never said I was for PERFECT equality, meaning marriage and sex between black men and white women. 


Southern leaders and their lackeys in North regularly called anyone against slavery "Nigger lovers"  or "Nigger Worshippers".   

The term "black republican"  was more common than just writing "republican".   One Southern writer just wrote "Niggers = Republicans". 

And called for their DEATH.




Orwell much?

Slaves, insisted Jeff Davis, were "the most contented laborers on earth".   It was the evil "abolitionist"  causing slaves to be "dissatisfied".

Robert E Lee wrote that if "abolitionist" will stop their "evil course"  the slave owner would eventually be able to civilize the black race.  Learn about his torture of slave girls, from his own slave ledgers.  Pain, Lee wrote, was "necessary for their instruction"  and God knew and intended slaves "endure painful discipline"  which he paid others to carry out.

Meaning, he paid men to whip slave girls as he stood by screaming at the girls.  That was reported in newspapers then, and Lee validated those reports in his own hand written slave ledgers and letters.

Yet we teach Lee -- idiotically and fraudulently - as either not owning slaves, or being loved by his "servants".  Utter nonsense. 

From the 1830's on, Southern states made it a crime --punishable by whipping -- to publish or say things in public that would "dissatisfy a slave".

Orwellian much?

Let that sink in.  In fact, it was the "radical Negro Worshippers"  said Southern leaders, who "were against GOD"  that caused slaves to be "dissatisfied".

   Never mind that slaves never got near any abolitionist, and never heard these speakers, and were not allowed near newspapers.

Even whites in the South were punished -- including torture, hanging, drowning -- for owning the wrong book, or public comments and writings against slavery, or trying to vote against slavery.

I can't help it if your "history" teacher doesn't know or leaves out the original documents that prove all this, and was common knowledge then. 

You did not have to be pro slavery -- you just could not be anti -slavery. 

The country was told by leaders North and South that Lincoln was so "Nigger loving" and so "radical for equality"  that he was killing the white race, he would "exterminate the white race".





So then, after being called Nigger lover, after being described as "wanting your daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- Lincoln had to speak to crowds that fully or partly believed that crap. 

Unless you know that, you don't know shit about Lincoln or the civil war.

Lincoln would be amazed if he came back now, and people didn't know how much he was hated, and eventually killed, for being "a Nigger lover".

Leave a few facts out, and you destroy the basic truth of our past.  This is one such truth. 

Lincoln was "causing slave rebellion" in South by his "radical Nigger loving speeches"  according to a Texas newspaper at the time.

Never mind that it was illegal and virtually impossible for the slaves to learn any of Lincoln's speeches, or any news about him.

Never mind that Lincoln spoke very carefully, with no rancor, no bitterness.  In fact, Lincoln bent over backwards NOT to offend the violent Southern culture.   


'If you are against slavery, you are against God"

"God has silenced all opposition to slavery by his Holy Word" 

But Southern leaders took any comment that even questioned slavery as an assault on their manhood, their honor, and their GOD.


  In the South, it was a crime to even speak or preach against slavery, and preachers could be, and were, arrested and subjected to torture for simply owning the wrong book.  Did you know that, or not?  You need to know that, to make sense of Lincoln.

And people were killed and tortured even where Lincoln went, at the time.   No one told you that, did they?


According to Southern documents -  at the time --  Lincoln's speeches were so extreme, they caused slave rebellions in the South.  

No, Lincoln's words did not cause slave rebellions -- as Texas newspapers screamed at the time.

But pumping hate for Lincoln,  and convincing the public that slavery had to spread (for GOD) or the white race was doomed, was how extreme Southern leaders were.  

Crowds in the South cheered-- according to newspapers entirely approving of it, when speakers said they were spreading slavery for God as "punishment" of the black race.

You are not told that Southern crowds cheered the speakers of the day, for claiming GOD not only wanted slavery, but wanted slavery in order to punish the black race.

Guess who knew that kind of horror? Lincoln knew.

Guess who else knew?  Frederick Douglas.

That is an ugly truth, but it is exactly what was going on.  Exactly what Lincoln faced. Exactly what the country faced.

Not sorta. Not kinda. Not in a way. 

When confronted with the cruelty of slavery,  Slave owners and their apologists had no choice -- claim it was from GOD. Claim Lincoln and anyone against slavery was against GOD.

Just speaking (remember this) just speaking or preaching publically  against slavery was a crime in the South. 

 Did  you know that?  In fact, in US Congress, before the Civil War, Southern leaders in Congress wanted folks arrested in the North, who dared publish books in the North, against slavery.

Not only did they arrest and torture people in the South for public speaking or preaching against slavery, they wanted anyone in the North arrested for it, too.

This is the mindset Lincoln was up against. 


Too bad you are not told.  You should have been.

Entire books have been written about Lincoln being "reluctant" to free the slaves, or that he "didn't care"  and was "just your typical white supremacist" .

You can cherry pick from about 12 Lincoln quotes --"ripped from their full meaning"  as Frederick Douglass explained, to distort Lincoln.


Get the full quotes -- in context.  Over and over -- and over, and over, and over, Lincoln spoke against slavery, spoke of the evils, of how it is a cancer and will either destroy the Union, or the Union will destroy it.

Yes, Lincoln cared about Union -- no shit.  And he cared about it, for the exact reason he said.  Keeping the Union together meant slavery dies.  Either slavery goes, or the Union goes.  

Slavery will either spread -- like a cancer, or be killed itself, Lincoln said.  And the only way to stop the spread of slavery in US, was to keep Union together.

So stupid people -- even many academics -- distort Lincoln's full speeches, and ignore the basic fact. Lincoln was so eager to keep Union together, because otherwise, Southern scum lunatics (yes, they were) were going to spread slavery to the rest of the US.

And Southern leaders boasted of that. Southern leaders boasted (see below) they would spread slavery to the rest of the USA, including the North. Yes, the North.

Davis made it very clear.

He will spread slavery to the entire West and North.

Makes a difference, when you know what Southern leaders boasted of, till they lost.  Davis was not the only Southern leader boasting out the ass about spreading slavery by force.   Too bad you were never told. 

  More than anything, get Lincoln's kick ass actions, 1846 on.  We show you some of that here.   


Douglass was not fucking around.
Either was Lincoln.

We won't either. 




Lincoln was actually kicking slavery in the ass -- 1846 on. 

Actions matter -- ever hear of that?

Lincoln did speak against slavery, powerfully, thousands of times. Read the full speeches instead of out of context bullshit.

But his actions were even more amazing.  

Lincoln  first got attention for what he did, not the speeches, which came later.  In 1846.  Lincoln was powerfully challenging slavery with his words and actions in 1846.

In 1846 he stood up to President Polk for stealing land from Mexico -- starting a war to steal it- - so Southern leaders could spread slavery into the newly stolen land.



Southern leaders -- from the South -- made it a crime to speak or write against slavery in Kansas.  You are not even told that "detail".

But what did Lincoln do, after Southern leaders (yes, Southern leaders)  made it a crime to speak or write against slavery ?

He fucking went to Kansas and spoke against slavery there.

   Did your "history" tell you that?  No.  Very likely, your history teacher didn't know. 

Lincoln's trip  to Kansas after Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery in Kansas.   

Lincoln was a "traitor"  and Southern owned publications called for his death, and the death of anyone in Kansas who dared speak against slavery and not obey their law to "accept and respect" slavery. 

All that is whitewashed away now -- people are told some watered down bullshit about this book or that being "banned".  Wrong, dumb ass,  there was not a list of banned books.  Rather, anything could get you arrested and or tortured in the South on a given day.  Including this woman who was tortured in public for saying the wrong thing in Memphis, just before the Civil War.


Where Lincoln stood for speech against slavery

After Southern leaders made it a crime to do so.

After Southern leaders made it a crime to do so.


This is the basic failure of US "historians"  re the US Civil War.  They have whitewashed the vile and violent actions of Southern leaders, including tortures, hangings, and whippings of WHITES who dared speak against slavery.

Southern leaders said Lincoln was trying to "exterminate" the white race by being so radical. 

Not all newspapers repeated Douglas "Nigger rant"  that Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- they were more politically correct, but the message was the same.

Lincoln will make your daughters be with "Niggers".



Others were beaten, arrested, hung, or tortured for saying things that Lincoln dared say, when he said it, where he said it. 


Part of the problem with understanding Lincoln -- we have never taught how ISIS like Southern leaders were, like their boasting of torture and killing to spread slavery. You can't understand Lincoln, unless you understand  how crazy and violent SOuthern leaders were. 


Lincoln stood up to President Polk and called him on creating a war against Mexico in order to double the size of slavery

Lincoln called Polk out on that. 

How many people know that?  Very basic, very pivotal fact.

Why not mention it, in a clear way.   You may seem this expressed is such weak ass language as "Lincoln had concerns about slavery in the newly acquired land"   What the fuck?

How about this -- Lincoln stood up to Polk, accused him of stealing land by killing, to spread slavery, and then fought against slavery going into that land, recently stolen.

Why not write things in a truthful, no bullshit way?


Really -- how many people know?


Lincoln was hated for all this -- all the speeches he made against slavery -- challenging Polk in the 1840's, pushing to stop US from stealing land to spread slavery, then trying to stop that land from being used for slavery.

So Lincoln was very well known as someone who was kicking slavery in the ass as hard as he could.    The public was not with him -- he lost the Senate race, in 1856 and 1858.  One reason -- he was "too radical"   and "obsessed with equality for the Niggers"  said Stephen A Douglas.

Virtually all of the South hated Lincoln, and many in the North.  They accused Lincoln of "not supporting the troops".

Sound familiar?   

But since you are not even taught that US stole that land, killed, invaded, and stolen that land,  it's not that surprising  you are not told that Lincoln stood up against it, and challenged the President on that. 

But -"historians"  should know, even if they can't figure a way to tell you.  And they sure as hell should not tell you Lincoln was "nothing special" about slavery, because he was kicking ass, and would kick a lot harder when he got public support to do so.


The spot in Kansas Lincoln spoke -- after Southern leaders
made it illegal to speak or write against slavery in Kansas.

Maybe your "history" teacher needs to learn before they teach something? 

The reasons they said that?  Lincoln's actions and FULL speeches.  


We have yet to meet any history teacher who even knows Lincoln went to Kansas, and that Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery in Kansas.  But Lincoln went there, and spoke against slavery, even though people were still being killed in Kansas for speaking against slavery.

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass knew.

This was not a "throw away line".  Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  was the central message of the Lincoln Douglas debates, the emotional knife Douglas (Stephen A) used to stab Lincoln again, and again, and again.  And it worked -- he won.

Southern soldiers said the same exact thing -- you will make our daughters sleep with Niggers.

A quote by southern soldier, at the time, why they fought.

No one told you this either, did they?

There are entire college courses devoted to the Lincoln Douglas debates.   Thousands of articles, hundreds of books.  

Yet only one that we know of  even mentions Douglas screamed about Lincoln being a "Nigger Worshipper" in a clear way.  Even in that book, the revelations about this are far toward the back of the book. That book was by Allen Guelzo, and even  he did not see fit to make that a basic point.

And Lincoln said that too.   See his letter to Speed below.  Lincoln, and most of the people alive in 1850-1860, were well aware of the killings, tortures, and hangings going on in Kansas and the South, against anyone who spoke or published newspapers against slavery.


In Atlon Illinois, Lincoln's friend was killed,
possibly burned to death, 
for publishing anti-slavery newspaper.

No one told you that.  Yet, it's a BFD.



Stephen A Douglas was well known -- after he threw in with Jefferson Davis -- of using the word "Nigger"  in the Senate, and was admonished for it by Charles Sumner.  Later Douglas would sit by why Sumner was beaten almost to death on the Senate floor.   Newspapers showed Douglas seated nearby - smiling.

Douglas was also involved in the violent beating of another man --he himself took part in that one.  His partner, Senator Atchison, was the leader of 800 men in Kansas, and Atchison boasted of killing and torturing to spread slavery.

You are not told any of that, are you? Not one damn word! 

 The drawing of beating of Charles Sumner. Douglas is drawn in -- far right, shown smiling. Douglas taunted Sumner before the beating, saying he should be kicked "like a dog".

You wont see one biography of Douglas that sees fit to even mention this (that we know of).  Nor do they mention Douglas screamed repeatedly to crowds in the Lincoln Douglas debates that Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

Holy shit, if it was important enough for Douglas himself to scream this, repeatedly, and run back and forth yelling it to the crowds, maybe it's important enough to mention?


  Later, Douglas would essentially confess to John Palmer, that he had been conniving all this while, but claimed he was really trying to set up Jeff Davis to be violently attacked, not Lincoln.

To understand Lincoln, you have to get his actions, and his full speeches, in context.   Turns out, Lincoln's enemies were right -- he was radical as hell for the "Nigger equality" in speech and actions.

But- - you have to get Lincoln's FULL speech, not the edited bullshit selected to distort. 



Lincoln video -- taken nearly verbatim from debates. 

 This is from a 1939 movie -- it does not have the "Nigger" words, nor the taunting of Lincoln for being with a "Nigger" and a white woman in a carriage that day. That was whitewashed. 

The movie did not show Douglas running from side to side of the stage shouting Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".  But he sure did, as several newspapers reported at the time,

In fact the Quincy paper called it, as if it was a regular thing, the Douglas "Nigger rant".  

Douglas even claimed Lincoln was a "traitor" and a "revolutionary"  for saying blacks should be considered human beings -- persons -- for purpose of the Constitution.

The US Supreme Court, Douglas correctly pointed out, had just declared blacks can not be seen as people for purposes of the Constitution.  You are not told that, either.  Lincoln was a "dangerous" man fermenting a "civil war" for not respecting the Dred Scott decision -- a decision that literally ordered (yes ordered) that the federal government MUST protect slavery. Jefferson Davis and Stephen A Douglas insisted the federal government must protect slavery even in Kansas, which had rejected slavery by 95% vote.

Killing of Lincoln's friend - possibly burned to death in the NORTH   for publishing anti slavery newspaper. No one told you.

Douglas even mentioned Lovejoy's brother in the speeches -- he did that to INCREASE the hatred of Lincoln.   



Essentially we are taught a watered down version of Jeff Davis's narrative of "state's rights"   and a "complex set of variables about agrarian vs industrial economies."

Bullshit. When you read SOUTHERN leaders own War Ultimatums, own speeches, own documents at the time, they focused on violence - - remember that -- violence, to spread slavery. I can't help it if your "history" teacher  tells you some other bullshit.   Southern leaders themselves were practically shouting from the rooftops, they will spread slavery North and West, and they would kill to do so.



Lincoln's genius was how to get the country to change their fear and hatred of blacks, at least enough to help fight the civil war. 

 In fact, while Lincoln did get the 13th Amendment passed in Congress -- it still had to go to the states.  Did you know that?  (Amazing, most people have no clue).

Do you know it was not at all certain the states would pass it! 

 But Lincoln's death -- yes his death -- created a huge tenderness of feeling for Lincoln, and played a major role in the state's ratifying it themselves.

"Public Sentiment Is Everything" said Lincoln in Ottowa Ill, one of the debates sites. 

LINCOLN "In this and like communities, public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.

Consequently he who molds public sentiment, goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed

Lincoln could not just "pronounce" things as president.  Even Northern generals at the time said they would not fight if the war was about slavery.

So Lincoln spoke about Union. Wisely so. 

  • Lincoln was hated by people North and South for being a "Nigger lover"  or "Negro Worshiper"  
  • LIncoln had an amazing and powerful history of kicking slavery in the ass at every opportunity, long before he ran for President
  • Per Southern leaders, Lincoln was going to "exterminate the white race"  just by stopping the spread of slavery.  

  • Lincoln was going to "burn us to death slowly" just by stopping the spread of slavery into Kansas -- which already rejected slavery by 90%.

  • Lincoln stood up to slave owners and President Polk, accused them of starting a war to spread slavery into land the US was stealing from Mexico (yes, US stole land from Mexico)


Turns out, Stephen A Douglas was right, Lincoln did repeat "over and over" that blacks are equal to whites.   

But no one told you that. 


 Remember, those boasting of killing to spread slavery, were not some drunks. They were the US Senator, and his men.  Their own documents.  Their own publications.

And his logic -- God gave the black race to the white race, to enslave.  Blacks were "so inferior" they were not persons, not human beings, for purposes of the Constitution.

Davis was clear -- Kansas must not just allow slavery, but respect and protect slavery.  Clear too, about his logic -- blacks were not persons, and could not be seen as persons.

Did anyone ever tell you that?   Did anyone ever tell you the logic of Southern War Ultimatums, was that blacks are not human beings?  But by decree -- inferior beings.


Lincoln, however, said this over, and over.  Dred Scott was part of the ruse, to make blacks not human beings, but property.   He said that, over and over in one way or another.  
Was he wrong?   No -- Davis boasted of it. Lincoln and many people said this -- Dred Scott decision was to make    blacks into NOT HUMAN BEINGS.  

Davis said that -- but he was proud of it.

You can't just go around hanging and torturing, nor can you go around issuing war ultimatums (see below) without bringing God and survival into it.  So, Southern leaders did just that.

Stephen A Douglas regularly, and with great fanfare, great emphasis,  used the "Nigger will sleep with your daughter" argument, but you could not possibly know that, from any US text book.  Not one mentions it, much less show how powerful and violent the arguments were about this. 

In an informal quick survey (we are conducting a more systematic survey) of text books and major prize winning biographies of Lincoln, we found no US textbooks even mentioned that Lincoln was hated North and South for being a "radical" for equality for the "Nigger"  who wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".


"You really don't know Lincoln, unless you know what ISIS like bastards he was up against.  US text books don't tell you about the religious lunatics, violent fucks, and sociopaths Lincoln had to defeat, to end slavery." 

Why would Northern papers call Lincoln a "Negro worshipper"?

Why would Stephen A Douglas, repeatedly, loudly, claim Lincoln was obsessed with equality for the "Nigger"  and wants your daughter to "sleep with Niggers"?

Why would Southern crowds cheer, and sometimes lynch or torture people, when told Lincoln was going to "exterminate" the white race by stopping the spread of slavery.


Let me repeat that -- Lincoln, they said, was going to exterminate the white race, just by stopping the spread of slavery.


Southern leaders claimed Lincoln -- and anyone else -- who even spoke against the SPREAD of slavery, was really out to destroy the South, and would exterminate the white race by this "Ungodly"   resistance to slavery.


Slavery was "OF GOD"  and to be against slavery, was to be against GOD himself, said the Texas official Declaration of secession.  

 Individual Southern leaders claimed they would like to see every Yankee dead, because of the "heretic belief that slavery is wrong."

The North, said Southern documents, was committing a "grave sin"  just to be against the SPREAD of slavery.

And no one ever fucking told you?

Yes, it's  hard to teach this, but imagine trying to live through it.  This is why Lincoln got a bullet in the brain.

To justify torture, rape, selling children -- all the vile things that make up slavery you are not told about, you had to defend it by extreme means - by claiming it was from GOD.

SO they did.

  Because GOD ordained slavery, and the white race will be destroyed- -your daughter will sleep with "Niggers" as Douglas said repeatedly.

NO one even mentioned this.This is the hysteria of the era -- pumped up by men like Jefferson Davis, Robert Toombs, Stephen A Douglas  and others, in the North.


Go on, ask a "historian" or even a  history teacher about this.  They won't know what you are talking about, first, because they get their information from books, not original sources -- from Southern speeches, Southern newspapers, Southern sermons, Southern documents, Southern declarations.

But they will still pretend they know all this, then say "Oh I never said it was not a factor, sure, it was a factor, but there is a multitude of factors....."

Blah blah blah.   Southern leaders THEMSELVES said why the killed and tortured.  Not me. Southern leaders themselves wrote their War Ultimatums, not me.   Southern leaders themselves boasted and promised to keep killing till slavery was spread. 

This is the kind of basic shit you never heard of, because Southern school boards sure as hell was not going to allow this in the national text books.   Texas was, and still is, the state most responsible for US text book printing, and due to the school boards there, editing.

 New York paper Making fun of Lincoln for his "worship" of the Negro.  Lincoln said blacks were equal to whites under the law, any black is equal to any white.  Go read the Lincoln Douglas full debates, not the edited bullshit.
One paper in New York suggested Lincoln should obey Southern War Ultimatums -- did you even know Southern leaders made specific  War Ultimatums?  

The War Ultimatums -- Kansas (already a free state by this time)  must respect and protect slavery. Not just accept it, but RESPECT slavery and PROTECT slavery.

Kansas was a free state by then.

So when Lincoln said slavery will spread everywhere -- or it will end -- he was not kidding.  Southern leaders said the same thing, before and after Lincoln gave House DIvided Speech.

See, facts matter.

No one mentions that, not in any US textbook.  So it's impossible to know what Lincoln actually faced, from those text books, which have been whitewashed since text books started, to the satisfaction of Southern state school boards, mostly Texas.

In fact it seems wacky, when you first hear that Southern leaders were killing and torturing, and boasting of it, to spread slavery into areas that were already free states. But that was well known at the time. Lincoln wrote and spoke about it, but oddly, that's not given any credence in US text books. Those kinds of things, Southern school boards would not allow in books.  Not ever. Not once. 

Lincoln was not that blunt, in public. In letters, yes, he was far more blunt.  But in public, Lincoln spoke a much kinder and more diplomatic tone.  Yet stopping the spread of cancer (slavery was a cancer, that would kill the hose, or be killed if it could not spread) was always the central point Lincoln made.  



If you don't know even US Senators were attacked, on and off the Senate floor, one was beaten almost to death, for speaking about things Lincoln spoke about, you don't know much

Lincoln had to deal with that -- and he did.  This is a perfect example of  how Lincoln dealt with it, see the video.




Detractors game -- is to quote Lincoln out of context, and ignore his actions.

You can pull up 500 Lincoln quotes, in about 2 seconds.  Fine.  Get all Lincoln quotes, there are plenty that kick ass-- 

But quotes won't do it -- you need context, and his full actions. 

 Springfield, Illinois
August 24, 1855
Dear Speed:

You know what a poor correspondent I am. Ever since I received your very agreeable letter of the 22nd. of May I have been intending to write you in answer to it. 

You suggest that in political action now, you and I would differ. I suppose we would; not quite as much, however, as you may think. You know I dislike slavery; and you fully admit the abstract wrong of it. So far there is no cause of difference. But you say that sooner than yield your legal right to the slave -- especially at the bidding of those who are not themselves interested, you would see the Union dissolved. I am not aware that any one is bidding you to yield that right; very certainly Iam not. I leave that matter entirely to yourself.

 I also acknowledge your rights and my obligations, under the constitution, in regard to your slaves. I confess I hate to see the poor creatures hunted down, and caught, and carried back to their stripes, and unrewarded toils; but I bite my lip and keep quiet. In 1841 you and I had together a tedious low-water trip, on a Steam Boat from Louisville to St. Louis. You may remember, as I well do, that from Louisville to the mouth of the Ohio, there were, on board, ten or a dozen slaves, shackled together with irons. That sight was a continued torment to me; and I see something like it every time I touch the Ohio, or any other slave-border. It is hardly fair for you to assume, that I have no interest in a thing which has, and continually exercises, the power of making me miserable. You ought rather to appreciate how much the great body of the Northern people do crucify their feelings, in order to maintain their loyalty to the Constitution and the Union.

I do oppose the extension of slavery, because my judgment and feelings so prompt me; and I am under no obligation to the contrary. If for this you and I must differ, differ we must.

 You say if you were President, you would send an army and hang the leaders of the Missouri outrages upon the Kansas elections; still, if Kansas fairly votes herself a slave state, she must be admitted, or the Union must be dissolved. 

But how if she votes herself a slave State unfairly -- that is, by the very means for which you say you would hang men? Must she still be admitted, or the Union be dissolved? 

That will be the phase of the question when it first becomes a practical one.

In your assumption that there may be a fair decision of the slavery question in Kansas, I plainly see you and I would differ about the Nebraska-law. I look upon that enactment not as a law, but as violence from the beginning. It was conceived in violence, passed in violence, is maintained in violence, and is being executed in violence. I say it was conceived in violence, because the destruction of the Missouri Compromise, under the circumstances, was nothing less than violence. It was passed in violence, because it could not have passed at all but for the votes of many members in violence of the known will of their constituents. 

It is maintained in violence because the elections since, clearly demand it's repeal, and this demand is openly disregarded. You say men ought to be hung for the way they are executing that law; and I say the way it is being executed is quite as good as any of its antecedents. ( ed. Meaning, this is the way slavery has always been spread) 

It (Kansas Act) is being executed in the precise way which was intended from the first; else why does no Nebraska man express astonishment or condemnation? Poor Reeder is the only public man who has been silly enough to believe that any thing like fairness was ever intended; and he has been bravely undeceived.

That Kansas will form a Slave Constitution, and, with it, will ask to be admitted into the Union, I take to be an already settled question; and so settled by the very means you so pointedly condemn.

 By every principle of law, ever held by any court, North or South, every negro taken to Kansas is free; yet, in utter disregard of this -- in the spirit of violence merely -- that beautiful Legislature gravely passes a law to hang men who shall venture to inform a negro of his legal rights. This is the substance, and real object of the law. If, like Haman, they should hang upon the gallows of their own building, I shall not be among the mourners for their fate.

In my humble sphere, I shall advocate the restoration of the Missouri Compromise, so long as Kansas remains a territory; and when, by all these foul means, it seeks to come into the Union as a Slave-state, I shall oppose it. I am very loth, in any case, to withhold my assent to the enjoyment of property acquired, or located, in good faith; but I do not admit that good faith, in taking a negro to Kansas, to be held in slavery, is a possibility with any man.

 Any man who has sense enough to be the controller of his own property, has too much sense to misunderstand the outrageous character of this whole Nebraska business.

But I digress. In my opposition to the admission of Kansas I shall have some company; but we may be beaten. If we are, I shall not, on that account, attempt to dissolve the Union.

On the contrary, if we succeed, there will be enough of us to take care of the Union. I think it probable, however, we shall be beaten.

 Standing as a unit among yourselves, you can, directly, and indirectly, bribe enough of our men to carry the day -- as you could on an open proposition to establish monarchy. Get hold of some man in the North, whose position and ability is such, that he can make the support of your measure -- whatever it may be -- a democratic party necessity, and the thing is done.

 Appropos [sic] of this, let me tell you an anecdote. Douglas introduced the Nebraska bill in January. In February afterwards, there was a call session of the Illinois Legislature. Of the one hundred members composing the two branches of that body, about seventy were democrats. These latter held a caucus, in which the Nebraska bill was talked of, if not formally discussed. It was thereby discovered that just three, and no more, were in favor of the measure.

 In a day of two Dougla's [sic] orders came on to have resolutions passed approving the bill; and they were passed by large majorities!!! 

The truth of this is vouched for by a bolting democratic member. The masses too, democratic as well as whig, were even, nearer unanimous [sic] against it; but as soon as the party necessity of supporting it, became apparent, the way the democracy began to see the wisdom and justice of it, was perfectly astonishing.

You say if Kansas fairly votes herself a free state, as a Christian you will rather rejoice at it. All decent slaveholders talk that way; and I do not doubt their candor. But they never vote that way.

 Although in a private letter, or conversation, you will express your preference that Kansas shall be free, you would vote for no man for Congress who would say the same thing publicly.

 No such man could be elected from any district in a slave-state. You think Stringfellow & Co. ought to be hung; and yet, at the next presidential election you will vote for the exact type and representative of Stringfellow. 

The slave-breeders and slave-traders, are a small, odious and detested class, among you; and yet in politics, they dictate the course of all of you, and are as completely your masters, as you are the master of your own negroes.

 You inquire where I now stand. That is a disputed point -- I think I am a whig; but others say there are no whigs, and that I am an abolitionist. When I was in Washington I voted for the Wilmot Proviso as good as forty times, and I never heard of any one attempting to unwhig me for that. I now do no more than oppose the extension of slavery.

I am not a Know-Nothing. That is certain. How could I be? How can any one who abhors the oppression of negroes, be in favor or degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that "all men are created equal." We now practically read it "all men are created equal, except negroes

" When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read "all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics." When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty -- to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocracy [sic].
Mary will probably pass a day to two in Louisville in October. My kindest regards to Mrs. Speed. On the leading subject of this letter, I have more of her sympathy that I have of yours. And yet let me say I am

Yours friend forever

A. Lincoln


Every "history teacher" I ever met, insists they know the Lincoln Douglas debates well, and read them all.

  Not one of them seems to have a clue that Kansas Act was, as Lincoln said repeatedly, was a ruse, a violent effort, to spread slavery where it could not possibly go by an honest vote of the citizens.

Why don't most history teachers  know that?  No one told them. 




1856  1856 1856




. David Rice Atchison boasted of it.   He made his own war ultimatums, in his own speeches and writings.  We will kill until we have slavery to the Pacific.

Atchison even told his men, they would be "amply paid" and could keep anything they stole from the houses they looted.


WTF?  Was Frederick Douglass stupid?   Did he not know about Lincoln's letter to Greeley at New York Times? (Yes, he knew, he ran it in his own paper).   See more about that famous letter, below...

Yes of course Douglass knew, and he knew the "full measure" of Lincoln, not the edited or out of context bullshit.

And more, Douglass knew what was going on at the time. 

Lincoln was called  "obsessed with equality for the Nigger" -- repeatedly, loudly, proudly, in public, to his face, by the most powerful speaker of that generation.   And no one ever bothered to tell you. 

Not in any text book. Not one text book. Let me repeat that, not one single text book in US, has ever made it clear, Lincoln was repeatedly, emphatically, to his face, charged again and again, with "obsession for equality for the Nigger".

But those text books will include partial quotes, out of context,  by Lincoln, to claim Lincoln didn't really care, or Lincoln was reluctant.

Bullshit -- Lincoln was reluctant, okay, reluctant to get his head smashed in, or a get a bullet to the brain, any sooner than he did. And such things did befall folks who, even in Illinois, were perceived as too radical for the "black man"  because the "black man" wanted to "sleep with, be with, your daughter".

Black men. Would take. Your wife. Your daughter.

Lincoln would "slowly burn us to death"  by not allowing the spread of slavery. That's right, very clear, just not allowing the spread of slavery -- was like burning us to death.

The open letters to the public by other Southern governers, much the same thing. Lincoln would destroy the WHITE RACE, just by not allowing us to spread slavery.

That was the big fear, and Southern leaders jumped up and down on that raw never. Lincoln was vile -- he was destroying the white race, don't believe him that he does not intend to force the South to give up slavery.  He will destroy us, just by trying to keep slavery out of the rest of the country.

Were you ever told? FUCK NO. 

Go on, go find any text book that mentions it, much less shows what a BFD that meme of Lincoln being obsessed with equality was, and the impact it had on how he stayed alive, and how he hoped to win elections despite the hateful physical attacks on others, including his friends, and the threats to him personally.

No one told you that, did they?.

And that was in the NORTH -- remember that.



In the South, Lincoln was accused of destroying the white race.  Southern editors and leaders boasted that electing Lincoln -- or anyone against the spread -- yes spread -- of slavery was like an ACT OF WAR.

Did you ever see that in your history book. Electing anyone against the SPREAD of slavery was an act of war?   Think about that, think real hard. 

And they boasted of it, they did not admit it, they fucking boasted of it. And they were not bluffing. 

To understand those times, you either know, or you don't know,  how important it was that  Lincoln was regularly called "Nigger lover"  and "Negro Worshiper" by powerful people in the NORTH.  Not the South -- they were even worse.  

But in the NORTH, Lincoln was hated by the most powerful people in Washington, including US Senators Davis, Douglas, and David Rice Atchison, because he was"obsessed with equality for the Nigger".



Did Jefferson Davis hate Lincoln personally, did Stephen A Douglas?   Did Davis really believe God sent him the black race to enslave?   Did Davis really believe it was cruel to blacks NOT to enslave them?

No.   But Davis, Douglas, Atchison, Toombs, etc, got power, got status, got prestige, got money, from spouting such things.   Yet their followers, who believed this shit, were dangerous. God ordained slavery - the white race will be exterminated? - Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?

It worked.

All those things, and many more, Southern leaders shouted to crowds, said in 100 ways, and it worked.   Those who did that demagoguery got the leadership, got the presidency of confederacy, got to be US Senators.

Did Foner ever tell you that Lincoln was widely accused of being a "Nigger lover"?  Did McPherson, Catton?Did Ken Burns mention anything like it? 

No. Only one historian I know mentioned this basic aspect, and he did that rather late in one book, that book is " Lincoln and Douglas, by Allen Guelzo.

But even Guelzo presents the "Nigger rant" in an almost comical way, showing Douglas went from side to side of the stage shouting it, perhaps even drunk.   The "Nigger rant"  was always about white women being with,sleeping with, or walking with black women.

So even when this "Nigger rant" habit of Douglas is mentioned, you don't see it, or hear of it, in context of the killing sprees, the violence, the hangings and tortures.   Southern leaders hit this again, and again.  If we do not spread slavery, we will be equal to blacks, and we will be exterminated, or have to live in equality with them.

Unless you understand that -- you can not know or even imagine how fucking radical Lincoln was, to stand up, and push back, and claim in the most amazing powerful term, that "any slave is the equal of me any and man.....  she is my equal, and the equal of Judge Douglas.

Gee-- wonder why they never show those parts of the speech? Wonder why they don't show how fucking stunning Lincoln was, to push back against the "You want our daughters to sleep with Niggers" accusation.



Even as early as 1890, "old timers" like one of the men who founded the GOP,   had to remind the public that at one time, abolitionist was a dirty word, on parr now with child molesters in some areas.  

Palmer also explained how vile and violent the south was.  Southern leaders used to brag -- before they lost the Civil War, that they would spread slavery anywhere they wanted, and Northern men would run away.   Jeff Davis himself said he could wipe up all the blood spilled in the South, if any way came because of the efforts to spread slavery.  He did not believe anyone would stand up to the manhood of the South, and he was nearly correct, until a man named John Brown proved them wrong, in Kansas,



Who did what, to whom, is real history. All else is bullshit.

STEPHEN A DOUGLAS  Speaking, making the case, a vote for Lincoln is a vote for your wife being with "Niggers" 

"The last time I came here to make a speech, while talking from the stand to you, people of Freeport,  I saw a carriage—and a magnificent one it was—drive up and take a position on the outside of the crowd; a beautiful young lady was sitting on the box-seat, whilst Fred Douglass and her mother reclined inside, and the owner of the carriage acted as driver. I saw this in your own town........ All I have to say on that subject is, that those of you who believe that the negro is your equal and ought to be on an equality with you socially, politically, and legally, have a right to entertain those opinions, and of course will vote for Mr. Lincoln.  (No, No, down with the Niggers)"
Papers often, even at the time, cleaned up "Nigger"  to "Negro", but some quoted Douglas verbatim. Douglas was well known for using "Nigger"  even on Senate floor,  and was admonished for it, repeatedly.   Even Southern Senators used the term "Negro"  in such settings., Not Stephen A Douglas. 

Lincoln did not want war -- of course.  And he avoided it as much as possible, partly because he knew the North could lose. Over and over Lincoln said it was better to persuade -- to inform and persuade, and he promised not to use force unless force was used first to spread slavery -- as it had been.

But the war already started, the killing already was a fact of life. The South had issued War Ultimatums and boasted about being at war since 1854, but that is another story. WAR ALREADY STARTED 1854