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Who could have guessed?   You need all the facts to know what the hell you are talking about.

Why would Douglas insist - dozens of times -- that Lincoln was "radical"  and "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"?  

Why would newspapers claim  Lincoln was a "Negro worshipper"   and full of "Niggerism"  and cared for the black race more than his own race? 

Lincoln was a "Negro Worshipper" -- and most white voters, over 80% of them in central and Southern Illinois, according to Bloomington papers at the time,  thought Lincoln wanted your daughters to "sleep with Niggers",

If your history teacher tells you that the Lincoln Douglas debates were about Dred Scott, or "popular sovereignty"  there are not telling you the basics.

The Lincoln Douglas debates were about your daughters "sleeping with Niggers".   I can't help it if that topic does not get taught, much less show.  But that is what Douglas ran from side to side of the platform screaming -- nothing else.

That is what 80% of the voters cared about, according to Bloomington papers.

And that is what Lincoln had to deal with, not just in the debates, but in every speech he made.  Lincoln was exceedingly aware -- and your "history teacher" is not -- that the issue the people cared about was "Niggers" voting, "Niggers"  marrying your daughter, sleeping with your daughter.

It was not just Douglas screaming it -- it was the refrain by many attacking anyone (Lincoln most of all) who dared to challenge the spread of slavery.   By simply challenging the SPREAD of slavery Lincoln was "going to exterminate the white race".



 Very basic -- and not taught at all.   The basic approach to spread slavery, not just keep slavery, but to spread it, was to scare the shit out of white voters, which meant white male voters.  

Not just Lincoln -- but anyone that questioned -- just questioned -- the spread of slavery was hit with this "Nigger worshipper"  meme.

Even Southern leaders, if they were not eager enough for the spread of slavery, were called "abolitionists" themselves!!   Stephen Douglas, who railed hundreds, thousands fo times, against "Niggers"  and preached against the black race as  not fully human, was not hateful ENOUGH at the end, he was called an "abolitionist"  when he, late in the game, was against the killings going on in Kansas to spread slavery against state's rights.

Lincoln was extreme as hell, in the mind of Northern voters and even worse, in the South.  "Nigger worshipping fanatics" according to Richmond papers.

And it was not just words -- even in the North, as you will see, people were still being killed, during Lincoln's life, in Illinois for being "too radical" for "Niggers".

Why was Lincoln and people like him the  "North's Nigger Worshipping Fanatics" according to Richmond newspapers.  

In fact, Lincoln was destroying the white race,  some said?   Why?  Why would they say that, repeatedly,  publically,  and loudly?

Maybe because of things like this....?

Slave owners, Lincoln said, deserve only to be kicked to death...... gee, I bet no one told you that, right?

Radical enough?

Kicked -- to death! 




-----  SIDEWAYS 

The idea that Lincoln "didn't really care" about slavery and "was nothing special about race"   would surprise the hell out of his friends, and enemies, alike.

When you know all Lincoln's actions, and his full words, you won't be fooled by liars about how amazing Lincoln was.  We will talk about this more, but briefly.....

Lincoln as freshman Congressman, in 1847, stood up to President Polk after Polk started a war -- really a killing spree --- against Mexico.  The goal of that killing spree  was the spread of slavery into double the land it was already in, and to take land from Mexico in order to do so.

I can't help it if you didn't know the Mexican war was a killing spree, and that the US, particularly Polk and his slave power friends, started that killing sprees in order to get more land to spread slavery.

Not kinda.  Not sorta. Not in a way.

And it was well known.   Southern leader Henry Clay admitted to it, himself a slave owner. Others, even in the South, admitted that's what was going on.

Lincoln tried to stop the killing sprees, and stop the war. He could not do so.


After Lincoln could not stop the war, he tried 40 times (remember this) 40 times to stop the spread of slavery into the land just stolen.  Of course, slave power was not going to go through the trouble of stealing that land for slavery, then agree to keep slavery out of it.

Lincoln's 40 attempts to stop slavery from going there, also failed, because he had virtually no support in Congress.  Polk sold the war as for our "national honor" and lied to the public saying US has been attacked.  Lincoln and others knew better -- Lincoln tried unsuccessfully to get Polk to explain where the US was attacked.

It was POLK and slave power who attacked Mexicans on their own land, killed them, then claimed the Mexicans attacked US troops o US land.  Not true at all.


And estimated 99% of high school history teachers don't even know the Mexican War was a war to spread slavery, and that Lincoln stood up against it.   That is not stated in any US history book either.  But Lincoln's stand against this war -- these killing sprees -- shaped the rest of his life.

It was a BFD.

And Lincoln was hated for it, by many, back in Illinois.  

Stephen Douglas used this against Lincoln repeatedly, claiming Lincoln "aided and abetted the enemy" in a time of war.  Douglas knew well that US went to war to spread slavery, in fact three times the US went to war to spread slavery, as you will see.  Douglas played a very large role in starting two of those wars, personally.


Lincoln also  said he would "do to the South"  what they did to John Brown, if the South tried to carry out its plan to spread slavery.    No one told you that, either?

Stephen Douglas -- to his face, repeatedly -- told Lincoln and the crowds that Lincoln was declaring war on the South.  He had aided and abetted the enemy during Mexican War, and now he was declaring war on the South.

I can't help it if you are not taught that, either, and if your history teacher never heard of such a thing.   These horrific and basic truths were whitewashed in our school text books.  

 What did the South do to Brown?

They hung him.

Radical enough for you?

How about Lincoln got a bullet to the brain, BECAUSE he said "educated blacks" deserve voting rights.

Yes, Booth changed his plan from kidnap to kill, after he  heard Lincoln's last speech -- the one about voting rights for blacks.  Voting rights for blacks, insisted many white folks,  was going to be the death of the white race.

To know how radical Lincoln was, you have to know more than bullshit.... you have to know what the fuck was going on.

This might help....

And by the way -- this guy, Frederick Douglass -- said Lincoln was "swift, radical, zealous and determined"   to end slavery.   Was that guy stupid?

Hell no Douglass was not stupid..... and he explained, at length, how Lincoln was radical.  Lincoln was radical because he had to  bring along public sentiment, most of which was fiercely anti-equality, and even pro-slavery.  Lincoln was obligated to operate not as king,  but as the man in charge of lawfully obeying the Constitution -- including the odious, hideous ruling of the Supreme Court on slavery in Dred Scott.

Lincoln obeyed the law -- as he changed the law, with 13th Amendment.   But Lincoln did much more than pass the 13th Amendment.

As you will see, Lincoln killed the South God of slavery.  More about that, below....


Douglass not only knew what Lincoln did -- Douglass knew what the hell Lincoln faced.  And if you don't realize how radical Lincoln was, you don't know the complete set of facts.

Yes, facts matter....who knew?


Lincoln "Nothing special"  said Eric Foner.

Oh, really?

BUT BUT BUT  -- we were told by "experts" like Eric Foner who insisted Lincoln "was nothing radical about racism"  and "evolved slowly" to be against slavery.    

Actually, Lincoln from 1847 on, showed extermely radical actions and words against slavery.  

But -- you'd have to know what the hell he did.   And what the hell he said.  And more, what the hell was going on. For example, Lincoln went to Kansas after -- after -- it was a crime in Kansas to even speak against slavery.

Lincoln stood up to President Polk -- was called a traitor and Nigger Worshipper the rest of his life for it --  about the war to spread slavery that we call the Mexican American War.

Yes, the Mexican American war was a war concocted by slave power to spread slavery, to take half of Mexican land, and spread slavery, which Lincoln tried to stop.

Foner "forgot" to tell you that, because if he did he could not to on and on how Lincoln was "nothing special".

Lincoln also then tried -- 40 times-- to stop the spread of slavery into the land just stolen from Mexico.   Foner forgot to mention that in a candid way, for the same reason.

If Foner told you that Lincoln stood up to Polk, tried to stop the Mexican War, because it was a war to spread slavery, then tried 40 times to stop the spread of slavery into that land,  he could not do  his bullshit.

Foner does mention aspects of that -- but he certainly fails to show them clearly, and how hated Lincoln was because of it.

And,  Lincoln was not done. Then Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia.   Now remember, that's all YEARS before the Civil War.  YEARS before Lincoln ran for Senate. Years before the Lincoln Douglas debates.   Radical as hell -- and hated by many for it.


To claim Lincoln was "nothing special" would surprise the living hell out of his enemies, like Stephen A Douglas,  and Jeff Davis, and Alexander Stephens, and John Booth.

 Lincoln, and most people alive in the 1850's. Lincoln was lucky (and so was the world lucky) that Lincoln did not, as others did, get a bullet to the brain sooner.  People just don't get it --as John Palmer pointed out 30 years after the Civil War, people had already started to forget how violent slave power was.  People were still being killed in Illinois during Lincoln's life for speaking out against slavery, particularly in the central and Southern part of Illinois.

In fact, Quincy papers called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglas --Lincoln's enemies often taunted Lincoln as a friend of "Nigger" Douglass -- just for speaking against slavery in Kansas.

As Bloomington papers reported at the time, 80% of the white male voters in central and Southern Illinois thought Lincoln wanted "niggers"  to sleep with their daughters.

Did you know that?

When Lincoln rose to speak, which he did thousands of times, he had to be damn careful not to say things in a way that got himself killed sooner.  And he was considered, even though he parsed words, a "nigger worshipper"  to many.

Stephen A Douglas constant rants (newspapers called them rants) against Lincoln for his "nigger worship"  had an effect.  It was not just DOuglas in his speeches, it was newspapers in Illinois, some  of whom destested Lincoln for exactly that -- for his radical "obsession"  about equality.

Why would people who knew Lincoln best, who voted him out in several elections, think Lincoln was too radical for equality?   Because they didn't get their information from Foner.   Foner is a fine historian -- fine meaning he does a great job with footnotes and writes well.   But his "schtick"  his "hook"  his "claim to fame"  is this "Lincoln evolved" meme, which is not true.

Lincoln was radical as hell -- in words and actions -- but he was not so stupid as to get himself killed any earlier.  He was careful, and wise, how he did it.  And  he lost several elections because the people saw him as too radical for equality anyway!!!

 Lincoln knew what Foner never told you in any clear way, the basics of Illinois politics during Lincoln's life -- white hatred and fear of black males,  a hate and fear that was pumped up to fever pitch by Lincoln's opponents.

Unless you know what Lincoln faced,  and Foner never did make that clear,  and unless you also know Lincoln's full actions and words in context, it does not matter how many Eric Foner books you read (or many other historians).  You won't know what the hell you are talking about, regarding Lincoln, and regarding what led to the US Civil War.

But if you like wonderful sounding memes, cherry picking facts,  and clean footnote skills, Foner is your man.

 Lincoln said in one speech that he would do to the South, what the South did to John Brown --- the South hung John Brown.

Lincoln also yelled in another speech -- contrary to his usual even temper and kindness -- that he "would not let" the South destroy the United States by this spread of slavery.   Again and again Lincoln showed how the South was, by design, hell bent for leather on spreading slavery into free states and the West.

Lincoln even said -- repeatedly -- that the United States will end, or slavery will end. One or the other.  Stephen Douglas repeatedly said Lincoln had, by saying that, declared war upon the South, and was pushing for violent revolution against the United States Supreme Court.

And there is much more.   The point is, when you get all the quotes, and more, Lincoln's actions, like trying to end slavery in all of the West, and in Kansas, and trying to stop slavery in Washington DC, and standing up to President Polk about Mexican War (Lincoln knew the Mexican war was really a way to spread slavery).

Lincoln, both in word and deed, was radical.   But you would not know it, if you only get part of the story.

What would you think about Lincoln, if you were alive in 1850's?

Depending where you got your information, you would would think Lincoln was.....

1) Nigger Worshipper

2) Traitor to the White Race

3) Wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

4) Wants to invade the South and wage war to free the "Niggers" 


When Lincoln rose to speak, every time he rose to speak after 1854,  most crowds overwhelmingly hated or feared black males.   During the Lincoln Douglas debates, Stephen A Douglas made sure the crowds, already fearful and largely hateful towards black males,  saw Lincoln as "Nigger lover"  who "wanted your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

Indeed, newspapers reminded the public too-- such as Quincy papers called for the death of Frederick Douglass for simply speaking against slavery.   People today have almost no clue how dangerous it was -- and how even in Illinois, people were killed for "being a Negro Worshipper".

People do not know, because we don't teach it.  Lincoln faced a hostile crowd more than once, and used his humor and personal sincerity to overcome people in the crowd who saw him as a dangerous man who would have their daughters "sleep with Niggers".

Lincoln  had to, first, survive the onslaught of hate aimed at him by the most powerful speaker of the day (and maybe in all of US history)  Stephen A Douglas.  Douglas even ran across the stage in at least one city (Charleston) screaming about Lincoln "Niggerisms". 
Lincoln had to convince the public, there and at speeches that were not debates, that he was not about your daughter "sleeping with and marrying with Niggers".


Lincoln had to "carve out the right words"  if possible (and it was not possible in his Senate race, which he lost to Douglas)  to  not frighten the public more than they already were frightened by the hate and fear mongers, like Douglas and many newspapers, even in the North.

To be simply against the SPREAD of slavery  was equal to-- according to Douglas and many in the North who agreed with him --was to be for "perfect" right of blacks to sleep with your daughter.

It's hard to, today, grasp how horrible that sounded to voters.   

In fact, there was not a single candidate for major office who espoused "the perfect right"  of blacks to  sleep with white women, etc.  People were still being killed by crowds or vigilanties for such beliefs, like Lovejoy of Illinois.

And Stephen A Douglas threw around Lovejoy's name in the debates -- a clear "dog whistle"  that maybe Lincoln deserved Lovejoy's fate -- death.

Lincoln did carve out the equality as best he could --- and bravely so.   The United States Supreme Court ruled that the Declaration of Independence was NOT for blacks -- blacks were not persons, literally not persons, for lawful purposes.  They were property.

Lincoln claimed that was wrong -- blacks ARE persons. And as such they do have the rights, all the rights, in the Declaration of Inddpendnnce.

That was treason -- said Stephen A Douglas.   That was "revolution"   and Lincoln was "declaring war"  on the South by saying such things.

Yet Lincoln went right on saying them --  and lost the Senate rate as a result.

Lincoln was for all people, white and black, to have equality under the law -- the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".  And he said so, emphatically, powerfully. 

The public,  through newspapers, personal insults, and public ridicule,  were told Lincoln was not only a "Nigger lover" -- but that Lincoln was a traitor to his country, a traitor to his race,  and against GOD and the United States Supreme Court.

When Lincoln got up to speak -- every time he got up to speak after 1854 -- he took a calculated risk.   The bullet that ended up in his brain was put there by a man who heard Lincoln, in his last speech, talk about voting rights for blacks.

Within 24 hours, Lincoln lay dying with that bullet in his brain,  because Booth changed his plan from kidnap to kill.  He was infuriated by radical words -- voting rights -- for "educated" blacks.

Lincoln tried to parse words, to say things in a way that the public -- most of whom hated and feared black males (see below) could accept.  But when Lincoln said voting rights,  to Booth and to millions of other whites, that was too far.



In the hands of clever and powerful hate mongers, attacking Lincoln was easy.  As the stenographer for the Lincoln - Douglas debates said,  at times there was hardly a sentence uttered by Stephen A Douglas without the word "Nigger"  in it. 

Douglas yelled it in Lincoln's face. 

Quincy papers wrote of Douglas's  "Nigger rants"  and most papers, even those for Douglas, cleaned up the language,  as was common with the word "Nigger".

Not only the word "Nigger"  but Douglas "spit" the word out with venom and disgust.  Douglas even ran from side to side of the stage -- and the crowds approved and cheered him -- taunting Lincoln as "Negro Worshipper"  who will have your daughters "sleep with Niggers"  and your wife "be with Niggers".

Is that what you want, Douglas would ask?  The crowd yelled back "No, down with niggers".  Douglas had pumped them into a frenzy,  after which Lincoln had to speak.

So when Lincoln rose to speak, he had already been, in the press and in person, vilified as a "Negro Worshiper"  a "Nigger lover" and a traitor to his race and country. 

This basic truth is rarely even considered, or mentioned,  in books, movies and text books about Lincoln, Douglas, or their debates.   The newspapers at the time sanitized Douglas vulgar and deliberately hateful language and tone Douglas used. 

Douglas used that approach -- because it worked.  
And it worked -- Douglas won that election. 

Did Douglas create the "hate cult"  against blacks just for political gain?   Yes, he was at one time as anti-slavery as Lincoln.   But then he found out how effective he was at pumping hate and fear. 

No one probably told you this -- you'd have to know quite a bit about how Illinois folks, according to newspapers at the time,  "hated niggers"  and in much of the state, hated anyone who dared speak a word against slavery.

Did people in Illinois want slavery? Of course not -- but they were told, and really believed, that anyone who was against slavery therefore would have your daughters "sleep with Niggers". 

Anyone (not just Lincoln) who dared simply speak against the spread of slavery guaranteed themselves vicious assaults, including physical assaults in some places.   People were killed, even in Illinois, for speaking, just speaking, about abolition.


Even Stephen A Douglas himself -- who accused Lincoln of "Niggerism"  and that Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  was then himself accused of being a "Negro lover"  and abolitionist by some people in the South.

Not only that, but even Quincy newspapers called for the death of Frederick Douglas for just speaking --that's right -- called for his death for simply speaking against slavery.  See proof below.



Douglas was not the only one to use the "hate and fear pump" in Illinois. But Douglas did as much as anyone  else in the North to create the very real hate of that time, because he used his amazing speaking ability and connection with newspaper editors, many of whom pushed for his election and against Lincoln,  to pump up the hate and fear.    There were very few blacks in Illinois -- many people had never even seen a black person up close.

That did not stop them from hating blacks -- because they were told over and over their daughters, their wives, would "be with Niggers".

I can't help it that your teacher never told you.  This horrible and ugly side of what Lincoln had to face has never been candidly told in our US text books.

In the South, it was even more extreme -- Lincoln will "burn us slowly to death" and "destroy the white race"   by his "obsession for equality" .

What did they know about Lincoln? 


Southern leaders killed, and boasting of killing, to spread slavery against the will of the people, against state's rights, is not taught in any US high school text book. Not one.

Yet that  killing, boasting, and promising to spread slavery West and North (yes North) by violence, was exactly what Lincoln had to deal with.

Southern  leaders could hardly have bragged any more.

Southern leaders did not do idle boasts -- they did the killings and boasting at the same time. 

When you get their own words, their own speeches, their own books from that time, it's hard to know how they could have tortured more, went to war more, to spread slavery.   From 1840's on, there was increasing organized killing sprees, by Southerners, to spread slavery. Not just a few crazy guys -- paid men.   Men paid to do exactly this -- kill and terrorize to spread slavery.

And they bragged about it.  I can't help it if you were not told.  IF the bs meme is "South leaders cared about state's rights".   IF they cared about state's rights they would not have started two of the three wars to spread slavery!

Quit the opposite of state's rights.   Lincoln, not the Southern leaders, was for state's rights.   Even if a state, by the vote of the people there, were for slavery, Lincoln would not interfere.  

Contrast that to the South -- even if a state, by the vote of the people there (Kansas!) were against slavery,  Southern leaders sent killers and issued War Ultimatums.  They did not bluff. 


Me in China,  near Hong Kong, learning Tai Chi -- badly. 

It may sound absurd that I -- not a "trained" historian, and a terrible blogger-- could know something this basic, that is not in US history text books, is more of a surprise to me than anyone  else.  To see more about this.

I am a guy whose hobby of reading Southern books, Southern speeches, and Southern newspapers started about 12 years ago.  I had no expectations whatsoever

No clue -- no hint -- that I might find repeated information about Southern leaders killing to spread slavery -- and their own bragging about it. In fact, when I first ran across such information a few times, I just thought it was weird. An aberration by some nuts.

Oh hell no.  This was the clear, repeated, and official documents by Southern leaders at the time. In their own books, their own speeches, their own declarations.  Not someone else claiming it -- they themselves not just claiming this, but boasting about it. 


en, as now, it depends where you get your information.  I like original sources, at the time.  Especially those by the leaders, in their own publications, boasting of things. 

Stephen Douglas speeches are amazing -- he boasts of things I never heard.   And he did things I never heard.

Stephen A Douglas ran side to side of the stage-- screaming -- that Lincoln wanted your daughter to "sleep with Niggers".
Not just once, repeatedly.   In fact Douglas started his "nigger rants" as one newspaper called it, right off the train, getting the crowd (including his paid supporters) to cheer and yell in approval.

Then Lincoln had to stand up and defend equality for blacks -- immediately after Douglas told the crowd, got them pumped up -- that Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with Niggers"  and your wife to "be with Niggers"  and your children to go to school with "them".

Is that what you want, he yelled, then vote for Mr. Lincoln.

You can no more understand the Lincoln Douglas debates if you do not know this, than you can fly.  Sadly, most "history" teachers had no clue, and even when you tell them, it does not compute.  They have their "complex reasons" for the Civil War, and "states rights" for the South lectures printed up. 

And it's all wrong. 


Newspapers -- in Illinois - called Lincoln "full of Niggerism"  and a traitor to his country in time of war.  Lincoln was against the Mexican War, because it was (yes, it was) a war to spread slavery, and he was stupid enough, honest enough, to expose it as such. 

 Lincoln had a long history of fighting slavery -- not just by being against the Mexican War -- but he tried to outlaw slavery 40 times in the land US stole from Mexico.  Then Lincoln tried to outlaw slavery in District of Columbia.   

Before Lincoln ever got into Lincoln -Douglas debates, Lincoln was extremely well known in Illinois as being anti-slavery.   We are not told that, oddly.   Lincoln actually lost significant support after 1854 because he "came out swinging"  against slavery.



Although Lincoln explained this at least 200 times, for hours on end, oddly most history books, including text books, do not show how correct Lincoln was.  History teachers will smugly tell you the South was for states rights to keep slavery.  Actually Southern leaders were killing and torturing -- and boasting of it -- to SPREAD slavery.

 Because of the perverse "logic"  and "damned lie" of  Kansas Act, and Dred Scott, slavery was going to spread to all of the US, or be exterminated itself.   Southern leaders basically agree, when you learn their full documents and speeches.  It was all or nothing.

Lincoln dealt with the reality that we don't teach -- and even most history teachers seem not to suspect.  That Southern leaders had always killed to spread slavery -- slavery never spread otherwise. And, by the Dred Scott decision / Kansas Act,  this long  history of killing, torturing, and spreading slavery by force  was bound to continue.  

Since we don't teach Southern leaders always spread slavery by killing and torture (idiotically most history teachers think the South was for state's rights-- see more later) it would be absurd to teach that South leaders created "machinery"  to put these killings and tortures "on a legal basis" -- the legal basis being Dred Scott and Kansas act.

The House Divided speech, so often quoted by so many, was 100%, every word, every syllable, about this "cancer" of spreading slavery to all of the US.   Ironically though it's the second most recognized name for a Lincoln speech, history teachers practically dismiss Lincoln's correct observations.  Spreading slavery to all of the US?  What was Lincoln doing, sniffing glue?  They don't say that, but they have never taught clearly how right Lincoln was.




Q Why did Lincoln  focus so much on the spread of slavery? 

  Two reasons. 

1) He was right.

2) Most whites in North didn't give a shit about slavery itself, and almost no one wanted to end slavery by force, including Lincoln.



Mostly because of stupidity, and Southern states resistance to anything that makes them look like lunatics -- our national textbooks never make clear just how insane (yes, insane) and violent Southern politics was.   See The actions of Southern leaders -- the killing sprees, the boasting, the official boasting even, of spreading slavery against state's rights, and against the will of the public -- is simply not taught today.  Big mistake.  

 Lincoln emphesized this truth -- that the machinery of slavery was on what we might call "autopilot"  to spread slavery was smart about it -- no use getting a bullet to the brain sooner than he did.  He spoke carefully, politely, but powerfully against slavery.

Others in Illinois were killed for speaking too bluntly against slavery, and you will soon learn why they were killed, and why Lincoln had to be careful, but eventually got a bullet to the brain anyway, careful as he was. 


Douglas also told the crowd -- repeatedly - that he saw Lincoln in a carriage with a white woman and a black man, just that day.   No, Lincoln had not done that... but it was a way to get Lincoln to back down, and the crowd more hateful than they were to Lincoln (as many were).

You can read the Lincoln Douglas yourself, if you can get an unedited, not-cleaned-up version.  Even cleaned up, when you know the details, it's clear Stephen A Douglas is trying to get Lincoln attacked -- don't believe me?

Douglas knew plenty of the citizens of Illinois hated Frederick A Douglass.  Newspapers in Quincy, where Lincoln had to speak,  called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglass.

So when Stephen A Douglas was yelling that Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  and Lincoln is with Frederick Douglass and a white women, he was doing that for a reason..... and it worked. He won that race.  Easily.

If you were alive then, in all of the South, and in much of the North - why on earth would you think such things?  After all, 150 years later, smug history teachers will tell you with utter self confidence "Lincoln really didn't care about slavery until later". 

Or,   you may hear, Lincoln just used slavery to appeal for support for more troops.  Actually Lincoln lost repeatedly because he was portrayed as "Nigger Worshipper"  - and he had to be very careful, before ran for President, and after, how he said things.


In fact, Lincoln got a bullet to the brain after one of his "slips"  where he uttered a sentence about voting rights for blacks--  he qualified it, "educated"  blacks, he said in the speech, but John Wilkes Boothe heard that speech, and changed his plan from kidnap to kill.

Boothe thought that because most people thought that --and white males might, might, fight for the Union, but virtually no one would fight for "Niggers to sleep with white women".


Yes, Lincoln occasionally parsed words- - wisely so. According to Bloomington newspaper at the time, most of the white males in Southern Illinois thought Lincoln would have their daughters "sleep with Niggers".

Gee - I wonder how they got that opinion.

Worse, almost all Southern white males thought that, too.  The first Confederate soldiers, when asked why they were fighting, said so.  They said "You Yankees will have our daughter's marry with Niggers".

I wonder how they got that idea, too? 

Did anyone ever tell you how "radical" Lincoln was in word and action, for "Nigger equality"?

Lincoln will "wage war all over  for Nigger equality" - is that what you want?   North and South, Stephen A Douglas told them, Lincoln will wage the war to end slavery. 

You should not be surprised, but you will be surprised, to learn Lincoln was hated by many in Illinois for his "obsession" for "Nigger equality".

In fact, according to newspapers in Illinois at the time, 80% of the white males (the only voters) the lower 2/3 of the state, saw Lincoln as a danger to whites -- because Lincoln, they believed "would have your daughters sleep with Niggers".

It helps to the full set of facts.

Lincoln was liked personally by all who knew him -- but so extreme, so repeated, and so partly true were the allegations that Lincoln was "obsessed" with equality, and more importantly, that equality for Negroes meant white women would be "sleeping with Niggers" . 

It was not just Stephen A Douglas that screamed Lincoln would have your daughters sleep with "Niggers"  it was other newspapers in Illinois.    It is a vile and ugly topic, virtually untouched and untaught in our education system, even at college level. 

Yet "Lincoln will have your daughters" sleep with "Niggers was the overwhelming reason Lincoln lost the Senate race -- according to newspaper editors in Bloomington at any rate, at the time. 

Nor was this "knife" as Lincoln called it, aimed only at Lincoln.  We do not teach the ugly truth -- North and South, anyone who dared not be for the spread of slavery,  remember, just being against the spread of slavery, was to invite attack that you were a "Negro Worshipper"  even in the SOUTH. 

White survival was at stake. The existance of the white race was in peril --if the South could not spread slavery.

The most powerful speaker of the 1800's was Stephen A Douglas, according to numerous historians since, and according to newspapers at the time. 

Douglas shouted to the crowd, and to the public, that Lincoln was so "obsessed" with equality, that he would have your daughter "sleep with and marry with Niggers".   

And it worked. Douglas easily won every election against Lincoln one -on-one, because -- remember this -- because Douglas successfully convinced voters (white males) that Lincoln was going to have "your wife walk down the street with Negroes, and your daughter sleep with them". 

Lincoln spent about a decade of his life trying to find a way to answer such deadly (yes, deadly) accusations; people in Illinois were still being attacked, some killed, for speaking too bluntly for equality.  In fact, no one -- no one --spoke more "radically"  than Lincoln, when you know his private words, all his speeches, and his actions. 


We have heard it a million times.  Lincoln "did not really care" about slavery. Lincoln only "brought slave issue up late in the war".

It depends on what information you have to go by. 

If you have mostly  his quotes -- and only about ten of those -- you can make him sound either like the most radical abolitionist in the US, more radical than John Brown.  Lincoln said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

Even John Brown never went that far.

It depends - do you  know the full story? 


Lincoln was "as racist as anyone"  and wanted to deport the slaves.  He didn't believe blacks and whites were equal, nor should they vote, nor should slavery end.

You can find quotes that seem to "prove that."

But when you get all Lincoln's kick ass quotes -- like slave owners should be kicked to death, like he had to kill slavery carefully, like slavery will take over all of the US, or be destroyed by the Union -- you get an entirely different picture.

Then when you learn what Lincoln did -- kicking slavery in the ass 1847 on, and how he was hated for his actions 1847 on -- you realize Lincoln's enemies were right.  

He was "obsessed" with equality.

Stephen Douglas Satchel.

Did you know what Stephen Douglas carried with him in every Lincoln Douglas debates?  A leather satchel. 

Do you know what was in that satchel?  A list of Lincoln quotes.

Quotes about what?  About any slave woman is equal to any white man.  About slavery must end or the Union will end. About Lincoln saying any black person is equal to him, equal to Judge Douglas, and to any white men...... the same quotes you never heard about.

Douglas heard about those quotes, he was on stage when Lincoln said many of them. 

Short quotes, long quotes, all true. Douglas never showed a false quote.     And with those quotes he painted Lincoln as "obsessed with equality for the Niggers"/

Bloomington papers said Douglas won that elections (Senate race)  because 80%  of the public thought Lincoln was obsessed with equality for "Niggers".

And Lincoln got a bullet in the brain for another quote -- in the last speech of his life, he spoke for equality for "educated blacks". 

So Lincoln speaking  of the possibility, in the future, of black voters literally got him killed.  Yet by leaving these kind of basic facts out, people can and do trash Lincoln any way they please. 


Douglas, according to newspapers at the time, went into "Nigger rants"  for an hour at  a time.  This from a Quincy paper.

Charleston papers reported Douglas running back and forth on the stage - screaming-- that Lincoln wanted your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".  I can't help it no one told you.

Do you want your wife walking down the street with Negroes? Do you want your daughter to sleep with and marry with them,  yelled Douglas in Knox Illinois.   And the crowd yelled back "Down with Niggers"?

According to Bloomington papers -- 80% of the white males believed Lincoln would have their daughters sleep with Negroes.

This -- Negroes sleeping with  your daughters -- was the actual issue in the speeches, and in the public mind.  Douglas went after this issue right off the bat -- before he even got to the stage, Douglas was getting the crowd pump up about "Mr Lincoln and the Negroes".

Douglas even told the crowd that he saw, that very day, Lincoln in a carriage with a black man and white woman. False, of course, but exactly the kind of "knife" Douglas used to slice and dice Lincoln, before Lincoln could even speak.

Then -- when Lincoln did get to speak -- he had to be very, very careful.  The amazing thing is  - - Lincoln kicked ass about equality.  He kicked ass --carefully --but he kicked ass.

 The video is a very "cleaned up" version of the debates, because Douglas actually ran from side to side of the stage, screaming about "Niggers" or "Negroes" sleeping with your daughters.

Remember too -- Lincoln lost, and lost badly -- to Douglas in this race.  And Douglas was going to win POTUS easily too, until three men ran against Lincoln, all those three were fine with the spread of slavery.  If any of those three ran against Lincoln themselves -- because Lincoln was so "radical"  -- they would have won, and slavery would have spread, as they all promised to let it spread. 



Douglas would read to the public the evidence of "Lincoln's obsession"    What was Lincoln's obsession, according to Stephen A Douglas?   Simple.

Equality for the Niggers. 

Douglas picked quotes like this -- where Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.

Radical enough for you?  Kicked to death?  Then when he was able, Lincoln did that. He kicked slavery to death.

SO you need more than a few quotes. You need to understand WHY Douglas won that election so easily. 


Lincoln was shown differently, then.

Lincoln gave over 2000 speeches.  Over 2 million words. In fact, from the date of passage of the violent Kansas Act, Lincoln did little else, day in, day out, every day, all day, speaking about why Kansas Act and slavery were toxic --deadly -- to the United States.

Frederick Douglass (who was world famous before Lincoln even ran for Senate) regularly trashed Lincoln as being "slow" for equality.  Yet Douglass also said that Lincoln was "Radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery.


Like the bible -- you can quote Lincoln any way you like.  You can make it seem like he was pro slavery.  You can make it seem like he was eager for war to rip slavery out by the roots.  You can make it seem like he wanted to deport 4 million blacks.  

And that is exactly what happens in the "Quote game".   Quoting Lincoln is of course proper--just get all the words, and actions.  You can't be fooled by hustlers and liars, if you know the full story. 

Yet if you show Lincoln's full quotes, and more,  show his actions, Lincoln was radical, "obsessed"  for equality.  Who else did little else but go place to place for years exposing the cancer of slavery, kicking slavery (as he did) in the ass repeatedly by his actions and words. 

Who else, according to Frederick Douglass himself, was "radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery?

Those people who knew Lincoln best (Stephen A Douglas sure knew Lincoln) screamed to the public over and over how radical "for Niggers"  Lincoln was. 




Get all Lincoln's words -- like slave owners should be kicked to death.  Harp on those stunning quotes by Lincoln about kicking slave owners to death, about how slavery will destroy the United States or be destroyed, about how any black person is equal to any white person -- on and on -- and you can make Lincoln seem foaming at the mouth eager for war to destroy slavery. 

There was only one thing Lincoln hated more than slavery -- and he spoke about hating slavery over and over.   

What did Lincoln hate more than slavery?  Any illegal and violent acts to end slavery -- because that would not work.

There was no one -- no one
who wanted or advocated war against the South to end slavery in the South.  No one. 

There were Northern leaders who wanted to let the South go -- keep their damn slavery down there.  But it was insane to want a war to end slavery.   There was no public will, or support, for a war to end  slavery in the South. 

Lincoln was lucky to get elected at all -- and only won because three candidates ran against him, all of whom were fine with the spread of slavery.    If any one of those candidates ran against Lincoln, instead of all three, they would have won easily.

Lincoln knew that public sentiment was against any violence to stop slavery where it was.  "I have no warrant"  Lincoln said, to end slavery where it was.  There was no public support for such a war, and mostly, such a war would not work.  Only by legal means -- and with public sentiment -- Lincoln said at length and repeatedly, can we end slavery.

But we will end slavery -- slavery will end, or the United States will end, he said. One or the other has to end. 



Lincoln knew -- and wrote -- about how insanely violent slave power folks were. How men were tortured and burned alive --  yes they were -- for resisting slavery.  How slavery always --always, spread by violence.

He rarely spoke like that in front of a crowd -- and wisely so.  The public already knew how violent slave power was.  People were still being killed, during Lincoln's campaigns even, for being too radical for "Niggers".  

In Quincy, for example, newspapers called for the death of Frederick Douglass (or as  Stephen A Douglas called him at times "Nigger Douglass) for speaking against slavery.  

Did you know that Illinois papers called for the death of black leaders for just speaking against slavery? 

Did you know Lincoln's friend, Lovejoy, brother was killed in another Illinois city, that too the site of a Lincoln Douglas debate!  Lovejoy was killed, possibly burned to death in his print shop, after he published anti-slavery newspaper. 

And Lincoln went to Kansas, after Southern leaders made it a crime to speak or publish anti- slavery papers there.  

Even US Senators -- Stephen A.Douglas other political enemy - could be beaten, even on the Senate floor, for speaking too bluntly against slavery. 

We simply don't know or teach how radical it was to run for office, or even speak, too blunty for equality during Lincoln's life. 



 Lincoln saying slavery was a cancer, and he had to kill it carefully. He explained slavery as a deadly thing, and why it could not just be chopped out.  That would not work.  First, public sentiment had to be changed, and the public aware of this "spreading cancer".  

Was Lincoln lying?  Why are these quotes almost unknown?

Like Lincoln saying any slave woman is equal to him, and to any white man. Why not put together 20 such amazing quotes at the time?  And ignore the rest -- if you can ignore what you want, and only use what  you want?


Like Lincoln saying he won't let the South destroy the Union by pushing slavery by Kanas Act and Dred Scott decision. 

Douglas actually had a satchel -- in it Lincoln's quotes about slavery. Not just a few words, but Lincoln's long and full quotes about equality, about slavery as a cancer, about slavery will destroy the Union or slavery will be destroyed. 

And Douglas was able to use those quotes to "prove" to 80% of the white males (according to Bloomington newspapers)  that Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

It's not my fault you did not know this -- and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are not taught (because it's too ugly?) in US schools.

But Stephen A Douglas made damn sure the public knew this --and he had a lot of help, from newspapers, and other speakers, at the time.  You may not know it, your history teacher may be stupid about it.

But the people at the time were very well aware of it.

In private, Lincoln was even more amazing, more clear.  The Kansas Act, and Dred Scott, put the US on inevitable course -- like full blown cancer -- to kill not just the United States (the Union)  but to destroy the "last best hope" of mankind for a government of the people, by the people. 

We read those public speeches by Lincoln  -- and assume, oh, hell. Lincoln was exaggerating.  No, he was not.

You are about to learn  how right Lincoln was, and why he got that bullet in the head. 


You can, if you like, show Lincoln, from a slice of those words, as eager for war, eager to kill slavery.  

For example, Lincoln said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

Kicked.  To. Death.

Bet you did not know that.

Stephen Douglas played the Lincoln quote game well, and far more honestly than people play it today.



In all US history -- go on, look -- no one said anything more radical than Lincoln's outburst that slave owners deserve nothing but "Kicking contempt and death".




Lincoln said a LOT of things, and more importantly DID a lot of things. When you know all his words, and more importantly, know what he did, you won't be fooled by liars and bullshitters.   

The best place to learn about Lincoln -- ironically enough -- is from his enemies at the time, North and South.


Over and over Lincoln spoke of public sentiment -- public opinion. With public support, he could and would destroy slavery.  Yet the majority of whites in the North were not willing to do anything to stop slavery from spreading.  

Lincoln was defeated for office time and time again -- precisely BECAUSE he was seen as "Negro Worshipper" by so many.  Again and again, hundreds of times, Lincoln spoke very carefully to the public.   He was not saying their daughters should sleep with "Niggers"   Rather, he was saying slavery is a cancer that is spreading, and because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott, slavery would now spread everywhere or be itself destroyed.

When Lincoln did get the public support and legal authority, years later, Lincoln kicked slavery to death.



Lincoln's stories were amazing, and he told a story to explain how he had to kill slavery carefully.  It already existed.  It was already "in bed"  with "the children".  

Slavery was lawful,  he pointed out a thousand times.  Horribly, even the SCOTUS had ordered (yes ordered)  slavery to be protected, even where slavery was rejected by vote, as in Kansas, even there, the federal government ordered slavery protected.

Because it was lawful, because SCOTUS ordered it protected, because it would take public support and new laws, new constitutional amendments to end slavery, Lincoln had no intention, and no ability, to end it by any means -- other than lawful.

So he did end it, when he could, lawfully.  But that took the entire Congress- -and ratification by the states, to do.  

Yet when Lincoln ran for POTUS, most people, even in the North, did not give a shit about slaves, or did they want free slaves running around free in the North.  They sure did not want their daughters "sleeping with and marrying Niggers"  as Douglas told them over and over.




Lincoln said he had to kill slavery carefully.   If he and others could have killed slavery before it spread, he would kill it a different way.  But because slavery was spread -- like a cancer he said -- he and others had to kill it a different way.

Why not go by those words -- his political enemies were sure quick to expose Lincoln's "radical obsession" for "Nigger equality".

Why not even mention those  -- and not mention Lincoln's even more "radical" efforts to kick slavery in the ass, from 1847 on.

Those who trashed Lincoln during his life were also quick to show Lincoln's "Niggerism" actions,  and show the public his obsession for equality by way of his actions too.

Why don't we show those?



Few people today realize that to be called an "abolitionist" in 1840-1860 was a lot like being called "child molester" today.  We consider abolitionist as heroes today.  In Illinois it could still be a dangerous thing to be "too radical".   Which is why Stephen A Douglas made sure the public thought Lincoln was as radical as possible.

Then Lincoln had to get up and argue that blacks  are equal under the law- - which he did, powerfully.  But you need to get the full speeches, not edited bullshit. 


Depends which words you use.  Which you know about.



Not just Lincoln.

Lincoln did get the most powerful speaker of the day - Douglas -- to scream repeatedly about Lincoln being "obsessed with equality".   

Why -- why was "equality" to scary?  

You should have a clue by now -- the "daughter sleeping with Niggers"  thing.   That was it.

Politicians North and South were sometimes even more fear and hate mongering that Douglas about "Niggers" sleeping with your daughter.


Lincoln would - - because our daughters (children) would live in equality with blacks "will be burned to death slowly".

Your wife will walk down the streets with "Niggers" said Douglas repeatedly.  Blacks will be on juries -- do you want that?  They will go to schools with your children!   

They will VOTE -- do you want that!!!

That was the hate and fear pumped into the minds of everyone who tried to stop the spread of slavery.  Equality - even just stopping the spread of slavery -- would doom the white race.


Lincoln wisely parsed words -- or as some called Lincoln's style "sharp talk".   He seemed to agree with a prejudice of the day, then reversed course and  all but obliterates that very prejudice.

Listen to the whole video -- each topic is crucial.

Notice you can -- if you like -- quote Lincoln from these words as someone who is not for equality. 

But given the whole speech, in context, and know that people were still being killed in Illinois, (yes, they were ) for speaking too bluntly for equality, you might "get it" that was profoundly, and recklessly "radical".



Lincoln "unmasked" as pro slavery,  homosexual, and only used slavery "as an excuse" to get and keep power.

All these absurdities -- guys like Dilorenzo has quotes for....but of course, he does not put in the full quotes and full sets of facts.

If you just take part of the story, you can make Lincoln seem anyway you like. 


Strange indeed....because at the time, Lincoln was lucky he didn't get a bullet to the brain sooner, he was so "radical for Niggers"  and such a "Nigger worshipper".





From 1854 on, Lincoln devoted nearly every day of his life, most  hours of every day, to either ending slavery, or working to get the public to see the "cancer" of slavery that would either spread slavery to all of the US -- or die trying.

Lincoln's main message was not just the cruelty of slavery, in inhumanity of slavery -- it was that slavery was spreading -- spreading like a cancer, that would force slavery into all of the US.   Either the US would be all slave, or all free.



Lincoln knew this very well -- virtually everyone in United States, North and South, knew this.

But you probably do not, nor does your teacher.  If you are in high school and college, ask your teacher why slavery would not end in the South.  

See if they even mention this most basic reason..

Slavery would never end in the South because it was against the law to even preach against it, or speak publicly against slavery.  In fact, when Southern leaders sent over 1000 killers to Kansas in 1856, the first thing the killers did is to make it a crime to speak publically or publish anything against slavery.

 Stephen A Douglas wanted a law in the NORTH  to make it slander to speak, even in the North,  against slavery owners in the South.  Why?  Because the South was led by men who did not allow anyone to question slavery in the South, and they hated that people in the North could write newspapers against slavery, and have candidates against slavery.

Of course there were laws against mailing anything to the South that was against slavery.  Books against slavery were outlawed. In fact, from 1810 on, many ships were searched -- searched for mail or newspapers against slavery.

And people, even preachers, could be whipped in public then sent to prison for even owning the wrong book.  

Don't believe me?   Read this....Arrested tortured for owning the wrong book


Those that accused Lincoln of being radical to end slavery -- guess what?   They were right. But Lincoln had to be very careful how he did it, and what he told the public while doing so. 



Leave out Lincoln's full speeches, his actions, and you can make him sound anyway you like. You can make him sound, even, pro slavery, or anti-equality. 

You can make him sound eager for war -- or terrified of it.  

You can make him sound profoundly religious, or an agnostic. 

You can make him sound indifferent to the horrors of slavery-- or eager to kick slave owners to death.

The choice is yours -- or rather, the choice is the text book publisher, the school boards buying the books, or the "historians" telling about Lincoln. 



Like the bible can be used, by clever people and stupid, by believers and non-believers alike, to prove anything they wanted to prove. 

With Lincoln,  you can seem to "prove" it indisputably by any one of 12 to 15 quotes.

Don't show the full speech, of course, or don't show context, or don't show what Lincoln said ten seconds later.  Don't show his full actions, don't dare mention what was going on, and it's an easy thing to do.  In fact, it's actually difficult not to distort Lincoln.  

 It's easy to do, so even many "historians" do it. 

They should know better, yet they do not. 



Lincoln was very popular with people who knew him personally -- his sense of humor, his kindness, his deep sense of compassion, was well known to people who had the privilege of knowing him personally.

In fact, Lincoln had "the gift if mimicry".  He would speak like others, immitate them perfectly and with great humor.  We would call him a  natural comedian, and crowds formed around him for the humor and great stories he told.

Lincoln will "burn us slowly to death"  just by being against
the SPREAD of slavery 

Douglas knew Lincoln well -- at one time, Douglas was, like Lincoln, anti slavery and very much anti spread of slavery. 

Also as Congressman, Lincoln tried to get slavery outlawed in the land just stolen from Mexico (see below).  That would be the Wilmot Proviso....

In fact, Lincoln tried 40 times -- 40 times -- to get slavery outlawed in the land just stolen (yes we stolen land from Mexico). 


Then Lincoln tried to get slavery outlawed in District of Columbia. He did  not merely introduce the bill,  he fought very hard for it. 



Lincoln was well aware most people in the NORTH did  not care about slavery.  Again and again Lincoln lost elections because he was considered "radical, obsessed, a Nigger Worshipper".

There was no public sentiment, North or South, or in any part of the US, to end slavery suddenly -- or by force.  In fact, the only force used was the force to SPREAD slavery,  not to stop slavery.

John Brown tried on his own to get slaves to free themselves by force -- and was quickly hung for it.  Lincoln, and others, knew and said Brown had done a stupid thing, he only made it harder for slavery to end, by trying to use force.   Slavery had to end by consent, by agreement, or it would remain.

That is why Lincoln did end slavery, with a Constitutional Amendment.  He did issue the Emancipation proclamation, but that had a time limit, and restrictions.   That proclamation ended when the war ended, it was issued only as a war measure, and stopped automatically when the war ended.

Which is why Lincoln was extremely eager to get the 13th Amendment passed immediately.  He had to legal power to keep slaves free,  after the war ended.



Few people criticized Lincoln more, at times, that Frederick Douglass, who once said Lincoln was no more against slavery than the slave owners. 

But Douglass found out more about Lincoln -- he did not know all the facts, early on.  But he learned more, and mostly, Douglass knew that most whites even in Illinois hated, or at least disliked, Lincoln.  Lincoln had to be careful what he said, so he would not be killed sooner. 

As time went on, Douglas realized the profound wisdom of Lincoln
Douglas explained it -- as usual -- very well. 



Lincoln  will "burn us to death slowly"  by stopping the spread of slavery.




It was illegal for a black man to even come to Illinois when Lincoln was running for office.  The punishment was 39 lashes of a whip if the black was caught moving to the state, and 39 lashes of the whip for every week he stayed.

          Why the hatred for blacks?   Because politicians  - the politicians that won most elections - were very good at pumping up the hate and fear of black men taking white women.   You are not taught this, at all, in US schools.  Over and over, and over, Stephen A Douglas, and many others, used "Niggers will take the white women"  speech, to one degree of vulgarity or another. 

When Lincoln got up to speak, Lincoln knew that most of the audience (only white males voted) were not necessarily pro-slavery, but they feared the idea that black males would be free to walk down the street,  free to talk to white women. 

In fact, those who spoke out  too candidly for equality of the races were still being killed -- in Illinois -- during Lincoln's political career.  Owen Lovejoy,  a brother to Lincoln's friend, was burned to death in his abolitionist printing business in Alton -- a place Lincoln had to go to debate.

Lincoln also had to debate in Quincy -- where the newspapers called for the death of Frederick Douglas for even speaking -- just speaking -- against slavery.  Let me repeat that.  A Quincy paper urged death to Frederick Douglass for SPEAKING publically against slavery.

If you don't understand that -- not only do you not understand Lincoln, you don't understand US history.  Politicians like Stephen Douglas  became rich, powerful, and famous for helping slave owners -- and for demonizing Lincoln for being "obsessed with equality"

You m
Most history teachers have no clue -- so US text book makes this clear (that we know about, anyway).   So  how would the public today know?

"Lincoln is nothing but Niggerisms.... he is a traitor to his race and the nation.... a black Republican who will have your daughters sleep with Niggers, have your schools filled with Niggers....  have Niggers on your juries.... "

The kind of thing Lincoln heard  or read in newspapers every day of his life, 1847 on.   Lincoln was keenly aware of the violent nature of not only slave owners -- but of those who believed hate and fear mongers.  It was not the politician like Stephen A Douglas, or Jefferson Davis, or a thousand others who actually hung blacks, burned them to death,  and committed endless atrocities. 

It was the people who listened, and believed, the hate and fear mongers. 


Indeed Lincoln did -- hundreds of times - "harp" on the subject of equality.   

Lincoln most assuredly DID harp on equality for blacks, hundreds of times --he argued for equality under the law, for the rights of blacks as spoken of in the Declaration of Independence.   The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Powerful speeches -- speeches that changed a nation.   

Douglas, of course,  then tried to make that seem like your wife and daughter will "be" with black males.   You should have been taught that, an at age appropriate time.  It is an ugly issue, but it is what actually happened, and what actually led to the US Civil War.

Lincoln had to be very careful --or he would have gotten a bullet to the brain much sooner.   People today just do no realize, even in the NORTH,  whites could be and were killed.   In Illinois, particularly downstate Illinois, Lincoln was considered by many to be a traitor, from what they heard in newspapers, and from politicians.

No one -- absolutely no one -- in Illinois, or most states, ever argued for "perfect social equality".   Taking "our women"  -- sleeping with Niggers as Douglas put it repeatedly (and you are not told of).  

  It takes most people an hour or more  to read some of Lincoln's speeches.  Yet in those speeches,  repeatedly speaks of so many "details" of history, you practically need a degree in history to know everything he spoke of.   

So it's much easier to grab a half dozen quotes, or however many you need, and then make Lincoln seem anyway you like.

Lincoln's long history of fighting slavery was well known in the 1850s.  In fact, Lincoln was hated, by those who supported slavery, for his actions from 1846 on.

Lincoln's long history of fighting slavery was well known in the 1850s.  Why don't we know it, or at least know of it, now?

In fact, Lincoln was hated, by those who supported slavery, for his actions and his words, from 1846 on.

No one told you, did they?   You would need his full speeches, though, his full actions, to grasp that.  If you know the nine excerpts, and only that, it would be impossible, not just difficult, for you to know what Lincoln said fully.

For example, Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.  He shouted that he would not let the South destroy the Union by spread of slavery.  He wrote and said many other things, other than the nice quotes most people seem to rely on.

You will NOT hear this, at least not candidly, by most folks who trash or belittle Lincoln now -- but Lincoln was in fact radical in his words and actions long before he ran for Senate.

He used humor -- or likely would have been shot a lot sooner.

Even when called "Negro Worshiper" to his face.  Even when Douglas told the crowd Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  Lincoln held his cool.

When Lincoln responded, he often had the crow laughing, instead of trying to attack him.

Lincoln  never insulted anyone (because it could get you shot).  He never called slave owners vile or murderous.  Lincoln bent over backwards to offer the "olive branch" of kindness and appreciation of their position.  

Again and again Lincoln spoke about paying slave owners for freeing their slaves, and he did just that during the war in Kentucky.  He offered compensation later, in 1847, trying to end slavery gradually in District of Columbia.

But slave owners did not want compensation. To be blunt, they wanted the flesh of slave women (yes, they did) and to be able to do what they wanted to slave women.  As we found out from numerous sources, slave rape was common in the South.  You could keep  your slave woman pregnant, have her work, sell her, sell her children, or any number of vile things, and get more power and money yet.

Selling your slaves one time for what Lincoln would have paid was not going to get you women in your barn, to do whatever you desired, and then work in your fields, and create other slaves by birth, and make you richer.
Gee -- does Lincoln sound like someone who was not against slavery?   Remember, this made Lincoln extremely unpopular, especially in Southern Illinois, and for the rest of his life gave his Illinois opponents something to use to make the public think Lincoln wanted "your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

So from then on, in every speech the rest of his life, essentially Lincoln had to explain -- no, I did not ever say your daughters should sleep with Negroes.  But- - he would then add, about slave women "in her natural right she IS my equal and the equal of any man."

He even, at one point, said slave owners should be kicked to death.

To. Death.

Still sound like a man not against slavery?

Do you yet see why you need the entire story?

Do you see why the lying (or stupid) bastards trying to trash Lincoln dare not tell you the whole story?

And there is more to come. 

Lincoln will "exterminate the white race"  by stopping the spread of slavery.  Lincoln (the North) wants us to "sting ourselves to death".  Our white race will  be "exterminated"  by men like Lincoln.

The crowds cheered.  The violence was already started, 1856 on.

Lincoln will burn us to death.

Lincoln will exterminate the white race.


When newspapers and political enemies accused Lincoln of "Niggerism"  and "obsession for equality for Niggers"  they had the "proof".

They had Lincoln quotes and actions. His quotes about the lowest slave is equal to any white man.  His quotes about slavery must die or the Union will die.  His quotes about we can not exist half slave and half free.

And they had his actions -- in the Mexican War, in Congress in 1847, and his attempts to end or prevent slavery in the land stolen (yes stolen) from Mexico.  They told of his actions to end slavery in District of Columbia.    

These quotes and actions proved Lincoln was "a Negro Worshipper"  and he "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" 

So when Lincoln spoke -- which was several times a day to crowds for years -- he had to answer.  Do you want our daughters to sleep with "Niggers" ?   Will you destroy the white race? 

Did you know Douglas  yelled into Lincoln's face, ran side to side of the debate stage screaming to the crowd that "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"?
So when LIncoln got up to speak -- he had to explain to the white males in the audience.  They were there to learn -- did you want our daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?   Are you going to have our wives "be with Niggers".?

Go read the full Lincoln Douglas debates.  Not just a few sentences.  And read it knowing, this time, what the hell was going on, what Lincoln was accused of.

Not only would your daughters "sleep with Niggers" .   That was just the start of Douglas rants. A white girl marrying a black man was of course illegal.  Lincoln could have been attacked at any time by whites in the audience  -- as others were attacked, beaten, or killed.  See below on Douglas role in getting a US Senator beaten almost to death.

Douglas literally runs from one side of the stage, to the other, screaming.


Your wife will "BE"  with Niggers. Douglas actually ran back and forth on the stage screaming this. 

You will have "Niggers" on juries. "Niggers" at your schools.  "Niggers will vote."

Do you want that, Douglas screamed?

Do you know what the crowd yelled back?    NO!    "Down with Niggers"

Then Lincoln had to explain himself.....

Douglas won that Senate race -- easily. 

Douglas did the smart thing politically, and won because of it. Lincoln tried to explain, over and over, he was against slavery, very much against it. and very much against the spread of slavery that was going to cover the entire US (yes, really)   We must stop slavery as we must stop a cancer.   Slavery was now set to spread to the entire US  (As Southern leaders boasted of -- yes they did) or slavery will die.  



Yes, Lincoln had to sometimes parse words -- so he did.  He would have gotten that bullett to the brain sooner if he had not parsed words.  He would have lost every election, instead of just most elections, and he would not have won the Civil War unless he spoke very carefully.

So he spoke carefully -- and all the while kicking slavery in the ass. 


Lincoln's enemies accused him of wanting to end slavery even in the South.  He had no power to end slavery in the South, and no "warrant"  as he called it, no public support to end slavery in the South. 

 Most people in the North were afraid black men would take the white women if they were freed, a fact not taught today, but very real then.

Other than a few "extremist" like John Brown, no whites dared fight the South to end slavery.  John Brown was hung very quickly after he was caught using violence to end slavery.  



Over and over, and over, Lincoln exposed the goal of slave power -- the violent, foul, and deliberate efforts to spread slavery always by violence and fraud.  While Lincoln spoke in polite guarded tone of voice in public, in private and in person Lincoln was much more candid about the endless violence used to spread slavery, and the goal of slave power.


The problem was the hate and fear mongers used the most extreme justifications for the spread of slavery, and for slavery itself.

Slavery was "of GOD"  and God ordained not only slavery, but the torture and punishment of the black race for biblical reasons. 

Once you go to that goofy extreme, as Jeff Davis and others found out, you can't  possibly back off.   As Francis Blair wrote and spoke of repeatedly, those who pushed slavery in the speeches and documents, and could get crowds cheering for spreading slavery for GOD, did not talk like that off stage.

But once they got the crowds fired up -- and therefore attained the political power they wanted -- men like Davis, Atchison, Stephens, Toombs and others could not, even if they wanted to, stop the killings and tortures they had recently advocated or justified.

The Civil War was the result of these men and their amazing ISIS like rhetoric about slavery and the death of the white race if they did not spread slavery.


There were huge riots in the North against against sending men to fight to end slavery in the South.  As difficult as the war was in the South, Lincoln's biggest problem was keeping the Union together and getting enough support in the North to win the war, on any basis. 

So yes, at times, Lincoln did speak about Union  -- and wisely do.   He also made it clear repeatedly,  that slavery would end, or the Union would end. 


If  Lincoln was stupid about it -- he could lose the war in the first three months. 

He could have said "damn right, I will  kick slavery to death as soon as I can".   Lincoln knew that was not possible, and not legal, and not a way to end slavery.


Lincoln called it "public sentiment".  With public sentiment, you can do anything.  Without it, you can do nothing.

There was no public sentiment for a war to end slavery.  

Very few, if any,  men in the North would actually fight to end slavery in the South.  The idea was absurd. 


Lovejoys death in Alton.
Killed for being "too radical" for "Niggers" 

One of the Lincoln Douglas debates was in ALTON.  

Douglas knew exactly who had died there.  Douglas actually named "Lovejoy" several times in the Lincoln Douglas debates.  He was telling folks -- and he knew this -- how radical and dangerous Lincoln was.  Lincoln's "friend" Lovejoy -- Douglas taunted him.

Douglas did not just imply such things -- he shouted it bluntly too --Lincoln would have your daughters sleep with black men. 

The crowds knew why.

Lincoln knew why.

Douglas knew why.