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You only know what you are told. 

What if you aren't told the full story?


Lincoln a bad ass, radical, zealous -  and effective -- to destroy slavery?  

Stephen A Douglas  all but urging folks to attack Lincoln (yes, he was, see below).

Lincoln brave, strong, and determined for equality for the black race?  

Lincoln going to Kansas AFTER Southern leaders in Kansas made it a crime, punishable by torture, to speak or write openly against slavery there?

"Most people have no fucking idea today, just how violent those who pushed slavery were. How they tortured, hung, drowned, and promised endless killings.

Thanks to Southern school board crybabies for last 100 years, no US text book tells that story. Or ever has"

Not one."

Southern leaders -- yes leaders--  tortured, they killed, and they bragged about killing.  They hired others to torture and kill. 

Southern leaders BOASTED about killing to spread slavery, and promised to kill "every abolitionist who pollutes our soil".

NOT some nuts in a bar. The top Southern leaders BOASTED of killing anyone who got in the way of slavery. 

They boasted they started killings as a war to spread slavery.  They did not admit it, they boasted of it, they were proud of it, at the time. 

And you are not told about this in any school, North or South, today.

Why the fuck not?   Southern leaders were shouting it from the rooftops at the time. 



WHAT THE FUCK?  Dude - learn what the fuck you are talking about, you won't be so stupid. 

He was the most radical mother fucker around -- Southern leaders were RIGHT, Lincoln's real goal was to kick slavery in the ass sideways, forever.

And he did -- in the USA. 

No no no -- it cant be?  Douglass (Frederick Douglass, notice the two s's)  was wrong!    He just needs to talk with your history teacher.  He just needs to read that letter to Greeley (WRONG -- he published the letter to Greeley).


Unless you know how dangerous it was -- meaning, it could get you killed -- to speak too candidly to end slavery, in places Lincoln went, and at the time he went,  you don't know shit about Lincoln, or the Civil War.

For example, in most of the US it was still against the law (you had no clue it was ever against the law) to speak or write openly against slavery.

Even in Illinois, it was dangerous. Lincoln's friend Lovejoy was killed in Alton IL -- possibly burned to death in his building -- for publishing anti slavery newspaper in the wrong place.

More, Lincoln of course was trying to WIN an election in the Lincoln Douglas debates -- not get killed  like his friend Lovejoy.



Lincoln's enemies were not stupid. They went after Lincoln with "knives" said Lincoln. 

Lincoln spoke often of Douglas's "knives"  -- everyone in the audience knew what he meant - calling Lincoln a "Nigger worshipper"  who "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  was a knife.

"Over, and over, and over" said Stephen A Douglas,  Lincoln insisted the "Nigger"  has equal rights under the law.  

Lincoln was "obsessed with equality for the Nigger" - another knife.

Lincoln had to learn -- so he did -- how to use humor to disarm those knives.  See how Lincoln did that, in the video

 "Lincoln insists  NIGGERS are equal to whites, because the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal"  said Stephen Douglas. 


But the Supreme Court -- said Douglas correctly, ruled that blacks are inferior beings.   Did you know that US Supreme Court ordered-- ordered- that blacks could not be seen as  human beings?

You had no clue, did you?

Hell no.  

Read Lincoln's speeches, Douglas (Stephen A)  was correct. Over and over  Lincoln said slavery was wrong -- and gave the long violent history of slavery, including the "violence"  of the Dred Scott decision, and the killing sprees in Kansas.

There is a lot of history -- vile history -- not taught to you.  Lincoln got back in politics in 1854 because of the violence in Kansas and the Kansas Nebraska Act, followed by the Dred Scott decision.

In fact, nearly ever word -- every syllable -- of the Lincoln Douglas debates are about those two things, Kansas Act, and Dred Scott decision.

Douglas insisted Lincoln was a traitor -- and wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers.

Lincoln explained the history of slavery's violent expansion, and the "machinery" of Dred Scott and Kansas Act.   Douglas, of course, was the guy that pushed Kansas Act through, with his friend, David Rice Atchison, who then went  personally to Kansas, and started killing out there, to spread slavery.

So it helps if you know what the hell was going on.  Sadly, most history teachers don't even know -- they don't grasp Stephen A Douglas role in the beating of Sumner, nor how he worked with Atchison to push slavery by killing in Kansas, with the ruse of Kansas Act as cover.

But Lincoln knew

And Frederick Douglass knew.

And you never had a clue. 

He showed how cruel it was -- how violent those who spread slavery were, and how they used Kansas Act and Dred Scott decision to push slavery were the people themselves would not vote for it.

Douglas, of course, famously claimed to be for "popular sovereignty"  but supported the Kansas Act -- in fact, he and his partner pushed it through -- and Dred Scott decision.

Those two things -- Kansas Act and Dred Scott -- said Lincoln and many others, made it impossible for anyone, any state, any territory, and legislature, any vote of the people, to stop slavery. 

That, said Lincoln, meant the Union must end, or slavery must end. One would die -- one would continue.  Slavery would now die, or the Union would die.

That is what the House Divided Speech was about.

That is what the Lincoln Douglas debates were about. 

But you never see those quotes do you?   

Douglas then reminded the crowds Lincoln was a "traitor" and that he was a traitor.  United States Supreme Court not only said the black race was not equal, but they were "inferior beings"  and are to be seen as "property"  not persons.


So, again and again, Lincoln (in order to stay alive, and possibly win votes too) had to tell the crowd things like he never said he believed in "perfect social equality" of black  men sleeping with your daughters. 


LINCOLN ROCKED THE  HOUSE -- RADICAL ANSWERS -- like "every slave is my equal and the equal of any man". 

 See the video -- click on it.  

After Lincoln was called "Negro Worshiper"...

After Douglas told crowds -- screaming it, running from side to side of stage, in two cities at least, that Lincoln wants your daughters "to sleep with and marry Niggers" Lincoln had to speak. 


 After  -- remember that after -- the best speaker of his era (Stephen A Douglas) screamed to the crowd that Lincoln was a "Nigger Worshiper" and "Wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  Lincoln had to speak.

Kind of a big fucking deal, no one told you.

There is not one text book in the USA, that I have been able to find, that before Lincoln could speak, first Douglas would tell the crowd Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

Not one.

The ONE book about the debates themselves even mentioned it, and then almost casually,  on page 245.

Guelzo's book is the only one that even mentions it
on page 245

Newspapers at the time reported it, saying Douglas went into "Nigger rants"  about Lincoln's love for the Negro.

In Charleston, the reporter described Douglas as running from side to side on the stage, SCREAMING  about Lincoln's love for the "nigger".

Fear of the black man taking white women, was the underlying fear that Lincoln had to deal with.

Not just to get votes -- remember, Lincoln was trying to win votes --- but to stay alive.


You may not know this -- again, no one tells you in any text book, again, you have to get it from original documents.

Stephen Douglas has a role to play in violence, already.

Newspapers AT THE TIME reported Douglas "did all he could to excite" the hate and fear that led to Sumner's beating.

Douglas stood by and smiled as another of his adversaries, Charles Sumner, was beaten on the Senate floor, two years before the Lincoln Douglas debates. Douglas also predicted Sumner was going to be beaten someday, then pumped up the hatred for that man.

As Sumner was being beaten with a heavy cane -- Douglas, according to people who saw it, sat nearby and smiled.

Smiled as Sumner was beaten almost to death. He was in a coma for months.   The person beating Sumner was a hero -- and is to this day a hero, to many in the South.

No one ever told you that, either, did they?

Douglas apparently knew Sumner was going to be beaten.

So Lincoln knew -- everyone knew -- what Douglas (Stephen A) was up to .  At very least he wanted to scare the shit out of Lincoln, whose friend was killed (Lovejoy) for being a "radical abolitionist" in Illinois.

And by the way -- Stephen A Douglas reminded the crowd, over and over, Lincoln was friends with Lovejoy.  No one ever mentioned that, did they? 


Think Douglas telling the crowd  -- over and over -- that Lincoln wants your daughter to sleep with "Niggers"  was an accident?

Running from side to side of the stage-- accident?

Going into his "Nigger rant"  as newspapers called it then, was that an accident?

Or did Stephen Douglas know  this was the raw nerve, the fear, that he could go after, to make the audience fear and hate Lincoln?

Urging violence on others -- accident?

Gloating when Sumner was beaten - accident?

And this was not just Douglas.  Southern leaders were openly proud of violence.   They controlled slaves, by violence. They spread slavery, by violence.

And any challenge to them -- was met with violence.

This was not just Stephen A Douglas,  

Lincoln;s friend -- Lovejoy-- was killed, probably burned to death, in Illinois, for being too loud about equality for blacks.

Read all Douglas words -- he actually accused Lincoln of, that day, being with a black man (Frederick Douglass) and a white woman, in a carriage.  Of course Frederick Douglass was not there, but Stephen A Douglas knew what he was doing.

 This is exactly how Douglas got where he was in politics  to begin with -- pumping up hate and fear worked very well for him, and he expected it to get him into the White House.  


  Let me repeat that, because you are not told of such things -- Not in the South, but in Illinois, Lincoln's friend was killed,  horribly  and not far from where one of the debates took place.

Douglas made sure -- very sure -- the audience knew Lincoln was friends with Lovejoys- - because Douglas would bring up Lovejoy's fucking name, and for the same reason.

To scare the public, and scare Lincoln. 


(Actually it was a letter to Kentucky)

Every dumb ass, it seems, knows about Lincoln's famous letter to Greely, where Lincoln does say, If I could save the union without freeing a single slave, I would.....

They ignore his 3000 other speeches, his letters, and his repeated very clear message, that to keep the Union together, meant slavery would end.

Slavery HAD to end -- and the South agreed -- if it could not spread slavery. 

Not just slavery would end -- the white race would end, if slavery was not spread.

  Did you know the South made that very clear?  Their own War Ultimatums, (yes, the South issued War Ultimatums)  was for the SPREAD of slavery.

Just stopping the SPREAD of slavery would doom to us to a life of "Nigger equality"   and "be like burning us slowly to death".

See more about that, below.

Lincoln's letter to Greeley came when Kentucky was in great turmoil -- fighting, blood spilled.   John Freemont had gone to Kentucky, and against Lincoln's orders, Freemont grabbed a bunch of slaves, and set them free.

Yet slavery was STILL legal, in Kentucky and elsewhere.  As Lincoln said, until he could get the Dred Scott decision overturned, or pass a Constitutional Amendment, he as president had "no legal authority"  or "no warrant"  to forcibly end slavery anywhere.


LINCOLN stood up to President Polk in 1846, accusing him of starting a war to spread slavery (Mexican War). Lincoln tried 40 times to get Congress to prevent letting anyone use that stolen land for slavery.
 How many Lincoln haters bother to mention any of this shit?  Zero, that's how many 


Lincoln was hated -- newspapers claimed Lincoln "refused to support the troops in the field" --  as others are always attacked, when they are against a war.

The point is -- Lincoln was fucking amazing, in his FULL text, and his actions, from 1846 on. These stupid fuckers who claim Lincoln wasn't really against slavery, etc, just never mention these many other facts, to the contrary. 

Later, Lincoln would free millions of slaves -- per his Emancipation Proclamation -- but only as a "war measure" and only because the "states in rebellion"  were violently in opposition to lawful authority. Because the South used slaves in the war effort, as a war measure, Lincoln declared those slaves in such states, would be free.

But Kentucky WAS NOT IN REBELLION.  Kentucky was still in the Union.  And Lincoln wanted to keep them in the Union.

As Lincoln said -- "We all want God on our side, but I have to have Kentucky".   If Kentucky joins the Confederacy, the war would be over.  The sheer number of Southern states and Southern population and area would dwarf the North, unless the Union kept Kentucky.

Freemont's illegal acts -- in direct defiance of Lincoln's orders -- very nearly cost the war to be lost. To pacify Kentucky, Lincoln wrote to Greely, which of course would be picked up by every newspaper in Kentucky.

And -- it worked.  LIncoln wrote that IF he could keep the Union together freeing all the slaves, or none of the slaves, he would.  That's just it -- Lincoln could NOT keep the Union together if he freed all the slaves then, because he could not do that.  Nor could Lincoln free none of the slaves, and keep the Union together, because the South was already at war, already killing to spread slavery.

LIncoln did not lie-- he was exactly correct.  

As Lincoln did so often -- thousands of times -- Lincoln would say things in a way, so that he didn't get shot, and that could avoid war if possible.

When Lincoln wrote to Greely -- he was actually writing to the people of Kentucky. And it worked.



We do not teach the violent nature of slavery - but we should.  The killings, and tortures by those pushing slavery was ongoing, and more, the South boasted of it.

So how did Lincoln handle being called a "Negro Worshiper".  

Sadly even this video clip, did not show Douglas run back and forth on the stage screaming (as he did in at least two cities) Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"..

Even this video did not show Douglas claim Lincoln was in a carraige with a white woman and a black man that day.

Even this video did not show Douglas seating a few feet away, smiling, as Charles Sumner was beaten almost to death.

If you don't know that -- and there are many more example, you can't have a clue how amazing Lincoln was, in how despite the hate and fear mongering, despite the dangers to himself, Lincoln was able to change the nation, which he did.

I can't help it if no one told you. I found out by original documents -- by newspapers AT the time, by private letters, AT the time, by reports of what Douglas was up to AT the time, by the very people he was helping.  



Ive actually had people say to me, why didn't Lincoln just say all men are created equal? What kind of dumb ass was I talking to? Someone who thought they knew Lincoln!

Lincoln said that over, and over, and over, and over.  And he did much more. Powerfully, with thunder, in a way that changed America.  Lincoln did not win that election, but Lincoln had forever changed the question.  

Lincoln had declared blacks are HUMAN BEINGS -- Senator Douglas emphatically declared they are not human beings,  and he had the Supreme Court ruling to proof it.

That's right, you are not told this either.  The Supreme Court -- really, literally, actually, emphatically, declared blacks are not human beings (not persons) and can not be considered as such, therefore Kansas could not keep slavery out of their territory, any more than Kansas could keep a horse, a dog, a pig, or any possession by a white man.

Blacks are not persons.

And if you read the Lincoln Douglas debates, THAT was the central issues. Are blacks human beings per the US Supreme Court?  Douglas shouted YES, he agreed. Blacks are NOT human beings.  And Lincoln, Douglas told the crowd, was "formenting revolution" to say otherwise.

No one told you that either.

Lincoln's problem was to NOT say "He dumb ass, I never said I wanted your daughter to sleep with anyone, go fuck yourself, you fat little drunk. "  Maybe history would be better off, if Lincoln did speak that candidly.

Nor did Lincoln dare say "You idiot -- you sold out to Jeff Davis, now you are yelling "Nigger" all over the stage, trying to scare  up trouble".

But that was a true statement, too. 

Nor did he say  "What's the problem Douglas, your wife going to leave you if a black man walks down the street?"

Personally I wish Lincoln had done that, but Lincoln was brilliant, he knew what had to be done.  It's easy to say Lincoln should have done this, or that, every dumb ass today, especially dumb ass history teachers, love to say what Lincoln should do.

Yet almost none of them know what was really going on.  Lincoln was the person who changed the country by wisely changing the the rhetoric.   And Lincoln probably would have been shot much sooner, if he had responded as I suggested above.

Even in the South, to show ANYTHING but lack of eagerness to spread slavery - could get you called "Nigger lover"   even if you owned slaves.

But you don't know that, cause no one told you.

Lincoln had to handle that, or he could have been shot (as he eventually was) .  Lincoln actually lost this election - - Douglas was able to make enough people far too afraid of blacks "sleeping with" their daughters.

There is a reason -- a good reason -- Stephen A Douglas used this approach time and time again -- it worked.

Lincoln did it with humor and grace -- but he still lost.

 How to be against slavery, but not be shot, or not be accused of "Nigger lover"  who wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".




From the 1856 killing sprees led by the US Senator who passed Kansas Act, (see below) Lincoln spent nearly every day, 365 days a year, going place to place, exposing the violence and subterfuge used by Southern leaders to spread slavery by force, into areas -- and states -- that voted, or would vote if they could - to reject slavery. 

Lincoln's long letter to Speed shows he (and the rest of the country) were well aware of the killing, torturing, and violence used by Southern leaders to force slavery into the entire west --even if your history text book glosses over that.


None of this -- absolutely none of this -- is taught in US schools.   Lincoln was actually a radical mo fo -- yes  he was -- to kick slavery in the ass, and did.    See the full story, and no, you don't know yet. 


 After Douglas (Stephen A) sought Southern support to be President, he changed his words in the Senate.  Most Senators -even Southern Senators, did not use "Nigger"  on the Senate floor.

But Douglas did -- and Douglas, according to newspapers at the time -- went into "Nigger rants" in the debates, telling the crowds Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".   

The fear of black men being free --coming North - and taking white women, was very much the raw nerve Douglas aimed at, and hit, time after time.  

You may get a "historian" to mention this basic aspect of US history -how Southern leaders pumped up hate and fear of your daughters sleeping with "Niggers".   But if they mention it at all, they don't mention Stephen A Douglas, the most powerful speaker of the time, shouted this in Lincoln Douglas debates, to Lincoln's face, and that it was a theme in the debates, and in national life.

Anyone against slavery -- against the spread of slavery -- was called "Negro Worshiper"  or "Nigger lover".   Douglas (Stephen A)  pumped that up, by running from one side of the stage to the other in Charleston, spitting out the words "Lincoln will have your daughters sleep with Niggers".

Then -- Lincoln had to speak.



Stephen A Douglas created enough hate and fear -- as did others in political life -- and Douglas won the Senate race.  If three candidates, all of them pro spread of slavery --did not run against Lincoln in a four man race --Douglas would no doubt have beaten Lincoln again.

Linclon was hated, by some in the North and by virtually all leaders in  South, for being a "Nigger lover" who "was obsessed for equality fore the Nigger".

And -- Stephen A Douglas could and did, list why he said Lincoln was obsessed with equality.  No one even mentions that, much less teaches it. 

Funny -- (not really) how now, some  like to trash LIncoln for not caring, not even being against slavery.

And the only way they can say this -- or believe it -- is to be dumb  about Lincoln's full actions, and full speeches.


Frederick Douglass made it clear -- he knew Lincoln had to appeal to a nation that feared blacks, and he knew that people would have shot Lincoln much sooner,  and he would never have been elected dog catcher, if he spoke any more candidly that he did, at times.


Lincoln again, and again, and again, said to end slavery, we have to stop the growth.  He was right.  Slavery had to expand, or slavery, like any cancer, will kill the host.

And the South agreed. 

 There is very little Lincoln agreed with Southern leaders about -- except the need to spread slavery to survive.

Southern leaders -- try to grasp this -- made it very clear. We MUST expand slavery or we will be exterminated. The white race will be overtaken, the slaves will revolt and kill us.  Over and over this is the kind of thing Southern leaders said -- with a smattering of "GOD WANTS US TO ENSLAVE".

GODS will -- white survival, Southern leaders would use anything.   Over and over -- and over. 

Lincoln spoke too-- over and over-- of the best way to end slavery, was to stop the spread of it.  There was no other solution in the 1850's -- almost no one alive was willing to fight Southern toughs.  The South was very much a violent place, and their leaders were almost all slave owners, who did not hesistate to torture, kill, and even burn to death, slaves who fought back.

Nor did Southern leaders bluff.  If they said they were going to kill and torture -- which they did -- they meant it.  You are  not told about this.


And there was  no earthly way to stop  slavery, unless first, we stop the spread of it. So Lincoln DID speak about ending the spread of slavery -- as  a way to end slavery everywhere, over time.  There was no will in the North to fight to end slavery -- that would not come till late in the Civil War, when finally, many men like Grant (who earlier said he would never fight to end slavery) realized Lincoln was right all along -- slavery had to end.

  So when you hear these stupid shits tell you Lincoln didn't care about slavery.... the fuck he didn't.  There was no one else going where he went, saying what he did, as effectively as he did. 

It was an "act of war" said Southern leaders, to elect anyone against the SPREAD of slavery.   No, they did not care if someone was anti-slavery. Just being against the SPREAD of slavery, elect anyone against the SPREAD of slavery, was an act of war.

That is what they said -and meant.  If the North elected anyone against the SPREAD of slavery, that was an act of war.

Not sorta, not kinda.  And remember, they did not bluff.


Let me repeat that.  Southern leaders, including Jeff Davis, said it was an act of war to elect anyone against the spread of slavery.

Jeff Davis not only said it, he sent killers to KS to kill and terrorize anyone who published anti slavery newspapers, or tried to give public speech against slavery. 



Why was "spread of slavery"  such a huge fucking thing to Lincoln?

Because Southern leaders were already -- already -- sending killers to Kansas, as they had sent them to Missouri, as they would send them later --- to spread slavery.

Over, and over, all through US history, from 1800 on -- no one teaches you this -- Southern leaders had been killing to spread slavery.   Most people think white folks in the South loved slavery. Oh fuck no.  The slave owners, and the politicians, made sure you could not even speak against slavery, preach against slavery,  or own books against slavery, from 1840's on.

You could be tortured for simply owning the wrong book in the South.

You could be killed, even in the North, in some areas (Illinois was one)  for speaking too openly against slavery.

How many of those trashing Lincoln, tell you that?  How many even know?   Probably none.

Southern leaders pumped up the fear and hate -- hate for anyone who spoke against slavery, hate for anyone who just was against the SPREAD of slavery.

Try to grasp that.

They told the public, North and South, that stopping the SPREAD of slavery would destroy the white race by making "Niggers sleep with your daughter".

Try to grasp this -- and no one told you. This is new information to you. 

Actually  the value of slaves, the price of slaves,  was going down, down down, as there were just too many slaves.  There were slave FARMS pushing out 12-14 slave babies per slave woman.  There was also illegal importing of more slaves from Cuba -- thousands arrived illegally every year. 

By 1850, Southern leaders had so many slaves, there were more black people than white in many areas of the South.   |And whites were worried as hell.

They knew -- and said, that if they did not spread slavery, blacks would outnumber whites and eventually they would kill the whites. 

That's what crowds were told.  That's  how you got crowds to hate men like Lincoln.  And that's why LIncoln had to be careful what he said, to who. 

Stopping  the spread of slavery-- would have destroyed slavery.  And the only way to stop the spread of slavery, was to keep the Union together. 

Lincoln said -- and so did the South say -- if the Union stays in tact, slavery can not spread.  Try to grasp that.

If slavery can not spread, slavery dies.

When those fucks blame Lincoln for trying to keep the Union together, understand this -- keeping Union together was the only way to keep slavery from spreading.  Southern leaders agreed.  Lincoln agreed. Keeping Union together = ending slavery, one way or another. 

No one really tells you, what Lincoln was up against -- the ISIS like SOuthern lunatic leadership were in many ways as violent as ISIS. Leaders promised war,  got crowds cheering about GOD and slavery, got crowds eager for war, by claiming Lincoln was going to exterminate the white race.

No one told you anything about this. But it was extremely well known then -- Southern leaders boasted of it, in speeches, in books, in sermons.

Try to grasp that.

And Douglass knew it all.

Douglass saw the black race go from being considered "dogs that could talk"  that "God ordained to be enslaved and punished,"   to men who were in the Union Army, who would get to vote,  and get to actually be considered HUMAN.

Did you know that?   Seriously, did you?

Did you know that in 1854, when LIncoln got back into politics, blacks were not even considered human beings by most whites in the US.


And did you know, that the United States Supreme Court ordered --  yes ordered-- that blacks be seen not as human beings, but as property?

Officially, blacks were not human beings, by law.  By order of the court.

Not sorta, not kinda.  Not as a trivial detail.


Lincoln got called a traitor -- by Stephen A Douglas -- repeatedly, emphatically, specifically because Lincoln said blacks were human beings!!  

Did anyone tell you that?  No. 

Read Stephen A Douglas's speeches.  He was called a traitor behind his back, in Douglas speeches, but to his face, Douglas would not call him a traitor, just call him "obsessed with equality or the Nigger" who "will cause a revolution by disobeying the Supreme Court".

No one told you that.

That's the kind of thing your history teacher should tell you, but they don't know either. They would have to read all of the Lincoln Douglas debates, and newspapers of the time.  Instead, they read whitewashed bullshit, published since.



No one told you that the United States Supreme Court ordered -- ordered -- blacks to be seen as NON HUMAN.  Did you know that?

That was a big fucking deal -- and well know-- at the time.  But this amazing fact is not taught in any US text book.

Blacks are NOT HUMANS by order of the court.  Jefferson Davis himself said this order --this decision -- by the Supreme Court changed everything, and changed it because now, the federal government, the states too, could not stop slavery.  The government must respect and protect slavery, as property.

No one told you that?  This was the whole fucking point of most of Lincoln's speeches.    And it was the basic point Stephen A Douglas threw into Lincoln's face, time, and time again.

Should be easy to spot, just read the damn LIncoln Douglas debates. Or just read Lincoln's other speeches too. He said this repeatedly. 

Lincoln said this again, and again, the Supreme Court had ruled that blacks are NOT HUMAN BEINGS but property.  And Lincoln said -- then did --we must undo that decision.  His 13th Amendment was 100% in response to the Dred Scott decision that ordered, yes ordered, blacks not to be seen as persons, not human beings, but property.

No one told you that.  So when Lincoln got up and was accused of treason for being against the Dred Scott decision, when Lincoln got up after being accused of wanting y our daughter to sleep with "Niggers" --- Lincoln was a radical mother fucker.   

That is why Frederick Douglass called Lincoln radical -- because he fucking WAS.

Lincoln kicked slavery in the ass sideways, and knew his FULL speeches.  Douglass knew Dred Scott decision, and how blacks were officially NOT HUMAN BEINGS.  You are never told that.

Douglass knew -- see Lincoln's speeches about this, in the debates. Again, and again, and again, Lincoln railed against the Dred Scott order that blacks are property, not human beings.

In other words, if Lincoln had been any more radical, the whites would not help to keep the Union together, if they thought the war was to end slavery.

And that is true, even US Grant said (as did many others) they would not fight for the Union, if they thought the war would end slavery.  Grant would later say Lincoln was right, slavery had to go.  But at the out set of the war, most whites did not want to, and would not, walk across the street to free a slave, must less go fight, or send their children to fight, for freedom for slaves.

So yes, Lincoln DID speak about Union -- no fucking shit, and wisely so.  But he also was powerful and radical, in his full speeches, for equality for blacks.

Why is that not taught? Virtually nothing that was vile, ugly, and true, about Southern leaders, is taught.   But of course, Frederick Douglass knew it, first hand.

Lincoln must -- must -- appease the people of the North, or they would never have fought the Civil War.   Douglass knew that. 

 If Lincoln said "Yeah, I want your daughter's to sleep with Niggers, like my opponents tell you," He would not live to get home that night.


We are  not told anything in US text books about the "Niggers will sleep with  your daughters" rant, that endangered everyone against slavery.


When we searched for 10 specific facts -- such as Lincoln standing up to President Polk, accusing him for starting the Mexican War to help the South spread slavery, 0-- absolutely 0 -- US text books even hinted at it, much less made it a major turning point in.

We did not yet cover all text books, or even close to all.   But so far, no text book in any public school shows things like Southern War Ultimatums or Lincoln being called "Nigger lover" who wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers." 


Nothing, and I mean nothing, was more clear at the time than the Kansas Act, as Lincoln said repeatedly, was a violent ruse to force slavery into all of the US (along with Dred Scott decision).

In fact, that was the basis of "House Divided" speech.  

Lincoln was not wrong --  nor were the thousands of others who said the same thing.  Kansas Act was a violent ruse to spread slavery.  We know that for a fact, because the man who got Kansas Act passed, with Douglas, BOASTED out the ass about it, and went to Kansas, led a group of paid killers to invade Kansas.

What the fuck?  So why do history books  and history teachers claim it was an effort to get get "popular sovereignty"  -- the "right of the people to decide their institutions"?

What the holy fuck, how stupid can you be.  Kansas white males already voted against slavery, before the Kansas Act - and Stephen A Douglas repeatedly said no one is fool enough to think Kansas citizens would vote for slavery. 

And Kansas citizens voted against slavery -- after years of violence by David Rice Atchison to stop them -- again. In fact, Kansas became a free state in 1861, just before Lincoln took office, because they voted 90 and 95%  against slavery.

Lincoln stood up to President Polk, and accused him of helping the South spread slavery, by the Mexican War?  Yes, he did.  And no one told you.

Lincoln's hero -- Henry Clay -- stood up to President Polk too, in the most amazing way, which shocked the shit out of his own state, and the entire South.  Clay, a slave owner, stood up in the most amazing speech of the 1840's, and accused Polk of pushing slavery further, by the war against Mexico -- stealing Mexico's land.

Lincoln did the same thing Clay did.  Stood up and accused Polk of helping the South spread slavery.

Guess who know all this -- Frederick Douglass. 

Guess who didn't have a damn clue -- YOU.

Guess who doesn't tell you that -- ever -- in a clear way? Your history books, and your history teachers. Don't blame those idiots, they just repeat what other idiots told them, 

 Douglass actually explained it very well, and if those "experts" would read more original sources, they would likely come to the same conclusion as he did.

But Lincoln was "marked man" for his candid stand on Mexican War.  He was accused of "not supporting the troops"  and had to explain to the stupid, that yes, he supported the troops, but not the killing and creating a war to spread slavery -- the mission.

Lincoln knew, and so did most people know, that the War was started to expand slavery,  with the rah rah bullshit that American was blessed by GOD.   Apparently God hated the Christians in Mexico and sent the US into Mexico to kill them, create a slave state, and room for 5 more slave states.

Also, Lincoln tried 40 times to have slavery banned in the territory just stolen from Mexico, per his own explanation.    Of course, no dice.  They were not about to ban slavery, in the lands they just stole, to spread slavery.

Southern leaders sure told folks then. Northern supporters of slavery -- like Stephen A Douglas -- told folks then.

Your  history teacher never said a word -- probably no one told them.


At least one teacher put some mention of slavery into his power point presentation, about Mexican war.

That's rare.  But even then, it's not front and center. Slavery and the spread of it, sure as hell was front and center,  back and all sides, of national life from 1820-1860.


TO justify the spread of slavery, Southern leaders had precisely two arguments.  Lincoln, and everyone in the USA, had to deal with the excuses to spread slavery, and the actions by Southern leaders, such as invading and killing, torturing, drowning, and hanging.

1) God wanted it.

2) White race will be exterminated if we can't spread it.

Just stopping the spread of slavery will kill the white race, or "burn us slowly to death" .

Did you know that?

Your daughters will sleep with "Niggers".  God wants slavery.  Lincoln will destroy the white race.  This was the rhetoric of the time.

And people were still being killed for being "too abolitionist".   Abolitionist was a dirty word in the 1850s, even in much of the North,


Were Southern leaders wrong when they declared just stopping the spread of slavery would kill the white race?

Were they wrong when they told crowds, expand slavery or we will perish?

Fuck yes they were wrong, but it worked to enrage the stupid.  It worked very well. 

It was illegal in the South to preach, teach, or write anything contrary to such drivel.   That's right, against the law.   If you were against slavery, you best shut the fuck up or leave. 

Did anyone -- ever -- ever  -- ever -- tell you Southern leaders claimed God wanted slavery, and the SPREAD of slavery.   That may sound goofy to you, but slavery was "Ordained by GOD"  and even Robert E Lee said it is not up to us to question God.

Stephen A Douglas (and others) made this "Nigger worship"  by Lincoln a central emotional feature of not only the debates, but of the but of the entire argument to justify slavery and the spread of it. That's right, a central argument (particularly in the South) was that whites would be exterminated, if slavery was not spread.

We do not even teach that Southern War Ultimatums were about 1 thing -- the SPREAD of slavery.   We not teach what Southern leaders boasted of then.  Of the five war ultimatums Southern newspapers boasted of in 1861, all five were about the spread of slavery, one way or another.

Not one word, in these War Ultimatums, about tariff. Not one.  Not one word about the right of Kansas to decide the issue themselves, because Kansas already decided, and said no to slavery.

Not one word out economic oppression by the North --all words were about the South's "right" to take their slaves to Kansas, and as Davis would say in "Perpetual Speech"  to take slaves and have slavery protected North, South, and West.
And why not? Remember slavery WAS OF GOD.  Slavery was ordained by God.  If you are against slavery, said the official declarations by state of Texas, you are against GOD.   



When Jefferson Davis explained in his own book, about the reasons for the Civil War, he wrote that the resistance to the SPREAD of slavery was "the intolerable grievance".    

Think of that.  The intolerable grievance, the sin that could not be forgiven, was Kansas resistance to the spread of slavery.


  Davis wrote, in his own book, in context, that the resistance to the spread of slavery -- into Kansas  -- was intolerable.   When Davis wrote this, Kansas had already voted 90% against slavery.

Davis insisted Kansas could not reject slavery, by "logic" of Dred Scott decision, which ordered -- yes ordered -- blacks not be seen as human beings, not persons.

Very clear -- and Lincoln exposed this about 50 times, almost in every speech from 1857 on.  Davis was boasting blacks were not humans and Kansas therefore could not keep them out -- they were property. Nothing but property.


 THE CONSTITUTION (in other words, we on SCOTUS) see blacks not as human, but as property.  Further, the federal government must protect slavery.  Lincoln had to obey that, until the undid the shit, by 13th Amendment. 
The Dred Scott decision, as Davis made clear, ordered the federal government to protect slavery, even in areas that voted against slavery.

So Southern leaders did not dare say they gave a shit about state's rights at this point.   The excuse, suddenly, was that Kansas citizens, Kansas legislature, not even the federal Congress, could keep slavery out.

THE SCOTUS had just decided slavery.  And oh, by the way, we order the federal government to protect slavery, even in areas that were against slavery.

 Remember, those boasting of killing to spread slavery, were not some drunks. They were the US Senator, and his men.  Their own documents.  Their own publications.

And Jeff Davis himself, along with other top Confederates, boasted about it, one way or another. 

I can't help it that  your teacher didn't tell you.

Let that percolate.  Davis did not say Kansas citizens wanted slavery, or that Kansas citizens  held a fraudulent vote.  Davis said Kansas citizens, nor their legislature, nor Congress, could deny slavery. In fact, Kansas MUST respect and protect slavery.

And his logic -- God gave the black race to the white race, to enslave.  Blacks were "so inferior" they were not persons, not human beings, for purposes of the Constitution.

Davis was clear -- Kansas must not just allow slavery, but respect and protect slavery.  Clear too, about his logic -- blacks were not persons, and could not be seen as persons.

Did anyone ever tell you that?   Did anyone ever tell you the logic of Southern War Ultimatums, was that blacks are not human beings?  But by decree -- inferior beings.


Lincoln, however, said this over, and over.  Dred Scott was part of the ruse, to make blacks not human beings, but property.   He said that, over and over in one way or another.  
Was he wrong?   No -- Davis boasted of it. Lincoln and many people said this -- Dred Scott decision was to make    blacks into NOT HUMAN BEINGS.  

Davis said that -- but he was proud of it.

Not one text book, and not one Pulitzer Prize winning book about Lincoln or Davis, saw fit to include this basic fact, as important enough to make clear.  James McPherson used the words "Southern Ultimatums"  but could not bring himself to tell the read what the fuck those ultimatums were. 

Go read McPherson. Go on. Not one word about the basic justification for attacks and war ultimatums, was that blacks are not human beings.  

Go read Eric Foner -- that fucking idiot.  He claims Dred Scott was "a narror ruling"  about Congress's inability to decide slavery in Kansas.  Fucking idiot, Dred Scott decision itself was clear -- BLACKS ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS by order of the court.

And then, Jeff Davis boasted of that.  Davis own book bragged that Dred Scott changed everything.   Maybe Foner could actually read Dred Scott decision, or Jeff Davis book, or Lincoln's statements in dozens of speeches.  Dred Scott was done to make slaves into property -- NOT HUMANS.

Did Foner, Catton, McPherson tell you that?  FUCK NOT.

You can't just go around hanging and torturing, nor can you go around issuing war ultimatums (see below) without bringing God and survival into it.  So, Southern leaders did just that.

Stephen A Douglas regularly, and with great fanfare, great emphasis,  used the "Nigger will sleep with your daughter" argument, but you could not possibly know that, from any US text book.  Not one mentions it, much less show how powerful and violent the arguments were about this. 

In an informal quick survey (we are conducting a more systematic survey) of text books and major prize winning biographies of Lincoln, we found no US textbooks even mentioned that Lincoln was hated North and South for being a "radical" for equality for the "Nigger"  who wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".


"You really don't know Lincoln, unless you know what ISIS like bastards he was up against.  US text books don't tell you about the religious lunatics, violent fucks, and sociopaths Lincoln had to defeat, to end slavery." 

Why would Northern papers call Lincoln a "Negro worshipper"?

Why would Stephen A Douglas, repeatedly, loudly, claim Lincoln was obsessed with equality for the "Nigger"  and wants your daughter to "sleep with Niggers"?

Why would Southern crowds cheer, and sometimes lynch or torture people, when told Lincoln was going to "exterminate" the white race by stopping the spread of slavery.


Let me repeat that -- Lincoln, they said, was going to exterminate the white race, just by stopping the spread of slavery.


Southern leaders claimed Lincoln -- and anyone else -- who even spoke against the SPREAD of slavery, was really out to destroy the South, and would exterminate the white race by this "Ungodly"   resistance to slavery.

Slavery was "OF GOD"  and to be against slavery, was to be against GOD himself, said the Texas official Declaration of secession.   Individual Southern leaders claimed they would like to see every Yankee dead, because of the "heritic belief that slavery is wrong.

The North, said Southern documents, was committing a "grave sin"  just to be against the SPREAD of slavery.

Why?   Because GOD ordained slavery, and the white race will be destroyed- -your daughter will sleep with "Niggers" as Douglas said repeatedly.

NO one even mentioned this.This is the hysteria of the era -- pumped up by men like Jefferson Davis, Robert Toombs, Stephen A Douglas  and others, in the North.


Go on, ask a "historian" or even a  history teacher about this.  They won't know what you are talking about, first, because they get their information from books, not original sources -- from Southern speeches, Southern newspapers, Southern sermons, Southern documents, Southern declarations.

But they will still pretend they know all this, then say "Oh I never said it was not a factor, sure, it was a factor, but there is a multitude of factors....."

Blah blah blah.   Southern leaders THEMSELVES said why the killed and tortured.  Not me. Southern leaders themselves wrote their War Ultimatums, not me.   Southern leaders themselves boasted and promised to keep killing till slavery was spread. 

This is the kind of basic shit you never heard of, because Southern school boards sure as hell was not going to allow this in the national text books.   Texas was, and still is, the state most responsible for US text book printing, and due to the school boards there, editing.

Nothing true and horrible about Southern leaders -- like their boasting of killing to spread slavery, boasting that anyone against slavery should be in prison, boasting they would keep killing till slavery was in all of the US.

Let me guess, no one told you Jeff Davis himself boasted he would like to see, by force or Confderate arms, invasion of the North and capture of all blacks there, and make them slaves, too.

Well, we show you that  -- but there is so, so much more.  And you never had a clue.
 New York paper Making fun of Lincoln for his "worship" of the Negro.  Lincoln said blacks were equal to whites under the law, any black is equal to any white.  Go read the Lincoln Douglas full debates, not the edited bullshit.
One paper in New York suggested Lincoln should obey Southern War Ultimatums -- did you even know Southern leaders made specific  War Ultimatums?  

The War Ultimatums -- Kansas (already a free state by this time)  must respect and protect slavery. Not just accept it, but RESPECT slavery and PROTECT slavery.

Kansas was a free state by then.

Should Lincoln obey that? FUCK NO.  Did he?  FUCK NO.

Are you even told about Southern War Ultimatums?  Southern leaders were quite proud of them at the time.   Why not show the War Ultimatums in US text books?  




As you will see below, no one spoke more powerfully against slavery, and for equality under the law, than Lincoln.  Yes, at times, in some places, he parsed words. He spoke carefully, or he would have been shot sooner.

But read his full speeches, not this bullshit out of context crap, were Lincoln parsed words in one sentence, but then kicked ass in the next sentence. 

Tellingly, those who trash Lincoln always leave out one of two things -- context, or the full speech.

No one who ever went to a Lincoln speech, left confused.  Lincoln was going to kick slavery in the ass as soon as possible.  Not only was slavery vile shit, but the men pushing to spread slavery were lying bastards  using violence and subterfuge. 

We perish as a country -- or slavery perishes  I don't expect us to perish.
__LINCOLN'S HOUSE DIVIDED SPEECH____________________

Everyone heard of Lincoln's "House Divided Speech".  But your history teacher acts like Lincoln is bemoaning the fact the country is divided over slavery.

Fuck no.  Lincoln's house divided speech -- and he gave versions of it repeatedly -- was about one thing: how  Southern leaders conspired by means "foul and more foul" to spread slavery.

Specifically, LIncoln focuses, in nearly every speech he ever gave after 1854, the Kansas Act, as the "first bit of machinery"   in a concerted effort to spread slavery.  

Remember that, because David Rice Atchison is the US Senator, with Stephen A Douglas, who got Kansas Act passed.

Meanwhile, Southern leaders were saying Lincoln was going to exterminate the white race.  So in the North, Lincoln was accused of wanting your daughters to sleep with "Niggers'  and in the South, Lincoln was accused of destroying the white race.

Equality for the negro -- the hate mongers would drive the point home -- means your daughters, your wife, and your life, would be with "Niggers" allowed to roam where they wanted, have sex with who they wanted, marry who they wanted.

To be for those positions, at the time, got you killed. Remember that. Abolitionist was a dirty word in 90% of white America, including the North. In the South, abolitionist were "of the devil"


Generally, historians never even mention this. If they dare mention it, it's in a sentence or two, toward the back of the books, and never shown to be the central and spoken issue of the day.

Lincoln, though, gave over 2000 speeches, for  years, that's all he did, go place to place, speaking against slavery, and arguing for equality under the law

Yes, he had to parse words at times, but read the full speeches. Holy fuck, once Lincoln got going, he kicked ass.  The lowest slave woman is equal to me, and equal to Judge Douglas, and equal to ANY man.

Why the fuck not quote Lincoln there?

Lincoln gets back in politics, because of KANSAS ACT

  But not only did Lincoln mention Southern subterfuge and deceit in spreading slavery into Kansas, he specifically said  the KANSAS ACT -- passed by Atchison himself, was the South's effort to push slavery into Kansas and beyond.


How fucking stupid are "history teachers"  that, not only don't they know Lincoln got back into politics because of what David Rice Atchison did -- they don't even fucking know what the hell David Rice Atchison did!

And Atchison was boasting of it. 


But of course, history teachers are not stupid. They only know what they are told.  Since the very beginning of US text book publishing, Southern crybabies and liars, have made sure nothing gets in text books, that shows how fucking ISIS like, violent, and proud Southern leaders were -- with the focus to SPREAD SLAVERY.



Funny thing is --  Southern leaders agreed with Lincoln. Kansas Act was the start of spreading slavery into millions of square miles, it was off limits before.  It was off limits before, because Southern leaders made slavery "open" in millions of square miles in the South, by Mexican War, and then demanding more land, in the "COMPROMISE OF 1850".

There was never a compromise -- Southern leaders made demands, they were met, and called compromises.

Lincoln asked, in one of the Lincoln Douglas debates --"What compromises"   We should have always taught how Southern leaders, again, and again, and again, promised violence if slavery was not spread.

Each time, they got what they demanded.  Each time, they came back and demanded -- not suggested -- more.  And if you don't fucking believe that, read Southern War Ultimatums

But when any "historian" even bothers to comment on Lincoln's hundreds of accusations that the South was trying to "nationalize" slavery, like the idiot y others -- including SOUTHERNERS bragging about it.  The South was in no ways sorry or ashamed of Kansas Act, remember, David Atchison boasted he passed Kansas Act, and boasted he went to Kansas and used men to invade Kansas, and kill, terrorize, to push slavery West.

Lincoln was not guessing or dreaming up some conspiracy, because Southern leaders cited those two exact things -- Kansas Act and Dred Scott decision, as justification for invasion of Kansas, and justification for Southern War Ultimatums (See Jeff Davis own book, and see more in this  blog). 

Southern leaders -- already, from 1856, before Lincoln even ran for Senate -- were boasting they were spreading slavery and would continue to kill and torture,  until slavery was spread to the Pacific, even spread into places that were already free states. And the Kansas Act was the specific justification, then Dred Scott came along, and they of course used that, too.

In fact, Dred Scott decision came about because Atchison could not get enough people killed, fast enough.  He predicted a quick victory in Kansas against civilians, with his armed men, but it did not work that way.

So Southern leaders had to justify Atchison's killings after his initial efforts failed.  Jeff Davis himself claimed Dred Scott justified everything Atchison did.  Did you know that?

No one told you that, did they?

So when Lincoln said slavery will spread everywhere -- or it will end -- he was not kidding.  Southern leaders said the same thing, before and after Lincoln gave House DIvided Speech.

See, facts matter.

No one mentions that, not in any US textbook.  So it's impossible to know what Lincoln actually faced, from those text books, which have been whitewashed since text books started, to the satisfaction of Southern state school boards, mostly Texas.

In fact it seems wacky, when you first hear that Southern leaders were killing and torturing, and boasting of it, to spread slavery into areas that were already free states. But that was well known at the time. Lincoln wrote and spoke about it, but oddly, that's not given any credence in US text books. Those kinds of things, Southern school boards would not allow in books.  Not ever. Not once. 

Lincoln was not that blunt, in public. In letters, yes, he was far more blunt.  But in public, Lincoln spoke a much kinder and more diplomatic tone.  Yet stopping the spread of cancer (slavery was a cancer, that would kill the hose, or be killed if it could not spread) was always the central point Lincoln made.  

Slavery was vile - it was a cancer, it would either destroy the US, or the US would destroy it.


What most people today, even "historians", don't get, is how violent Southern lunatics were, and how they were proud of it.

Slave owners tortured women, sold children, and were PROUD that they did what GOD wanted.  If we taught history honestly, everyone would know this ISIS like lunacy of Southern leaders. But we teach none of that.

Jefferson Davis, and others, were used to getting what they wanted -- spread of slavery, over and over -- by violence and threats. Every single time South spread slavery, they did it by violence.  There was no exception.

  Jeff Davis. 

Ulysis Grant quoted Jeff Davis proud claim that he would "wipe up all the blood" spilled below the Mason Dixon line, with his handkerchief.   

This is typical of the bravado and macho duck dance, Southern leaders always did. 

David Rice Atchison predicted all the South had to do, was a quick show of force, and they would get to spread slavery, as they always had before, by force, into Kansas and beyond.  Give me 5000 men, Atchison boasted, and I will kill every abolitionist in Kansas.  

Pollard, boasting.  Just voting for someone who was against slavery, was "a declaration of war" against the South

"We will annihilate from our shores".  As events proved, 90% of Kansas citizens were against slavery. Atchison tried to spread slavery there anyway, with quick show of violence.

It almost worked. 


And Atchison would have killed them all,  if he had been able to  hire 5000 reliable men, instead of about 1000 unreliable men, there only for the money.

See below, for actual speech promising war.  They were not kidding, and they delivered the violence they boasted about.

There was no desire on part of the North for a war against the violent, ISIS like South.  

Only one man tried to fight the South, in the South, John Brown, and he was caught in an hour, and hung in a week.

Who did Frederick Douglass admire more?    John Brown, his personal friend, or Abraham Lincoln?

Surprisingly to folks today, Douglass made it very clear, Brown actually harmed the push for equality and freedom.  Why?  John Brown's raid caused a massive backlash in the South -- because Brown played right into the hands of those who claimed Lincoln would exterminate the white race. 

 Speech by US Senator, bragging about killing to spread slavery, calling it a war "For the entire South"  1956. More important than any speech Lincoln made, and Lincoln makes no sense, unless you know what the hell was going on, like this. 

We will be destroyed as a country, or slavery will be destroyed, is the  blunt version of Lincoln's House DIvided Speech, which drove Southern leaders crazy.   Lincoln did not overtly threaten anyone -- Southern leaders issued macho threats and promises of death, Lincoln was not about to get into a macho man trade of threats with them.

But that is how Southern leaders took Lincoln's House Divided Speech, and Lincoln gave that speech, or used the idea from it, in many of his speeches. 

 Jeff Davis used his friend (yes, Stephen Douglas was personal friends with Jeff Davis) to scare Lincoln off the national state.

Lincoln didn't scare that easy, as you will see. 

Douglas knew which cities in Illinois he could call Lincoln a "Nigger lover" --or other such epitaph  - and which he could not.   The cities Douglas could call Lincoln "obsessed with equality"  included Quincy Alton, and Charleston.

Quincy papers spoke of Douglas going into his "nigger rant" against Lincoln, which no one was surprised about, except maybe your history teacher. 

Douglas made it a point, before the debate began, to tell the crowd he saw Lincoln with Frederick Douglass, and a white woman, in a carriage.  That was a direct enticement to violence, and not the first time Douglas said such things, nor the last. 

No one told you this, but Stephen A Douglas taunted Lincoln to his face, and all but urged the white males in the audience to attack Lincoln.  

Douglas's "rant about Niggers and Lincoln"  was covered in newspapers at the time, but not even mentioned now.   

Douglas used that  hate and fear to excite the crowd, and to scare Lincoln.  He was not just exercising his jaw.  The basic message to the crowd was always "Lincoln is a dangerous abolitionist who wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

Entirely overlooked now. 




 Others were attacked -- in fact, Stephen A Douglas sat a few feet away from US Senator Sumner as he was beaten on the Senate floor, for speaking too powerfully against slavery.

Douglas, papers reported at the time, almost predicted Sumner would be beaten, and seemed pleased as the beating took place. Douglas used the same type of rhetoric against Sumner, as he did against Lincoln. 

Sumner was beaten -- 10 feet from Douglas's chair -- nearly to death, 34 wackes in the head with a  heavy gold cane.   The cane was and still is, shown as a bit of bravery in the South

 Sumner being beaten in US SENATE

Some of the men watching, are laughing.
Douglas reportedly was amused. 

Two years later, Douglas was once again essentially threatening Lincoln, by telling the crowd all kinds of things, like Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

How did Lincoln handle that?  See the video.  

Go on, to learn how LIncoln handled those kinds of charges, SEE THE VIDEO. You won't know unless you do, cause no one told you any of this in school.

Nor are you told, either, that Stephen A Douglas won --because Douglas was able to scare the voters re Lincoln's love for the "Nigger"  and the danger of being against just the spread of slavery.  
You hear this nonsense about Douglas being for "right of the people to choose".   Sounds nice, and stupidly historians have accepted Douglas public con game.  But behind the scenes, as Lincoln knew, and so many others did too, Douglas had helped Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison force, or try to force, slavery into Kansas.

Douglas did beat Lincoln for Senate; Douglas's  enemy in the Senate (Charles Sumner) was in a coma for six months.  And thousands of people would die, before the violent men who promised killing sprees, and actually committed killing sprees, were defeated. 

Douglas fear and hate mongering, worked,  because he stayed in the Senate, and was able to help his friends Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison behind the scenes as Chairman of the House and Senate Committee on Kansas.

 This led directly to the Civil War.  Lincoln could not overcome the stigma of his "Nigger Worship"  as New York paper called it.

So how does a "Nigger worshiper"  who "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  end  up being called all kinds of bad things later?

This same man -- Stephen A Douglas -- repeatedly and dramatically told crowd after crowd that Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

Southern newspapers were even worse -- "Lincoln will destroy the white race"  Lincoln will make your children work besides blacks, your daughters sleep with blacks, etc etc.

Every politician who was against slavery got this kind of treatment -- Lincoln just got it a lot worse.  He got it in person, spoken by the most powerful speaker of the day -- Stephen A Douglas.

 You have not heard any of this, UNTIL NOW.


You didn't have to be a slave owner to be afraid of Lincoln -- North and South, liars like Stephen A Douglas, many newspapers, and almost all Southern leaders, made damn sure  you saw Lincoln as giving away your daughter to a "Nigger".


Above all Lincoln was EFFECTIVE.

100 years of textbook bullshit. 

 For over 100 years, US textbooks were essentially written by Southern school boards, because they made sure none of the stuff that showed how ISIS like, how violent,  and how cowardly, Southern leaders were.   It's ironic-  (not really) -- that those who pushed for killing and torturing and war to spread slavery (yes, they pushed and got a war to spread slavery, as you will see), were personal cowards.  One of the many facts that never made it into any US text book.



When you show the speeches by Southern leaders to most folks, they will say "Oh that's just one guy".  Fuck no, it's not one guy, it's dozens of speeches, documents, and war ultimatums.   

And these are the top leaders, not some nut in a bar.

Jeff Davis boasting of spreading slavery into the North by force of arms.

NO one told you.

Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery.

No one told you.

The fact anyone who dared be against spread of slavery was called a "Nigger lover"  who wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

No one told you.

 Remember that.

 If Abraham Lincoln boasted about killing and torturing anyone, I'm sure Southern school boards would put that in their math books, their biology books, and their first grade readers.

But for their own leaders boasting of killing, boasting of torturing, boasting of spreading slavery for GOD -- go look for it. It seems bizarre because, that entire aspect of US history is whitewashed. If they mention it at all, it's in Orwellian double speak or vague phrases in the back of some book, without attributing names or context.


Yes, Lincoln was going to "destroy the white race"  by being against the violent spread of slavery.  And yes, the spread of slavery was violent.


This sounds goofy if you did not know, the excuse by those who were killing and terrorizing to spread slavery (see below)  claimed the white race would "perish" if we can't spread slavery to the  rest of the USA.

Did you know about this?  Hell no

But the killing and promises of endless killing to spread slavery, was common knowledge at the time.  


ABE LINCOLN --- who helped more?

In fact, Frederick Douglass only knew one white man more dedicated than Lincoln to end slavery and make blacks equal under the law -- that other man was John Brown.

But Brown gave his life for no effective improvement of any black life.  He was caught within a few  hours, and hung in a week.  Few slaves even knew who he was, but were hated and feared even more, because of Brown's ineffective way?
John  Brown was hung by the neck until dead for his efforts. Lincoln would get a bullet to the brain for his efforts.  But Lincoln was effective, and Frederick Douglass cared about that, most of all.


It would do the world, the country, and Lincoln, no good, to be killed, like others were, earlier than he was.    As Frederick Douglass himself pointed out, LIncoln had to parse words at times.  


"It mattered little to us what language he might employ on special occasions, it mattered to us, when we fully knew him, whether he was swift or slow in his [actions] "



TORTURE. Not sorta-- the punishment was torture.

So from 1820's on, Southern states wrote "anti-incendiary laws"-- and when Southern leaders send killers to Kansas in 1856, the first thing they did, was to make it a crime to speak or publish newspapers against slavery.   Not one person in the USA was surprised that Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery in Kansas, they had done exactly that for a generation already, in the South.

To be fair -- the South did warn the North that they would have to make it a crime to publish articles against slavery --see this from Congressional record, 1836.  And soon after, they did indeed, in Virginia, pass such laws...

Closer look..

Not long after -- since the North refused to make it against the law to write against slavery in North, anything which might make it to the South, the state of Virginia did indeed to exactly that -- made it a crime to have or publish or EVEN SPEAK against slavery.

See this.

All other slave states passed similiar laws, and citizens could be tortured -- even preachers could be tortured, for just owning the wrong book. Very ISIS like.

Guess who knew that? 

Lincoln. And Frederick Douglass.  And most people alive in 1840s - 1860 in the USA.   

But no one told you, because it's not even mentioned, much less emphasized, in US text books.   But nothing came close to perpetuating slavery, and expanding slavery, than making it a crime to speak or write against it.


Since no one told you shit about this- - you had no idea people were still being arrested, even killed, for speaking against slavery, in most of the USA in the 1850s.

In all of the South, in all of the slave states and in the Kansas Territories, slave power had made it a crime to speak or write anything against slavery, on the bullshit claim that to do so would "dissatisfy"  a slave.

Slaves, said Southern leaders, including Jeff Davis, were "contented laborers"   and only became "discontent"  if the "lie of freedom was whispered in their ears".

Blacks, of course, could not read, and it was a crime to teach them to do so. It was also a crime for them to meet together off the slave plantation, or to preach against slavery themselves.

Slave power was not that concerned about BLACKS hearing things against slavery in the press, or in books, or in speeches.   But to allow whites to speak or write against slavery -- that is how slavery ended in the North.

You either made it a crime to speak or write against slavery, and made it a crime to preach against slavery, or slavery was going to end. 

And the Southern leaders knew it.

Whites were still being killed for speaking against slavery, when Lincoln was in politics -- and unless you know that, you don't have a damn clue how bad ass Lincoln was to go to Kansas, or even to speak in Charleston, or Quincy or Alton.

Lincoln's friend's brother was killed in Alton Illinois for speaking (writing) anti slavery newspaper.   Later, Southerners made it a crime in Kansas to speak or write against slavery, too.

You are not told any of this, at all. But this is the shit Lincoln had to deal with.



You hear or read all this shit by "scholars" who claim Lincoln was reluctant or hesitant or had to be dragged into ending slavery.    These stupid bastards never tell you, and do not see to know, how amazing Lincoln was, when you understand where he was, and when he was.

Some "scholars" will name abolitionist like Garrison,  and others, and claim Lincoln fell short of their dedication to end slavery.  Fucking idiots.  None of those -except John Brown -- dared even travel to where Lincoln went, or spoke to crowds Lincoln spoke to.

Not only do they not seem to grasp Lincoln was doing what no one dared do (except Brown, who was quickly killed for it), but they refuse to give Lincoln's full quotes or full speeches.  While Lincoln did parse words at times -- necessary to stay alive as you will see -- he kicked ass if you read the full speeches. Leaving out the full and clear meanings  lets these dumb fucks lay out the bullshit.   They don't exactly lie, they just don't include all the basic facts.

Lincoln speaking in Kansas is one example.



Did you know Lincoln went to Kansas, and spoke there, AFTER Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery.  Has your history teacher, any movie, any documentary, anyone every told you about that?

NO. There is no known text book in US that even mentions Lincoln went to Kansas, and related that to Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison's "bogus legislature" (a violent group sent to Kansas to pass anti free speech laws).

Since you don't know all slave states made it a crime to preach or speak publically or write publicly against slavery, and you don't know Davis sent Atchison to Kansas, where he made the most violent punishment-- death --the effective "remedy" to stop speech against slavery,  you can't know then, how bad ass Lincoln was.

 You need all the facts, to make a reasonable narrative. You don't get all the facts, if these "experts" leave out how violent, (systematic violence) the South was, and how Lincoln and others were killed by the kind of violence -- the violence against SPEECH.


It takes a special kind of stupid for "experts" to belittle or minimize Lincoln - notice if you read them, not one of them mentions Lincoln got a bullet in the brain, precisely because of his "radical" speech.

The speech Lincoln gave -- was about voting rights for some blacks --  just after the unofficial end of Civil War.  Booth heard Lincoln give that speech about possible voting rights, and changed the plan from kidnap to kill.

No one told you that, did they?






If you don't know even US Senators were attacked, on and off the Senate floor, one was beaten almost to death, for speaking about things Lincoln spoke about, you don't know shit.



The main problem in US history -- Southern cry babies and liars have made damn sure no one says anything horrible about their leaders. 

Southern war ultimatums? No mention.

SOuthern leaders sending killers to Kansas and calling it war to spread slavery?  No mention.

Southern leaders bragging they were just doing the will of God to punish the black man for biblical sins?  No mention.



Lovejoy killed in Illinois.
Lincoln would appoint his brother to Attorney General. 


Southern leaders said Lincoln would not just have your daughters "sleep with Niggers"  but that Lincoln and "black republicans"  would destroy the white race,  by allowing black men to "be with"  white women.

Did the politicians who said such things believe them?  Did LIncoln "want" your daughters to sleep with this person or that?

Was Lincoln going to destroy the white race?   Who knows if they believed it -- or not. The point is, they used this kind of fear and hate mongering against Lincoln, and he had to deal it.



Lincoln's friend -- Lovejoy - was killed, very likely burned to death -- in his print shop, by a crowd who hated him for being too blunt about equality. Anyone against slavery faced the same charge -- you want black men to "sleep with and marry" white women.

That was always the rant, the appeal to white men.  Not that slavery was good, but that black men, if freed, would take your wife or daughter.

And it worked.  The appeal to be afraid your daughter, or wife, would take up, or "be with" or be raped, was the nerve which men like Stephen A Douglas, and many others, stabbed again and again, to get or keep political power.

This basic aspect of that era, is 100% white washed from any US text book.  Yet nothing came close to as central to Lincoln's opponents, and how the attacked him, and beat him, for Senate in 1858.

No one told you that, did they?   The central issue of 1854,  1856, 1858, and 1860 elections, was black men taking white women.  


Get the full story. Not the edited bullshit partial story.  Like Lincoln's political enemies calling him "Negro Worshipper" who is "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".

No one told you.  It's  not even hinted at in your history text books, but was - by far --the major issue of Lincoln's attempt to get into the Senate.   His opponents all but urged his assassination or physical assault (yes, really) by this approach -- and it worked. Lincoln lost the race for Senate, and never did get a majority of votes, even for President.  

"Mr Lincoln is obsessed with equality for the Nigger" 

No one ever told you -- did they -- that Lincoln was hated in much of the North, and attacked in public repeatedly, to his face, that he was "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".

IN fact, no one told you, either, that Lincoln was "obsessed" with equality from 1846 on. Nor do they show  you his full quotes, full speeches, or tell you of his full actions.

 Did you know LIncoln, as freshman Congressmen, stood up to President Polk, and called Polk out, for invading Mexico, and stealing their land (which he did) for the South's efforts to double the size of slavery?

Did you even know many considered (rightly) that the slave owning President, according to Frederick Douglass, had made up the war to double the size of land for slavery?   

Lincoln agreed.   No one ever told you that, either?  It would be almost 20 years before Lincoln and Frederick Douglass met. 



nor does the idea even creep into, US text books.....

Lincoln had to deal with that -- and he did.  This is a perfect example of  how Lincoln dealt with it, see the video.




Detractors game -- is to quote Lincoln out of context, and ignore his actions.

You can pull up 500 Lincoln quotes, in about 2 seconds.  Fine.  Get all Lincoln quotes, there are plenty that kick ass-- 

But quotes won't do it -- you need context, and his full actions.  Get his letters to Joshua Speed, get his actions refusing to obey Southern War Ultimatums. Get the full picture.  Get the full Lincoln Douglas debates.


Every "history teacher" I ever met, insists they know the Lincoln Douglas debates well, and read them all.  

OH really, now?  I have yet to meet one history teacher that even knows that Douglas accused Lincoln, over and over, with great emphasis, of wanting your daughters to sleep with Niggers.

Nor do they know that Douglas was emphatic - and gave evidence for - LIncoln's obsession with equality.


How the hell did they miss that in Lincoln Douglas debates?  Because they skimmed it, that's how.




1856  1856 1856




. David Rice Atchison boasted of it.   He made his own war ultimatums, in his own speeches and writings.  We will kill until we have slavery to the Pacific.

Atchison even told his men, they would be "amply paid" and could keep anything they stole from the houses they looted.


WTF?  Was Frederick Douglass stupid?   Did he not know about Lincoln's letter to Greeley at New York Times? (Yes, he knew, he ran it in his own paper).   See more about that famous letter, below...

Yes of course Douglass knew, and he knew the "full measure" of Lincoln, not the edited or out of context bullshit.

And more, Douglass knew what was going on at the time. 

Lincoln was called  "obsessed with equality for the Nigger" -- repeatedly, loudly, proudly, in public, to his face, by the most powerful speaker of that generation.   And no one ever bothered to tell you. 

Not in any text book. Not one text book. Let me repeat that, not one single text book in US, has ever made it clear, Lincoln was repeatedly, emphatically, to his face, charged again and again, with "obsession for equality for the Nigger".

But those text books will include partial quotes, out of context,  by Lincoln, to claim Lincoln didn't really care, or Lincoln was reluctant.

Bullshit -- Lincoln was reluctant, okay, reluctant to get his head smashed in, or a get a bullet to the brain, any sooner than he did. And such things did befall folks who, even in Illinois, were perceived as too radical for the "black man"  because the "black man" wanted to "sleep with, be with, your daughter".

Black men. Would take. Your wife. Your daughter.

Lincoln would "slowly burn us to death"  by not allowing the spread of slavery. That's right, very clear, just not allowing the spread of slavery -- was like burning us to death.

The open letters to the public by other Southern governers, much the same thing. Lincoln would destroy the WHITE RACE, just by not allowing us to spread slavery.

That was the big fear, and Southern leaders jumped up and down on that raw never. Lincoln was vile -- he was destroying the white race, don't believe him that he does not intend to force the South to give up slavery.  He will destroy us, just by trying to keep slavery out of the rest of the country.

Were you ever told? FUCK NO. 

Go on, go find any text book that mentions it, much less shows what a BFD that meme of Lincoln being obsessed with equality was, and the impact it had on how he stayed alive, and how he hoped to win elections despite the hateful physical attacks on others, including his friends, and the threats to him personally.

No one told you that, did they?.

And that was in the NORTH -- remember that.



In the South, Lincoln was accused of destroying the white race.  Southern editors and leaders boasted that electing Lincoln -- or anyone against the spread -- yes spread -- of slavery was like an ACT OF WAR.

Did you ever see that in your history book. Electing anyone against the SPREAD of slavery was an act of war?   Think about that, think real hard. 

And they boasted of it, they did not admit it, they fucking boasted of it. And they were not bluffing. 

To understand those times, you either know, or you don't know,  how important it was that  Lincoln was regularly called "Nigger lover"  and "Negro Worshiper" by powerful people in the NORTH.  Not the South -- they were even worse.  

But in the NORTH, Lincoln was hated by the most powerful people in Washington, including US Senators Davis, Douglas, and David Rice Atchison, because he was"obsessed with equality for the Nigger".



Did Jefferson Davis hate Lincoln personally, did Stephen A Douglas?   Did Davis really believe God sent him the black race to enslave?   Did Davis really believe it was cruel to blacks NOT to enslave them?

No.   But Davis, Douglas, Atchison, Toombs, etc, got power, got status, got prestige, got money, from spouting such things.   Yet their followers, who believed this shit, were dangerous. God ordained slavery - the white race will be exterminated? - Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?

It worked.

All those things, and many more, Southern leaders shouted to crowds, said in 100 ways, and it worked.   Those who did that demagoguery got the leadership, got the presidency of confederacy, got to be US Senators.

Did Foner ever tell you that Lincoln was widely accused of being a "Nigger lover"?  Did McPherson, Catton?Did Ken Burns mention anything like it? 

No. Only one historian I know mentioned this basic aspect, and he did that rather late in one book, that book is " Lincoln and Douglas, by Allen Guelzo.

But even Guelzo presents the "Nigger rant" in an almost comical way, showing Douglas went from side to side of the stage shouting it, perhaps even drunk.   The "Nigger rant"  was always about white women being with,sleeping with, or walking with black women.

So even when this "Nigger rant" habit of Douglas is mentioned, you don't see it, or hear of it, in context of the killing sprees, the violence, the hangings and tortures.   Southern leaders hit this again, and again.  If we do not spread slavery, we will be equal to blacks, and we will be exterminated, or have to live in equality with them.

Unless you understand that -- you can not know or even imagine how fucking radical Lincoln was, to stand up, and push back, and claim in the most amazing powerful term, that "any slave is the equal of me any and man.....  she is my equal, and the equal of Judge Douglas.

Gee-- wonder why they never show those parts of the speech? Wonder why they don't show how fucking stunning Lincoln was, to push back against the "You want our daughters to sleep with Niggers" accusation.



Guess who knew Lincoln was called "Nigger lover" who wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".  Guess who knew what happened to men that were thusly accused (they could be killed).  

Frederick Douglass knew.  Lincoln knew. Stephen A Douglas knew, Jefferson Davis knew. 

Hell yes, Stephen A Douglas knew -- that's why he used this approach. That's why he brought it up, and spoke of it for hours, wove it into every speech.   This was the basic message of Stephen A Douglas  "Mr. Lincoln is radical and obsessed about equality, and would have your daughters sleep with Niggers".

 Every Southern leader knew the power of hate and fear by whites, of black men "sleeping with white women" --and how that would "exterminate the white race". Oddly, though, Southern leaders were not nearly as quick to shout "Nigger".  Douglas did that, very likely to show his Southern friends (like Jeff Davis) that he was worthy of their support of President and or Chairman of House and Senate Committee on Kansas.

This is so vile -so strange- - to our ears, but it was not strange or even unusual at the time.  Your "history books" just skim over it, or not mention it, at all.

ut if you read Southern books, Southern speeches, Southern newspapers, Southern documents, Southern letters, at the time, and if you know of the ongoing killing and torturing and terror used by the South -- proudly -- to spread slavery, you won't be so easily fooled by academic bullshitters like Foner and McPherson and others.  

But it was central to the times, to the elections, and to the nation.  How Lincoln was hated for being a "Nigger lover" and who wants your daughter to "sleep with Niggers"  was the very real, very powerful, and very dangerous meme -- that worked.

This has been whitewashed for at least 100 years.  Southern crybabies and liars have never allowed that stark, ugly truth into any US text book.

In fact, entire books, entire series of books, have painted LIncoln as a "racist who wanted to send blacks to Africa"   and paint Southern leaders as principled men who intended to end slavery.   Such bizzaro bullshit is accepted as rational, and worthy of merit.

Fuck that. Learn what the hell was going on.

To his face, repeatedly, the best speaker of the 19th century, beat Lincoln in a race for US Senate, by calling Lincoln "obsessed with equality for the Nigger" 
The reason it's important -- you are not taught the hatred and fear of black men, taking white women,  and how THAT was central to the Civil War.   Southern leaders made it very clear -- if they could not spread slavery, the white race would be destroyed.

The hate and fear pushed by Southern leaders, and by men like Stephen A Douglass, is simply not mentioned in any meaningful way, by any historian in the last 50 years. Whitewashed by bullshit. 


I was almost 60 years old, before I realized  historians, like most folks, are full of bullshit.  

Sadly, "historians"  are often afraid to praise Lincoln too much, lest they be accused of hero worship.  Others just trash Lincoln for attention.

Some trash Lincoln,  omit  his actions (like his amazing battle in Congress to stop the war with Mexico, and to prevent slavery in the territory we stole from Mexico).

Why not show that amazing story? 

Maybe some bullshitters want to "appear balanced"  -- and fuck all that. I'm still waiting for a biography of Lincoln that tells what he did.  You get maybe one or two sentences about Lincoln push back against US theft of land to spread slavery, and they dont even mention, Lincoln rightly accused the South and Polk of creating a war to spread slavery.

When you learn what Lincoln did --  and see what the fuck was going on -- it's hard to disagree with Frederick Douglass, paraphrased,  Lincoln was a bad ass, radical mother fucker.


Read any -- any -- US text book, you would never have a clue about that, or hardly a clue, from any Lincoln biography that I know of. 



These came from NORTHERN politicians and NORTHERN PRESS.  Bet no one told you that.  

Not sorta, not kinda.  That was the big hammer, the sometimes spoken clearly, sometimes spoken in code, told to demonize those who sought to end slavery. That too, is completely, 100%, absent from US text books.  

Even as early as 1890, "old timers" like one of the men who founded the GOP,   had to remind the public that at one time, abolitionist was a dirty word, on parr now with child molesters in some areas.  

Palmer also explained how vile and violent the south was.  Southern leaders used to brag -- before they lost the Civil War, that they would spread slavery anywhere they wanted, and Northern men would run away.   Jeff Davis himself said he could wipe up all the blood spilled in the South, if any way came because of the efforts to spread slavery.  He did not believe anyone would stand up to the manhood of the South, and he was nearly correct, until a man named John Brown proved them wrong, in Kansas,

You never heard of Southern leaders boasting of the killing, have you?  Nor boasting of how easy it would be to spread slavery where they wanted -- no one told you that, did they?

Really, this sounds absurd to people today, but it would be no surprise at the time. 



Who did what, to whom, is real history. All else is bullshit.

To get a narrative -- an overarching theme -- for a period in history, it should come as no surprise, that you need first to know facts -- most importantly, who killed who, and why.

If you approach US history from 1800 to 1865, but you don't know, care, or base your narrative on who killed who, and why, you don't know shit.  

Here is a basic important fact --Lincoln and other knew it, said it, and acted upon this truth.

You are not taught this --  slavery was always spread by violence.  Killers and the most cruel men, were hired, or volunteered to spread slavery.  Slavery never spread by consent of the white public, by vote, contrary to what you may assume.

In fact, where there was free speech, free press, and preachers were allowed to speak ill of slavery, slavery died.  The reason slavery ended in North -- it could be despised in public.  Books and newspapers could report the tortures, the rapes, the cruelty of the slave owners.

No one could do that in the South.  It was illegal.

No one even told you that much, did they?

This is what Lincoln had to  deal with - --- not the watered down nonsense that makes Southern leaders seem like rational men.

War ultimatums -- demanding Lincoln (the federal government)  help the spread of slavery into Kansas, which rejected slavery -- was irrational as hell.

 Their war ultimatums were were as nuts as anything you will ever learn in world history.  But it made perfect sense to Jeff Davis, who made it very clear, that was a war ultimatum.    He said the "intolerable grievance"  was the resistance to slavery in Kansas, even after Kansas became a free state by 90% vote.

The South knew Lincoln would not help them spread slavery by force.  It was not a serious demand, just posturing to stupid people.  Southern leaders created a toxic hate and fear filled narrative -- and had people hateful, fearful that their daughters would sleep with "Niggers" . 


STEPHEN A DOUGLAS  Speaking, making the case, a vote for Lincoln is a vote for your wife being with "Niggers" 

"The last time I came here to make a speech, while talking from the stand to you, people of Freeport,  I saw a carriage—and a magnificent one it was—drive up and take a position on the outside of the crowd; a beautiful young lady was sitting on the box-seat, whilst Fred Douglass and her mother reclined inside, and the owner of the carriage acted as driver. I saw this in your own town........ All I have to say on that subject is, that those of you who believe that the negro is your equal and ought to be on an equality with you socially, politically, and legally, have a right to entertain those opinions, and of course will vote for Mr. Lincoln.  (No, No, down with the Niggers)"
Papers often, even at the time, cleaned up "Nigger"  to "Negro", but some quoted Douglas verbatum. Douglas was well known for using "Nigger"  even on Senate floor,  and was admonished for it, repeatedly.   Even Southern Senators used the term "Negro"  in such settings., Not Stephen A Douglas. 

In the Charleston debate, Douglas, well aware of the fear of black men taking white women had in that city, screamed these things about Lincoln wanting your daughter to sleep with "Niggers"  as Douglas went from side to side of the stage. in the most dramatic way possible.

This was a basic approach Douglas used to some extent, in the debates, and when he spoke around the country without Lincoln being there. In some places he would be more extreme - some say he was drunk -- but always, in each speech, his goal was to get people to fear anyone who was against slavery.   

Douglass -- Frederick Douglass -- knew what Lincoln was up against.   


That was in the newspapers at the time, and was no surprise to anyone.  Fear of black man sleeping with your daughter and "being with" your wife, was the common retort to anyone who was against slavery.  And it worked.  

The fear and hate mongering by Douglas, worked very well.  Lincoln lost that election, and would have lost the Presidential election too, if the hate and fear mongers did not split the pro slavery vote three ways. 



Scaring the crap out of the males in the audience -- the only ones that could vote -- worked. Despite all his efforts,

  Lincoln had to use humor and much of his time, deflecting this claim he wanted "your daughters to sleep with Niggers"

 Lincoln lost to Douglas in the Senate race, and would have likewise lost in the Presidential race, but the pro-spread of slavery folks had three candidates. 

 Lincoln was the ONLY candidate against slavery, with the very mild platform of no spread of slavery.


White people were still being killed, even in the North for being "radical abolitionist"  .

Southern leaders BRAGGED blacks were subhuman, did you know that - or not? 

Southern leaders BRAGGED their "new nation" was based on the "great moral and scientific truth" that blacks were inferior beings, not human beings like whites.  

But Lincoln is the bad guy?



"Lincoln would have taken a bullet to the brain, much sooner than he did, if he was not careful what he said --what  good would a dead Lincoln do, in 1856?"


Yes, Lincoln did parse words -- but read the full speeches.


The Southern War Ultimatums -- printed first in Richmond papers, with headline "THE TRUE ISSUE".

How war ultimatums appeared in Douglass's paper.

Full text of Southern paper

The TRUE ISSUE -- and their war ultimatums, were that Lincoln allow the spread of slavery into Kansas, and Kansas "accept and respect slavery."

The WAR ultimatum, let that sink in WAR ULTIMATUM -- that Kansas accept and respect slavery.

Kansas had REJECTED slavery and become a free state, and by a 95% vote!!   Do you grasp that?   FUCKING HELL.

No one told you -- ever -- that Southern War Ultimatums demanded a free state turn into a slave state. Did they? You never heard that? FUCK NO.

It would help if US text books mentioned it- - so all the US would know what scum sucking pigs and lunatic Confederate leaders were.  

COnfederate leaders didn't suggest it, didn't say it would be preferable.  They said in writing the war ultimatums.


They were not fucking bluffing.  They issued their war ultimatums, Lincoln would not obey, and they attacked.  They were already killing in Kansas, anyway.


Lincoln did evolve-- on his awareness how he could kill slavery so bad, for the next 150 years, Southern leaders would deny the very things they bragged about then.


Lincoln called "Negro Worshiper"  by New York papers.



Every high school history teacher can tell you about Lincoln's letter to Greeley, where LIncoln says if he could save the union without freeing and slaves, he would.

Sounds horrible?

Why would Lincoln write that letter to Greeley??

Actually, Lincoln did NOT write that letter to Greeley  -- he wrote to the border states, via Greeley, because Lincoln knew that in 24-48 hours, most people that mattered would read his letter to "Greeley".

More about that, below.

Meanwhile, Southern leaders are killing to spread slavery, bragging about it, and that's fine. Lincoln is the bad guy?  Seriously?

Remember, Southern leaders were BRAGGING they were killing to spread slavery.  And LIncoln is the bad guy because he, at that time, spoke about Union? 

He fucking had to.  A few more days, and those Southern states go with Jeff Davis. Do you grasp that or not?




Killing the God of Slavery. Lincoln's final gesture


No one seems to grasp this now -- but once Lee surrendered, do you know that no Southern leader, not one, not for the next 150 years, ever claimed that bullshit again, about God intended slavery, intended slaves be tortured (yes, they claimed that before, often) and that God wanted white men to enslave the black race.

That all stopped -- instantly.  An amazing difference.  Blacks were still beaten, some were in slavery illegally, many of the horrible things continued.

But that "God of slavery" was a very real God-- at least used daily by Southern leaders.   Lincoln killed that excuse.


Plus Lincoln's actions.  Have you ever heard about his "radical" actions from 1846-65?

Douglass knew all these.  Did anyone bother to mention them, to you?


The fact you do not know this -- everyone knew it in 1850's -- show how whitewashed the Dred Scott decision has been, we now teach it as something about "citizenship"  and Congress can not decide slavery "issues" in the territories.

As Jefferson Davis said -- Dred Scott was about blacks as persons or not. They are not persons, specifically they are not persons.

John Brown lasted about two hours, in Virginia, kicking slavery in the ass his way. Then he was hung, and so were his sons.

His other son already got killed, back in Kansas.

Lincoln fought a bit smarter -- and got the job done.



People  were arrested in the South, just for owning the wrong  book-- even preachers were arrested.

The article claims the South is the most moral, religious, and contented law abiding people on earth.   But those abolitionist are against God, against religion, against decency, and should be hung.  

The US Senator from Missouri boasted in his speech, he would kill to spread slavery, and kill to stop folks from speaking openly against slavery. That's not from some nut -- that was a US Senator boasting of it.

Those against slavery are against human virture, against modesty, they "must be hung or put in the penitentary" or the South will secede at once.


Frederick Douglass knew about articles like this -- because he reprinted them, in his own paper.

So Douglas knew the dangers to Lincoln -- and he knew Lincoln was trying to win elections, to get support of folks who thought blacks were sorta dogs that could talk and walk upright.  Lincoln lost elections BECAUSE Douglas appealed over and over to fear and hate of blacks.

You probably didn't even learn, the United States Supreme Court  ordered --  yes ordered -- that blacks be seen as NOT human beings (not persons)  but as property.

That is why LIncoln spent every day, for years, going around telling folks the South has set things in motion to spread slavery into all of the US, by Kansas Act, and Dred Scott decision.

Thousands of speeches.

Thousands of miles.

Daily.  "Over and over and over"  according to people accusing Lincoln of "wanting your daughters to sleep with Niggers,"  Lincoln said blacks and whites are equal under the law, and we must change Dred Scott decision, by appeal, or by Constitutional Amendment.

And he did just that -- exactly that. Lincoln pushed through the 13 Amendment, in Congress, just days before he was killed.

And he was killed for being "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".


Lincoln is going to "burn us to death"  by just being against the spread of slavery.    Not by coming South and ending slavery, just being against the spread of slavery was going to

Let that sink in your head.

Lincoln is going to "torture" us to death, by "slow fire"  just by being against the spread of slavery.

The governor of Georgia wrote a very long "open letter" to the people of the South, telling them the same thing. Lincoln will destroy us by BEING AGAINST THE SPREAD OF SLAVERY.

If you don't know how insane, extreme, and violent Southern  leaders were -- killing to spread slavery for decades-  don't blame me.  Blame your white washed history text books, which fail to mention Southern leaders boasted of torture, of killing, to spread slavery.

And their "logic" of killing to spread slavery? 
There is a REASON Frederick Douglass claimed Lincoln was radical, zealous, swift and determined.



Douglass knew -- what you don't have a clue about. How it was dangerous as hell to go into certain places, and be an "abolitionist".   In many parts of the country, an "abolitionist"  was one rung above a child molester.   Later, we would see abolitionist as a noble thing -- not so, in fact it was dangerous, even in some Northern states, to be called abolitionist.

Immediately, when anyone was even against the killing to SPREAD slavery, they were called "abolitionist"  and "Nigger lover".     

No one told you that, did they?

Even in the South, if you were not violent enough, eager enough to spread slavery, you could be called an "abolitionist"  and "Negro Worshiper".

No one told you that, did they?


 In fact, no abolitionist went to where Lincoln went, and dared say what he did.

Far from being timid about kicking slavery in the ass -- Lincoln was radical as hell, when you know what was going on.   Those big famous "abolitionist" speakers?  Think they went where Lincoln did, said what he did?

Hell no.  That would be insane.  People were still being killed, even in Illinois, during Lincoln's adult life, for being abolitionist. His friend, Lovejoy, was killed, possibly burned alive, in his newspaper building in Alton IL, by a crowd who warned him to shut down his "abolition"  newspaper.

He did not shut it down, and they burned him, and the newspapers building together.   To make sure no one  used the equipment again, they threw that into the Mississippi River.

Other folks in other places -- IN THE NORTH -- were killed and their presses thrown into rivers.

No one told you that.


But no one told you that.  For example, Lincoln went to Kansas AFTER it was illegal in Kansas to speak or write publicly against slavery.  

Did you know that?

You didn't even know Southern leaders went to Kansas, set up a "bogus legislature"  and passed laws against speech or writing against slavery, did you?

Very basic -- Southern leaders, namely Jeff Davis, sent killers to Kansas in 1856.  Their, they made it illegal to speak or publish newspapers against slavery.

And Lincoln went there ANYWAY, and spoke ANYWAY.

Name me on other person running for public office in ANY state, who did that. Go on, look. You can't find anyone.

And no one fucking told you.  Not your fault, but no one fucking told you a word about it. 

That's because Lincoln was a bad ass.  And effective.  And because "history text books"  have white washed the crazy ass Southern leaders, violent paid killers, and how ISIS like Southern leaders were.

And how bad ass Lincoln was.



See if you can guess what that might be?   To know, though, you would have to know what Douglass knew.  And no, you don't know.   This is not taught in any text book, or even mentioned in popular "histories".

Douglass, knew for example, things you won't find in any US text book -- like Stephen A Douglas (Lincoln's opponent for Senate, and President)  all but urged people to physically beat Lincoln, as Douglas had urged fellow Senator Charles Sumner be beaten -- and Sumner was beaten, on the Senate floor.

Douglass knew that, because he knew Stephen A Douglas had a role in getting Charles Sumner beaten, almost to death, on the Senate floor.   No one to you that, did they?

It was reported in newspaper AT THE TIME, before Sumner was beaten, Douglas promised Sumner they would "kick him like a dog".  Days later, Sumner was beaten.

Douglas speech included promises to Sumner, that they would kick him like a "dog in the street" that he may "get sympathy and just chastisement". 

And indeed he was beaten nearly to death, as Stephen A Douglas stood nearby, reports showed, smiling, as the old man was hit 32 times in the skull, with a metal object. 

 But more than anything -- as Lincoln and Frederick Douglass knew, that your "history" teacher does not,  was Douglas role in the killing sprees Kansas that followed the Kansas Act.

Lincoln went to Kansas -- after Southern leaders made it a crime to speak or write publically against slavery in Kansas, in 1859.  There, he spoke against slavery.

 How many Lincoln haters bother to mention any of this shit?  Zero, that's how many 


Lincoln's speeches were powerful, dynamic, and compelling.  But he did have to parse words in parts of some speeches, especially the debates.

See his other speeches, where he did not have to worry about getting attacked, as others were. His Peoria, Bloomington, or Springfield speech. Stunning.

Even in those speeches where Lincoln "parsed" words, he kicked ass.  He was radical as hell. You just have to learn the full speech, not the edited bullshit.

And you have to know what the fuck was going on. 

Lincoln's friend was killed (Lovejoy)  possibly burned to death, in his own building, for printing an anti slavery newspaper, in ILLINOIS.



Do you know -- your history teacher should know -- what Senator Charles Sumner was speaking about, when he was beaten nearly to death?

Your teacher will NOT know, but claim they do.  Ask them, ask them who Sumner was speaking about, and what Sumner accused that guy of doing.

Sumner was speaking for HOURS -- two days, about what Atchison and his men did,  after they passed Kansas Act.  A list of crimes -- tortures, killings, hangings -- done after Atchison got Kansas Act passed.  

Kansas Act - supposedly -- was a "sincere effort to settle the question of domestic institutions".  Domestic institutions meaning slavery.

But 90% of the people in Kansas were AGAINST slavery already, already voted, and would vote again 90% against slavery.

Instead of letting Kansas folks "be perfectly free" to decide themselves - the guy who passed Kansas Act raced to Kansas and started terrorizing, and later, killing.

Common knowledge at the time, all but forgotten today.  Worse, idiots teach the lie -- that Kansas Act was about "popular sovereignty".  Fuck no it was not, it was a ruse, a violent plan according to Lincoln himself, to force slavery into Kansas.

How the fuck does anyone teach that Kansas Act was about popular sovereignty, when the guy who actually passed it, boasted he was in Kansas killing and terrorizing to STOP people from voting against slavery?

One of the mysteries of stupid people, repeating other stupid people, I suppose.  


Douglas (Stephen A) and David Rice Atchison passed Kansas Act, after which Atchison rushed out to Kansas and started terrorizing, later killing.

He was speaking about David Rice Atchison, the man who, with Douglas, passed Kansas Act. Specifically, Sumner exposed the killings and tortures carried about by Atchison's men.   

So no, Stephen A Douglas taunts of Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with Niggers"  was not some innocent throw away line.

Douglas was hoping someone would beat Lincoln nearly to death too.  

Time to wake up your history teacher, have them read Lincoln's full speeches, Douglas taunts to Lincoln and others, and his role in helping Southern leaders invade Kansas and the killing sprees that followed. People were well aware of it then. 



After Lincoln was called "Negro Worshiper" in the press, and in person "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- Lincoln had to speak.

Others were beaten, even killed, if the wrong persons would hear of it. People were still being killed -- white people -- for being too "abolitionist".   In fact, the famous abolitionist speakers dared NOT to go where Lincoln went, and speak to crowds Lincoln spoke to.    Another tid bit your history teacher never knew, and didn't tell you.

We all know LIncoln's humor -- he was famous for it then, and now.  But did you know Lincoln had to use this humor, to deflect the attacks Douglas made, about Lincoln wanting your daughter to "sleep with Niggers".


Lincoln is going to "exterminate the white race"  by being against the SPREAD of slavery.  

Remember this -- for just being against the SPREAD of slavery, Lincoln was called "Nigger worshiper"  who "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" 

He will burn us slowly to death.

He will exterminate the white race.

Just by being against the spread of slavery.

If you don't understand that -- how violent Southern leaders were, how they pumped up the hate and fear of Lincoln -- you can't understand anything about Lincoln, or the Civil War.



How did Lincoln handle this? 

He was called the most vile things -- the movie clip below, like most accounts of Lincoln Douglas debates, have white washed it, toned down the language, such as saying "Negro"  instead of "Nigger"

Newspapers at the time, in Quincy and Charleston, reported Douglas went into "rants about Niggers"  and screamed at the audience about Lincoln's obsession for equality.

In Charleston, local reporters showed Douglas actually ran back and forth on stage, when he came to this subject, and spit out the words with great venom.

That's not reflected in the clip below, but it's the closest we can come without hiring actors to restage what reports showed at the time...

Notice, Lincoln used humor, below, in the video, based on Lincoln Douglas debates, from a 1940 movie, which just happened to touch on this aspect of the Lincoln Douglas debates.

 Smart people will, upon learning something new, adjust their opinion.   Most people just dig in and say it doesn't matter.  No, you did not hear this before.  Most of this is not in any US text book -- but it should have been in all text books.