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blunt language 

"Lincoln was swift, radical, zealous, and determined" for equality of the races:    Frederick Douglass.



Was Frederick Douglass stupid?

He must be stupid.  We all know Lincoln just used slavery for his political advantage, right?

If anyone had a right to complain about Lincoln, it was Douglass (two s's at  end of name).   Lincoln followed Douglass's advise, but only partly, and over time.

Douglass claimed he knew only one person more "radical" than Lincoln -- and that was John Brown.  Brown didn't last two hours doing it his way, and caused more problems for anti-slavery movement, than help.



How much good did Brown do? He was blunt -- he was candid, and soon, he was dead. And so  were his sons.

In fact, because of Brown, the South claimed to be the victim, a role they love to play to this day.  Never mind that the only person killed in Brown's raid was one of his own men.   And never mind 40 years of Southern violence to spread slavery.

Lincoln would die too, hours after Booth heard LIncoln speak candidly about voting rights for "some Negroes".

Even giving "some Negroes"  the right to vote made Booth change the plan from kidnapping to killing.

Did you even know that? 

Douglass did.

What else did Douglass know, and you didn't have a clue?   

Test yourself below -- just be honest.  Either you knew that, or not.



Lincoln had a long  history of kicking slavery in the ass - first standing up to President Polk as a freshman Congressman.

Lincoln called the President on it -- everyone knew, of course, that the Mexican war was to double the size of slave territory, already expanded greatly in 1820 "Compromise".

But now, the 1820 "compromise" was not enough, though that doubled the size of slavery too. 

Slave owners wanted more, and even more, politicians like Davis and Toombs, could get cheering crowds,  made dumb by religious bullshit, to believe God ordained slavery and Lincoln was against God and going to exterminate the white race.

You  have heard none of this -- because that kind of basic truth never made it into Southern school board text books, when national text books started in business.  Texas dominated the text book business.   

Think Texas school boards are going to include stuff  like this?   Texas was created to expand slavery -- period.  Think they are going to teach that?

The Mexican war gave them much more, and Lincoln called Polk on it.  He stood up in Congress and called out Polk on it. 

Did your history teacher ever tell you that?

No. In fact, your  history teacher probably never told you the Mexican war was about slavery, but it sure as hell was.

And Lincoln did much much more -- to stop slavery, to call out the bastards.   No one told you that, did they?  Not once.



 By the time Lincoln was done, not only was slavery done, but the God of slavery -- yes, there was very much a God of slavery, was dead.

Lincoln stayed alive long enough, to bring about the end of slavery.  And he killed the Southern God of Slavery too.

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass.

Guess who noted the difference in the outcome of the two "radicals"  for equality?

Frederick Douglass. 

See the difference?  If not, you will, if you keep reading.


So called "historians" have claimed Lincoln didn't actually care about slavery, till well into the Civil War.

Other "historians" claim Lincoln was "reluctant to free the slaves,"  and had to be "pushed into it by others." 

Oh, really?   Well that sounds smart -- except it's bullshit, as you will see. 


Here is a typical "smart person" who doesn't know what they are talking about -- 

Slavery, says Keaton, was "an important subtext."   But dozens of other "historians" have said kinda similiar things.  

Ending slavery was not Lincoln's real goal. 

Actually, ending slavery sure as fuck was his goal -- but he had to first talk about stopping the SPREAD of slavery.

The lunatic slavers were so extreme, though, that just talking about stopping the SPREAD of slavery caused wars.  Kansas -- is the best example of Southern leaders bragging about their war to spread slavery.

Dont believe me?  Good -- see Southern leaders own speech about killing in Kansas to spread slavery, against states rights.  Go on, go learn what the hell happened, you sure as hell won't get this in your bullshit, Southern school board acceptable "history book".

His real goal, was keeping the Union together.  Well, he did write a letter saying that.    But he also explained he kept the Union together to end slavery.

Did you know LIncoln explained he kept the Union together BECAUSE that was the only way to end slavery?

And did you know when Lincoln wrote that letter to Greeley,  if he had been candid, and said he would kick slavery in the ass till it was dead dead dead, three or four more states join the Confederacy,  and  the US splits in two or three nations, and Southern states would make good on their promises of spreading slavery -- into all the West.

Did you even know that Southern leaders bragged they were spreading slavery in all the West, and that they left the Union because they could not spread slavery, if the United States continued?

That's right -- Jefferson Davis said the "intolerable grievance" against Lincoln and the North, was the resistance to the spread of slavery in Kansas.

Bet you didn't know that. Read his book.

And Kansas, by then, had already voted against slavery 95%, and been admitted as a free state.   Nevertheless, Davis demanded the spread of slavery into Kansas.

Did you know that? No.

Guess who knew that?   Frederick Douglass, and just about everyone else alive, in 1861.



Did you know --  yes or no -- that according to New York papers, Chicago papers, Alton papers, and papers in the South,  Lincoln was everything from a "Negro worshipper" to a "Nigger" lover who wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

In fact, Lincoln would eventually be shot in the head, by a man who changed his plan from kidnapping to killing, when he heard Lincoln speak for voting rights for "some Negroes"

Unless you know what Douglas knew, you don't know shit, really.  US school text books, published in the South, edited by Southern school boards (the text books were the same, all over, they didn't make separate text books).

Virtually none of the really vile crap that happened, got in US text books, like the Southern war ultimatums to spread slavery, and United States Supreme Court ruling that blacks were not human beings.

Did you know -- yes or  no -- that by the time Lincoln ran for Senate, the United Sates Surpreme Court had officially and emphatically ruled that blacks were not human beings (not persons) under the law?

Did you know that? Or not. No

But Frederick Douglass knew -- and so did pretty much everyone alive in 1858. 

In fact the Lincoln Douglas debates were about little else.  Have you read them?

Lincoln had to deal with the vile crap, not the white washed BS acceptable to Southern school boards.




Oh wait a minute, wait just a minute.  Maybe Douglass wasn't so stupid.

Stephen A Douglas regularly -- often and regularly - -called Lincoln a "radical" who "Wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"

Did you know that -- yes or  no.

Hell no.   At every debate, Douglas went for the jugular, claiming Lincoln was a "Nigger" supporter, who wanted your daughters to sleep with them. 

In fact, Douglas pumped up the hate and fear by telling folks that, when Lincoln was not there too.

And he wasn't the only one.  To get power and attention, politicians like Douglas pumped up the hate, North and South. 

In the South, it was even worse.   Stopping the spread of slavery -- yes, just stopping the spread of slavery -- was going to exterminate the white race.

That's right -- exterminate.   Stopping the spread of slavery would EXTERMINATE the white race.

Get your head around that. Lincoln was going to kill the white race, said the governor of Florida, just by stopping the spread of slavery into Kansas.

Does that make sense to you, stopping the spread of slavery into Kansas is going to destroy the white race?

Well, that's the kind of shit these folks said, and got cheers from the crowds, got power.

Did you know that, yes or no?  

No one told you that, did you?

Hell  no.

Who stood up against them? 

Who stood up to these fuckers pumping up the hate, pumping up the fear, eager to spread slavery for God and white survival?


No one told you that, did they? Your history teacher never said one word about this -- never mind it was the central issue.  

You were never told it. 

The way Lincoln haters today trash him, is exactly the opposite of how Lincoln haters at the time trashed him.


Newspapers made blacks look retarded -- then made fun of Lincoln for saying they were the "equal of any white man" under the law -- which he did, over and over.

That's right -- Lincoln said, over and over, blacks are the equal of any white man, for the purposes of their rights.



Here is another one, your history teacher does not have a clue about, because it never made it into the "history books."

Stephen A Douglas responded Lincoln was "treasonous" and "inciting revolution" for saying blacks were persons.

Let me repeat that, then prove it. 

Stephen A Douglas called Lincoln -- repeatedly -- unfit for office, who preached revolution , because Lincoln said blacks were persons.

If you said blacks were persons, according to Stephen A Douglas, you were committing treason and inciting revolution.

Did your history teacher ever mention that, yes or no?

Did you read that anywhere else -- ever -- yes or no?


In Charleston, Douglas ran from side to side of the state shouting Lincoln loved the "Nigger."  

Douglas was able to get more support and won that election.  Lincoln lost the election, BECAUSE he painted Lincoln as a "Nigger lover" and a "radical abolitionist".

Lincoln defused much of this -- by his humor. We all know about Lincoln's humor, but did you know he used it most effectively in the famous debates, to make people hate him less?

But Lincoln inflicted his own wound on Douglas -- he had backed Douglas into a corner, and Douglas admitted, finally, that people in Kansas should be able to reject slavery if they wanted.

That doomed Douglas - his SOuthern friends turned against him for that.

If Lincoln had not parsed words, if he had not used humor, Lincoln could have been killed much sooner than he was. 

You had no idea -- did you -- that the issue of blacks being persons or property was already decided by the time Lincoln ran for Senate.


The United States Supreme Court ruled blacks are NOT persons. NOT. NOT. NOT. Persons.

Got that yet. The United States Surpeme Court, as Douglas pointed out, ruled that blacks are "so inferior" they are not human beings, not persons.

Did you know that?  Yes or no?

This is the central issue of debate, in the LIncoln Douglas debates.  

Did you know that, yes or no? Have you read the debates? Don't lie -- did you, yes or no?

I don't mean some misleading quotes, I mean did you read the whole debates?   

Guess who knew every word of those debates?  Lincoln did.  Frederick Douglass did. Stephen A Douglass did.

But you don't.   

 Douglas (correctly) pointed out again, and again, that the United States Supreme Court had rules blacks are NOT persons.

But you have to read his full speeches for that.

Plus, Lincoln's actions  -- he was kicking slavery in the ass, but in a very smart way.

Lincoln got the job done.  Remember that.

Against Southern leaders killing sprees in Kansas, he got it done. Against the Southern leaders war ultimatums to spread slavery, he got it done.

Against the hate and fear, pumped up by demagogues like Davis, Toombs, Stephens,  and many more -- Lincoln got it done.

At first -- no one wanted to follow Lincoln.  If Lincoln has said bluntly, this is to stop the spread of slavery and kill it, over time (which is exactly what it was about, in his head)  he would not have gotten 70 soldiers to fight, much less 75,000, then 750,000.

Too complicated?  Need time?  

No one else did that.   Lincoln did that.

That guy some dumb asses say,  "Didn't really care."


Stephen A Douglas stirred up the fear against blacks -- especially the part about your "daughters" sleeping with "Niggers".

Yes, he said "Niggers".

In Charleston Illinois Douglas actually ran from one side of the state pulling at his hair, screaming that Lincoln was "Loves the Nigger more than he cares about this country".

What was Lincoln doing that made him so radical?   

Stephen A Douglas explained -- Lincoln was "committing treason"  and "advocating rebellion"  because of his " radical love" for equality for the "Nigger". 

Even in Congress, Stephen A Douglas used that word "Nigger" though admonished again, and again, but men like Charles Sumner.

YOu  had no clue.

Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass knew that.

Guess who never heard that in their entire lives?  You.  And unless you read newspapers from that era -- all of them --  you would not know what Douglas (Stephen A) said and did.

Nor do you know why.



Maybe YOU are stupid.  Maybe you don't know the full story -- like how Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass sideways from 1846 on.

No one told you that did they?




A few misleading quotes is all you need to fool stupid people.

Yes, Lincoln DID parse words.

Again, and again, and again, Lincoln SEEMED to agree with a sentiment of the day, in once sentence, then blast that sentiment in the next sentence or later in the speech.

Over, and over, and over, Lincoln used that approach.  Set it up -- then mow it down.

In the totality of that speech, LIncoln was powerful, clear, even stunning, how he brought the thunder down for equality.  He does it here -- see this again....

Setting it up, to mow it down, click here

But you'd have to read the full speech, and know what was going on.

  But the only way you can be stupid enough to think Lincoln was not kicking slavery in the ass -- in word and deed -- from 1846 on, is not know the full story.

Read Lincoln's FULL speeches -- he kicks ass like no one did, when and where he was.

Yes, some guys spoke more bluntly, but they were not running for office, and they were not killed for it -- Lincoln would eventually be killed.

Lincolns friend, Lovejoy, was killed.  Notice Stephen A Douglas tells the crowd about Lovejoy.

Do you know WHY Douglas would mention Lovejoy? Hell no you don't.

He mentioned Lovejoy because crowds near where Lincoln spoke actually killed Lovejoy for printing an abolitionist newspaper.

Did you know that?   At the same time, Douglas (Stephen A) was telling the people Lincoln wanted "your daughters"  to sleep with "Niggers".

Then Lincoln had to speak.  Remember, many people at the time, thought abolitionist should be chased out of town.  

Lincoln's reply was masterful -- yes, he parsed words. No kidding. But read the FULL replies and Lincoln kicks ass. He kicks that ass till it can't sit down.


For all the dumb asses who say Lincoln was not against slavery till late in the Civil War, WTF.  Really, WTHF?

Alex Keaton -- or anyone --can you name anyone from 1846 - 1865 that spoke more often, more powerfully, more effectively, and at greater cost, than Lincoln?

No -- you can't.  

We give you a clue. 

If you don't know the following things -- that Frederick Douglass knew -- you don't know much, really.  

Turns out, Douglass knew quite a bit -- like Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass, sideways, from 1846 on.

You had no clue about that, did you. 

You heard some bullshit about Lincoln's quotes, thats fine. Learn the full quotes, and what he did.

You wont be so stupid and easily misled.

Lincoln, while in Congress, not only voted against the Mexican War,  because it was a war to spread slavery. he said so.

As a freshman Congressmen Lincoln stood up on floor of House and accused -- correctly -- the President of fostering a war, in order to spread slavery.


When you know the FULL quotes -- and Lincoln's full actions -- you won't be so stupid. 


In fact, while in Congress, one term, Lincoln tried to get slavery outlawed in DC.  No one told you that, did they?

They told you shit like, Lincoln never even mentioned slavery until it was helpful to him in politics.

Dumb asses -- Lincoln's  radical "obsession" for equality of the "Nigger" as his enemies claimed, cost him several elections.

Also, Lincoln's enemies, years later, still accused him of hating the US, because he was against the Mexican War, on grounds it was violence to spread slavery.

Yes, you can, and people always have, taken edited quotes, to trash Lincoln.  They did it when he was alive, to tell people Lincoln wanted white women to sleep with "Niggers".  

No, Lincoln never said he wanted white women to sleep with anyone.   But that's what lying bastards can do with partial quotes.

They do it now.  They do it to President OBama, claim he is "racially divisive"  -- he has, if anything, been far too timid to call the Tea Party on race.   


No one - NO ONE - -spoke as powerfully as Licnoln, when and where he was.

No one. Not even Frederick Douglass went where Lincoln went, and spoke  how powerfully he did.  You will see that soon.  But you have to read the full speeches to grasp how stunning Lincoln was.   It's in his FULL speeches that he kicks ass.

But with his powerful speeches against slavery -- sometimes 2-3-4 speeches a day -- Lincoln took action to stop slavery, long before the Civil War.

Did you know that, or not?

 Even more, those who trash Lincoln leave out his actions -- which are extreme, no one else comes close -- to kicking slavery in the ass sideways, and as effectively, as Lincoln.

Guess who said that -- in his own way? Frederick Douglass said it.   He only praised John Brown more, as a white man who wanted equality for blacks.   But they killed John Brown --and they would kill Lincoln later.   

Lincoln changed things, he caused things to  happen.  Yes, he spoke, sometimes, very carefully. He had to.

If Lincoln had said "Yes, I would kick slavery in the ass sideways militarily if I could, but most people would not piss on a black person if they were on fire, so that won't happen,"  he would have lost.

Try to grasp this. Lincoln was trying to win elections, and later, keep the border states from joining the South.   

But by the time Lincoln wrote that letter to Greely, he had ALREADY given hundreds, if not thousands, of speeches  --  extreme speeches -- against slavery, and spent over 15 years doing little BUT opposing slavery, daily.

Guess who knew that -- yep. Frederick Douglass knew that. You didn't. 



Stephen Douglas told crowds repeatedly that Lincoln wanted your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".

Yes, he used that word, "Nigger".

Lincoln. Wants. Your. Daughters.

To. Sleep. "With  Niggers" 

Now, why do you supposed Douglas said this, over, and over and over?

Because he knew people hated any idea that blacks and whites were in any way equal. They especially hated the idea black man would "sleep with your daughters."

No one ever -- ever -- told you that, did they?

Well, Stephen A Douglas went after that like a laser, and he punched, punched and punched Lincoln endlessly about it.

If you read the full Lincoln Douglas debates, and the Congressional record, you'd know that.

But if you only read a few quotes from bullshit "historians" you could not possibly know.

 Most whites, even in the North, would not piss on a black person if they were on fire.  Lincoln knew that. 

See for yourself, in this clip, the words taken directly from speeches both men gave, and this is in context, correctly shown. 

Lincoln the "Nigger Lover"  said his political enemies "was obsessed with equality for the Nigger".

Bet no one ever told you that, did they?  Stephen Douglas did not say this just once, he said it regularly, one time running from one side of the stage to the other, pulling his hair, and shouting "Nigger". 




You have no clue -- do you --that when Lincoln got up and said "all men are created equal"  the US Supreme Court had already ruled they were inferior beings -- not human beings.

Did you know that -- or not. Yes, or no.

Not persons -- but property. Did you know even that much?

Hell no, no one ever told you shit about that, did they.

In fact, this is EXACTLY what Stephen Douglas told crowds, over, and over, and over.

Over and over, Stephen Douglas accused Lincoln of everything but revolution to "Nigger equality"   to make "Niggers" sleep with your daughter.  

Here, from the US Supreme Court decision itself -- go on, read the damn thing. Your history teacher sure as hell wont, and never did.

TO be "for equality"   meant to many people you were crazy and would cause the death of the white race.  Did you know that? 

Lincoln had to get their VOTES.   Try to grasp that. 

Most newspapers cleaned it up, but he was known for use of that word, in fact, he used it even in the Senate, and was admonished for it repeatedly -- but the kept saying "Nigger"  to prove his alliance with Southern Democrats. 


  Stephen A Douglas told crowds in Illinois that Lincoln was a  "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".  He wanted your daughters to sleep with them marry them, and was obsessed with equality.

No one ever told you, that, did they?  

Stephen Douglas was doing all he could to make people hate Lincoln, like they already hated "Niggers".  

 And Douglas won that election, because of it.

In fact, Lincoln would not have won President, if the South did not split their vote.   Lincoln was the only candidate- - of four -- to be against the spread of slavery.

Stephen Douglas won that election -- because he made people believe Lincoln was going to force your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

When you learn how Lincoln handled those charges, you wont be so stupid.  Tell your history "teacher" -- they won't be so stupid, either.


Did you know that -- yes or no?  

Stephen A Douglas, Lincoln's political enemy, all but urged whites to violence against Lincoln -- did you know that?

Hell no.  Douglas used every oratory trick in his bag, to get people to hate Lincoln, fear Lincoln, because he was a "Nigger lover".  And yes, he used the word "Nigger".

Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass knew.

Lincoln's friend was killed for being "too radical" even in Illinois, for equality for blacks under the law.

Did you know that?  Hell no.  Guess who did know that?  Frederick Douglass knew.

"Mr Lincoln wants your daughters... to sleep with Niggers."

No one told you  this?

Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".  Stephen Douglas told thousands of people, personally, repeatedly, that Lincoln wanted their daughters to "sleep with Niggers"

We are going to use the word "Nigger"  and not slide over it, because Lincoln's enemies sure as hell used it, to incite hatred against Lincoln.

Guess who knew that? Go on, you can get this one, now. Frederick Douglass knew it.

The man that told people Lincoln was a "Nigger lover" and wanted your daughter to sleep with "Niggers"  was at that moment the business partner and superior of David Rice Atchison.

Did you know that?

Atchison was out in Kansas, and had been, killing and terrorizing folks, bragging about that. Atchison bragged -- and so did his men -- about killing to spread slavery.  We have those documents, which should in the the front of every US history book in USA.

 Atchison was a US Senator,  the guy that got Kansas Act passed.  He then left the Senate immediately, and started his killings and terrorizing in Kansas.

Acthison was paid by -officially --Jeff Davis. Atchison's men - later -- were paid by Jeff Davis.  Atchison was  "General of Law and Order" in Kansas.

Did you know that?

Frederick Douglass knew.  This basic fact, even most "history" teachers don't know, yet everyone alive (virtually) at the time knew.

In the most famous speech of the 1850s, to that point, Charles Sumner exposed Atchison's killing sprees in Kansas, in the speech he was beat almost to death for, right on the Senate floor.
That's right, US Senator Charles Sumner got up and exposed Atchison -- by name -- and he listed many of the killing to that point.  He was beaten almost to death for it.

I bet no one told you that.

And Atchison's killing sprees grew much much worse, as you can tell by Atchison's own speech the next day, in Kansas, praising the Texas men, just arrived, and telling them they would be killing to spread slavery, and would be well paid.

Atchison, by the way, was business partner and best friend of Stephen A Douglas.

Guess who knew all that? Frederick DOuglass knew.

Guess who didn't have a clue -- you, nor your history teacher.

So when Douglass spoke about Lincoln - - Douglass knew what the  hell he was talking about. You don't. 


At the time, Stephen A Douglas was well aware people could still be killed, even in Illinois, for being "too radical" for equality.

Did you know that, yes or no?

Very basic -- nothing is more basic in 1858, but you have no clue.


Frederick Douglass knew all that, and much more, because he knew what scum sucking pigs Lincoln was up against -- even in the North.  

For example, even well into the Civil War, some Northern Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested if he even said slavery should end, for the war to end.

Bet you didn't know that. Bet your teacher never told you. 

Stephen A Douglas said, in every LIncoln Douglas debate, that Lincoln was a obsessed with "equality for the Nigger." 

Did you even know that? 

Did you know that during the Civil War -- yes or no, did you know this -- some Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested just for saying slavery should end?

So yes, Lincoln spoke about Union. No fucking kidding.

If Lincoln had been any more fucking candid than he was, the border states would have gone with the Confederacy.

Do you know that? FUCK NO.

So, Lincoln could have said "Hell yes, I'd kick slavery in the ass first moment I could" -- guess what happens?

The war is over.

And slavery spreads.  

Not just stays, but spreads. You have no clue, Im sure, that Southern war ultimatums were about the SPREAD of slavery into Kansas.

By force, if necessary.

So yeah,  Lincoln parsed words, and then kicked the shit out of slavery some more, till it was dead dead dead.


But before that, and after that, Lincoln was radical -- more radical than anyone where and when he was --  verbally and in person.


You are only told of select quotes -- you are NOT told the full speeches, nor are you told what his enemies claimed, and how they incited hatred for Lincoln.

Sadly, even dumb ass "experts" just do the "partial quote dance" as I call it.

Yes, Lincoln said the things they claimed -- and he said much much more. Thousands of speeches, hours long.  

Notice the "experts" cherry pick quotes -- a few dozens words, out of over a million words.   

When you take those million together, however, LIncoln is kicking slavey in the ass sideways -- in words and deeds.

Did you read those speeches? Did you read his Peoria Speech? His Bloomington Speech?

Did you read the Lincoln Douglas debates?

Nor are you told what LIncoln did, from 1846 on.You have no idea.

Guess who did know?   Frederick Douglass.

Yes, Lincoln already had a long history of actions -- doing more than anyone else to end slavery. There were only two people in Congress in 1846 who spoke up against Mexican War - - did you know that?

Lincoln was one.  Lincoln spoke against it, because US was stealing land to spread slavery.  And Lincoln said so.

Did you know that?  And Lincoln tried 40 times to pass the Wilmont Proviso then -- did you know that?

Wilmont Proviso would have kept slavery out of the areas the US just stole from Texas, by killing.  Yes, the US paid Mexico 20 million for the land, but essentially they killed enough Mexicans, until Mexico accepted. And everyone knew it.

And everyone knew why -- to spread slavery.

And Lincoln personally called the President on it.

You probably don't have a clue what Wilmont Proviso is, much less Lincoln's role in it.

Guess who did know?  Frederick Douglass knew. 

Who else did that? Who else stood up to President Polk, as a freshman Congressmen, and called him on going to war to spread slavery.

Go on, take your time.  Go look it up?

 No one.  And Lincoln did much more.

 Yes, you can cherry pick quotes -- but when you put together  all the full speeches, and his full actions, it's not even close, LIncoln did far more, longer, harder, and more effectively than anyone else.

 John Brown was more "radical" than LIncoln -- but far less effective. They killed John Brown with in hours -- well they caught him before he could do anything, and then hung him days later.

He was more radical, but far less effective.

 Lincoln was killed too -- for being for voting rights for blacks.  But Lincoln lasted long enough to get something done.

Guess who knew that, too? Frederick Douglass.




Douglass also knew why and when LIncoln returned to politics.  He could not get enough support to stay in Congress -- he was too anti slavery for most folks.   

But when Southern leaders sent killers to Kansas, and pushed the Kansas Nebraska Act -- Lincoln saw slavery once again try to spread, once again, by violence.

Most high school kids know - - or at least saw the words -- Kansas Nebraska Act.  Yet they don't know how violent events were surrounding it -- nor have they been told that is why LIncoln got back in politics. And said so.

Guess who didn't know that -- you.  But Frederick Douglass knew. 

Yes, Lincoln had to be careful what he said.

His friend, Lovejoy, was not so careful, and was killed. Did you know that, yes or no?

Did you know Stephen A Douglas made damn sure to mention Lovejoy, and how he was Lincoln's friend?  Do you know why he tol the crowd Lincoln was a "Nigger lover" who wanted your "daughter" to sleep with Niggers"?

Go on, guess why?

SO the crowd would hate Lincoln -- and scare Lincoln off.

Oh you don't think a politicians like Stephen A Douglas would do that? Fuck yes  he would -he was best friends with David Rice Atchison, who was on killing sprees in Kansas, killing to spread slavery.  Stephen A Douglas backed Atchison in the Senate, and called him "the finest man I ever knew"  even after the killing sprees in Kansas.

Did you know that? FUCK no, you never heard of David Rice Atchison.

Even some Northern Congressmen during the Civil War,  wanted slavery to continue, and they wanted it to be a crime to say slavery should end. A CRIME just to say that.

You know about that letter to Greely, saying his goal was to keep the union together?

Every dumb ass thinks he's a genius cause he knows about that letter.

But that letter came AFTER thousands of long speeches -- more than anyone, more effective too --very strongly against slavery.

And AFTER over 10 years of kicking slavery in the ass.

Why would Lincoln say that -- why would Lincoln speak of Union?

Because, dumb ass, keeping the union together, as he said, and as the South said, meant they could not spread slavery.

Did you know that -- yes or no?

Lincoln was right to speak of union, because at that time, if he spoke in terms of slavery, the border states would have joined the Confederacy.

Do you know that -- or not? FUCK NO.

No one told you.

And even though he spoke about Union, he also said keeping Union together was the way to stop slavery.

Got that?  IN fact, LIncoln very likely cared more about ending slavery, that keeping the US together, though he never even hinted that.   Lincoln wanted slavery to end.

But he had to keep the union together, to do that.

You never heard that in your entire life, did you?

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.


New York papers called Lincoln "The Negro Worshiper".

Did you know that?  Hell no you didn't know that.

Lincoln could have easily been killed -- as he was eventually killed anyway -- for speaking too candidly about equality for blacks.

Did you know Lincoln was killed for speaking about voting rights for blacks? Oh no one told you? REally?

Booth heard Lincoln speak for voting rights for blacks, and changed his plan from kidnapping LIncoln, to just shooting him, because that speech about voting rights for "some blacks"  was "treason".   

Guess who knew that?

Frederick Douglass knew that. 

Guess who didn't know that -- you didn't know. 

Northern papers thought Lincoln should let the South spread slavery into the rest of the country - to obey the Southern ULtimatums of March 1861.  DId you even know about the Southern ULtimatums to spread slavery?


Most people who trash Lincoln today have no clue what Lincoln was up against. It's not their fault, no one told them.

Southern leaders had killed for decades -- in declared wars, and undeclared wars -- to spread slavery.  Did you know about the actual wars to spread slavery?

No. You don't know. 

They killed in Mexico, to spread slavery. 

Did you know that?Douglass did.

They killed in Texas to spread slavery.

Did you know that? Douglass did.

They killed in Kansas and California and Oregon, to spread slavery. And they bragged about it.  They did not admit it, they bragged about it.

US Senator brags about it. He is defended by Stephen A Douglas.  He works for Jefferson Davis.  Did you know this -- or not.


FUCK NO. You had no clue.

Did you know that? HELL NO you did not know that. 



Did you know Lincoln tried to stop them as early as the 1840's? FUCK NO.  You don't have a clue.  No one told you.


Lincoln said -- and operated this way -- that first, to kill slavery, we have to stop the spread, we first have to stop the SPREAD of it.

That was the only way, early on, he could figure out how to kill it. Stop the spread, and like a cancer, slavery would destroy those who had slavery-- 

Guess what -- the South agreed. If Lincoln just stopped the SPREAD of slavery, it would kill the white race

Most folks in the North didn't much give a shit if slavery spread or not.

Lincoln did.

Lincoln would do anything BUT let slavery spread  -- because stopping these fuckers from spreading it, would shove slavery right up their ass.  

Southern leaders thought the same  thing -ending the SPREAD of slavery would kill the white race. 

Did you know that? Yes or no?

Southern leaders were already killing -- to spread slavery for "white survival"  for years before Lincoln even ran for Senate.

Did you know that, yes or no?

And they bragged of it.   Southern leaders were forcing slavery - by killing - down the throat the the USA.    No one told you that, did they?

Southern leaders were bragging about it then.

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass knew that.

Guess who never had a clue about that?  You.

Jefferson Davis said the spread of slavery was non -negotiable.  Resistance to the spread of slavery in the west was the "intolerable grievance". 

Did you know that. Any of that?  At all?  

Frederick Douglass knew.  Lincoln  knew.

See video above -- from a movie  -- which happened to catch Stephen Douglas accusing Lincoln of being obsessed with equality for the "Nigger"  (though the language was cleaned up by others, to "Negro.")



By the way, Stephen Douglas reminded the crowds of Lincoln's friend, Lovejoy. 

Douglas did that not to praise Lincoln, just the opposite, rather to show Lincoln was "to the bone"  Nigger lover.    

Was Lincoln an abolitionist?

Well FUCK YES he was, and he proved it like no one else in history, by kicking slavery in the ass sideways, when most people in the North didn't give a shit about slavery.

Oh yes, he had speeches that SEEMED to partly agree with racial prejudice. No fucking kidding, he was running for office, he needed their votes.

Yes, Lincoln could have said "Fuck yes, I am going to kick slavery in the damn ass, just give me enough men and watch me rip a  new ass hole in these mother fucking slave owner pieces of shit".

Guess what -- he would not have got elected.

He would have gotten killed.  Too complicated? Need time?

In fact, if Lincoln had been too blunt, Southern scum win easily, no whites would even fight.  Slavery would have spread, not just to the entire west, but other parts of the world, as Confederates were already bragging about.

Did you know - yes or no -- that Confederate leaders were already bragging they were about to spread slavery, per their style of slavery (blacks slaves forever, as God's punishment) to the rest of the world?

Fuck  no you don't know that. No one ever told you or showed you speeches.

None of that is in your history text books.

"Historians"  such as James McPHerson, Bruce Catton, Eric Foner, have never mentioned it.

Never. Mentioned. It.

Not one word -- really, not one word, of what Atchison and Davis were boasting of at the time, has ever been shown, much less emphasized, in US text books.

Southern leaders, though, were bragging about it.  They bragged  about this "great truth" about God and slavery they would spread  to the rest of the world.

Guess who knew those things?  Frederick Douglas knew. 

Guess who didn't know? You.  You had  no clue.


Yes, yes, Lincoln did parse words -- he spoke very carefully.  Read his FULL speeches, not just a few edited quotes.

Most of those stupid people who claim "Lincoln didn't really care"  can't show anyone who did more, spoke more, kicked ass more, than Lincoln.


Frederick Douglass -- brave as he was -- would not, could no, go where Lincoln went, speak where Lincoln spoke, or do what LIncoln did.

Did you know that?

No one -- no one -- went where he did and spoke as he did, to those folks -- not while running of office, not while President.

Lincoln really was "radical" -- in word and action.

IF he had spoken any more radically, you stupid shits, he would have been killed much sooner.

He was eventually killed for speaking about voting rights for blacks.

Guess who knew that?

Frederick Douglass knew that.

Guess who didn't know that?

You didn't know that.

Go on, show me, show me anyone, white or black, who went w

Douglas was playing hardball -- he was all but urging violence against Lincoln.  Bet no one told you that, did they.

In fact, Douglas had men, before each debate, spread the rumor in the crowd that Lincoln was seen in a carriage with a white woman, and Frederick Douglass, a black man.

That could still get you killed, where Lincoln was. And Stephen Douglas knew it. 

In Charleston, Douglas ran from side to side on the stage, shouting and pulling his hair, that Lincoln was "for the NIGGER". 

Did you know that?

Hell no.  

But somehow Lincoln is the bad guy?  Really?



Douglass was not fooled by edited quotes, partial truths, or outright lies.

Got that?  Too complicated?  Douglass knew what your dumb ass history teacher did not, what you do not.  

Because Douglass was there.

Douglass didnt get his information from fat smug ass wipes 100 years later trying to sound smart or spread bullshit.



Yes, you can take part of this speech, or part of that, and make Lincoln sound anyway you want.

So yes, Lincoln spoke about Union, no fucking kidding.

Lincoln also explained keeping Union together was the only way to stop slavery.

Lincoln also explained keeping Union together was the only way to stop slavery 

Oh you didn't know that?   Keeping the Union together -- try to grasp this, I know your history teachers didnt tell you -- was the only way to keep slavery from spreading.

Got that?  

Yes, Lincoln spoke of Union -- and he knew, as did Southern leaders  -- that only by ending the Union could they spread slavery by force.

In the Union, they could not spread slavery by force.

Out of the Union, they could spread slavery by force.

Guess who knew that? Douglass knew.

Guess who didn't have a clue -- you.

Guess who told people this, over and over -- Lincoln.

Guess who never said a fucking word about this to you -- your history teacher.

But Lincoln is the horrible guy, for keeping the Union together to end slavery.  No one ever told you Southern leaders bragged they were killing to spread slavery.  


People trashed Lincoln at the time for being a "Nigger lover".  He was killed hours after speaking for voting rights for blacks. 

  No one told you that, did they?

Maybe Frederick Douglass knew what the hell he was talking about. Maybe you don't. 

Idiotically, Stephen Douglas is shown today, by people who should know better,  as a champion of "popular sovereignty."

Actually, Douglas and his friends were doing all they could -- including killing people - to stop popular sovereignty in Kansas, as you will see., 

Stephen Douglas won that election, because he made Lincoln look like a "NIGGER LOVER"

Most newspapers changed that to "Negro" but Douglas was actually famous for saying "Nigger" even in Congress and Senate.

Really -- in your entire life, did anyone tell you Lincoln was called a "Nigger lover" regularly at the time. Yes or no?

Did they tell you  that you could still be killed for being an "abolitionist"  if the wrong people got hold of you, in the North?

No, you had no idea.

Did you know that no one else spoke where Lincoln did, when he did, as powerfully and as effectively as he did.

No, you had no idea.

Oh there were "pure abolitionist" speakers -- but not in Illinois. Not in Alton or Quincy or Charleston.   Abolition speakers were in Boston or Maine or  New York, and they were usually paid to speak to crowds who already agreed with them.

Lincoln spoke to crowds  -- most of whom, wouldn't walk across the street to spit on a black person, much less help end the slavery imposed on the him.

Did you know that?   Yes or no?

Lincoln's friend was killed for speaking too candidly about rights for all races.

Lincoln was speaking to the same areas, in some cases, to the same people, who had killed others, for being too much a "Nigger lover". 

Bet you had no clue. 

Frederick Douglass knew all that.

You did not.



Contrary to what some claim now, Lincoln had a long history - from 1846 on -- of kicking slavery in the ass.

Bet you never heard any of this. Not even once. 

For example, as Congressmen, Lincoln stood up to President Polk, accused him (correctly) of in effect stealing Mexico's land so the South could spread slavery, doubling the size of slave territory.

Did you know that?

Oh, you mean those who trash Lincoln "forgot" to tell you?

Lincoln not only voted against funding the Mexican war, and called Polk out for pushing expansion of slavery -- Lincoln pushed the "Wilmont Proviso" at least 40 times, which would have outlawed slavery in the territory the US just stole. 

Did you know that?  Hell no you didn't know. No one told you.

But Douglass -- Frederick Douglass -- knew.


Dangerous work.

Lincoln was hated from that moment on, by 
everyone who sucked up to slave power.  He had spoken into the air, what everyone knew -- US stole Mexico for the purpose of expanding slavery.

Everything in US history, from 1820-1865, was about slavery, one way or another. 

 Even years later, his enemies claimed Lincoln "would not support our troops" in time of war. They used that term -- not support our troops. 

Yes, they did.  All because Lincoln was against stealing land to spread slavery.  

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Also in the 1840's, as Congressman, Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia, again standing up to slave scum sucking pigs.  Again at great cost to himself.

Strange for a guy who "didn't really care"  to be so fucking focused on the issue of slavery.  

But ass wipes will point to an out of context quote -- even some ass wipes have Phds -- and tell you, with a straight face, Lincoln didn't care.

They always, always, use the same few quotes-- and never, never tell you the context or the thousands of times Lincoln kicked slavery in the ass, and essentially spent his adult life trying to stop scum sucking pigs from spreading slavery.

Oh, so those who trash Lincoln "forgot" to tell you? Really?  Here is my surprised look. 

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Funny -- no one ever told you that, did the?

Lincoln got back into politics, in 1854, when Southern scum started their reign of terror and deception in Kansas, killing and pushing slavery to the west, after they doubled slave territory by stealing land from Mexico.

Oh no one told you why Lincoln got back into politics? Because scum were, once again, spreading slavery, once again, by violence and deception.

My surprised look again 

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Lincoln was  hated for that too -- he exposed what Southern scum were doing, and he was correct.

But since no one has the balls to tell you what Southern scum did leading up to the Civil War, you never heard any of this. None.

But Lincoln knew.  So did Frederick Douglass. 

Stephen A Douglas with his business partner, David Rice Atchison, opened up the entire western US to slavery, by the ruse of Kansas Nebraska Act. 

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Everyone know what the hell was going on -- Lincoln exposed this in his "House Divided" speech,.

Your history teacher will insist he or she knows all about House Divided speech.  But likely, he or she has no clue Lincoln specifically said Kansas Nebraska Act was the first part of Southern scum (my word, not his) efforts to push slavery west, my means vile and violent, whatever means necessary. 

Lincoln outlined four specific steps Southern scum took, to push slavery. He showed, correctly, Kansas Act being first.  Yeah, I know I said that, you maybe now you will remember.

As usual, slave power again, wanted to kill, if necessary, to spread slavery.  Remember, Atchison and S Douglas said 100 times, 100 different ways, they wanted Kansas bill because they so loved people to have right to vote on slavery.

They both even said no way did they imagine slavery would to into Kansas, because everyone knew Kansas citizens did not want slavery.   But just for the purpose of  honoring the right to vote on slavery, they wanted KS act.

Actually, events quickly proved what lying pieces of shit S Douglas and Atchison were.  Atchison went to Kansas and started his reign of terror to PREVENT voting of citizens of Kansas.

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Lincoln sought to beat Stephen A Douglas in IL, to stop that bastard from helping Southern scum. Douglas was head of the Democrat party, because he agreed to help Jefferson Davis and Davis Atchison in their plans in Kansas.

Lincoln stopped that shit, though it took the Civil War to do it. 

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Stephen Douglas regularly used the word "nigger" with an added bit of scorn, he almost spit the word out. He was warned again, and again, in the Senate to use a different word.

But saying "Nigger" and helping the South spread slavery, got Douglas (Stephen A Douglas) a lot of power, and that's what he wanted. 

He used "Nigger" anyway -- newspapers cleaned up his diction.

But Stephen A Douglas, and all of Lincoln's enemies at the time, were right, Lincoln was obsessed with equality for all races, under the law.

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Yes, Lincoln parsed his words, but no one, not even Frederick Douglass himself, went were Lincoln did, when Lincoln did, and kicked slavery in the ass sideways.


Yes, Lincoln parsed words.

He would  SEEM to agree with some sentiment, then keep speaking, and kick the shit out of that sentiment.   For example, again and again, like in the video above, taken from actual L-D debates, Lincoln seemed to say blacks and whites are not equal.

Then, however, Lincoln went on - and blasted the shit out of that, claiming any black person is equal to any white person in the right to be free.

Guess who knew that? Frederick Douglass knew.
Guess you didn't know that? You didn't. 

Lincoln's way worked.

You have to read Lincoln's full speeches, and know what he was up against, to know why his speeches were stunning and "radical"  according to Stephen A Douglas, who all but urged violence upon Lincoln, and did win the Senate race in 1858, by playing Lincoln as a "Nigger lover".

 Lincoln DID speak for equality, thousands of times, and in the most powerful way.

Douglas wanted Lincoln to pay -- to defeat Lincoln -- by making Lincoln appear to be a "Nigger lover" who "wanted your daughter's to sleep with "Niggers".

Douglass was there, he knew how it felt to be sold, to watch your mother killed, to be tortured.  He wasn't playing fucking word games with lying or stupid bastards.

He didn't have time. 

As a young slave, he was tortured for trying to escape. He saw a woman tortured -- to death -- while the owner screamed bible verses to cover her agony.

Did you know that.

Douglass was no easily fooled -- he took no bullshit.  They said when he walked into the room, his intense stare made most folks freeze.  

Douglass knew LIncoln, advised Lincoln and grew frustrated with Lincoln. 

But Douglass knew much more.   He knew what kind of scum sucking pigs -- North and South -- Lincoln had to deal with.

It was not the Southern lunatic haters that caused Lincoln so much trouble -- it was those in the North that were trying to help the South, like Stephen A Douglas, as you will see.  Like the US Supreme Court, which ruled blacks are not even human beings (really, they did) but property.

Below are some of the things Douglass knew first hand. He did not have to lied to about this, or find them in history books written to not offend Southern apologist.

Why would Douglass speak so highly of Lincoln?

Because he knew things you don't even suspect.

See below -- have you ever heard these before? Not likely.

Lincoln was called a "Nigger lover"  in every Lincoln Douglas debate.  Did you know that, yes or no?

Did you know Lincoln was speaking at a time when the United States Supreme Court ruled that blacks are not human beings, not persons, but property?

Did you know that, yes or no?

This is a big fucking deal -- no other Supreme Court ruling comes near it . Blacks are NOT HUMAN BEINGS -- not persons.

They are "so inferior" -- the court said that nine times -- that they are NOT beings --  not persons, officially not persons, emphatically not persons, the US Supreme Court ruled.

Seriously, did you know that?

No. Your history book at most tells you some bullshit about "citizenship".  Such horse shit -- at the time, the issue was whether they were human beings.  And they spoke in those terms -- human beings, or inferior beings, property.

The court, in Dred Scott, said they were property.

It was on the basis of blacks being "not persons" that Southern leaders said Lincoln was a "traitor to the constitution" because he said they were human beings and as such, could not be treated like property. 

Did you know that?  

Yes or no, did you know Lincoln's enemies called him a radical and a traitor, because he said blacks were human beings.

Hell no, you don't fucking know.  Your  history teacher didn't tell this kind of vile crap in our history.

But that's EXACTLY what they used to accuse Lincoln of being a "Nigger lover" and a "traitor".

Learn real history, you won't be so easily fooled by those who trash Lincoln. 



This was not a fucking word game -- Southern leaders used this "logic" of Dred Scott, that blacks were not human beings, as the basis for their killing sprees into Kansas.

Bet you didn't know that, either?

They BRAGGED of it. Southern leaders bragged out the ass about this, as we will show you.

Lincoln said that was wrong -- blacks are humans. 

He was radical -- for exactly that. 

 Southern leaders said they could spread slavery all over the West, including into Kansas, which voted 95% against slavery.

Did you know that? HELL NO.

Did you know that -- or not?

Hell no, you never heard that, did you?

Guess who know that -- Frederick Douglass.

Guess who had no clue -- you.

Guess who didn't tell you -- your history teacher. 

And guess who accused Lincoln of treason against the US, because he "dared" to say blacks were not only people, but they should be treated equality under the law. 

Yes, he said "Niggers".  No, your history teachers didn't bother to tell you that.

In fact,  Stephen Douglas was rather famous in Congress, for using the word "Nigger".   He did so because he was the leader of the SOUTHERN Democrats, though he was from Illinois.

Yes,  Lincoln parsed his words -- he was careful how he said things.   He would have been killed years before he was killed if he  had been any more blunt.

In fact, Lincoln WAS killed by Booth, hours after Booth heard Lincoln speak for voting rights for blacks.

Did you know that?  Hell no.

It's not your fault you are stupid about Lincoln. You are NOT taught how insane the hatred of blacks was at the time -- you could still be killed, as Lincoln's friend (and many others were) for speaking for equality.

Did you know that -- yes or no?

In fact, in the entire South, and in Kansas, it was legal to arrest and torture those who spoke against slavery.

Did you know that, yes or no?

Hell no, you didn't know that. Our text books simply do not mention  basic horrors  - decades of it -- of Southern killings and torture to those who SPOKE against slavery.

It was legal for Lincoln to speak against slavery -- but dangerous to do it too bluntly.


Still, LIncoln kicked ass - read his full speeches, not a few words. In his full speeches, many hundreds of them, Lincoln kicked ass, like no one ever did, in those areas, at that time.

Yes, some folks spoke against slavery -- but they were in "safe" areas, and may of them were paid to speak, to crowds who agreed with them already.

Lincoln spoke to crowds that included people thought blacks were kinda like dogs that could talk,  that they were animals, not  real human beings. 

  Lincoln did parse words -- he "set up" and seemed to agree with a prejudice, in one sentence, then kicked that sentiment in the ass sideways, the next sentence.

See this movie clip -- the dialog is taken directly and correctly from speeches by both men. 

Did you know that Stephen A Douglas all but urged violence on LIncoln, because Lincoln was,    "A nigger lover who would have your daughters sleep with Niggers? 

Did you know that, yes or no?


No you had no clue.

White men were killed for being abolitionist in 1858

Lincoln spoke over 1000 times, in the most radical terms possible, at the time, on the need to have equality for the races?

Did you know that NO ONE -- not even Frederick Douglass -- went where LIncoln did, and when he did, and spoke so powerfully?

Lincoln was
"obsessed with equality for the Nigger" Douglas shouted again and again.  

This is NOT the way you are taught history -- the extreme hatred of blacks, where even men like Stephen A Douglas won election after election by appealing to hatred of blacks, and the need to keep slavery.

Douglas would make Lincoln look like a "Nigger lover" by repeatedly telling the public he (Lincoln) was not only against slavery, but Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

And much more.

Douglas was essentially a sell out to the South, as you will see.  He sold out by making fun of anyone against slavery, and telling folks that such "radical abolitionist" as Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers" and your wives to "walk down the street" with Niggers.

How about stopping the bullshit white wash of US History, where LIncoln is trashed, and scum sucking pigs like Jeff Davis, and his buddy, Stephen A Douglas are honored?

You'd have to read the entire L-D debates to know that, and still you could not know Stephen Douglas regular use of the word "Nigger" where he sometimes spitted on his clothes in the emotion of the word. 

He didnt just say "Nigger"  he sprayed it.

"Lincoln repeats over and over that Niggers have equal rights under the law because of the Declaration of Independence, which is in violation of the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in Dred Scott" 







Yeah, facts matter, imagine that.

No one told you. You only know what you are told.

No one told you, because we don't teach how bat shit crazy and violent Southern leaders were.


150 years of bullshit is enough,

For example, not one person in 1000 knows that in the USA--most of the USA --in the 1840s and 1850's,  you could be arrested and tortured, even killed, by "lawful authorities"  for even speaking bluntly about equality for the races.

Did  you know that or not?  Hell no, you did not.

Did you know Southern leaders bragged out the ass -- to be blunt -- about killing to spread slavery for God?

Did you know about the Southern war ultimatums, in Richmond papers, March of 1861, headlines, boasting "THE TRUE ISSUE" was the spread of slavery.

No one alive then was at all surprised at Southern war ultimatums, nor that Southern papers would call this "THE TRUE ISSUE"..   This was well known, extremely so, for years.

It might sound odd to you -- because this aspect of Southern scum leaders, is not in our US text books. To read US text books, Southern leaders cared about states rights.

Bullshit, Southern leaders bragged states rights did not apply to the spread of slavery -- did you know that? Hell no, you never heard of that.

It's a good bet your history teacher has  no idea that when Lincoln ran for office, it was still illegal in most of the US to even own a book against slavery, or speak openly against slavery.

In all of the South (bigger in area than the free states) it was a crime -- punishable by torture -- to even own a book that questioned slavery.

Did you know that -- yes or no?

In Kansas, a US Senator was bragging that he killed to stop those who even spoke against slavery.

Did you know that? Hell no.

Did you know that the US Senator who killed to spread slavery in KS, and bragged he killed to stop speech against slavery, was officially the "General of Law and Order in Kansas" - put there by Jefferson Davis?



Lincoln enemies at the time, claimed Lincoln was called a "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"  as  Stephen A Douglas,  put it.

Did you know that -- yes or no.

Lincoln "Worshipped the Negro" said New York papers -- who also suggested Lincoln should obey SOuthern war ultimatums to spread slavery by force, into Kansas.

You had no clue the South had war ultimatums, did you? And that first on their war ultimatums, was the spread of slavery into Kansas, which had voted against slavery by 90%.

Did you even know that much?

No.   Northerners -- some anyway -- were very willing to let Southern leaders kill to spread slavery into Kansas and the west. The same papers that called Lincoln "Worshipped the Negro"


The big problem in the stupidity of most "history teachers" today, is they have no clue what the central issue was --  the spread of slavery by violence.

If you don't know that, you really don't know shit.

Lincoln knew it -- so did almost everyone alive at the time.  It was no secret. The  South's War Ultimatums were headline news, the South was very proud of those war ultimatums, till they lost.

Did you know that -- yes or no?

It's likely your history teacher has no clue about Southern War Ultimatums, either.

Jefferson Davis even wrote, after the war, that the resistance to the spread of slavery into Kansas was the "intolerable grievance".   

Lincoln said the spread of slavery was an orchestrated effort, such that all of US would be slave, or all would be free.

And he was right.  Kansas made that clear -- and do you know why?

No, you have no idea why Kansas made it all or nothing, do you?

Kansas made it clear, because Kansas residents were against slavery by 95%.  Did you even know that?

But Southern leaders war ultimatums were about the spread of slavery -- into Kansas.

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass. 

Guess who had  no clue about that? You.

If they could spread slavery by killing into Kansas, and by the "logic" of Dred Scott, all states would be slave states.  

Once the scum sucking pigs on Supreme Court ruled that blacks were property -- and no state could deny that right to property, but must protect slave property, it was all or nothing.

Did you know that?

Lincoln did. Jeff Davis did.  Frederick Douglass did.  

But you had no clue.

It's not taught this way in school.  But that's what was going on then.

And yes, Douglas said the word "Nigger".

 In fact, according to a newspaper at the time, Stephen Douglas ran from one side of the stage to the other, shouting NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER, and pulling his air, getting the crowd cheering, and yelling at Lincoln for his "Love of the Nigger".

Oh -- you didn't know that?  

And that's just the start of the shit you don't know.

Stephen A Douglas even told the crowds Lincoln wants your daughter to sleep with "NIGGERS". 

Did you know that -- or not.

 Hell no, you had no clue.  And that's just the start of what you did not know.

 It's not in your history books, you have to read the newspaper at the time -- many of the newspapers bragging about blacks being "inferior beings" not human beings under the law.

Yes, Lincoln sometimes parsed words -- no fucking kidding, he had to.  So he did.   

People were still being killed -- in most of the USA at the time -- for speaking about equality for the races.  Did you know that?

In the North, it was LEGAL, but still dangerous in some areas, to speak for equality. 

Did you know that? HELL NO. You had no clue.

In all of the South, and in Kansas, when Lincoln ran for US Senate, you could be arrested and tortured, even killed, for speaking against slavery.

No -- not killed by some crowd, but arrested and tortured by "lawful authorities".

No one told you that, did they. 

Your "history teacher" didn't tell you that.

Yet the killings to stop people from even speaking against slavery -- which was in place through most of the US at the time -- is the single most important fact of the 1850's.   

It was legal in IL to speak for equality -- but you could still be killed if you were too blunt or "radical" about it.

Did you know that?  Hell no.

Even though Lincoln did parse words, he kicked the shit out of slavery and inequality anyway, if you read his full speeches. And LIncoln's actions were even more "radical" to stop slavery.

Watch and learn. Watch and learn.


Was Douglass Stupid?

Or did he know something? 

Already world famous before Lincoln even got back in politics, Douglass saw his master torture a slave woman to death, while the master screamed bible verses.

Did you know that? 

The owner screamed bible verses to cover the begging of the slave, her cries of pain, as he tortured her to death.

Douglass himself was tortured -- and friends had to buy him, from his master.

So Frederick Douglass (two s's) was no dumb ass, he wasn't playing games, he wasn't putting up with bullshit.

If you only know what your history books tell you, so  you probably don't know shit about why Douglas would claim Lincoln was swift, radical, zealous and determined.

Because you don't know what was going on in the 1850's, to make Lincoln be such a radical, but SEEM like he agreed with some racist sentiment of the time.


Much has been made by Lincoln haters, that he wrote a letter about his duty to preserve the Union.

So the fuck what -- that WAS his duty.  He took an oath to defend the Union.  

Lincoln had ALREADY spent 14 years speaking thousands of times, about the best way to end slavery -- and stop the spread of it.

Lincoln in 1846 stood up to President Polk, accused him of going to war to spread slavery by stealing land from Mexico. He was right, of course.

Did you know that -- yes or no? Hell no.

Really, did anyone ever tell you LIncoln stood up to Polk for the war to spread slavery, in 1846?

Did you know that he was accused of "not supporting the soldiers" -- the same kind of shit going on ever since -- when he dared to speak the truth about Mexican War?

Did you know that?

Lincoln also pushed the Wilmont Proviso 40 times, that would have kept slavery out of the stolen territories.

Did you know that, yes or no? Do you even know what that Proviso was?

Lincoln pushed it.   Strange for a guy who didn't care about slavery.

In fact, Lincoln was kick ass about stopping slavery for DECADES.  This bullshit that he didn't care about slavery is so fucking lame --the lying bastards take a few quotes, ignore thousands of others, and ignore the fact, Lincoln was the leading figure against slavery.

He was RADICAL and OBSESSED with equality said he enemies.

You won't hear that from guys like Foner and McPherson, who are artful as hell about what they tell folks. 

Lincoln also tried to end slavery in district of Columbia when he was in congress.  Did you know that? Hell no.

Lincoln also refused to let Southern scum leaders attack 12 (not just one) places and kill to spread slavery, as they were already doing, and bragging about, since 1855.

Did you know that -- yes or no?

Hell no.

So Lincoln had a hell of a record against slavery, even if  your dumb ass history teacher didn't tell you. No one was more focused, in effective ways, to end slavery than he was.

Yes -- he did parse words. No fucking kidding.
See why.

But even more, Lincoln said over and over, that keeping the Union together meant slavery would end. That's the only way to end slavery -- keep the Union together.

Maybe you heard of that speech, called the "House Divided Speech".

Lincoln, by keeping the Union together, was doing two things -- ending slavery, and stopping those fucktard Southern scum leaders from killing to spread slavery.

Yeah, blunt, but that's what happened. 

Douglas also bragged the blacks were not human beings -- not persons -- under the law, but property.  As property, he told the crowds, Lincoln was "preaching revolution"  and a "radical abolitionist" for even claiming blacks are human beings and that the Declaration of Independence applied to "all men" just as it said. 

Slavery was now a right -- no state or territory could keep slavery OUT because of the "logic" of Dred Scott, that blacks were not human beings, but property. 

Bet you didn't know that.

Here -- Douglas claims the Declaration of Independence is wrong, and Lincoln is "a radical abolitionist"  because Lincoln said blacks and whites are equal under the law, per the Founding Fathers Declaration of Independence...  read it, really

Something is wrong in our history books.  We have taken out what was going on in 1850's. 

It's time to stop that shit.  Put in what was going on, or don't teach history. Either get the ugly truth out there, or don't call it history.

Call it myth making.


Didn't Douglass know Lincoln was "reluctant" to abolish slavery, and was not really against slavery?

Didn't he know that 100 years later, white men would pull out quotes and "prove" Lincoln didn't care? He only cared about Union. Right?

The whole "slave thing" was not something Lincoln cared about. Right? 

Maybe if Douglass was not such a dumb ass, and would just read modern "historians" he wouldn't be so stupid.


 Didn't he know about Lincoln's letter to Greeley? Didn't he know Lincoln's quotes?

Hell yes, he knew. And he knew a lot more. 

Douglass knew stuff that you don't have a fucking clue about.

Like blacks were officially ruled as non-human (not persons) but property, buy the United States Supreme Court.

Do you know that every time Lincoln got up and quoted from the Declaration of Independence,  he was "preaching rebellion"  said Stephen A Douglas.

Douglas -- and the Southern leaders, had literally declared, specifically, that the Declaration of Independence was wrong.  Blacks are not persons, are not men, are not equals.

Do you know that?  Did anyone tell you that?

Southern leaders -- and Stephen A Douglas,  didn't admit it -- they BRAGGED OUT THE ASS that the Declaration of Independence was wrong. 

In fact, they cited the Dred Scott decision as "Constitutional proof"  and the basis for their killing sprees into Kansas.

Yes, the South was already killing in Kansas before Lincoln even ran for Senate --and their own General of Law and Order (Davis Rice Atchison) bragged he was killing to spread slavery, and stop opposition to slavery.

In fact, Atchison's speech to his killers, should be required reading in every US history book, it's as important as any speech of the century.  And I doubt you ever heard of Atchison, or his speech to his Texas killers, hired by Jefferson Davis, as Secretary of War, in 1856.

I bet no one ever told you that, did they. 

Seriously, in your entire life, even once, did anyone tell you Jefferson Davis and Stephen A Douglas both insisted the Declaration of Independence was not only wrong --  but anyone who said it was correct, was "preaching revolution".

Did anyone ever tell you a US Senator -- the guy who passed Kansas Nebraska -- then rushed to Kansas to being terrorizing and killing to spread slavery?

Well, everyone knew it then.   Charles Sumner was beaten on the Senate floor, for speaking about David Rice Atchison and his killings in Kansas.   Go read the "Crimes Against Kansas" speech if you don't believe me

Lincoln, if he spoke like that in KS, would have been arrested, perhaps killed. In fact, if you spoke like Lincoln did anywhere in  South, you could be arrested. 

People were arrested -- even preachers -- for owning the wrong book.  

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass knew.

Guess who didn't have a fucking clue?  You -- and your history teacher, most likely.

Officially, repeatedly, loudly, proudly, Northern folks like Stephen A Douglas, (one s)  claimed Lincoln was a dangerous radical preaching rebellion, for simply saying all men are created equal.

Like Lincoln's Northern enemies called him a "Nigger lover" who "worshipped the Nigger" and "preached revolution" by claiming blacks were equal to whites under the law, per the Declaration of Independence, and that slavery must end, or the US will end.



Did you know that? Ever read his full speeches?

Funny how everyone claims the read his full speeches, but can't answer the simple questions about what he said.

Like his House Divided Speech.  Do you know Lincoln is exposing the conspiracy to spread slavery by any means (including killing) against states rights?

Did you even  have a clue?

No one was as radical as Lincoln, where Lincoln was, and when he was.



When those who trash Lincoln give you those partial quotes, they also don't tell you context.  

Like this context -- when Lincoln spoke before the Civil War, people in much of the USA could still be arrested and tortured,  even killed for speaking against slavery.

Not just assaulted by crazy folks -- in most of the USA, when Lincoln ran for Senate, you could be arrested by "lawful authorities" for speaking against slavery.

Did you know that -- or not. Yes or no?

Did you know that while it was legal in Illinois to speak against slavery, most whites hated blacks, and it was illegal for blacks to move to Illinois. 

Abolitionist -- those who advocated freedom for slaves --were not running for office. The few abolitionist that dared to speak powerfully against slavery, spoke to folks who already agreed with them.   They were not in IL talking to people who thought blacks were kinda apes that could talk, that thought blacks were not really human beings like whites.


As you will see, the official stated official policy of the United States, when Lincoln ran for Senate, (both times) was that blacks are not persons but property.

Did you know that or not? Yes or no?

When Lincoln got up "over and over"  and was "obsessed with equality for the Nigger" as Stephen Douglas accused him of being, Lincoln was a dangerous radial.

Douglas --Stephen A -- all but urged Lincoln to be attacked, as people could be attacked in most of the US at the time.
Blacks were "inferior beings" said the SCOTUS. Jefferson Davis boasted of this repeatedly, and Stephen A Douglas boasted of it, in the Lincoln Douglas debates, calling Lincoln a "Nigger lover"  and "radical abolitionist" for showing what vile crap the Supreme Court had done.

Did you know that -- yes or no?

Hell no, you had no fucking clue.  This is not taught in schools.  Dred Scott "lesson" is always some whitewashed bullshit about "citizenship".

Fuck no -- it was about whether blacks were human beings or property. Try to grasp that.

Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass. Guess who had no clue -- you.

Guess who ran for Senate, and then President, because he hated the Dred Scott decision?  


Did you know that, or not?   Hell no, you didn't know that. Guess who did know that?  Frederick Douglass. 

Welcome to real history, as it was bragged about then, by Southern leaders.

They didn't admit it, the BRAGGED about it. And yes, they bragged blacks were ordained by God to be enslaved, and they bragged the US Supreme Court ruled blacks were inferior beings.


 Nigger lover

 Negro  Worshiper.

 Obessed with equality for the Nigger

 Preaching revolution

 A traitor for claiming blacks were persons.

I'd like to fucking slap every mother fucking piece of shit "historian" who glosses over this -- and they do.

They do not even mention what Southern leaders -- and Stephen A Douglas -- were bragging out the ass about. Nor do they tell you Southern leaders were bragging already about killing to spread slavery in Kansas -- justifying it by the the "logic" in Dred Scott that blacks were not human beings -- not persons.

Not one "history teacher" out of 1000 know this -- but it's in the decision itself, and very fundamental to everything that lead up the Civil War.

Frederick Douglass knew all this, of course, most people alive in the USA knew this, but you did not, did you?

Southern leaders bragged out the ass about it -- used it to justify their killing sprees into Kansas.

Did you know that? They didn't kinda justify their killing sprees, they didn't sorta justify their killing sprees, they good god damn well bragged out the ass about the Dred Scott decision being their "Constitutional right"  to not just spread slavery -- but to arrest and even kill those who spoke against slavery.

Yeah, that does sound crazy now, right?   Well it's what was going on then, whether your dumb ass history teacher knows it, or told you, or not.

That's what Lincoln was dealing with, when he ran for office, and its WHY he ran for office. 

Did you know that? Did you know in letters at the time LIncoln told friends (Speed) he was getting back into politics because of this shit that was going on in Kansas, by these bastards?

No -- you don't know that. 

 Lincoln opponents said he would cause a war if he kept saying blacks were persons, not sub human property. 

Wants your daughters "to sleep with " Niggers. 

Why would Stephen A Douglas use that line over, and over, and over -- see the clip above.


Lincoln  was called -- over and over -- in public and  in newspapers as dangerous, just for speaking about equality of the races in most general terms, and saying we must stop the SPREAD of slavery.

No one else -- where and when he was -- were doing this. Overall, as you will see, Lincoln kicked ass in his speeches.  Read the whole speech, not just part of it.

Lincoln kicked ass -- and kicked it from 1837 on. He kicked slavery in the ass in thousands of speeches. He stood up to President Polk in 1846 while in Congress, on the issue of slavery and stealing Texas to push slavery further.

Yes, the US stole Texas, and did so to push slavery further. If you don't know that, get the fuck off this page, learn history, and come back.

Lincoln kicked ass in Congress too, by trying to push the Wilmont Proviso outlawing slavery, 40 times. The Wilmont Proviso would have kept slavery out of the stolen territories.  Of course, those who stole Texas to spread slavery, were  not about to let Lincoln keep slavery out.

Did you know that, yes or no?

Oh you mean Eric Foner, and other "historians" forgot to tell you? Do tell. 

Lincoln also kicked ass by trying to end slavery in district of Columbia, as a Congressmen.  You didn't know that did you?

In the hundreds, thousands, of speeches, Lincoln gave the same basic message in each speech. Read the whole thing. Slavery is evil. Slavery must end. Let's figure a way to end it.


Lincoln's first choice was to stop the spread of slavery.  Since you don't have a fucking clue, most likely, that Southern leaders were killing to spread slavery, and that Dred Scott essentially mandated the spread of slavery (DS made it impossible for any legislature or group of people -- even voters -- to keep slavery out of anyplace, by their order and declaration that blacks are not persons, and the order, yes order, that the fed government protect slavery.

You heard right -- this is probably the first time in your life you heard that Dred Scott decision ORDERED the fed gov to protect slavery, and that blacks were not human beings, not persons.

But that is exactly who Dred Scott was used -- and the South bragged of it, out the ass. Stephen A Douglas gave dozens, if not hundreds of long and very specific speeches bragging of this.  

So why the fuck are we not taught about it?

Because it's really vile shit, and the South has published almost all text books in the USA since text books were published. 

And "historians" like dip shit James McPherson is too pussy to state anything like this candidly. 

 Did you know about Southern violence, military violence, official, paid for, organized killing sprees, to spread slavery. Before the Civil War -- did you know Jeff Davis hired Texas killers to invade Kansas, yes or no?

No -- you don't have a clue. 

Did you or your history teacher tell you, did any "scholarly" book by McPherson, Foner, Catton, etc, ever even mention this, even on page 200, down in any paragraph.  At all?

Did they mention, much less show how extreme the hate for Lincoln -- in the North!  In the South, of course, Lincoln was considered the destroyer of the White Race.   Did you know Southerners claimed Lincoln would cause the "extermination of the white race??

Did any of these "historians" or any of your history books tell you, that Lincoln's enemies at the time, again, and again, and again called him everything from a Nigger lover to a Negro worshiper.

And he was eventually killed -- shot in the head -- because of it. 

Stephen A Douglas used that approach, because it made people hate Lincoln -- and made it dangerous for him to come out too bluntly for abolition.

Most white people in the North hated abolitionist almost as much as they hated negroes.  Did you know that or not?

In the South, they accused Lincoln of treason, and would have arrested and hung  him, if he even campaigned there. Did you know that?

Nor do you know that by time Lincoln ran for the Senate (see the video for this too) the SCOTUS had already ruled -- officially -- that blacks were not human beings, not persons. 

People were still being arrested and tortured -- did you know that or not -- for speaking against slavery, or even owning a book against slaery, in the entire South, and in Kansas.

Not kinda tortured, not kinda killed, not by some "crazy individuals" by by "lawful authorities" people were being arrested, tortured, and killed by men Jefferson Davis appointed, and backed, as Secretary of War.

Do you even know who David Rice Atchison is?

As your teacher who David Rice Atchison is, and if he or she doesn't know that Atchison was a US Senator that bragged about killing to spread slavery and killing to stop folks from speaking against slavery, then you have a stupid teacher.

Because that's what was going on. And Atchison was backed up by the Scum Sucking Pigs on the United States Supreme Court, though Atchison was already killing and torturing for over a year,  and THEN Dred Scott decision came out, allowing Southern bastards to retroactively justify the killings and torture.

Yes, killings and torture. Yes, a  US Senator. No, this is not hyped or sophistry. This is what fucking happened. 

Lincoln will destroy the white race.  Did you know that or not? Whites claimed Lincoln's very mild and parsed words were bad enough -- even his parsed words were dangerous to whites.

I don't mean one or two people were arrested, in isolated unusual cases. I mean people were chased down, captured, and tortured,  or worse, for speaking against slavery.

Lincoln's enemies tried to frighten him -- by telling the public, openly, repeatedly, that Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

Yes that's the word used.  Stephen A Douglas used that word.

Frederick Douglass knew that. In fact, Stephen A Douglass would tell people before the debates, that Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were seen together with a white woman in a carriage together the day before.   F Douglass, of course, was no where near there, but Stephen A Douglas knew that telling folks such "jokes" would make them hate and fear Lincoln.

Why  is that not taught in our school text books? I want to know. 

In the North, people would still be killed -- as Lincoln was killed-- if they spoke too powerfully for equality for blacks. Did you even know that much? 

Did you know that -- yes or no?

Im always surprised (just kidding Im used to it) when "history majors"  and "history teachers": tell me Lincoln was not against slavery really. 

Lincoln did little else BUT speak and work against slavery from 1837 on,    He gave thousands of speeches -- every fucking one of them about slavery and why it had to be stopped, why it must be stopped eventually.   




So did Stephen A Douglas. So did most people alive in 1850's.   You very likely have no clue -- you are NOT told this stuff, in the way it was discussed them.,

Lincoln was "PREACHING REVOLUTION" and "Nigger equality" said Stephen A Douglas.

This was the basic message from Stephen A Douglas --- he repeated it emphatically, loudly, proudly, in every Lincoln/DOuglas debate, and in many of his own speeches, without Lincoln.

Did you even know this? 

This is not rhetorical - did you know this?

 Lincoln was accused by the South of treason, and by Stephen Douglas of urging a civil war, if he even questioned the Supreme Court ruling that blacks are inferior beings, not persons.

Jefferson Davis himself wrote that the "resistance to the spread of slavery"   was the "intolerable grievance"   because Dred Scott decision ruled that blacks were not persons. 

Did you know that? Yes or no.   Seriously -did you know that?   Here it is, if you don't believe me.

Jefferson Davis didn't just write this in his book, this was shouted from the rooftops by the South -- the Dred Scott decision (that blacks were not persons) was their "Constitutional guarantee" that they could spread slavery wherever they damn please -- including Kansas, which voted 90% against slavery, no matter what Dred Scott said.

But since most history teachers are too stupid to even read the Dred Scott decision, and since they don't know Lincoln Douglas debates were about that, they could not tell you anything about LIncoln being called a "Revolutionary"  and a "Nigger lover"  for speaking for equality.

Equality was a settled issue -- said Stephen A Douglas. Blacks were NOT equal, they were property.   If you did not see the video clip above, see it now, or again.

Yes it's a clip -- but you are probably too stupid to even find the LIncoln Douglas debates and read the whole things. Go read the whole debates, and you will be even smarter. 

 Lincoln was preaching "Revolution" to say otherwise.

Southern leaders where getting crowds to cheer -- -the white race would be "exterminated"  if Lincoln had his way. Blacks are inferior beings, not persons.  

Did you know that?

So when Lincoln got up and said anything -- howerever carefully, he was accused of being a radical "Nigger lover".  

And Stephen A Douglas pointed this out proudly -- what he and Southern leaders boasted of (see the video above) most history teachers today, do not even know what a  factor, much less the most important forces at work in Lincoln's life, and in the lead up to the Civil War.

Did you know that or not?

Ironically, today, Lincoln haters trash him for exactly the opposite reasons.  That he didn't care, that he was only about Union.

The claim he was not against slavery, or used it for political purposes. They claim almost anything at all, it runs the gamut, from sophisticated bullshit by Foner that Lincoln "evolved"  to stupid shit by DeLorenzo that just lies his ass off. 

And at the time you could still be killed -- as Lincoln eventually was -- for speaking out too loudly for equal rights for blacks.

Try to grasp that.

Guess who never tells you about things you can learn on this page?   Foner never does -- nor Lorenzo. Nor McPherson. Nor Shelby Foote.

Nor any of 100 others.

Frederick Douglass was often critical of Lincoln at the time.   As were others.  But Douglass said the most powerful things about Lincoln,  making it very clear Lincoln made all the difference. 

Lincoln had to win elections -- he was not a paid speaker, talking to groups in New York and Maine.  And while he parsed words, he kicked ass in those speeches, even while parsing words, as you will see.

Read or hear the FULL speeches, and learn what Lincoln did, and what he faced. You won't be so stupid about him, or the Civil War, once you do.

Stupidity about Lincoln is very much tied to stupidity about what kind of scum sucking pigs  he had to deal with -- North and South.  

Guess who knew that -- Frederick Douglass knew.





 It was not just Frederick Douglass who claimed Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous and determined".

Stephen A Douglas, accused Lincoln of being a "Nigger lover" (yes he used the N word)  who was "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".

Jefferson Davis insisted Lincoln's real plan was to destroy slavery where it existed, not just stop Davis and others from spreading it west.

New York papers claimed LIncoln was a "Negro Worshipper".

During the war, some Northern Congressmem wanted Lincoln arrested --  yes arrested -- if he even SPOKE words that said slavery should end, for the war to end.

When Lincoln spoke about slavery, before the Civil War, did you know that in MOST OF THE US it was still illegal to speak against slavery?

Did you know that?

Did you know that people were being arrested for speaking against slavery -- in most of the US, up to the Civil War? Yes or no, did you know that?

Did you know that in Kansas, the "General of Law and Order" bragged he was arresting and killing people for speaking out in public against slavery?

That must seem absurd nonsense to you -- arrested, killed, for speaking against slavery?

Yes -- a very basic fact whitewashed in US text books.

Even in Illinois, where it was legal to speak against slavery of course, it was still dangerous.  Lincoln's friend Lovejoy was murdered for his newspaper that advocating freedom and equal rights for blacks.

Did you even know that much?


If you don't know the above -- and there is plenty more -- then you don't really know shit about Lincoln and what kind of world he operated in. 

If LIncoln had spoken too bluntly and too early about ending slavery, the South wins the Civil War, because most white soldiers, and most white officers (including Grant and Sherman) would have resigned immediately. 

Did you know any of this? And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Guess who knew this -- and the whole iceberg?  Frederick Douglas. 


Yes, you can quote Lincoln, who gave over 2000 speeches, some of them hours long, any way you want.

Including the clip above -- yes those are Lincoln and Douglas actual words, and actual meanings.

That clip is perfect example of the stupid bastards who trash Lincoln. They will take tell you about one sentence -- Lincoln did say blacks and whites may not be equal in certain respects -- but not tell you Lincoln kicks fucking ass, and lowers the boom and that exact prejudice in the rest of the speech.

Nor do they tell you what LIncoln did -- and overall, Lincoln effectively kicked slavery in the ass sideways by  his actions, more than anyone else in US history. 

And LIncoln was killed for it.   Do you even know Boothe changed his plan for kidnapping Lincoln, to killing him, because he heard Lincoln's speech about voting rights for blacks?

No you didn't know that.

When you hear these bastards describe Lincoln's speech about voting rights, they always tell you that Lincoln said "certain groups"  or "educated"  blacks. 

As if Lincoln was horrible. Here is a clue -- that was fucking RADICAL SHIT when he said it, and he was killed for it.

Show me who the fuck else did what Lincoln did -- who was as radical in that time, in those places?

Yes, John Brown was as radical -- and he was captured and hung for it. In fact, the South has cried like fucking babies for 150 years for what Brown did, never mind the back story on that one. 

Foner and others go to great pains to tell you about Fremont -- who they try to portray as more of a "real abolitionist".

Here is a fucking clue -- Fremont's way would have caused the border states to go into the Confederacy.   Got that?   So let me get this straight, Lincoln should have spoke more bluntly, in your face, and lost the Civil War, and let slavery spread.   Because that was what was at stake, the spread of slavery.

Which sentences are you told about? 

You are not told where Lincoln kicked fucking ass, or how it was some radical shit Lincoln was laying down, even though he parsed words.

You are told part of the quotes, deliberately misleading in some cases -  but some people are just stupid, and don't know any better.

Just like you can quote the bible any way you want.

And Lincoln did "parse" words -- he was careful, and careful for a reason. 



But overall - Lincoln FULL speeches, his FULL debates, his FULL actions, kicked slavery in the ass sideways, till it was dead dead dead.

But there is more to the story -- so if you want to string together some quotes, go on. No one is stopping you.

If you want to know what happened --  look at the full picture 




Your "historian" bullshitters.
Things you have no clue about...

Funny how so many people today -- getting their information from bullshitters like Foner or Foote or McPherson, or worse, are suddenly experts.

They see some quotes -- out of context. They don't see the overwhelming in context speeches and documents.

They don't know what the fuck was going on at the time -- for example, that people were still being killed for speaking out too radically for ending slavery.

There is a big fucking difference between speaking to people who already agree with you, in Boston, in New York,  than speaking to people who think blacks are sub human and want to rape your daughter.

Guess where Lincoln spoke?

Guess who he spoke to?

Did you even know, as Lincoln was speaking, people were being arrested and killed in Kansas, for just speaking against slavery? No, you had no clue. Nor were they killed by outlaws-- Kansas was invaded by Texas and Missouri men, hired by Jefferson Davis and David Rice Atchison.

Atchison and his killers set up up a "government" and passed "laws" that made it a crime to speak against slavery.

In fact, Atchison led repeated killing sprees into various Kansas towns -- all with the blessing of Jeff Davis, then Secretary of War.

Guess who knew that? Lincoln.
Guess who else knew that? Douglass.

Guess who never told you about that?

Foner, McPherson, Bruce Catton, and hundreds of others.

If you don't understand the killing sprees and violence ongoing when Lincoln spoke, you really don't know shit, frankly.

And most people have no fucking clue.

Basically, people who trash Lincoln do it in two ways.  1) selected quotes  and 2) selected facts.   

But the complete quotes -- and his complete actions -- and stunning, powerful, kick ass quotes that stopped slavery, killed it dead dead dead.



For a guy against equality, for a guy who didn't really care about slavery -- Lincoln sure had weird way of obsessing about it.

Only cared about Union? Fucking hell, he gave thousands of speeches, and writes one fucking sentence about Union, and that's horrible?

Here is a clue -- and Lincoln said so -- keeping the Union together was the only way to stop slavery.

Yeah, that little "House Divided Speech" -- and dozens of others. 

SOuthern scum were going to rip the union apart  to spread slavery West.  The only way they could spread slavery, was to end the Union.

That's the House Divided speech in 2 sentences, bluntly stated.

Yes, it is.   Lincoln was nice about it -- he  had to be -- but that's the House Divided speech. Go read it.

So when Lincoln wrote that "horrible" sentence about Union -- guess what, he was cleverly parsing words.  If -- If -- If. Lincoln was a wordsmith.   

For some fucking reason, Lincoln is some bad guy cause he writes a sentence about Union.

Meanwhile, the same fuckers who try to piss on LIncoln for that, don't say a fucking word about Southern leaders, at the same time -- bragging about killing to spread slavery.

That's right, Southern leaders promised killing to spread slavery, bragged about killing to spread slavery, issued War Ultimatums about the spread of slavery.

But somehow, Lincoln is the bad guy? Jesus fucking Christ.   Lincoln is the bad guy because he parsed words?

But Lee's torture of slave girls -- not a word. Davis killing sprees -- not a word.  

Davis sending Texas killers to Kansas and David Rice Atchison, the guy who got Kansas Nebraska Act passed, bragging about killing to spread slavery, that's okay?

Fucking hell, bizzaro world.  Really. 

We have turned reality on it's fucking head. Lincoln is shown as the BAD guy, and seriously, Southern scum are shown as anti slavery.

Orwell much?


1)  Lincoln stood up to President Polk, while in Congress, essentially accused him (correctly) of stealing Texas by killing sprees, to further expand slavery.

Most people don't even know, and Lincoln detractors won't admit, that US stole Texas, and those that did it, were motivated to spread slavery.

Lincoln tried to stop that shit.

Lincoln not only stood up to Polk -- Lincoln then tried 40 times to push the Wilmont Proviso, that would keep slavery out of the newly stolen territories.

Strange obession for a guy who didn't give a shit.

2) Lincoln tried, in Congress, to stop slavery in District of Columbia.  Oh no one told you that? Surprise surprise.  

3) LIncoln got back in politics because of the killing sprees and violence in Kansas -- started by Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison, abetted by none other that Stephen A Douglas. 

If you don't know who got the Kansas Nebraska Act passed, and why, and what they did then -- you don't know shit about LIncoln.

David Rice Atchison and Stephen A Douglas got the Kansas Act passed,  so Jeff Davis, then Secretary of War, could spread slavery into Kansas and the rest of the west.   Yes, they did.  No, you don't have a clue about that.

Lincoln had a clue --as did most of the country.   When Lincoln saw that shit happen, he got back into politics. 

How do we know? He said so at the time.

Pretty strange thing for Lincoln to do -- although you don't know s

Ending slavery (yes, ending slavery) was the focus of his life, and cost him his life.   Yes, he spoke carefully -- but read his FULL speeches, in context.

In context means -- what the hell was going on at the time. 


Lincoln lost that election, in 1858, because Douglas (Stephen) tagged him as a "Nigger lover". 

So why the fuck do "historians" not tell you that? 


Lincoln a "Nigger lover"?  Lincoln "obsessed with rights for the "Nigger"? But  but but, your  history teacher said Lincoln wasn't for equality.

Lincoln eventually killed when he spoke about voting rights for blacks.

Try to grasp this. Lincoln would have been killed much sooner, if he was blunt and direct about kicking slavery in the ass.

Lincoln parsed words -- because he had to. 

Lincoln parsed words so he would not be branded a "Nigger lover" but he was branded that anyway, by guys like S Douglas and New York papers.

Lincoln also parsed words so the border states would not join the Confederacy.  If you are too stupid to know why thats fucking very important, get off my blog, I don't have time for idiots. 

Guess who knew all this, and more?

  You sure as hell didn't. No one told you.

But Frederick Douglass  did know.  Here is a clue -- don't be fooled by bullshit.
As Frederick Douglass  and Malcolm X knew, be careful where you get  your information.  A little knowledge is often exactly wrong -- depends who told you.

Frederick Douglass saw a woman tortured to death, while the slave owner screamed bible verses to cover her agony.

He was tortured himself. He saw children sold, women raped, while the owners carried a bible around. 

So Douglass was not easily fooled by bullshit.

Did you know Lincoln stood up to President Polk, in 1848, and tried to stop him from stealing Texas from Mexico, accusing him (correctly) of stealing Texas to spread slavery?

You probably don't even know the US stole Texas by force, to spread slavery there. So you don't know that Lincoln tried to stop it.

Even after US stole Texas, Lincoln pushed for legislation 40 times to keep slavery out of that stolen land.

Did you know that? Hell no.  They don't tell you.

Did you know that as Congressmen, Lincoln tried to end slavery in DC?   Bet you didn't.  No one told you.

Guess who knew that? Douglass. Guess who didn't tell you -- Foner, McPherson, Foote, Catton, etc etch.

When Lincoln ran for office, whites were still killing whites for being "too radical for the nigger" at the time. Newspapers painted Lincoln as a "Negro worshiper".   Did you know that or not.

This is not rhetorical question -- did you, yes or no, know that? Did you know people were still arrested and tortured in place for even owning the wrong book about slavery?  

Guess who knew that?  Lincoln knew. Douglass knew.

Guess who didn't know -- you.

Ten seconds ago, you likely had no clue.  And you probably won't grasp what that means, for a long time.  It means that Lincoln actually was quite radical and extreme -- and Douglass said so -- given what he faced.


Even some "historians" claim Lincoln was "nothing special" on race, and was ambivalent about equality and ending slavery.

They even have their dozen quotes to "prove it".

But that does not explain this -- No one else was saying anything nearly as powerful as Lincoln, overall. And Lincoln was killed for it, eventually.


Read his FULL  speeches, in context. Yes, that sounds like bullshit, right?  Context?   Well if you know what Douglass knew, if you knew what Lincoln faced, you wont be so stupid.


For where he was, and who he spoke to, no one spoke as powerfully -- and his speeches, the full speeches, were thunder.  Yes, you can quote from those thunder speeches and make Lincoln look any way you like.

But read the full speeches, and know what he was doing.  His full speeches are masterful kick ass speeches, that at first seemed to agree with a prejudice of the day, and then kicked that very prejudice in the ass.

Particularly Lincoln first focused- and rightly so - on stopping the spread of slavery.   That was radical, and dangerous, at the time.

 Did you know that no one -- not Douglass, not Garrison, not anyone, spoke as powerfully, where and when Lincoln did.

Lincoln was not in Boston or Maine, getting paid to speak to people who already and safely against slavery there.  Too complicated?

Lincoln was speaking in IL, considered the "West" at the time, across the river, in several cases, from a slave state. And where men were still killed for being bluntly abolitionist.

Let that sink in, try to grasp what was going on.

Your history teacher doesn't get that -- you don't either. But guess who did -- Douglass.

Lincoln was a bad ass, overall. And more, Lincoln was effective. 

The anti slavery speakers Boston and Maine --fine.  But they were preaching to the choir.

Lincoln was kicking ass.  And he would keep kicking, harder and harder, until slavery was dead, dead dead. Yet he parsed words -- spoke carefully-- while doing so.

And people do.   Lincoln did parse words --  but his FULL speeches, his FULL actions, his FULL focus was on stopping slavery. 

And he did it.

Guess who knew that?  Not you. Douglass knew.


Douglas used the word Nigger, edited out by newspapers. Douglas in the video seems to say "Negro".  But in person, he said "Nigger"  with a tone of hate.  

No one told you that, did they?   Hell no.  Douglas (Stephen A) spoke with great emotion, spitting out the words, giving great emphasis and emotion.   He was famous for that. 

This is the kind of thing Frederick Douglass knew well, and you never had a clue. 

Not a clue.

Douglas was admonished again, and again, in the US Senate for using the N word.  But he did anyway.

You can see that right here -- this video, of movie that showed a bit Lincoln Douglas debate.  You can quote Lincoln, if you want, of being against equality.  Just take those words that accomplish that.

But overall -- if you listen to the full clip, Lincoln kicked inequality in the ass sideways.  

Still, scum sucking pigs, and stupid people, will repeat the parts about Lincoln saying a black woman is not his equal.

No one -- not even dumb asses -- left the debate thinking Lincoln was for inequality.  But the way scum sucking pigs edit the quotes, they get stupid people to think anything they want. 

You only know what you are told. 

Of the two million or so words Lincoln spoke in public, you can find several hundred that seem to "prove" Lincoln didn't believe in equality, and wasn't against slavery.

Oh you can find thousands that prove he was very much for equality, and eager to kick slavery in the ass, too. Read the FULL speech, and know the context.  And read his quotes very carefully.


No one was the least confused, when they heard Lincoln speak, (and he gave over 2000 speeches). He was against slavery, against the spread of slavery, and slavery was an evil that would eventually take over the US or be killed off.

Lincoln spoke in very careful words. He had to.  He was a master at it.  Again, and again, and again, he SEEMED to agree with part of a prejudice of the day, in the first part of a speech.  

But read the WHOLE speech. 

He then came back and kicked the shit out of, or otherwise dismiss,  the very prejudice he SEEMED to agree with.

Guess who didn't tell you that?  Your history teacher.

Guess who knew -- correctly -- that Lincoln was eager to stop slavery and end it, if he could?  His political enemies shouted that out the ass.  They claimed, correctly, Lincoln would destroy slavery just by stopping the spread of it.  

Stopping the spread of slavery would force slavery to die.  That is what Lincoln said.

And LIncoln was god damn eager to do just that -- stop the spread.  In 1850, in all the years leading up to 1863, Lincoln did not see war as a way to end slavery. There was no will to end slavery.  Most whites would not piss on  a black person,  much less go to war to free slaves in the South.

Lincoln's plan to end slavery -- stop the spread of it. Like a cancer, Lincoln said correctly, slavery would die, when it could not spread.




Lincoln's 180 degree turn trick

  Lincoln did have a speaking style, that he used practically every time, that SEEMED to agree with some prejudice.  

Douglass, of course, knew Lincoln personally.  And more, he knew what kind of scum sucking pigs slave owners were and slave appeasing politicians were, and he knew who helped those slave owners.

Douglass knew what Lincoln was up against.  


Which words are correct?

NO one ever attended a Lincoln speech, and left thinking he was okay with slavery, okay with inequality, in fact Lincoln brought down the thunder, kicked slavery in the ass sideways, if you read his full speeches.

Yes he parced words, or he would have been killed sooner.  That is not hype -- not only would LIncoln not get elected to anything, if he was blunt and candid, but he would probably have been killed. People were killed in those places, and that time, for being too radical for abolition. 

Did you know that or not?

Really did you know that?

Garrison, Phillips, even Frederick Douglass, were speaking in Maine, or New York, and even then they were speaking to crowds that already agreed with him.

Did you know that?  Hell no.

Did your history teacher tell you that?  Probably not.

When Lincoln spoke, where he did, how he did, it took balls.  And he kicked ass in the full speech, powerfully, over all. 

His speeches changed people's mind BECAUSE at first he seemed to agree with them. He validated what they felt and thought.  But then, he went on, he kept speaking.

Got that?   Lincoln had to appeal to these folks, for their votes.


  Remember that, Lincoln's words worked. He would eventually be killed for them, after his speech on voting rights for blacks.    But your history teach or other Lincoln trashers didn't tell you that.

Douglass knew that, too.  Did you? 

Never mind the stunning and powerful actions Lincoln took,  long before, and leading up to, and during the Civil War, to end slavery.

Lincoln had a long history, from 1846 on, to end slavery as fast as possible. DId you know he tried to end slavery in DC when he was a Congressmen? Hell no. 

Did you know he accused the President, at the time, (correctly) of wanting war with Mexico so the US would steal Texas, to make a huge slave state, maybe four or five states?


Did you know Lincoln ended slavery in DC very quickly, when he became President?  Hell no.

Did you know Lincoln was called a Nigger lover and Negro worshipper?

Hell no.

Never mind that most "history" teachers could not tell you Lincoln much about what Lincoln did to end slavery, starting in 1846-1847. 

But those "history" teachers can point to some quotes, absent the full speeches, and tell you how "ambivalent"  or racist or reluntant Lincoln was.

That's how this shit got spread



It's become almost fashionable now for stupid people to get attention, write books, and give speeches,  pissing on Lincoln, by claiming everything from he was not against slavery really, to he just used slavery to get power.

Still, there are quotes that seem to validate Lincoln as not "really" against slavery or equality.  Never mind the power and thunder Lincoln blasted slavery with, in his full speeches.

Douglass pointed out -- who else ever did what Lincoln did?

No one. That's who.

Lincoln was a bad ass, if you read all his speeches, and know context.  

Why is it, every dumb ass who trashes Lincoln, claims they read his full speeches, and the Lincoln Douglas debates, but can't tell you anything in those speeches and debates, other than a few carefully  selected quotes?

And why is it, that many dumb ass "teacher" who likes to piss on Lincoln for supposedly not being against slavery, can't even tell you why LIncoln got back into politics, and what was going on in Kansas at the time? 

Yes, Kansas matters that much.  Frederick Douglass knew that - too bad you don't know what Frederick Douglass knew.

Lincoln's full speeches  are far different than the edited quotes.   People are so stupid about this -- they take a quote here or there, ignore the full speech cause, and they claim Lincoln was some racist.

And they are so damn sure about it, as if they just discovered something no one knew. 

You even  have "history teachers"   who seem to trash Lincoln because the Emancipation Proclamation didn't free all the slaves right then.

Dumb ass -- Lincoln had not power to do that.  IT was unclear if he even had the power to free the slaves in state of rebellion, but he did, on paper anyway.  

But he sure as hell did not have authority to end slavery all over, or he would have.   Lincoln said he did "not have a warrant to end slavery" by proclamation.   Idiots try to spin this as meaning Lincoln was not against slavery.

Dumb ass, Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass sideways, like no one else. Who the hell else was doing the things he did.

Lincoln did parse words -- yes. But stupid people should learn his full speeches, not the edited out of context quotes shoved up their asses.   That is, if you want to know what was actually going on.


"Mr Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- Stephen A Douglas.

" Lincoln is obsessed with equality for the Nigger" -- Stephen A  Douglas.


Every debate -- every one -- Douglas bought up Lincoln's obsession with equality.  He ranted about Lincoln being a radical, obsessed with equality.   But you are told Lincoln didn't really give a shit. Some really stupid people think Lincoln used slavery to get ahead politically. God people are stupid, Lincoln LOST his Senate race because of it, and would have lost Presidency by a landslide, if the candidates were not so split.

Lincoln had to be very careful what he said, or he would be lucky to get 20% of the vote.   Most whites wouldn't piss on a black person if they were on fire -- and Lincoln was trying to win an election. 

Was Lincoln seen with a white woman and Frederick Douglass in a carriage?  Of course, Lincoln never met Douglass till later.   But to get the crowd to hate Lincoln,  but Douglas won his race for Senate, because he painted LIncoln as a  "Nigger lover".

You didn't know that -- so don't claim you did.

Do you know who David Rice Atchison is? No, you don't. 

He is the guy that got Lincoln back in politics, in 1854.   Guess who knew that?  Douglass did.   Guess who didn't know that -- you didn't.  

Hell no. 

Did you know who wanted Lincoln to obey the Southern Ultimatums?  Stephen A Douglas.

Did you know that? No.

Guess who knew?  Frederick Douglass knew.

When Lincoln spoke, he was brilliant,  he got his point across. He changed people's minds.  And he did that, by seeming to agree, then kicking the hell out of that prejudice. 

Yeah, Lincoln could have gone to Boston and Maine to give speeches to folks who already agreed with him.  Like Garrison did.

Guess what -- Garrison got paid to go speak at places that already agreed with him.

Too complicated? Need time?   Garrison's slavery speeches got radical -- AFTER he got paid to speak. 

Lincoln was speaking in places where many folks hated, detested abolitionist. 

Did you know that? Hell no.

In fact, Southern scum on Supreme Court said blacks were not human beings, but "so inferior" they were not persons.  That was the law of the land by 1858. Did you know that even?

Hell no.  Hell no you didn't know.   All kinds of shit you didn't know.


Actually, you gotta be some kind of stupid, to think Lincoln used equality for blacks, to get white support. 


Nothing could be further from the truth.Lincoln was risking his life to speak so forcefully for equality -- and he was killed hours after he spoke for voting equality for blacks.

Oh - -but your teacher, or whoever trashed Lincoln "forgot" to mention that


Here is a clue -- Southern leaders, before the Civil War, spoke of killing the slaves, if they had to free them.

Did you know that?  HELL NO.   

Guess who knew that?  Lincoln. Guess who else?   Douglass knew.

Southern leaders said they would have to kill the slaves -- "with our own hands"  if they ever freed them.

Foner also said Dred Scott decision was "a narrow ruling".

That takes a special kinda stupid.

Actually Dred Scott specifically found blacks were "so inferior" they were not human beings, but "inferior beings"  and then ordered (yes ordered) blacks to be treated as property, not humans.

Seriously, did Foner ever bother to read the Dred Scott decision?

Davis used that decision to justify killings in Kansas, for years before the Civil War.  Did Foner bother to read Davis own justification for killings in KS, based on Dred Scott decision? WTF. Really, WTF.



You only know what you are told.

If you just went by what Lincoln did and said, however,  you would know

Some blame Lincoln for "speaking for the Union". Yes, he did, and rightly so. But he also -- and for years --spoken and acted for equality

And he was hated for it.  His enemies taunted Lincoln for being a "Nigger Lover" and even "Nigger Worshiper". 

You didn't know that, did you? Douglass knew that.

Remember -- that LONG BEFORE he spoke a word about union -- Lincoln was already kicking ass sideways. 

Every dumb ass today blames Lincoln for speaking about the Union, as if they just discovered a lost planet.

Hello dumb ass, YES, he spoke about Union.  And he had to -- most people in the North would not piss on a black person to put out a fire.

But even before that, before he ever spoke about Union, Lincoln spoke like no one else - about equality.  



Yes, Lincoln spoke about Union --  no kidding. 

But before that, before Lincoln said one God damn word about Union, he said many things about ending slavery - especially stopping slavery from spreading.

And Lincoln was hated for it.

BEFORE -- BEFORE   -- Lincoln spoke about Union, Lincoln's enemies attacked him for his obsession with equality for blacks.

Oh you didn't know that? Guess who knew that? Frederick  Douglass.

NOTHING shows the power of lies, liars, and selective editing, quite like those who trash Lincoln.

According to Frederick Douglas, no one spoke as powerfully, and did as much against slavery and for equality under the law, as Lincoln. And Douglass worked with, and for, the biggest abolitionist speaker of the time.

But Lincoln spoke to people who would not piss on a black person if they were on fire.  Garrison and others (who were paid to speak) spoke to people in Maine and to crowds who already were against slavery.

Too complicated?   No one told you that, did they?  No one got in front of the crowds Lincoln did, and spoke so powerfully, as LIncoln did.  

Guess who knew that?  You sure didn't. Nor did your teacher tell you.

But Douglass knew.

"We take Lincoln's FULL MEASURE"  said Douglass. Most people today learn about Lincoln from bullshit text books, or worse, books that trash Lincoln.

Guess what Douglass knew?  Douglass knew what LIncoln was up against.  Douglass knew the scum sucking slavers -- but Douglass also knew the devious lying bastards in the North, who tried to, and eventually did, kill Lincoln for being for equality.

Yes, you can take a few words, or even a few sentences -- but read the ENTIRE speeches, and know what he was up against.  No one -- NO ONE -- according to Frederick Douglass  -- was as effective as Lincoln, as powerful, as radical, as swift.

That's what Douglass said -- maybe he knew something?


Douglass knew Lincoln was called a "nigger lover"  who wanted white women to "sleep with niggers."

Oh you didn't know that? Surprise surprise.

And yes, Lincoln's enemies used the word NIGGER.  Stephen A Douglas was famous for it -- history books and newspapers cleaned up his use of he N word. But he said Nigger. 





Lincoln DID speak about equality for the Negro - over and over and over, long before the Civil War.  

Did you know -- yes or know -- that Lincoln spoke repeatedly and powerfully (and was hated for it) for equality under the law for blacks, BEFORE the Civil War?

Did you know he lost the election in 1858 BECAUSE he spoke so powerfully for equality?

Hell no you don't know that.

. There can be no neutrals in this war; only patriots and traitors.

Lincolns private letter to Speed about the killers in Kansas.

I do oppose the extension of slavery, because my judgment and feelings so prompt me; and I am under no obligation to the contrary. If for this you and I must differ, differ we must. 

You say if you were President, you would send an army and hang the leaders of the Missouri outrages upon the Kansas elections; still, if Kansas fairly votes herself a slave state, she must be admitted, or the Union must be dissolved. But how if she votes herself a slave State unfairly -- that is, by the very means for which you say you would hang men? 

Must she still be admitted, or the Union be dissolved? That will be the phase of the question when it first becomes a practical one. In your assumption that there may be a fair decision of the slavery question in Kansas, I plainly see you and I would differ about the Nebraska-law. I look upon that enactment not as a law, but as violence from the beginning. It was conceived in violence, passed in violence, is maintained in violence, and is being executed in violence.

 I say (slavery) was conceived in violence, because the destruction of the Missouri Compromise, under the circumstances, was nothing less than violence. It was passed in violence, because it could not have passed at all but for the votes of many members in violence of the known will of their constituents. It is maintained in violence because the elections since, clearly demand it's repeal, and this demand is openly disregarded. You say men ought to be hung for the way they are executing that law; and I say the way it is being executed is quite as good as any of its antecedents. It is being executed in the precise way which was intended from the first; else why does no Nebraska man express astonishment or condemnation? Poor Reeder is the only public man who has been silly enough to believe that any thing like fairness was ever intended; and he has been bravely undeceived.
That Kansas will form a Slave Constitution, and, with it, will ask to be admitted into the Union, I take to be an already settled question; and so settled by the very means you so pointedly condemn. By every principle of law, ever held by any court, North or South, every negro taken to Kansas is free; yet, in utter disregard of this -- in the spirit of violence merely -- that beautiful Legislature gravely passes a law to hang men who shall venture to inform a negro of his legal rights. This is the substance, and real object of the law. If, like Haman, they should hang upon the gallows of their own building, I shall not be among the mourners for their fate.
In my humble sphere, I shall advocate the restoration of the Missouri Compromise, so long as Kansas remains a territory; and when, by all these foul means, it seeks to come into the Union as a Slave-state, I shall oppose it. I am very loth, in any case, to withhold my assent to the enjoyment of property acquired, or located, in good faith; but I do not admit that good faith, in taking a negro to Kansas, to be held in slavery, is a possibility with any man. Any man who has sense enough to be the controller of his own property, has too much sense to misunderstand the outrageous character of this whole Nebraska business. But I digress. In my opposition to the admission of Kansas I shall have some company; but we may be beaten. If we are, I shall not, on that account, attempt to dissolve the Union. On the contrary, if we succeed, there will be enough of us to take care of the Union. I think it probable, however, we shall be beaten. Standing as a unit among yourselves, you can, directly, and indirectly, bribe enough of our men to carry the day -- as you could on an open proposition to establish monarchy. Get hold of some man in the North, whose position and ability is such, that he can make the support of your measure -- whatever it may be -- a democratic party necessity, and the thing is done. Appropos [sic] of this, let me tell you an anecdote. Douglas introduced the Nebraska bill in January. In February afterwards, there was a call session of the Illinois Legislature. Of the one hundred members composing the two branches of that body, about seventy were democrats. These latter held a caucus, in which the Nebraska bill was talked of, if not formally discussed. It was thereby discovered that just three, and no more, were in favor of the measure. In a day of two Dougla's [sic] orders came on to have resolutions passed approving the bill; and they were passed by large majorities!!! The truth of this is vouched for by a bolting democratic member. The masses too, democratic as well as whig, were even, nearer unanamous [sic] against it; but as soon as the party necessity of supporting it, became apparent, the way the democracy began to see the wisdom and justice of it, was perfectly astonishing.