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Lincoln was called a "Nigger lover," repeatedly by Stephen Douglas, and a "Negro worshiper" by newspapers North and South.  Bet you didn't know that.

No kidding -- you only know what you are told.  Bout time someone told you what Frederick Douglass didn't have to read books to find out.  Especially books 100 years later, that distorted things.

Ever hear that Lincoln didn't really care about slavery or equality?  Bet you were told that.  

 Ever hear that Lincoln just wanted to "save the union" and was a racist and used slavery as an issue to drum up popular support for the Civil War?

Well, why the hell would Frederick Douglass, who was there, and knew Lincoln well, say Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous, and determined"?

Was he stupid?   Did Frederick Douglass just need to read books 100 years later by people misquoting LIncoln, or not explaining the context?

Because you can bet your ass, Frederick Douglass knew what the hell he was talking about.   If these lying and stupid bastards want to trash Lincoln -- and they do -- they should try to get through Frederick Douglass.

Good luck with that.

Douglass said Lincoln  "RADICAL, SWIFT, ZEALOUS, AND DETERMINED" for equality. 

Was he just stupid?


See this video clip -- taken from 1939 movie -- the Lincoln quotes are almost verbatim, and very much in context, from the Lincoln Douglas debates....

Lincoln was hated before the Civil War for being, as Stephen A Douglas called him repeatedly, a "Nigger lover" . This clip (click on it) shows Lincoln "setting up" a prejudice before he kicks the living shit out of it.

You could take a quote from that speech, and by lying your ass off, careful editing, and ignoring what Lincoln was up against, make Lincoln look like a jerk.

But you can't make Lincoln look like a jerk if you don't lie, and don't cherry pick, and don't ignore what he did.

Lincoln haters, at the time, said he was a "Nigger worshiper" who "wanted your daughters to sleep with "niggers".  

Did you know who said this (including the word "nigger") to the public in 1858, all but urging the citizens to attack Lincoln?   Stephen A Douglas. And yes, he said the word "nigger" routinely, as you will see. 

Oh you mean Lincoln haters 'forgot' to tell you that? Surprise.

I doubt your history teacher has any fucking idea what Stephen Douglas was about -- he was helping, as he spoke, a guy named David Rice Atchison kill folks in Kansas who were against slavery.  But that's another story.

Guess who knew what Stephen Douglas was up to? Lincoln.  Guess who also knew?  Frederick Douglass. Guess who never had a clue about that? You. And your history teacher. 

Did you know Lincoln was killed not long after he SPOKE about voting rights for blacks?  Oh, you mean Lincoln haters forgot to mention that too?


Lincoln DID speak about equality for the Negro - over and over and over, long before the Civil War.  

Did you know -- yes or know -- that Lincoln spoke repeatedly and powerfully (and was hated for it) for equality under the law for blacks, BEFORE the Civil War?

The way these lying bastards have it, Lincoln never gave a shit, until long into the Civil War.  What the FUCK?  Seriously, what the fuck.

He was HATED for being a "Nigger lover"  North and South, he was accused repeatedly of being a radical abolitionist BEFORE the Civil War.

And he spoke very very powerfully -- in a brilliant way -- that changed the nation.

No one -- remember that -- no one, did what Lincoln did BEFORE the Civil War for equality.

Yes, there were people speaking for equality before -- but LIncoln was running for office, in the "West"  to people who still hated blacks, and many thought they were more like animal that could talk.  Many still believed blacks were ordained by God to be enslaved.

Try to grasp that.   Lincoln went in front of crowds that no one had dared speak to like this before.   He used a technique that should be called "Lincoln's rope a dope".

Because again, and again, and again, Lincoln would SEEM to agree with a prejudice -- but then blast the shit out of that prejudice, in the next sentence, or later in the speech.

Did you know that? HELL NO./

Did your "history teacher" tell you that?

Hell no.   Lincoln wisely used this technique, because he had to.

And he changed people's minds.   He didn't give a shit if some history teacher or other dumb ass 100 years later would take a few words here and there, and ignore his full speeches, and his actions.  Lincoln was getting shit done -- and guess who knew that?

Frederick Douglass knew that.

You didn't know that. Your history teacher probably does not, because this is not in text books. 

  What Lincoln detractors do, is to pick out the quotes, out of context.    Yes, Lincoln did SPEAK about Union -- no kidding. Wisely so.  And wisely so.  But before, during and after that, he spoke powerfully, often, and with thunderous effect, for equality.  Try to grasp that.

Do you know who DID know that?   Frederick Douglass.  And he knew a million other things, large and small, that you have no clue about.

Did you know that most  people  -- including most Union Generals -- would not fight to end slavery, and US Grant said so. in 1861?

Did you know that many in the North saw blacks as inferior beings -- some thought they were ordained by God to be punished, others had never seen a black person.  Most were not affected one way or another by slavery, and would not risk their lunch, much less their life, to end slavery.

Did you know that?   Hell no.  Guess who did know that?

Frederick Douglas.

Grant would  change his mind, as time went on, in fact, Lincoln's careful and wise use of language was how he actually fought back and led the Civil War.

Make no mistake, Lincoln spoke powerfully, and often, for equality.   See the video below of a 1939 movie clip, based on Lincoln's words, and meaning, from the Lincoln Douglas debate.

Lincoln was accused of being a "radical abolitionist" and "nigger lover" by his political enemies long before the Civil War.

Did you know that? Hell no. Guess who did know?  Frederick Douglas knew. 

But Lincoln had  to keep in mind what people were like, he was not going to be a dumb ass and alienate the effort of people who would fight to save the Union. He DID speak often and powerfully for equality -- before the Civil War.  Try to grasp that.

Too complicated? Need time?



Guess who did know  Lincoln was called a "Nigger Worshiper"  and that Northern Congressmen wanted him arrested if he even spoke about ending slavery as a goal of the Civil War? (and much more)?   

Douglass knew.  Hell many people knew -- it was in the damn newspapers, from Chicago to New York.  Oh you didn't know that?

Guess who did know?  Douglass.

Guess who did NOT know that?  You didn't know.  Either does your teacher.  And if Lincoln haters know, they sure as hell never mention it.


Did you know long before Douglass  met Lincoln, Lincoln's enemies claimed Douglass and Lincoln rode together in the same carriage as a white woman -- a charge concocted to get Lincoln killed, much earlier than he was.

Guess who did know that?   Douglass knew.

Long before Lincoln met Douglass, Lincoln's enemies all but urged his death, because he was "radical about equality for the nigger".

Guess who did know that?  Douglass knew.

Here is a clue -- you only know what some guy told you 100 years later. Douglass was there, and a genius. Think he was easily fooled?

Douglass had been whipped repeatedly, and saw a woman tortured to death while her owner screamed bible verses to cover her cries.

Think Douglass didn't know what the fuck was going on?

Mostly -- do you think Douglass learned about slavery and LIncoln from a book some dumb ass wrote 100 years later, filled with half truths and outright deceptions, and quotes cherry picked to fool the stupid?

So before you become an expert from reading quotes made up and distorted -- learn who the fuck knew what he was talking about, and what he said.   Then  -- then -- you might not be such an idiot about Lincoln and the Civil War.

Douglass didn't get his information from white men 100 years later, from books, often distorted, nor from lying bastard's  quotes  -- purposely  reversed entirely from their meaning. 

  Was Douglass stupid?  

Lincoln's full speeches, and his full actions, are far different than the cherry picked bullshit quoted by Lincoln haters, and others. who are often too stupid, or too dishonest, to even bother reading his full speeches, much less to understand what and who he  had to deal with.

Lincoln often "set up" a prejudice of the day, by seeming to approve of it - only later, sometimes seconds later, destroying that prejudice in powerful ways.

No one did this --remember that -- no one did this, but Lincoln.   No one left one of his speeches confused. No one left thinking he was for slavery or didn't give a shit.   Lincoln used his immense rhetorical skill to defeat slavery.   If he realized that 100 years later, some scum sucking pigs would misquote him, or lie, or mischaracterize him, he wouldnt give a shit. He was trying to end slavery  -- and did.

Go on - guess which part of  a speech Lincoln haters quote?   Guess which part of Lincoln's speech get overlooked -- the part where he destroyed that prejudice.

Too complicated?  It wasn't too complicated for Frederick Douglass, who was there. 

If Lincoln did not care for equality -- why on earth did his political enemies then, claim hundreds of times, Lincoln was "radical nigger lover" ?

But you didn't even know Lincoln's enemies pegged him -- hundreds of times, regularly -- as a "Nigger lover".  

Hell no you didn't know.  

Did you know -- yes or no -- that Stephen A Douglas regularly called Lincoln a "radical abolitionist"  who "wanted your daughters to sleep with niggers".   And Douglas used the term "nigger" regularly, even on the floor of the Senate, and in the LIncoln Douglas debates.

The newspapers cleaned up Stephen A Douglas use of the word "nigger"  but he used it, regularly.  He was admonished for it again, and again, in Congress, but defiantly used "nigger" anyway.


Trashing Lincoln started while Lincoln was alive -- but for the opposite reason that many trash him (stupidly and fraudulently) today.

Stephen Douglas said that Lincoln spoke "constantly" - over and over -- about "equality for the Nigger". Click to see a movie clip above, based on the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Yes, the video has the word " Negro" -- Stephen A Douglas didn't use that word, he used "nigger".  But the newspaper used "Negro" so the screen writers  used it, in the movie. 

When Stephen Douglas told people Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "niggers" -- Douglas all but urged people to attack Lincoln, because at that time, in Illinois, you could still be killed for being "too radical" about "equality"

And Douglass won that election, because of it.

Lincoln was later killed -- by Booth -- after Booth heard Lincoln speak for voting equality for blacks.

Did you even know that? HELL NO. 

Remember --  Stephen A Douglas said Lincoln as "obsessed" with equality for "the nigger".

And newspapers showed Lincoln the same way -- as a radical "Nigger lover"  or "Nigger Worshiper"  or "Abolitionist".   All terms which, at the time, if believed by the right mob, could get you killed, and eventually did get Lincoln killed.



Douglass (two s's)  made it clear -- no one was like Lincoln. First, because Lincoln could learn, and second, because Lincoln would act -- he would DO things.

Of all people, Frederick Douglass could hold a grudge against Lincoln for "going slow".    But quite the reverse.  Douglass grew to profoundly respect Lincoln -- and with good reason.

No one, (no one white)  fought as hard, or as wisely, or against such scum sucking pigs -- as Lincoln.  Douglass knew, much more than Lincoln haters even suspect, what kind of devious and mean bastards Lincoln was up against, in the NORTH. 


To understand slavery, as Douglass did, you had to understand the scum sucking pigs, North and South, religious and smooth lying bastards, politically and militarily powerful, who Lincoln had to deal with.

Douglass knew those men -- he knew the lying bastards, he knew the scum sucking pigs,  he knew the slavers.

And, he knew Lincoln -- and knew what Lincoln was up against.


Compared to anyone else, Lincoln was "rapid, zealous and determined".    Frederick Douglass, the genius of the era, who was there, who advised Lincoln, said that. Not me.

You think you know slavery -- or Lincoln -- better than Frederick Douglass, who was a slave, and was there, and worked with Lincoln?

Think you spent ten minutes reading some distorted and cherry picked out of context quote, and you are a fucking genius on LIncoln?

If so, get the fuck off my page, you idiot.

Think your white history teacher, who would shit his pants if he was in the same room with Frederick Douglass, even knows what Frederick Douglass said, or why he said it?

Here is a clue -- to get to Lincoln, in an honest way, you gotta go through Frederick Douglass.   And those who trash Lincoln -- including stupid blacks today --have no fucking clue about Douglass, have no fucking clue what Douglass interaction with Lincoln was. 

Douglass didn't fucking READ about Lincoln, you idiot.  And he didn't read about him 100 years later, from some distorted bullshit. Too complicated? Need more time?

Lincoln haters don't want any part of Douglass.  They'd shit their panties and run like cowards, if they were in the same room as Frederick Douglass.

Douglass didn't put up with bullshit. 


Think Douglass knew Lincoln by the distorted, out of context quotes  put in books 100 years later?  

This may be over your head -- but Lincoln was speaking to people who who would not cross the street to piss on a black person, much less fight a war to free them.  Too complicated?

Lincoln was not in Boston or Maine talking to people who already agreed with him.  He was speaking "out west"  in Illinois, miles from a slave state,  where people had been killed for speaking too often for freedom for slaves.  

Try to grasp that.

Guess who knew that?  Frederick Douglass knew that.

Guess who didn't know that?  You.

Do you think Douglass got his insights into slavery and Lincoln from from some white "history teacher" who only knows the bullshit narrative fed to him or her, in text books, often edited by Southern school boards?

Or did Douglass know something Lincoln haters and detractors do not even suspect?  Is it even POSSIBLE that Douglass knew what the hell he was talking about?


Like this "detail" -- Northern Congressmen called for Lincoln to be arrested if he even SAID the words, slavery must end, for the Civil War to end.

Lincoln's own advisors urged him not to even mention an end to slavery, as a part of the Civil War.     They told him he would doom the Civil War to failure, give victory to Confederacy, if Confederate sympathizer McClellan was elected.     And remember -- the South's war ultimatums of 1861 emphatically stated their demands to SPREAD slavery, even against the will of the voters, in the West.

Bet you didn't even know about the Five Southern Ultimatums of 1861 -- the first two, demanding the spread of slavery into Kansas.

Guess who knew about those ultimatums?  Lincoln - guess who didn't know -- you.  Guess who didn't tell you -- your history teacher.

Guess who else didn't tell you -- Lincoln haters.

There are hundreds of things like that which Lincoln knew -- Douglass knew -- but you never did.  And I doubt your "history teacher" knows. 

       Ohio Congressmen called for Lincoln to be arrested if he even said slavery had to end, for the Civil War to end.





Ask your history teacher -- or a Lincoln hater-- who was doing more, saying it more powerfully, than Lincoln?

Who -- give a name.   Who was telling people blacks were equal to whites,  right to their faces, in areas that still hated blacks, or thought they were "dogs that could talk"?

And Lincoln was eventually killed for speaking about voting equality.

Did you know that much?  DId you know, yes or no, that Booth shot Lincoln after he heard Lincoln speak about voting equality?

Hell no you didn't know that.  Nor did your history teacher bother to tell you, nor did Lincoln haters.  

Do you know anyone else that was shot and killed while President for speaking about voting rights for blacks?

No one -- and guess who knew that? Douglass knew that.

Guess who didn't have a clue, or didn't care?  Lincoln haters.

 Lincoln's genius included keeping enough white support to win the war - when many in the North wanted the South to win.  

Did your history teacher even tell you that?

Hell no.

Not surprisingly  "experts" today who  belittle Lincoln,  dare not do deal with Frederick Douglass.  Or they quote Douglass -- naturally - out of context.  If they were in the same room with Douglass, they would run like the cowards they are.     Douglass scared the shit out of liars and dumb asses, which is why we like him so much. 

One of FOX SPEW'S  Lincoln haters -- like most Lincoln haters, 
he is too stupid to even doubt what he claims.

Stopping Lincoln's quotes -- before he finishes the complete thought -- is a coward and liar's way.    Lincoln often SEEMED to agree with a prejudice, just seconds before he obliterated it.

For example, Lincoln would posit about the equality of the races, in intelligence and morals, as he often did, after being accused of wanting black men to "sleep with" white women.   Yes, Lincoln handled it carefully -- see the full speech, or the video clip from the movie, how Lincoln handled it. 

No one did that ---but Lincoln.   Show me another person running for office in areas still rife with hatred of abolitionist, that did what Lincoln did.

But read Lincoln's FULL speeches, and see what he actually did.   Learn some context. No one -- not one person alive at the time -- spoke as powerfully, as profoundly, as radically, as Lincoln did for the equality of the races.

No one.  

And read his words CAREFULLY.  The whole speeches, not the edited bullshit, which often completely reverse Lincoln's clear and full meaning.

For example -- NO ONE spoke as effectively and powerfully as Lincoln about equality of the races.  People could come to a Lincoln speech, and leave with an insight they didn't have before.

As Douglass knew well, Lincoln had to sometimes speak union --and wisely so -- in fact, some Northern Congressmen wanted LIncoln arrested if he even SPOKE about slavery ending for the Civil War to end! 

 Did you know that?  Hell no, you didn't know. 

Guess who did know?   The Northern Congressmen who spoke of it on the floor of the House of Representatives -- and they were from the NORTH!

Here is a clue -- Lincoln had to get Congressional support, enough support anyway, and enough popular support, for the war on our own soil, and to pursue it, in the end, till slavery ended. 

 Lincoln could have ended the war sooner, if he agreed with Southern leaders to let slavery continue -- he would not.  Some in Congress were livid.

Lincoln could have just let the South go -- but remember, Southern leaders were killing in Kansas, and promised to kill more, to spread slavery all over the West. 

You didn't know that either -- did you?  Hell no you didn't know.

You did not know about the killings -- going on for five years -- to spread slavery AGAINST states rights.   Admit it, you had no clue.

Guess who DID know -- Lincoln.

Guess who else did now -- Douglass.

Guess who else did know -- virtually everyone who paid attention at the time.


So unless you know what was going on -- and you don't because you were never told -- you don't know enough about Lincoln to even form a rational opinion.

If you were told only what Lincoln haters told you -- it would seem right.   Be careful where you get your information. 

Maybe  -- just maybe -- the genius of the era (Douglass) knew something  Lincoln haters and detractors do not.  In fact, without Douglass, Lincoln does not issue the Emancipation Proclamation, nor put blacks in the US military.   

Douglass changed everything --because he changed Lincoln, and pushed Lincoln, via logic, reason, and persuasion, to do the unthinkable -- arm black men, and use them in the US military.   That alone doomed slavery, because no rational person could ever again say blacks were not human beings, or that God delivered the black man to be enslaved by whites, as many believed at the time.


See, Douglass didnt get his information from lying or stupid bastards. He didn't get it from books published with approval of Southern school boards.   He didn't get it from people who never even read Lincoln's full speeches, much less knew what the scum sucking pigs --even in the North --were accusing Lincoln of, at the time..

Douglass knew  Lincoln  Douglas knew that, Stephen A Douglas often told crowds that Douglass and Lincoln "wanted your daughters to sleep with Negroes" -- only S. Douglas used the word "nigger".

Did you know that?  Stephen A Douglas --Lincoln's opponent - often told folks Lincoln and Frederick Douglass wanted their daughters to sleep with "niggers".

No one told you, that, did they?    No one told you Stephen A Douglas all but urged Illinois crowds to attack Lincoln for his "Nigger loving"  and "radical" call for equality of races.

A little knowledge is a wonderful thing to get people to hate a great man.



Frederick Douglass had certain insights -- being a slave, and advising Lincoln as he did.  In fact, Douglass was the guy who talked Lincoln into putting blacks in the Union Army -- a move that changed everything.

So you think Douglass was fooled by the political bastards of the time?   

Douglass was tortured by his owner.  He saw a woman tortured to death while the owner screamed scriptures loudly, to cover up the woman's own screams of pain.

Douglass knew exactly what was different about Lincoln -- even if your history teacher doesn't.   Douglass had to flee the US -- and then had to be bought from his owner, who had raped his mother, as owners often did rape their slave woman, and therefore enslave their own children. 

Think Douglass was easily fooled?   Think again.

Oh, you mean your history teacher didn't tell you?

Just like your history teacher didn't tell you Lincoln was called Nigger Lover more times than he could count, even by leading newspapers in the NORTH.   You didn't know that, did you?

There is a lot you don't know, if you get your information from your history teacher.

Your teacher got his narrative from books --and seems in most cases oblivious to the fact Lincoln was, according to his enemies and friends at the time, RADICAL about equality for the races.

That's what his enemies accused him of.  Remember that.

There are a thousand other things Douglass knew, just by being alive, and knowing Lincoln, etc, that your "history teacher" does not grasp.

 But Lincoln knew, and so did Douglass.   

Only an idiot or a liar -- if they knew LIncoln's full speeches and actions in context -- would say he was a racists, or that he in any way was not for equality under the law.

And of course Stephen Douglas was right -- see Lincoln's speeches. By the way, Stephen Douglas regularly used the term "Nigger" even on the floor of Congress.   Newspapers cleaned it up, but he said "Nigger" in the debates too.


Yeah yeah, you can find 10 quotes from Lincoln  that -- to stupid people -- prove all they need to know.

Lincoln was a wordsmith- -when he said "IF I had to pick a superior race.."  then read the full speech.   Lincoln was speaking to people who, in recent memory, had seen mobs kill folks for being "abolitionist".

Did you know that or not?

No one else spoke as powerfully -- and remember, Lincoln was running for office. William Garrison didn't speak to crowd Lincoln faced.  He did not run for office.   And he was paid.

Garrison took no risks. 

Lincoln was killed hours after one of his speeches about equality for the black race.   Did you know that?  Did the books and speakers who try to feed you this bullshit tell you that?  Hell no.

The most famous abolitionist of the day, was William Garrison. He spoke in safe cities -- in Boston, for example.

Did Garrison go to cities where people had been killed for being abolitionist and speak with stunning and profound clarity on equality of the races? HELL NO.

Did Garrison stand next to Stephen A Douglas -- while Douglas told the folks, many of them who hated blacks, that Garrison wanted their daughters to "sleep with Niggers" ?

Hell no. 

Lincoln did -- but did your "history teacher" ever tell you that?

Did any Lincoln haters ever mention that? Seriously, did they even mention that -- ever. Once -- just once? 


Did you know Lincoln in "full measure" as Douglass did? Hell no -- yet some folks get some bullshit half quotes out of a book, and think they  are a genius. 

 Did you know, that most white men in the North, even most Union generals, would not fight to end slavery?  In fact, Lincoln could probably not get a hundred white people to fight to end slavery.

Nor was that his goal -- Lincoln's goal, and he said so, was to end slavery by stopping its growth.    Lincoln haters simply slam him for anything -- for not using force, against slavery AND for using force, after the Confederacy attacked.