Thursday, October 19, 2017


Who could have guessed?   You need all the facts to know what the hell you are talking about.

What would you think about Lincoln, if you were alive in 1850's?

Depending where you got your information, you would would think Lincoln was.....

1) Nigger Worshipper

2) Traitor to the White Race

3) Wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

4) Wants to invade the South and wage war to free the "Niggers" 


That wasn't from the South politicians -- that was from the NORTH's politicians.

And it worked -- Douglas won that election. 

Did Douglas create the "hate cult"  against blacks just for political gain?   Yes, he was at one time as anti-slavery as Lincoln.   But then he found out how effective he was at pumping hate and fear.  

Douglas's hate and fear pump did as much as anyone else in the North to create the very real hate of that time, and the time of the war, and the h hate after the war.

In the South, it was even more extreme -- Lincoln will "burn us slowly to death" and "destroy the white race"   by his "obsession for equality" .

What did they know about Lincoln? 


Southern leaders killed, and boasting of killing, to spread slavery against the will of the people, against state's rights, is not taught in any US high school text book. Not one.

Yet that  killing, boasting, and promising to spread slavery West and North (yes North) by violence, was exactly what Lincoln had to deal with.

Southern  leaders could hardly have bragged any more.

Southern leaders did not do idle boasts -- they did the killings and boasting at the same time. 

When you get their own words, their own speeches, their own books from that time, it's hard to know how they could have tortured more, went to war more, to spread slavery.   From 1840's on, there was increasing organized killing sprees, by Southerners, to spread slavery. Not just a few crazy guys -- paid men.   Men paid to do exactly this -- kill and terrorize to spread slavery.

And they bragged about it.  I can't help it if you were not told.  IF the bs meme is "South leaders cared about state's rights".   IF they cared about state's rights they would not have started two of the three wars to spread slavery!

Quit the opposite of state's rights.   Lincoln, not the Southern leaders, was for state's rights.   Even if a state, by the vote of the people there, were for slavery, Lincoln would not interfere.  

Contrast that to the South -- even if a state, by the vote of the people there (Kansas!) were against slavery,  Southern leaders sent killers and issued War Ultimatums.  They did not bluff. 


Me in China,  near Hong Kong, learning Tai Chi -- badly. 

It may sound absurd that I -- not a "trained" historian, and a terrible blogger-- could know something this basic, that is not in US history text books, is more of a surprise to me than anyone  else.  To see more about this.

I am a guy whose hobby of reading Southern books, Southern speeches, and Southern newspapers started about 12 years ago.  I had no expectations whatsoever

No clue -- no hint -- that I might find repeated information about Southern leaders killing to spread slavery -- and their own bragging about it. In fact, when I first ran across such information a few times, I just thought it was weird. An aberration by some nuts.

Oh hell no.  This was the clear, repeated, and official documents by Southern leaders at the time. In their own books, their own speeches, their own declarations.  Not someone else claiming it -- they themselves not just claiming this, but boasting about it. 


en, as now, it depends where you get your information.  I like original sources, at the time.  Especially those by the leaders, in their own publications, boasting of things. 

Stephen Douglas speeches are amazing -- he boasts of things I never heard.   And he did things I never heard.

Stephen A Douglas ran side to side of the stage-- screaming -- that Lincoln wanted your daughter to "sleep with Niggers".
Not just once, repeatedly.   In fact Douglas started his "nigger rants" as one newspaper called it, right off the train, getting the crowd (including his paid supporters) to cheer and yell in approval.

Then Lincoln had to stand up and defend equality for blacks -- immediately after Douglas told the crowd, got them pumped up -- that Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with Niggers"  and your wife to "be with Niggers"  and your children to go to school with "them".

Is that what you want, he yelled, then vote for Mr. Lincoln.

You can no more understand the Lincoln Douglas debates if you do not know this, than you can fly.  Sadly, most "history" teachers had no clue, and even when you tell them, it does not compute.  They have their "complex reasons" for the Civil War, and "states rights" for the South lectures printed up. 

And it's all wrong. 


Newspapers -- in Illinois - called Lincoln "full of Niggerism"  and a traitor to his country in time of war.  Lincoln was against the Mexican War, because it was (yes, it was) a war to spread slavery, and he was stupid enough, honest enough, to expose it as such. 

 Lincoln had a long history of fighting slavery -- not just by being against the Mexican War -- but he tried to outlaw slavery 40 times in the land US stole from Mexico.  Then Lincoln tried to outlaw slavery in District of Columbia.   

Before Lincoln ever got into Lincoln -Douglas debates, Lincoln was extremely well known in Illinois as being anti-slavery.   We are not told that, oddly.   Lincoln actually lost significant support after 1854 because he "came out swinging"  against slavery.



Although Lincoln explained this at least 200 times, for hours on end, oddly most history books, including text books, do not show how correct Lincoln was.  History teachers will smugly tell you the South was for states rights to keep slavery.  Actually Southern leaders were killing and torturing -- and boasting of it -- to SPREAD slavery.

 Because of the perverse "logic"  and "damned lie" of  Kansas Act, and Dred Scott, slavery was going to spread to all of the US, or be exterminated itself.   Southern leaders basically agree, when you learn their full documents and speeches.  It was all or nothing.

Lincoln dealt with the reality that we don't teach -- and even most history teachers seem not to suspect.  That Southern leaders had always killed to spread slavery -- slavery never spread otherwise. And, by the Dred Scott decision / Kansas Act,  this long  history of killing, torturing, and spreading slavery by force  was bound to continue.  

Since we don't teach Southern leaders always spread slavery by killing and torture (idiotically most history teachers think the South was for state's rights-- see more later) it would be absurd to teach that South leaders created "machinery"  to put these killings and tortures "on a legal basis" -- the legal basis being Dred Scott and Kansas act.

The House Divided speech, so often quoted by so many, was 100%, every word, every syllable, about this "cancer" of spreading slavery to all of the US.   Ironically though it's the second most recognized name for a Lincoln speech, history teachers practically dismiss Lincoln's correct observations.  Spreading slavery to all of the US?  What was Lincoln doing, sniffing glue?  They don't say that, but they have never taught clearly how right Lincoln was.




Q Why did Lincoln  focus so much on the spread of slavery? 

  Two reasons. 

1) He was right.

2) Most whites in North didn't give a shit about slavery itself, and almost no one wanted to end slavery by force, including Lincoln.



Mostly because of stupidity, and Southern states resistance to anything that makes them look like lunatics -- our national textbooks never make clear just how insane (yes, insane) and violent Southern politics was.   See The actions of Southern leaders -- the killing sprees, the boasting, the official boasting even, of spreading slavery against state's rights, and against the will of the public -- is simply not taught today.  Big mistake.  

 Lincoln emphesized this truth -- that the machinery of slavery was on what we might call "autopilot"  to spread slavery was smart about it -- no use getting a bullet to the brain sooner than he did.  He spoke carefully, politely, but powerfully against slavery.

Others in Illinois were killed for speaking too bluntly against slavery, and you will soon learn why they were killed, and why Lincoln had to be careful, but eventually got a bullet to the brain anyway, careful as he was. 


Douglas also told the crowd -- repeatedly - that he saw Lincoln in a carriage with a white woman and a black man, just that day.   No, Lincoln had not done that... but it was a way to get Lincoln to back down, and the crowd more hateful than they were to Lincoln (as many were).

You can read the Lincoln Douglas yourself, if you can get an unedited, not-cleaned-up version.  Even cleaned up, when you know the details, it's clear Stephen A Douglas is trying to get Lincoln attacked -- don't believe me?

Douglas knew plenty of the citizens of Illinois hated Frederick A Douglass.  Newspapers in Quincy, where Lincoln had to speak,  called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglass.

So when Stephen A Douglas was yelling that Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  and Lincoln is with Frederick Douglass and a white women, he was doing that for a reason..... and it worked. He won that race.  Easily.

If you were alive then, in all of the South, and in much of the North - why on earth would you think such things?  After all, 150 years later, smug history teachers will tell you with utter self confidence "Lincoln really didn't care about slavery until later". 

Or,   you may hear, Lincoln just used slavery to appeal for support for more troops.  Actually Lincoln lost repeatedly because he was portrayed as "Nigger Worshipper"  - and he had to be very careful, before ran for President, and after, how he said things.


In fact, Lincoln got a bullet to the brain after one of his "slips"  where he uttered a sentence about voting rights for blacks--  he qualified it, "educated"  blacks, he said in the speech, but John Wilkes Boothe heard that speech, and changed his plan from kidnap to kill.

Boothe thought that because most people thought that --and white males might, might, fight for the Union, but virtually no one would fight for "Niggers to sleep with white women".


Yes, Lincoln occasionally parsed words- - wisely so. According to Bloomington newspaper at the time, most of the white males in Southern Illinois thought Lincoln would have their daughters "sleep with Niggers".

Gee - I wonder how they got that opinion.

Worse, almost all Southern white males thought that, too.  The first Confederate soldiers, when asked why they were fighting, said so.  They said "You Yankees will have our daughter's marry with Niggers".

I wonder how they got that idea, too? 

Did anyone ever tell you how "radical" Lincoln was in word and action, for "Nigger equality"?

Lincoln will "wage war all over  for Nigger equality" - is that what you want?   North and South, Stephen A Douglas told them, Lincoln will wage the war to end slavery. 

You should not be surprised, but you will be surprised, to learn Lincoln was hated by many in Illinois for his "obsession" for "Nigger equality".

In fact, according to newspapers in Illinois at the time, 80% of the white males (the only voters) the lower 2/3 of the state, saw Lincoln as a danger to whites -- because Lincoln, they believed "would have your daughters sleep with Niggers".

It helps to the full set of facts.

Lincoln was liked personally by all who knew him -- but so extreme, so repeated, and so partly true were the allegations that Lincoln was "obsessed" with equality, and more importantly, that equality for Negroes meant white women would be "sleeping with Niggers" . 

It was not just Stephen A Douglas that screamed Lincoln would have your daughters sleep with "Niggers"  it was other newspapers in Illinois.    It is a vile and ugly topic, virtually untouched and untaught in our education system, even at college level. 

Yet "Lincoln will have your daughters" sleep with "Niggers was the overwhelming reason Lincoln lost the Senate race -- according to newspaper editors in Bloomington at any rate, at the time. 

Nor was this "knife" as Lincoln called it, aimed only at Lincoln.  We do not teach the ugly truth -- North and South, anyone who dared not be for the spread of slavery,  remember, just being against the spread of slavery, was to invite attack that you were a "Negro Worshipper"  even in the SOUTH. 

White survival was at stake. The existance of the white race was in peril --if the South could not spread slavery.

The most powerful speaker of the 1800's was Stephen A Douglas, according to numerous historians since, and according to newspapers at the time. 

Douglas shouted to the crowd, and to the public, that Lincoln was so "obsessed" with equality, that he would have your daughter "sleep with and marry with Niggers".   

And it worked. Douglas easily won every election against Lincoln one -on-one, because -- remember this -- because Douglas successfully convinced voters (white males) that Lincoln was going to have "your wife walk down the street with Negroes, and your daughter sleep with them". 

Lincoln spent about a decade of his life trying to find a way to answer such deadly (yes, deadly) accusations; people in Illinois were still being attacked, some killed, for speaking too bluntly for equality.  In fact, no one -- no one --spoke more "radically"  than Lincoln, when you know his private words, all his speeches, and his actions. 


We have heard it a million times.  Lincoln "did not really care" about slavery. Lincoln only "brought slave issue up late in the war".

It depends on what information you have to go by. 

If you have mostly  his quotes -- and only about ten of those -- you can make him sound either like the most radical abolitionist in the US, more radical than John Brown.  Lincoln said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

Even John Brown never went that far.

It depends - do you  know the full story? 


Lincoln was "as racist as anyone"  and wanted to deport the slaves.  He didn't believe blacks and whites were equal, nor should they vote, nor should slavery end.

You can find quotes that seem to "prove that."

But when you get all Lincoln's kick ass quotes -- like slave owners should be kicked to death, like he had to kill slavery carefully, like slavery will take over all of the US, or be destroyed by the Union -- you get an entirely different picture.

Then when you learn what Lincoln did -- kicking slavery in the ass 1847 on, and how he was hated for his actions 1847 on -- you realize Lincoln's enemies were right.  

He was "obsessed" with equality.

Stephen Douglas Satchel.

Did you know what Stephen Douglas carried with him in every Lincoln Douglas debates?  A leather satchel. 

Do you know what was in that satchel?  A list of Lincoln quotes.

Quotes about what?  About any slave woman is equal to any white man.  About slavery must end or the Union will end.

Short quotes, long quotes, all true. Douglas never showed a false quote.  And he painted Lincoln as "radical for Nigger equality"  in the minds of 80%  of the people at the debates.

And Lincoln lost that race (and others) because of it.


Douglas, according to newspapers at the time, went into "Nigger rants"  for an hour at  a time.  This from a Quincy paper.

Charleston papers reported Douglas running back and forth on the stage - screaming-- that Lincoln wanted your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".  I can't help it no one told you.

Do you want your wife walking down the street with Negroes? Do you want your daughter to sleep with and marry with them,  yelled Douglas in Knox Illinois.   And the crowd yelled back "Down with Niggers"?

According to Bloomington papers -- 80% of the white males believed Lincoln would have their daughters sleep with Negroes.

This -- Negroes sleeping with  your daughters -- was the actual issue in the speeches, and in the public mind.  Douglas went after this issue right off the bat -- before he even got to the stage, Douglas was getting the crowd pump up about "Mr Lincoln and the Negroes".

Douglas even told the crowd that he saw, that very day, Lincoln in a carriage with a black man and white woman. False, of course, but exactly the kind of "knife" Douglas used to slice and dice Lincoln, before Lincoln could even speak.

Then -- when Lincoln did get to speak -- he had to be very, very careful.  The amazing thing is  - - Lincoln kicked ass about equality.  He kicked ass --carefully --but he kicked ass.

 The video is a very "cleaned up" version of the debates, because Douglas actually ran from side to side of the stage, screaming about "Niggers" or "Negroes" sleeping with your daughters.

Remember too -- Lincoln lost, and lost badly -- to Douglas in this race.  And Douglas was going to win POTUS easily too, until three men ran against Lincoln, all those three were fine with the spread of slavery.  If any of those three ran against Lincoln themselves -- because Lincoln was so "radical"  -- they would have won, and slavery would have spread, as they all promised to let it spread. 



Douglas would read to the public the evidence of "Lincoln's obsession"    What was Lincoln's obsession, according to Stephen A Douglas?   Simple.

Equality for the Niggers. 

Douglas picked quotes like this -- where Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.

Radical enough for you?  Kicked to death?  Then when he was able, Lincoln did that. He kicked slavery to death.

SO you need more than a few quotes. You need to understand WHY Douglas won that election so easily. 


Lincoln was shown differently, then.

Lincoln gave over 2000 speeches.  Over 2 million words. In fact, from the date of passage of the violent Kansas Act, Lincoln did little else, day in, day out, every day, all day, speaking about why Kansas Act and slavery were toxic --deadly -- to the United States.

Frederick Douglass (who was world famous before Lincoln even ran for Senate) regularly trashed Lincoln as being "slow" for equality.  Yet Douglass also said that Lincoln was "Radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery.


Like the bible -- you can quote Lincoln any way you like.  You can make it seem like he was pro slavery.  You can make it seem like he was eager for war to rip slavery out by the roots.  You can make it seem like he wanted to deport 4 million blacks.  

And that is exactly what happens in the "Quote game".   Quoting Lincoln is of course proper--just get all the words, and actions.  You can't be fooled by hustlers and liars, if you know the full story. 

Yet if you show Lincoln's full quotes, and more,  show his actions, Lincoln was radical, "obsessed"  for equality.  Who else did little else but go place to place for years exposing the cancer of slavery, kicking slavery (as he did) in the ass repeatedly by his actions and words. 

Who else, according to Frederick Douglass himself, was "radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery?

Those people who knew Lincoln best (Stephen A Douglas sure knew Lincoln) screamed to the public over and over how radical "for Niggers"  Lincoln was. 




Get all Lincoln's words -- like slave owners should be kicked to death.  Harp on those stunning quotes by Lincoln about kicking slave owners to death, about how slavery will destroy the United States or be destroyed, about how any black person is equal to any white person -- on and on -- and you can make Lincoln seem foaming at the mouth eager for war to destroy slavery. 

There was only one thing Lincoln hated more than slavery -- and he spoke about hating slavery over and over.   

What did Lincoln hate more than slavery?  Any illegal and violent acts to end slavery -- because that would not work.

There was no one -- no one
who wanted or advocated war against the South to end slavery in the South.  No one. 

There were Northern leaders who wanted to let the South go -- keep their damn slavery down there.  But it was insane to want a war to end slavery.   There was no public will, or support, for a war to end  slavery in the South. 

Lincoln was lucky to get elected at all -- and only won because three candidates ran against him, all of whom were fine with the spread of slavery.    If any one of those candidates ran against Lincoln, instead of all three, they would have won easily.

Lincoln knew that public sentiment was against any violence to stop slavery where it was.  "I have no warrant"  Lincoln said, to end slavery where it was.  There was no public support for such a war, and mostly, such a war would not work.  Only by legal means -- and with public sentiment -- Lincoln said at length and repeatedly, can we end slavery.

But we will end slavery -- slavery will end, or the United States will end, he said. One or the other has to end. 



Lincoln knew -- and wrote -- about how insanely violent slave power folks were. How men were tortured and burned alive --  yes they were -- for resisting slavery.  How slavery always --always, spread by violence.

He rarely spoke like that in front of a crowd -- and wisely so.  The public already knew how violent slave power was.  People were still being killed, during Lincoln's campaigns even, for being too radical for "Niggers".  

In Quincy, for example, newspapers called for the death of Frederick Douglass (or as  Stephen A Douglas called him at times "Nigger Douglass) for speaking against slavery.  

Did you know that Illinois papers called for the death of black leaders for just speaking against slavery? 

Did you know Lincoln's friend, Lovejoy, brother was killed in another Illinois city, that too the site of a Lincoln Douglas debate!  Lovejoy was killed, possibly burned to death in his print shop, after he published anti-slavery newspaper. 

And Lincoln went to Kansas, after Southern leaders made it a crime to speak or publish anti- slavery papers there.  

Even US Senators -- Stephen A.Douglas other political enemy - could be beaten, even on the Senate floor, for speaking too bluntly against slavery. 

We simply don't know or teach how radical it was to run for office, or even speak, too blunty for equality during Lincoln's life. 



 Lincoln saying slavery was a cancer, and he had to kill it carefully. He explained slavery as a deadly thing, and why it could not just be chopped out.  That would not work.  First, public sentiment had to be changed, and the public aware of this "spreading cancer".  

Was Lincoln lying?  Why are these quotes almost unknown?

Like Lincoln saying any slave woman is equal to him, and to any white man. Why not put together 20 such amazing quotes at the time?  And ignore the rest -- if you can ignore what you want, and only use what  you want?


Like Lincoln saying he won't let the South destroy the Union by pushing slavery by Kanas Act and Dred Scott decision. 

Douglas actually had a satchel -- in it Lincoln's quotes about slavery. Not just a few words, but Lincoln's long and full quotes about equality, about slavery as a cancer, about slavery will destroy the Union or slavery will be destroyed. 

And Douglas was able to use those quotes to "prove" to 80% of the white males (according to Bloomington newspapers)  that Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

It's not my fault you did not know this -- and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are not taught (because it's too ugly?) in US schools.

But Stephen A Douglas made damn sure the public knew this --and he had a lot of help, from newspapers, and other speakers, at the time.  You may not know it, your history teacher may be stupid about it.

But the people at the time were very well aware of it.

In private, Lincoln was even more amazing, more clear.  The Kansas Act, and Dred Scott, put the US on inevitable course -- like full blown cancer -- to kill not just the United States (the Union)  but to destroy the "last best hope" of mankind for a government of the people, by the people. 

We read those public speeches by Lincoln  -- and assume, oh, hell. Lincoln was exaggerating.  No, he was not.

You are about to learn  how right Lincoln was, and why he got that bullet in the head. 


You can, if you like, show Lincoln, from a slice of those words, as eager for war, eager to kill slavery.  

For example, Lincoln said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

Kicked.  To. Death.

Bet you did not know that.

Stephen Douglas played the Lincoln quote game well, and far more honestly than people play it today.



In all US history -- go on, look -- no one said anything more radical than Lincoln's outburst that slave owners deserve nothing but "Kicking contempt and death".




Lincoln said a LOT of things, and more importantly DID a lot of things. When you know all his words, and more importantly, know what he did, you won't be fooled by liars and bullshitters.   

The best place to learn about Lincoln -- ironically enough -- is from his enemies at the time, North and South.


Over and over Lincoln spoke of public sentiment -- public opinion. With public support, he could and would destroy slavery.  Yet the majority of whites in the North were not willing to do anything to stop slavery from spreading.  

Lincoln was defeated for office time and time again -- precisely BECAUSE he was seen as "Negro Worshipper" by so many.  Again and again, hundreds of times, Lincoln spoke very carefully to the public.   He was not saying their daughters should sleep with "Niggers"   Rather, he was saying slavery is a cancer that is spreading, and because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott, slavery would now spread everywhere or be itself destroyed.

When Lincoln did get the public support and legal authority, years later, Lincoln kicked slavery to death.



Lincoln's stories were amazing, and he told a story to explain how he had to kill slavery carefully.  It already existed.  It was already "in bed"  with "the children".  

Slavery was lawful,  he pointed out a thousand times.  Horribly, even the SCOTUS had ordered (yes ordered)  slavery to be protected, even where slavery was rejected by vote, as in Kansas, even there, the federal government ordered slavery protected.

Because it was lawful, because SCOTUS ordered it protected, because it would take public support and new laws, new constitutional amendments to end slavery, Lincoln had no intention, and no ability, to end it by any means -- other than lawful.

So he did end it, when he could, lawfully.  But that took the entire Congress- -and ratification by the states, to do.  

Yet when Lincoln ran for POTUS, most people, even in the North, did not give a shit about slaves, or did they want free slaves running around free in the North.  They sure did not want their daughters "sleeping with and marrying Niggers"  as Douglas told them over and over.




Lincoln said he had to kill slavery carefully.   If he and others could have killed slavery before it spread, he would kill it a different way.  But because slavery was spread -- like a cancer he said -- he and others had to kill it a different way.

Why not go by those words -- his political enemies were sure quick to expose Lincoln's "radical obsession" for "Nigger equality".

Why not even mention those  -- and not mention Lincoln's even more "radical" efforts to kick slavery in the ass, from 1847 on.

Those who trashed Lincoln during his life were also quick to show Lincoln's "Niggerism" actions,  and show the public his obsession for equality by way of his actions too.

Why don't we show those?



Few people today realize that to be called an "abolitionist" in 1840-1860 was a lot like being called "child molester" today.  We consider abolitionist as heroes today.  In Illinois it could still be a dangerous thing to be "too radical".   Which is why Stephen A Douglas made sure the public thought Lincoln was as radical as possible.

Then Lincoln had to get up and argue that blacks  are equal under the law- - which he did, powerfully.  But you need to get the full speeches, not edited bullshit. 


Depends which words you use.  Which you know about.



Not just Lincoln.

Lincoln did get the most powerful speaker of the day - Douglas -- to scream repeatedly about Lincoln being "obsessed with equality".   

Why -- why was "equality" to scary?  

You should have a clue by now -- the "daughter sleeping with Niggers"  thing.   That was it.

Politicians North and South were sometimes even more fear and hate mongering that Douglas about "Niggers" sleeping with your daughter.




Those were against the spread of slavery were going to "exterminate the white race" 

Blacks, if freed, will be so numerous they will kill the white race. Sleep with the white women - and, or -- kill the whites.

You need to read their full speeches, they were essentially promising genocide to blacks, rather than free them, because once freed, blacks would exterminate the whites.

Link to Perry's speech 

Lincoln would - - because our daughters (children) would live in equality with blacks "will be burned to death slowly".

Your wife will walk down the streets with "Niggers" said Douglas repeatedly.  Blacks will be on juries -- do you want that?  They will go to schools with your children!   

They will VOTE -- do you want that!!!

That was the hate and fear pumped into the minds of everyone who tried to stop the spread of slavery.  Equality - even just stopping the spread of slavery -- would doom the white race.

You would never know it, in most US text books, even in Lincoln's home state.  Lincoln is not shown as "radical Nigger Worshipper" nor told that Lincoln "will have your daughters sleep with Niggers".

But that is what was told to the public over and over, by the most powerful speaker in America, Stephen A Douglas.



Douglas did not just say it -- he shouted it -- he shouted it. In Charleston he ran across the stage, back and forth, screaming it.

Douglas  "Nigger rants" as Quincy papers called them, are not even spoken of, even mentioned, in any US text book we have ever seen.


Lincoln wisely parsed words -- or as some called Lincoln's style "sharp talk".   He seemed to agree with a prejudice of the day, then reverses course and shows all but obliterates it.


Douglas easily won the elections against Lincoln for Senate, and would likely have won more easily for President in 1860, but two "fully Southern" candidates ran, too. Douglas and the two "Southern"  candidate got over 60% of the vote,  Lincoln got 39%.

Again, and again, and again, Lincoln had to explain --- no, no, no. No. I am not for "perfect equality",  if that means blacks will sleep with your daughter.

See Lincoln try to fight off the "knives" Douglas through. BTW, this video is timid and whitewashed compared to what actually happened, but it's a very good synopsis, if filled with euphemism, of the debates themselves 

Listen to the whole video -- each topic is crucial.

Notice you can -- if you like -- quote Lincoln from these words as someone who is not for equality. 

But given the whole speech, in context, and know that people were still being killed in Illinois, (yes, they were ) for speaking too bluntly for equality, you might "get it" that was profoundly, and recklessly "radical".

Without his humor -- that Lincoln used like a shield to deflect Douglas vile, ugly, sexually explicit insults (your daughters will sleep with Niggers, is without question the worst insult and fear mongering anyone could possibly utter at the time),  the crowd could have turned ugly.

You may not know it -- well, of course you do not, but Stephen A Douglas was involved in rhetoric so hateful, other people he castigated were attacked.   And here Douglas laid it out, hard, fast, and gave the white males visual imagery of their daughters "sleeping with Niggers".

Your "history" teacher never told you, because most of them don't have a clue.  



Lincoln "unmasked" as pro slavery,  homosexual, and only used slavery "as an excuse" to get and keep power.


Strange indeed....because at the time, Lincoln was lucky he didn't get a bullet to the brain sooner, he was so "radical for Niggers"  and such a "Nigger worshipper".




When Lincoln got up  to speak, every time he got up to speak, most people (according to newspapers at the time) thought Lincoln was either "Nigger worshipper"  or he would "have your daughters sleep with Niggers".

Sleep with "Niggers"  -- a phrase so extreme, that if Lincoln had not used humor (see below)  he would likely have been killed sooner.

Because most people, said the newspaper in Bloomington, believed it.   They voted overwhelmingly against Lincoln in that Senate race -- because, though they might like him personally, they did not want "Niggers walking down the street with your wife".


From 1847 on, certainly from 1854 on, Lincoln devoted nearly every day of his life, most  hours of every day, to either ending slavery, or working to get the public to see the "cancer" of slavery that would either spread slavery to all of the US -- or die trying.

Lincoln's main message was not just the cruelty of slavery, in inhumanity of slavery -- it was that slavery was spreading -- spreading like a cancer, that would force slavery into all of the US.   Either the US would be all slave, or all free.

Douglas replied LIncoln is pushing for WAR -- Lincoln will use force to end slavery everywhere.  Do you want a war for slavery?   Of course they did not want a war over slavery.



Lincoln knew this very well -- virtually everyone in United States, North and South, knew this.

Slavery would never end in the South because it was against the law to even preach against it, or speak publicly against slavery.  In fact, when Southern leaders sent over 1000 killers to Kansas in 1856, the first thing the killers did is to make it a crime to speak publically or publish anything against slavery.

It was no surprise, this was already the law in Southern states, and Stephen A Douglas wanted a law in the NORTH  to make it slander to speak, even in the North,  against slavery owners in the South. 


Those that accused Lincoln of being radical to end slavery -- guess what?   They were right. But Lincoln had to be very careful how he did it, and what he told the public while doing so. 



Leave out Lincoln's full speeches, his actions, and you can make him sound anyway you like. You can make him sound, even, pro slavery, or anti-equality. 

You can make him sound eager for war -- or terrified of it.  You can make him sound profoundly religious, or an agnostic.  You can make him sound indifferent to the horrors of slavery-- or eager to kick slave owners to death.

The choice is yours -- or rather, the choice is the text book publisher, the school boards buying the books, or the "historians" telling about Lincoln. 



Like the bible can be used, by clever people and stupid, by believers and non-believers alike, to prove anything they wanted to prove. 

With Lincoln,  you can seem to "prove" it indisputably by any one of 12 to 15 quotes.

Don't show the full speech, of course, or don't show context, or don't show what Lincoln said ten seconds later.  Don't show his full actions, don't dare mention what was going on, and it's an easy thing to do.  In fact, it's actually difficult not to distort Lincoln.  

 It's easy to do, so even many "historians" do it. 

They should know better, yet they do not. 


Did you know that to most of the public at the time, Lincoln was "obsessed with equality"  and would "destroy the white race,  by his 'Niggerisms'.  

And he lost election after election, by large margins,  to the Senate because of it?   

And if three candidates did not run against Lincoln for President in 1860,  Lincoln would have lost badly again. The three candidates got more than 60% of the vote.  

Lincoln could not have beaten any of them one on one. 

Oh, no one told you that?   Surprise, surprise. 


We are told Lincoln was "reluctant" to end slavery.   We are told he "didn't even care" about slaves until late in the Civil War.

We are told Lincoln would have gladly let slavery continue -- he only cared about "Union".

That would all be true -- but the facts get in the way.


You can, if you like (and many people like to do this) take 12 Lincoln quotes, about 400 words out of two million words,  and make Lincoln seem anyway you like.

For example, you can make Lincoln seem like a raging lunatic for yelling that slave owners deserve nothing but to be kicked to death.

Did you know that?

Lincoln can be made to seem eager for war to end slavery by explaining why he had to kill slavery "carefully" .

You can make Lincoln seem to declare war on the South by saying slavery must die, or the Union must die -- and he wasn't going to let the Union did. (Some in the South actually said Lincoln's speech along these lines was a "declaration of war".)

But if you take Lincoln's full speeches, not "utterances torn from their meaning"  as Frederick Douglas said,  and take all Lincoln's actions, such as kicking slavery until it was not only dead, but the God of slavery boasted of by the South, was discredited forever, you won't be gullible enough to fall for such bullshit.


Lincoln was popular with people who knew him personally -- his sense of humor, his kindness, his deep sense of compassion, was well known to people who had the privilege of knowing him personally.

But most people did not know him personally. Though he gave over 2000 speeches, and did little but travel through Illinois speaking to crowds,  he still lost most of the elections he ran in. 

Because he was painted as "Nigger Worshipper"  according to the Bloomington newspapers, 80% of downstate folks believed Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "NIGGERS".

Douglas and the rabid newspapers of the time actually got their message of hate and fear to work.   They not only tapped into this hate and fear of black males taking white women -- they helped create the hate and fear in the first place.


You probably do not know this, but LIncoln was not only hated in much of Illinois, he was hated by many in the North, and despised by Southern leaders,  all on the basis of Lincoln being "radical for Niggers".

Lincoln will "destroy the white race".  Lincoln wants your daughters to marry and sleep with "Niggers".   Lincoln is a traitor to whites and a traitor to his country -- this all came from the NORTH.  

In the South it was even worse for Lincoln.

LIncoln never won an election against Stephen A Douglas one on one --and Douglas won by painting Lincoln as "obsessed with Nigger equality".

I can't help it no one told you this.

This was more than a stab at Lincoln -- effective stab -- this was the basic cancer that led directly to the Civil War

Lincoln will "burn us slowly to death"  just by being against
the SPREAD of slavery 

And it worked -- with so many politicians and newspapers pumping up the fear of black men taking white women -- Southern soldiers themselves cited this as the reason they fought.

Douglas was not the only Northern politician shouting this -- many newspapers, in 100 shades of extremism -- blasted Lincoln daily and or blasted "abolitionist" daily, as supporting the destruction of white life, white superiority.   "Niggers" will take your white woman was behind it all -- and it worked. 

Douglas knew Lincoln well -- at one time, Douglas was, like Lincoln, anti slavery and very much anti spread of slavery. 


Southern leaders like Governor Perry made it crystal clear -- we are not saying Lincoln will assault slavery where it is.  But just stopping the SPREAD of slavery will "burn us slowly to death by an open fire"

If we can not spread slavery -- we will be exterminated.

 At the time, Lincoln was considered radical as hell, for his words and actions. "Obsessed for Nigger equality".  "Niggers"  were Lincoln's "clients".

Lincoln was guilty of "Niggerism and being a traitor".  Lincoln's obsession for equality will "burn the South slowly over an open fire".

Others said equality, because of men like Lincoln, would mean whites would have to kill our 'beloved' slaves with our own hands, because to live in equality would destroy our children's future.

Everytime Lincoln spoke he had to explain, and spent much of his time explaining, how he was not radical.  He was against slavery, yet it was legal. All the slave state's had state laws protecting slavery.

The United States Supreme Court had even ordered (yes ordered) the federal government to protect slavery.  Congress had enacted the Fugative slave laws.

Horrible laws, vile decisions - Lincoln hated them.  But they were the law, and the only practical way to end slavery was by the law. By changing the law, by getting a re-hearing on Dred Scott, or by Constitutional Amendment.

Over and over he explained this -- but even more often, Lincoln was painted, by slave power, as a dangerous man.  

"Mr. Lincoln harps constantly on this subject of equality...."  


"Mr. Lincoln harps constantly on this subject of equality.. he would have your daughter sleep with Niggers, marry Niggers.." 

Again and again, Douglas told the crowd stories about Lincoln's obsession, quoted Lincoln from a satchel of quotes and Lincoln speeches he carried proudly.

Lincoln's amazing and powerful speeches -- you have to read the full speeches, not just quips, to understand them.

For example, again and again, Lincoln SEEMED to agree with a public prejudice of the day -- and wisely so.  His goal was not to get shot, but to get votes.

Then, Lincoln did a clever pivot, an "about face".  It was brilliant, and Lincoln used it almost every time he spoke.  He used it because it worked.  He would say that he "had never said"  blacks and whites should have "perfect equality"   but then argue powerfully for equality under the law.

You can, if you want, quote Lincoln when he said the first thing - like when he seemed to say blacks are not equal to whites.  Even read that closely -- he said we "may" not be equal it skin color, or height, or intelligence. 

He wanted to -- needed to -- and did  seem to agree with the overwhelmingly popular sentiment of the day.   

Then - then - after he seemed to agree with the common public sentiment, he would "bring down the thunder",  all blacks, the lowest black slave woman, he said, is equal to me and to Judge Douglas, and to any man.

He even went overboard a time or two, and said things like slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.  Did you know that?

Hour after hour after hour, day after day, mile after mile, often on horse or carriage at his own expense, Lincoln did little else from 1854 to 1860 but speak not only of the evils of slavery -- and the rights of blacks to be equal per the Declaration of Independence,  he also warned hundreds of times, clearly  and emphatically, how slavery was on a course now to either take over all of the United States, or be destroyed by the Union.

Slavery will end, or the Union will end.  This was the reality -- and Lincoln made the case for it at length.  Slavery, because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott,  was now like a cancer.  A cancer that would spread and kill the host.  Or a cancer that would kill itself.

Southern leaders said this type of talk by Lincoln was a "Declaration of War"  

Even Lincoln's friends asked him to walk that talk back -- we can be part slave and part free Douglas said.

No we can't, said Lincoln repeatedly.  Because of Dred Scott and Kansas it, there was now no other way for this to end. One would survive. One would end. Slavery or Union.

Radical enough for you  yet?


 Yet if you know his full speech, and context, you can not be be respectful, if not amazed, at how powerful Lincoln's statements were about equality.

Slave owners deserve to be kicked to DEATH?

That's what Lincoln said.  Those who make "mere merchandise" of blacks deserve nothing but "contempt kicking and death".

Yet you can quote Lincoln, in that same speech (!)  as not caring about slavery at all.


You can see a white washed version of the debate in this clip.. Not shown is Douglas running from side to side of the stage, screaming that Lincoln wanted your daughter to sleep with "Niggers".  But the essential position of both men is faithfully rendered here.



Douglas and others had plenty of ammunition against Lincoln.   He had dozens of quotes -- much like the one above, about equality of the races under the law.

Lincoln even said slave owners  deserve to be kicked to death.   Did you know that?

Also as Congressman, Lincoln tried to get slavery outlawed in the land just stolen from Mexico (see below).  That would be the Wilmot Proviso....

In fact, Lincoln tried 40 times -- 40 times -- to get slavery outlawed in the land just stolen (yes we stolen land from Mexico).   Even if you are stupid and don't know US started the war against Mexico -- in order to steal their land for an expansion of slavery -- even if you don't believe it, Lincoln repeatedly tried to outlaw slavery in that very territory.

Of course, the South, and President Polk himself a slave owner and very much part of starting the war in the first place, was not about to outlaw slavery in that massive land just acquired -- the whole purpose of sending men there to kill and take the land, was to double the size of slavery in US.



Then Lincoln tried to get slavery outlawed in District of Columbia. He did  not merely introduce the bill,  he fought very hard for it. Tried extremely hard to pacify enough slave power reps in Congress that they might agree, but they would not.

Lincoln tried to offer them compensation, to make the transition gradual,  anything and everything possible to reach some kind of compromise. 

But men who whip slave girls, and men who insist God ordained (ordered-- directed) slavery, are not about to accept a few dollars per slave.  They made their living on slavery, their status came from slavery, many of them (really) raped slave women. Their riches and pleasures (Lincoln called slave owners "men of pleasure" -- this is what he was talking about, the open secret that rape of slave women was common) came from slavery



Lincoln was well aware most people in the NORTH did  not care about slavery.  Again and again Lincoln lost elections because he was considered "radical, obsessed, a Nigger Worshipper".

There was no public sentiment, North or South, or in any part of the US, for any legal remedy for slavery.  In fact, most Northern states made it a crime -- a crime -- for a black person to enter into the state!  In Lincoln's own state -- the law was this. Thirty nine lashes to any black man who came in the state.  Thirty nine more lashes of the whip a week, until they left.

People hated Lincoln for his "obsession for equality".

So Lincoln had to, and wisely did, try to be courteous, considerate, polite to a fault in his public speeches, toward the South and towards those (a vast majority) in the North who either supported slavery , or had no wish to see blacks free anyway.


2 million words

From 1854 on, after Stephen Douglas and his partner David Rice Atchison passed Kansas Act,  Southern leaders had sent killers to Kansas to force slavery there.   It was clear, almost immediately, that the "fraud" as Lincoln called it,  of the Kansas Act was exactly that, a violent fraud.   Atchison himself went immediately to Kansas, and there started terrorizing, later killing and boasting of killing, to spread slavery.

Lincoln did little from that day forward but to speak and act against this violent effort to spread slavery into the rest of the US -- and even into the North.  

Lincoln's speeches are filled -- hundreds of hours of speeches actually -- telling the public about these violent efforts and the "machinery"  created to spread the slavery.  

Lincoln therefore was wide open for being accused -- correctly -- for "obsessed"  because he did little else, day in, day out, but go speak out against slavery and the "machinery" that was spreading slavery into states and territories that were entirely against slavery.

Do you know anyone else who did that?  People at the time, especially Lincoln's political enemies, knew that is what he was doing, day in day out.

They knew his speeches about how any black person is equal to any white person --- they knew he said slave owners  deserve to be "kicked to death". 

They knew he stood up to President Polk about the Mexican War  -- and that Lincoln was against the Mexican War, fought against it, because it was meant to (and did) double the size of slavery.

They knew that Lincoln tried, then, 40 times to prevent that land just stolen from Mexico to be used for US slavery.

They knew that -- even if you don't.

They knew that after that, Lincoln tried to get slavery outlawed in Congress, repeatedly, in a dozen different ways.

And they knew him from his many hundred of speeches -- ended up over 2000 speeches. 


They knew Lincoln went to Kansas -- bet you did not know this -- and spoke against slavery in Kansas -- after Southern leaders made it a crime to speak against slavery in Kansas.

Did you know that?

You need to know Lincoln's full actions, full speeches. Not just to understand him, but to understand what was going on, that Lincoln reacted to.   

In fact Illinois papers  vilified "traitor" Lincoln who was "nothing but Niggerisms"

Lincoln was a "Negro Worshipper" even.



Few people criticized Lincoln more, at times, that Frederick Douglas, who once said Lincoln was no more against slavery than the slave owners. 

But Douglass found out more about Lincoln -- he did not know all the facts, early on.  But he learned more, and mostly, Douglass knew that most whites even in Illinois hated, or at least disliked, Lincoln.  Lincoln had to be careful what he said, so he would not be killed sooner. 

As time went on, Douglas realized the profound wisdom of Lincoln
Douglas explained it -- as usual -- very well. 



Lincoln  will "burn us to death slowly"  by stopping the spread of slavery.




It  is not my fault you are not told this.  It is an ugly issue, hard to teach to children.

But we do not even teach it to adults. 




Slavery had to spread -- or the white race will be exterminated--- the common meme in the South against Lincoln.

Why push this meme?  Because most people in the South did not have slaves.  And politicians were well aware of that.  In fact, a leading Southerner actually wrote that if slavery was put to a vote, most voters would vote slavery OUT.  But slavery was never put to an honest vote.

SO  how to get people in the South, who did not own slaves, to fight to spread slavery?

This was the central problem for Southern leaders.  So they claimed God ordained slavery, and that the white race would be destroyed if slavery was not spread.

I can't help it no one told you.  This was common knowledge at the time.

Lincoln, therefore, was a danger to whites everywhere, North and South. 

'We will have to execute our own slaves with our own hands ' if slavery is not spread.  The number of slaves (a sure sign of how kindly we treat them said Toombs) will out number whites soon, and we will be exterminated.

The crowds cheered him, like they cheered Stephen Douglas in the North. 

Stunningly, most "history teachers" are unaware Douglas even shouted this at Lincoln's face in the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Yet, this was not a sudden gust of hatred or passion on the part of Douglas...... this was Douglas's basic emotional weapon, and emotional target, of the campaign.

And it worked.  Douglas easily won the Senate race in 1858, and would have won the Presidential race in 1860, by an even greater margin, had Douglas been able to run against Lincoln one on one.

Over 60% of the public voted against Lincoln in 1860, and for arguably the same exact reason.   The charge against him was that, while Lincoln said he had no intention, or power, to stop slavery where it was, that did not matter.

Why?   Here is why.  Just stopping the SPREAD of slavery --not ending slavery, but just stopping the SPREAD of slavery 

Daily, and to his face, in newspapers, in speeches all around the NORTH and South, Lincoln was called radical --  he was nothing but "Niggerism"  said Salem Illinois newspaper. 

 A traitor to the country.  A man who will destroy the white race by his obsession with equality.


There is a reason Stephen A Douglas repeatedly, over and over, told the crowd Lincoln was friends with Frederick Douglass.

If you bother to read the Lincoln DOuglas debates (very heavy reading if you are not very knowledgable about US history 1820-1858)  you will see many illusions by Douglas of people Lincoln knew.  Douglas picked two because they were both hated in the parts of Illinois Douglas was in at the time.

The Quincy newspaper, for example, called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglas, did you know that?  

This was during Lincoln's life's -- in fact, these Quincy articles were written at the start of Lincoln's re-entry into politics in order to fight the spread of slavery. 

And another man, Lovejoy, was burned to death in Alton Illinois for being an "abolitionist".  Lincoln was close friends with the Lovejoy family.   
The murder of Lovejoy.

Much like other murders -- including burning to death
of abolitionist  in place Lincoln went to speak. 

Abolitionist -- to most people alive in 1850's -- was in the minds of many, a mad man. Someone who wanted your daughters to "sleep with Niggers".

You probably were never told -- nor does your teacher know -- that Lincoln went to Kansas, and spoke in Kansas against slavery, after it was made a crime to speak publicly against slavery there.

It was not a crime to speak against slavery in Illinois, but it could still be dangerous to speak too candidly, even there.

It was not till 1890's and afterwards that the term "abolitionist" was not about equal today, in the minds of many, with what we call "child molesters" now.   That term "abolitionist"  was a dangerous term. People were still being killed, even in Illinois, for being seen as "abolitionist"  by crowds in certain parts of the state.

And Douglas, of course, knew that, even if your history teacher is stupid about it. 


This is a very ugly truth, but a basic truth.  Douglas, and many others, were proud of the success of this fear and hate mongering.  It worked. 

There was -- this may surprise you -- no candidates for public office, and hardly any public speaker --who even suggested white women could or should or would be allowed to sleep with and marry black men.

Let me repeat that -- NO candidate in US, North or South, East or West, ran promoting intermarriage or sleeping with anyone outside your race.  

Lincoln, in fact, went so far in his push for equality -- yes, he was obsessed with equality for all races under the Declaration of Independence- -he was unelectable in a one on one race against Douglas.

Douglas, or any pro-slavery candidate -- could defeat Lincoln.  Lincoln only won because 4 candidates ran, not 2.  Newspapers at the time explained it very well -- Lincoln could not possibly win, in a one on one race.

St. Louis papers were livid - at the two Southern candidates who ran against Lincoln too.   But South had turned on Douglas, and LIncoln wisely caused that, but forcing Douglas hand in the debates.   That is a story for another article.


Douglas would never lose to Lincoln in Illinois, where both men were well known.  Douglas won his home state in both races, for President and for Senator.   Even the people of Illinois did not want Lincoln in the Senate or the Presidency in 1858 and 1860.  

Lincoln's long history of kicking slavery

Many today are nearly unaware that Douglas was right -- Lincoln did have a "long history"  of speaking for equality, and fighting slavery.

From 1847 on.  In fact, Douglas knew that very well, because early in Douglas's career, he too was against slavery, and he too spoke against slavery.   But when it became politically expedient (in other words, so you could win)  Douglas flipped, and flipped several times.  That, however, is another story...

More than a decade before he ran against Douglas and had the Lincoln Douglas debates.  Yet you will not find hardly any high school or college teacher (or at least we did not) that mentions this, or maybe even knows it.

For example, Lincoln stood up to President Polk in 1847, correctly, but politely, accusing him of starting the Mexican American War in order to spread slavery for "Slave Power".


Indeed, he was right. Polk did help slave power, and his own wealth, by killing (which is what he did, through others) to start the Mexican War. In blunt terms, the US sent uniformed killers to start a war (yes, we did) and then claimed Mexico started it, and the US demanded "satisfaction".

You may have "studied"  Mexican War in school. Typically, the most you will find in text books is that "slavery was an issue".

But you will not find that the US  --according to Lincoln -- started the war to double or triple the size of slavery.

Yet Lincoln's contemporaries never forgot it, and many kept that h ate going for years.  They claimed Lincoln refused to support the troops in the field, which of course was not true. Lincoln would vote for money for the war, though he was against the war itself.


As Henry Clay said -- a slave owner himself, and Senator from Kentucky, and creator of the 1850 compromise --the Mexican War was a vile ruse to spread slavery.   So it was not just Lincoln who said this or knew it. 

Virtually everyone knew it. Killing was the only way to spread slavery, as LIncoln said, and slavery always spread by means foul and more foul.  The Mexican War was just one of three wars during Lincoln's life that was about -- yes they were -- the South's vile attempts to spread slavery.  


Lincoln said so, too, and was hated by many for it, North and South.  Some newspapers never forgave Lincoln for that and called him a traitor full of "Niggerisms"  and ranted against him in terms all but urging his death -- and they were Illinois newspapers.


After Lincoln could not stop doubling size of slavery (The Mexican War did that) Lincoln tried to pass a measure the kept slavery out of the land just stolen. 

When have you heard THAT  - that Lincoln stood up to Polk, objected to Mexican War because really, it was a war FOR slave power to spread slavery?   Probably never.

Then, Lincoln tried 40 times to keep slavery out of the land just stolen -- by killing, by plunder we stole that land, and stole it to spread slavery at the behest of slave power.

We don't teach that, yet Lincoln knew and called the President on it.  Then tried 40 times to stop slavery from going into that massive land.   Lincoln was , from that point on, hated by many even in Illinois.  Called a traitor, full of "Niggerisms"  and obsessed with equality for blacks.  

And Lincoln was just getting started. 

Remember, Lincoln was just getting started. 

Every time Lincoln tried to stop slavery, in any capacity, he was attacked, and the response against him personally, and against anything he tried to do, was overwhelming.

Lincoln avoided strident speeches, he spoke carefully, politely.    In private, Lincoln was far less polite.  Occasionally, Lincoln did lose his temper, especially when Douglas attacked him again and again for being a danger to the peace and prosperity the white race enjoyed-- which Douglas did over and over, one way or another.



Did you know Douglas carried a satchel -- a leather pouch apparently -- and from it, he pulled out Lincoln's speeches, quotes from them, from the last decade.  He would quote from those papers, and then dare Lincoln to say he had not said such things -- things like the lowest slave is equal to any white man, that  the Declaration of Indpendence applies to all men, not just white men.

Did you know Southern leaders, in the Dred Scott case, claimed specifically that blacks were not persons -- not persons, let me repeat that, not persons under the Declaration of Independence?

Lincoln was "preaching revolution" to say otherwise, according to Douglas.

   Lincoln would cause a "Civil War"  by being a "traitor" as Douglas said in a speech away from Lincoln, and he was a traitor by claiming the Supreme Court erred, and should rehear the case with proper factual arguments? 

Lincoln admitted, again and again, that the country was bound, the federal government was bound, by Dred Scott decision -- even though the decision was part of a fraud, a conspiracy (Lincoln called it "machinery" )  still, as awful as that machinery was, it was the law until reversed by another decision, or reversed by Constitutional Amendment 

(Which is exactly why Lincoln had to get 13th Amendment passed, and did get it passed).

Yet even questioning the Dred Scott decision was treason, said Douglas. Even saying it had to be overturned legally was "preaching" revolution.



But the legal details like verbiage of Dred Scott or Kansas Act -- and Lincoln showed the perfidy and fraud in both -- did not excite the crowd nearly as much as Douglas claiming Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with and marry with "Niggers'.  

 Lincoln called these charges the "knives"  that Douglas keep "flashing in the air".

And Lincoln had to answer these charges. 

And it worked. Douglas easily won that election in 1858, and would have easily won the Presidential race, for the same reason-- but two other pro-slavery candidates ran against Lincoln, not Douglas vs Lincoln one one one.  


It was illegal for a black man to even come to Illinois when Lincoln was running for office.  The punishment was 39 lashes of a whip if the black was caught moving to the state, and 39 lashes of the whip for every week he stayed.

          Why the hatred for blacks?   Because politicians  - the politicians that won most elections - were very good at pumping up the hate and fear of black men taking white women.   You are not taught this, at all, in US schools.  Over and over, and over, Stephen A Douglas, and many others, used "Niggers will take the white women"  speech, to one degree of vulgarity or another. 

When Lincoln got up to speak, Lincoln knew that most of the audience (only white males voted) were not necessarily pro-slavery, but they feared the idea that black males would be free to walk down the street,  free to talk to white women. 

In fact, those who spoke out  too candidly for equality of the races were still being killed -- in Illinois -- during Lincoln's political career.  Owen Lovejoy,  a brother to Lincoln's friend, was burned to death in his abolitionist printing business in Alton -- a place Lincoln had to go to debate.

Lincoln also had to debate in Quincy -- where the newspapers called for the death of Frederick Douglas for even speaking -- just speaking -- against slavery.  Let me repeat that.  A Quincy paper urged death to Frederick Douglass for SPEAKING publically against slavery.

If you don't understand that -- not only do you not understand Lincoln, you don't understand US history.  Politicians like Stephen Douglas  became rich, powerful, and famous for helping slave owners -- and for demonizing Lincoln for being "obsessed with equality"

You m
Most history teachers have no clue -- so US text book makes this clear (that we know about, anyway).   So  how would the public today know?

"Lincoln is nothing but Niggerisms.... he is a traitor to his race and the nation.... a black Republican who will have your daughters sleep with Niggers, have your schools filled with Niggers....  have Niggers on your juries.... "

The kind of thing Lincoln heard  or read in newspapers every day of his life, 1847 on.   Lincoln was keenly aware of the violent nature of not only slave owners -- but of those who believed hate and fear mongers.  It was not the politician like Stephen A Douglas, or Jefferson Davis, or a thousand others who actually hung blacks, burned them to death,  and committed endless atrocities. 

It was the people who listened, and believed, the hate and fear mongers. 


Indeed Lincoln did -- hundreds of times - "harp" on the subject of equality.   

Lincoln most assuredly DID harp on equality for blacks, hundreds of times --he argued for equality under the law, for the rights of blacks as spoken of in the Declaration of Independence.   The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Powerful speeches -- speeches that changed a nation.   

Douglas, of course,  then tried to make that seem like your wife and daughter will "be" with black males.   You should have been taught that, an at age appropriate time.  It is an ugly issue, but it is what actually happened, and what actually led to the US Civil War.

Lincoln had to be very careful --or he would have gotten a bullet to the brain much sooner.   People today just do no realize, even in the NORTH,  whites could be and were killed.   In Illinois, particularly downstate Illinois, Lincoln was considered by many to be a traitor, from what they heard in newspapers, and from politicians.

No one -- absolutely no one -- in Illinois, or most states, ever argued for "perfect social equality".   Taking "our women"  -- sleeping with Niggers as Douglas put it repeatedly (and you are not told of).  

  It takes most people an hour or more  to read some of Lincoln's speeches.  Yet in those speeches,  repeatedly speaks of so many "details" of history, you practically need a degree in history to know everything he spoke of.   

So it's much easier to grab a half dozen quotes, or however many you need, and then make Lincoln seem anyway you like.

Lincoln's long history of fighting slavery was well known in the 1850s.  In fact, Lincoln was hated, by those who supported slavery, for his actions from 1846 on.

Lincoln's long history of fighting slavery was well known in the 1850s.  Why don't we know it, or at least know of it, now?

In fact, Lincoln was hated, by those who supported slavery, for his actions and his words, from 1846 on.

No one told you, did they?   You would need his full speeches, though, his full actions, to grasp that.  If you know the nine excerpts, and only that, it would be impossible, not just difficult, for you to know what Lincoln said fully.

For example, Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.  He shouted that he would not let the South destroy the Union by spread of slavery.  He wrote and said many other things, other than the nice quotes most people seem to rely on.

You will NOT hear this, at least not candidly, by most folks who trash or belittle Lincoln now -- but Lincoln was in fact radical in his words and actions long before he ran for Senate.

He used humor -- or likely would have been shot a lot sooner.

Even when called "Negro Worshiper" to his face.  Even when Douglas told the crowd Lincoln wanted their daughters to sleep with "Niggers"  Lincoln held his cool.

When Lincoln responded, he often had the crow laughing, instead of trying to attack him.

Lincoln  never insulted anyone (because it could get you shot).  He never called slave owners vile or murderous.  Lincoln bent over backwards to offer the "olive branch" of kindness and appreciation of their position.  

Again and again Lincoln spoke about paying slave owners for freeing their slaves, and he did just that during the war in Kentucky.  He offered compensation later, in 1847, trying to end slavery gradually in District of Columbia.

But slave owners did not want compensation. To be blunt, they wanted the flesh of slave women (yes, they did) and to be able to do what they wanted to slave women.  As we found out from numerous sources, slave rape was common in the South.  You could keep  your slave woman pregnant, have her work, sell her, sell her children, or any number of vile things, and get more power and money yet.

Selling your slaves one time for what Lincoln would have paid was not going to get you women in your barn, to do whatever you desired, and then work in your fields, and create other slaves by birth, and make you richer.
Gee -- does Lincoln sound like someone who was not against slavery?   Remember, this made Lincoln extremely unpopular, especially in Southern Illinois, and for the rest of his life gave his Illinois opponents something to use to make the public think Lincoln wanted "your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

So from then on, in every speech the rest of his life, essentially Lincoln had to explain -- no, I did not ever say your daughters should sleep with Negroes.  But- - he would then add, about slave women "in her natural right she IS my equal and the equal of any man."

He even, at one point, said slave owners should be kicked to death.

To. Death.

Still sound like a man not against slavery?

Do you yet see why you need the entire story?

Do you see why the lying (or stupid) bastards trying to trash Lincoln dare not tell you the whole story?

And there is more to come. 

Lincoln will "exterminate the white race"  by stopping the spread of slavery.  Lincoln (the North) wants us to "sting ourselves to death".  Our white race will  be "exterminated"  by men like Lincoln.

The crowds cheered.  The violence was already started, 1856 on.

Lincoln will burn us to death.

Lincoln will exterminate the white race.


When newspapers and political enemies accused Lincoln of "Niggerism"  and "obsession for equality for Niggers"  they had the "proof".

They had Lincoln quotes and actions. His quotes about the lowest slave is equal to any white man.  His quotes about slavery must die or the Union will die.  His quotes about we can not exist half slave and half free.

And they had his actions -- in the Mexican War, in Congress in 1847, and his attempts to end or prevent slavery in the land stolen (yes stolen) from Mexico.  They told of his actions to end slavery in District of Columbia.    

These quotes and actions proved Lincoln was "a Negro Worshipper"  and he "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" 

So when Lincoln spoke -- which was several times a day to crowds for years -- he had to answer.  Do you want our daughters to sleep with "Niggers" ?   Will you destroy the white race? 

Did you know Douglas  yelled into Lincoln's face, ran side to side of the debate stage screaming to the crowd that "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"?
So when LIncoln got up to speak -- he had to explain to the white males in the audience.  They were there to learn -- did you want our daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?   Are you going to have our wives "be with Niggers".?

Go read the full Lincoln Douglas debates.  Not just a few sentences.  And read it knowing, this time, what the hell was going on, what Lincoln was accused of.

Not only would your daughters "sleep with Niggers" .   That was just the start of Douglas rants. A white girl marrying a black man was of course illegal.  Lincoln could have been attacked at any time by whites in the audience  -- as others were attacked, beaten, or killed.  See below on Douglas role in getting a US Senator beaten almost to death.

Douglas literally runs from one side of the stage, to the other, screaming.


Your wife will "BE"  with Niggers. Douglas actually ran back and forth on the stage screaming this. 

You will have "Niggers" on juries. "Niggers" at your schools.  "Niggers will vote."

Do you want that, Douglas screamed?

Do you know what the crowd yelled back?    NO!    "Down with Niggers"

Then Lincoln had to explain himself.....

Douglas won that Senate race -- easily. 

Douglas did the smart thing politically, and won because of it. Lincoln tried to explain, over and over, he was against slavery, very much against it. and very much against the spread of slavery that was going to cover the entire US (yes, really)   We must stop slavery as we must stop a cancer.   Slavery was now set to spread to the entire US  (As Southern leaders boasted of -- yes they did) or slavery will die.  



Yes, Lincoln had to sometimes parse words -- so he did.  He would have gotten that bullett to the brain sooner if he had not parsed words.  He would have lost every election, instead of just most elections, and he would not have won the Civil War unless he spoke very carefully.

So he spoke carefully -- and all the while kicking slavery in the ass. 


Lincoln's enemies accused him of wanting to end slavery even in the South.  He had no power to end slavery in the South, and no "warrant"  as he called it, no public support to end slavery in the South. 

 Most people in the North were afraid black men would take the white women if they were freed, a fact not taught today, but very real then.

Other than a few "extremist" like John Brown, no whites dared fight the South to end slavery.  John Brown was hung very quickly after he was caught using violence to end slavery.  


Reluctant to end slavery?


We do not teach Lincoln as being "radical" to end slavery.   We teach quite the opposite.   Entire books are written claiming Lincoln was "reluctant"  to end slavery, or that he was fine with slavery.     Lincoln was "nothing special about race"   said supposed historians.

Yet the only way you can say or write something that stupid (yes, stupid)  is to not know Lincoln's full actions and full words.

Yes, yes, Lincoln (very wisely) spoke carefully about slavery.  But as he spoke wisely, Lincoln was kicking the living shit out of slavery.      And he kept kicking the living shit out of slavery until it not only died, but the "God of Slavery"  was dead. 

Furthermore, Lincoln  DID have words to match that action, for those who just must play the game of quotes.  Get all the quotes. 



It's an oddity of the last 50 years or so that we don't teach in any US text book  that Lincoln was trashed (hated, castigated, spurned, scorned, shot at, and eventually killed) because he was so "radical"  for equality. 

Radical in words.

Radical in actions. 

Yes, yes, yes -- Lincoln (at times) wisely parsed words.  He even said several times he had to speak carefully in order to kill the "snake"  of slavery.

If you cared to, you could (as some did then) make Lincoln seem like the most radical and violent abolitionist of his time. 

He also said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.  He shouted, long before the War started, that he would not ALLOW the South to destroy the Union by the spread of slavery.

In more careful speeches, Lincoln said repeatedly that the Union would die (end) or slavery would die (end).  One or the other --death of the Union (and with it, the Declaration of Independence and government of the people for the people )   or the death of slavery.

These were not slogans -- Lincoln spent hundreds of hours explaining, in detail, exactly how slavery was killing the Declaration of Independance and how slavery was spreading like a cancer that would kill itself or kill the Union.

Lincoln correctly at great length proved exactly that.   You need to know context, like what Southern leaders were boasting of (they boasted of killing to spread slavery)  to know what actually happened.    Remember this -- Southern leaders were boasting of killing to spread slavery from 1856, almost up to the day Lincoln was killed.
Since we simply do not teach Southern leaders war ultimatums, speeches boasting of killing to spread slavery, and bragging they would even enslave blacks in the North.  Why not teach their own war ultimatums?  Why not teach what Southern leaders boasted of -   until they lost?
Sadly most history teachers stupidly focus on a few Lincoln quotes, ignore his full quotes and words,  to the point most people think a few dozen words by Lincoln are all that matter.

Even though Lincoln's words were very clear -- slavery was a cancer.  It had to die or not just the Union would die, but the very idea of a government for the people by the people would perish.

He was exactly right.  See below. 


Southern leaders were boastingnstead we have far less attention given to Lincoln's actions to kill slavery -- while focusing to an astonishing extent on about 12 quotes and one letter.   As if the two million other words Lincoln uttered or wrote were of little or even no significance. 

Perhaps worse, we don't teach Lincoln's amazing actions to destroy slavery. Yes, Lincoln did say the 12 quotes attributed to him, and write that one letter.  Lincoln did so -- and said he did so -- strategically.   Wisely so, too.

Lincoln's stragetic use of words kept him from getting shot a lot sooner - as others were killed during Lincoln's time even in the North for speaking too bluntly about "Nigger equality".

Furthermore Lincoln  -- radical as hell overall in his words -- was kicking slavery in the ass 1847 on.  His enemies were not mistaken on this.   They claimed Lincoln really wanted to end slavery everywhere, which he did.  But Lincoln was above all pragmatic.  

There was no earthly way to end slavery other than with wide public sentiment to do so.  Lincoln was well aware of that, and lost elections for being "too radical for Nigger equality"  no matter how he parsed words. 


TO HIS FACE --  and the crowds believed it.

Did you know Stephen A Douglas repeatedly screamed (yes screamed) in Lincoln's fact that Lincoln would have white girls sleeping with "Niggers"  and would have them marry "Niggers"?

No - of course you don't know.   No one told you. 
Douglas wisely picked this hate mongering to get power. It worked. He won the election. Most of the public in Illinois -- according to newspapers of the time -- believed Lincoln wanted white women to sleep with "Niggers.


Lincoln was nearly "unelectable" in Illinois -- and never did win a one on one election in his life -- after he  stood up to President Polk for causing the Mexican War to spread slavery 

 Douglas defeated Lincoln by showing the public Lincoln was radical for "Niggers"   and would destroy the white race.  Not only would your daughters marry "Niggers"  Douglas said, but your wife will walk down the street with  "them".

Your children will have to go to school with "them".   And blacks will be on juries and vote, if Lincoln (or others like him) got their way.  

On top of Lincoln being guilty of NIGGERISM.

For good measure, Lincoln's opponents in Illinois did not stop at Lincoln's  radical obsession (that's what they called it) for equality for Niggers....  added to that, Lincoln was a "traitor"  to the US for his long fight against slavery.  Lincoln started the fight against slavery from 1847 on -- bet you did not know that.

No one told you.   If you have been alive in 1850's -- dozens of newspapers would have told you how radical Lincoln was, how guilty of "Niggerism"  and how Lincoln would destroy the white race.   Southern newspapers were even worse - but Northern papers were bad enough. 


It was not just Lincoln that accused -- rightly  -- Polk of doubling the size of land for slavery (which Mexican War did). Southern leader and slave owner Henry Clay also rightly accused Polk of the same thing.   Lincoln just had the balls to stand up in Congress, and in that clever way he had, hurled  the truth at Polk not only in  away Polk couldn not refute, but Polk could hardly take offense.

But take offense the North did.  Lincoln was unelectable in any one on one race after that stand.  It was "treason" said newspaper then and for the reason of Lincoln's life, to be against a war.  



Stupidly,  we do not teach the Mexican War in those terms (as done to expand slavery), but that is exactly (not kind of) what the Mexican War was about, it was one of three major wars started to for one real purpose -- to spread slavery.  

So whitewashed  is this basic fact (that wars were fought by the South to spread slavery -- and they boasted of it then)  that at most  you might read some watered down nonsense as "Some worried that the Mexican War might lead to the spread of slavery in those lands".   

WTF water it down?   Remember, Southern leaders ADMITTED, and were proud of their killing (yes killing, yes proud of it) to spread slavery.

 You can not understand Lincoln if you do not know about the three wars to spread slavery that Lincoln personally had to deal with -- the first, the Mexican-American War.  Lincoln was hated by many for stating the truth about it, and trashed later as a traitor by the same Northern folks that called him guilty of "Niggerism"  and Southern folks who said Lincoln was trying to make the South "sting itself to death"  by stopping the spread of slavery 

Even Southern leaders  -- pro slavery leaders -- knew that Mexican War was about spread of slavery, and admitted it fully.  Lincoln nearly ended  his political career right then - and his "treason" against the United States was not forgotten.  No, it wasn't treason, he spoke the truth, as did others, including Southern leader and slaver owner Henry Clay.  The Mexican war was slave power that wanted and orchestrated this part of ongoing violence to spread salvery. 

Lincoln was just honest enough to call out the President on it.


I can't help you didn't know that, nor were taught that. It was an open secret -- and Lincoln called them on it.

Nine out of ten folks today who suppose they know all about Lincoln don't seem to have a clue what Lincoln had to do with the Mexican War, why he was hated for it by many then, and later.  

That is always how slavery spread - - by violence. But that is not how we teach our history, at all. Lincoln knew, and Lincoln gave long speeches, great history lessons to this day, about how slavery spread.

  In fact Lincoln was alive for three wars started by the South to spread slavery.  See if you know which wars those were? It would be interesting to know if any US high school history teacher ever asked on a test this question.   Which three wars during Lincoln's adult life were started by slave power to spread  slavery?

The answer to that question is this.

Mexican War.  Kansas Wars.  United States Civil War.

If you disagree that the Civil War was an effort by slave power to spread slavery it's only because you don't know what Lincoln knew, and what Southern leaders knew.

Southern War Ultimatums.

Southern killing sprees.

Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery

Southern leaders  official promise to invade the North and spread slavery there.   Sound crazy?  It would sound crazy, if you did not know what the South bragged about until they lost.  ___________________________________________________ 

Lincoln was also called "radical for the Niggers"   because in 1847 Lincoln tried 40 times -- 40 times! -- to get slavery outlawed in the land just stolen in the Mexican War.   No one told you that, did they?

But people then were well aware of it. I can't help it if you didn't know, nor if your text books didn't tell you.

But there is more "radical" Lincoln actions
 early on:

Lincoln did not stop, he did not even slow down.  After Lincoln challenged Polk about causing a war to spread slavery -- he then tried in Congress to outlaw slavery in District of Columbia.  He even offered payment to slave owners, and an adjustment period.   He was hated for that too.

Even most high school history teachers seem to know how radical Lincoln was  in his actions EARLY ON.

And it cost Lincoln plenty.   From then on, Lincoln's enemies called him "Black Republican"  "Negro Worshipper"  or even that Lincoln would  "burn us slowly to death" .

And Lincoln never won a one -on-one election in Illinois because of it.  He lost several elections,  and only won the Presidential election in 1860 because three essentially pro slavery candidates ran against him.   Lincoln did not even get 40% of the vote, but he won the most votes and won the electoral college.



It takes a special kind of stupid to claim Lincoln "used the slave issue for public support".  Lincoln was unelectable in Illinois in head to head election precisely BECAUSE of his push for equality.

Yet folks -- even some "history teachers"  will claim Lincoln only used slavery for political points.  Jesus, nothing could be further from the truth.  Lincoln had to downplay public statements and all but apologize for his "radical" actions to end slavery in the 1840's.

Lincoln was going to "burn us to death slowly"  because he was simply against the spread of slavery.   Remember that, just because Lincoln was against the SPREAD of slavery - he was going to "burn us to death slowly". 

Unless you know what the public sentiment was, you can't possibly grasp how radical Lincoln was, and how lucky he was not to get shot sooner. 

In fact Lincoln was  hated for being "obsessed with equality for Niggers".  And that eventually earned him a bullet to the brain anyway. 



To Lincoln's  face Stephen A Douglas yelled  -- yes yelled, and even ran from side to side of the stage yelling it, according to overlapping local newspapers -- that Lincoln was radical for Nigger equality.

Douglas never would call Lincoln a "traitor" to his face, but he would hurl everything at him, including "traitor"  and "your wife will walk down the streets with Niggers"  and "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers"  to his face.

Douglas thought (correctly) it was important to pump up fear of blacks and fear of just stopping the SPREAD of slavery.   Yes it was deadly to the white race to just stop the SPREAD of slavery.

Douglas used this ranting over and over -- both in debates and in his own speeches apart from Lincoln.

According to newspapers in Illinois Lincoln was guilty of treason and "Niggerism."   Lincoln's friend (Frederick Douglass) should be hung just for speaking against slavery.
he news

Try to grasp that.  According to newspapers at the time, people believed Douglas. Lincoln was "obsessed with equality for the Niggers".  You can say those newspapers didn't know what they were talking about if you want. Stupid people are like that. 

Remember -- that's in ILLINOIS.  

Lincoln did parse words at time -- but his words were radical as hell, when you get all his words. Lincoln said he was killing slavery carefully.

No one told you that, did they?

Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death.

No one told you that either. 

See -- its a BFD to get all the facts. Otherwise liars, fools, and stupid shits can make you believe anything, anything at all. 



Lincoln was "reluctant" to end slavery.

Lincoln "was racist as anyone".

Lincoln wanted to send blacks back to Africa.

Lincoln had to be forced into ending slavery.  

Indeed you can find quotes that seem to prove all those things -- until you learn Lincoln's full words, and what he did.  There is a REASON the liars and fools who distort Lincoln don't tell  you the full story -- if they did, they couldn't say Lincoln was "reluctant, slow, pro slavery"  or whatever else they come up with.


Even "historians"  have built careers trashing Lincoln in one way or another. For about the last 40 years, it has been politically incorrect to praise Lincoln, because of 8-12 quotes and one letter everyone seems to know.  The letter to Greeley.   

The Greeley letter is mentioned over 500,000 times a year, it seems on twitter. Over 200 million times a year, it seems, on Google.

How many times have you been told Lincoln explained the Greeley letter as a strategic was to end slavery?   Lincoln said slavery was a snake, and to kill that snake, once it was embedded, you had to be very careful.

Lincoln was talking about his words -- explaining why he spoke so carefully.   He spoke a different way in person, far more blunt in letters to friends.  He spoke of killing slavery and how slavery would have to end violently.  He spoke candidly in letters about killing sprees by Southern leaders in Kansas and how relentless slave power was -- always by violence -- to spread slavery.

He was much more guarded in public, and wisely so. He was trying to reach, if possible, common ground -- to end slavery by public sentiment, to end it by legislation and even by paying slave owners for their "losses"  as he did in Kentucky, and tried to do in District of Columbia. 

Many people only think of Lincoln  in terms of those 8- 12 quotes and the "Greeley"  they can tell you parts of it by heart.  But for the life of them, they could  not tell you context nor how radical Lincoln was.

  They could not tell you what he DID.


Lincoln's "million man" letter.

The historians tell you what Lincoln wrote to Greeley. Surely that is enough, Lincoln was very clear. If he could keep the Union together and keep slavery, he would. 

Sounds like all he cared about what Union.  Uh -- that's what he wanted Kentucky Maryland Tennessee and Missouri to think.

Lincoln's letter saved the war.  It kept Kentucky out of the Confederacy.  There were four border states - Kentucky the most important - that were all but in the CSA already.  In fact, Kentucky legislature had already taken one vote to join the CSA.

The "swing" of those four states into the Confederacy would equal roughly one million men.  That is 500,000 men fighting FOR the Confederacy that might otherwise be fighting for the Union, or at least being neutral.  

How many letters do you know that -- within days --  changed so much during a war?

The number of men  does not even mention the massive land and logistical importance of those state's geography.

The South -- and where slavery was already spreading -- was almost twice as large as the non-slave eastern states.   If Kentucky and the other boarder states go into the Confederacy, the land mass of slavery states vs eastern free state is a stunning  closer to 3-1.  Worse, Washington DC would be surrounded by slave states.

Either keep Kentucky especially in the Union  or the war is over.

Maybe the most important letter in US history.

If Lincoln had not written it, slavery spreads, and government where "all men are created equal"  is over. 

Damn  right  Lincoln wrote the letter, and saved the war because of it. 

Most people have no clue Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass as he wrote the letter.   The country was at war.   There were soldiers in the fields, killing each other.  And the Union was about to fall apart, militarily.   If those states join the Confederacy, it's over.

Would it be better to find a million men and somehow, if possible, take Kentucky by force?

Would it be possible to find a million men to make up the difference?



Or is it better to write a very strategic letter?    Even stupid people know writing a careful letter is better than needless deaths.   But that's now how 99% of folks see the Greely letter.  But that's what Greeley's letter was about.

Lincoln wrote the letter knowing full well it would be in almost every newspaper North and South within Days.  No other way on earth could Lincoln get this very careful letter to all the people that mattered in the border states, in the confederacy and in the North.

One letter. ONE LETTER.  Probably the most important letter in US history, stupidly used by fools to trash Lincoln. Lincoln wisely wrote that letter.   He knew exactly what his target was, and he hit a bullseye. 

And it worked.  The border states either were in the Union after that, or much less for the Confederacy.  Have you ever written a letter than helped end slavery?

Lincoln did. 

But Lincoln knew this very well.  It was worth a million men, maybe more, to write that letter.   The war is over, slavery spreads as the South promised (see below) and the great experiment of the Declaration of Independence is over.  There is no more country anywhere on earth founded on "all men are created equal".

Not just the USA falls apart -- by law in the USA, per Dred Scott,  all men are not equal.  Blacks are "inferior beings"  and have no rights.  In fact, Dred Scott decision ordered the federal government to protect slave owner's property.   If Lincoln did not write that letter, world history changes.

So he wrote the letter. 

What they do NOT tell you is how careful Lincoln was  -- with every word. He had said much the same thing before -- and explained in different terms that slavery had to die (end) or the Union had to end.  

Only one would survive (he was right, see below).

Lincoln actually  wrote it to the state of Kentucky,  and used Greeley to get the letter out to the border states -- it worked.  Kentucky, and other boarder states, were almost certain to go into the Confederacy - because of what General Fremont did recently in Missouri and Kentucky.   Fremont captured and freed slaves without authorization.

Congress had made it clear -- Lincoln had made it clear - that to free slaves first they needed the "warrant,"  the legal authority to do so.  Dred Scott decision, still the law of the land, specifically ordered the federal government to protect slavery (bet you did not know that!).

And in the state Fremont freed those 20 or so slaves, by force, slavery was legal. Lincoln knew, and said, that slavery had to end, but it had to end legally.   

Lincoln knew well -- and said repeatedly - that ONLY keeping the Union together could end slavery.   So when he wrote "IF I could keep the Union together without freeing slaves, I would do that"  he was giving the pro-Union politicians in those states what they needed.  They kept those states out of the Confederacy.

If Kentucky had gone into the Confederacy, Lincoln said, all was lost. So yes, Lincoln wrote that letter to keep Kentucky (and the other boarder states) out of the Confederacy.

And it worked.

Lincoln barely had enough men as it was. 

Yes, Lincoln spoke about killing slavery.  His most powerful weapon, however, was not the US Army.

His most powerful weapon was his words.  



2+ 2 = 5

Everyone in academia -- even in South -- would agree to the idea facts matter.  To reach a valid narrative you really do need  to know all the basic facts. 

Without the basic facts, you can make any false narrative you can dream up.  To borrow from from Bertrand Russell,  narratives based on incomplete facts or false assumptions is much like insisting "2 + 2 = 5; therefore I am the pope".

In other words, you would not only be wrong to posit a rational narrative if you don't have all the facts, you could make up any narrative that you wanted.     


So why is there such a paucity in our text books of basic information about the US Civil War?  Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums.  Jeff Davis boasted of it officially.  He would invade the North and make all blacks there slaves, and all their "issue" (children, and the children of their children)  in perpetuity.

Invade.  North.  
Enslave all blacks there.

Davis official declaration -- which he published in papers at the time -- ended with him being very clear -- he issued this declaration promising to enslave in the NORTH 

 "so there would be no misunderstanding in the future".

Now you know why LIncoln was right - per Southern leaders actions, words, Kansas Act and Dred Scott decision  -- slavery would be over all of the US, or slavery would end.  Slavery had to go, or the Union had to go.  They could no longer co-exist. 

Lincoln's House Divided Speech -- supposedly the 2nd most important speech in US history - is 100% about that.  Not a word about anything else.   So we know the House Divided Speech.

We just ignore what it said -- slavery had to die, or the Union had to die.    Lincoln was hated even more in the South for this speech!   The South used the speech to "prove" Lincoln wanted to end slavery in the South by force.   Even LIncoln's friends asked him to walk this amazing speech back.

He refused. In fact, Lincoln said the same thing, in different ways, hundreds of other times. We will be all one thing, or another. All slave, or all free.

Davis boasting of invading the North and enslaving blacks there might be a surprise to you -- but it was no surprise to Lincoln or anyone else alive at the time.


 Davis didn't just mention it. Davis issued official declaration -- to the people of the free states -- boasting about it. So that in the future, there would be no misunderstanding?

Even more amazing, this surprised no one.  It  should not surprise us today, either.  Southern leaders already were killing to spread slavery -- already boasting of it to spread slavery to all of US, and even to the entire white world.

These were not a few nuts drunk at a bar.  They were the top Southern leaders, speaking officially and emphatically.   They were not kinda killing to spread slavery.  They were not sorta killing to spread slavery.

They were proud of it.  And they claimed to be motivated by GOD at times, while other times motivated by saving the White Race from "Niggerism"

This is what the public was inundated with -- and what most in the South, many in the North, believed accordingly. 

Crowds cheered these speeches. 


  Southern leaders, according to Francis Blair writing at the time,  had to compete to get attention and power, by being more extreme than the others.   That had profound consequences -- namely millions of people became sincerely afraid black men would take white women, and that the white race would be destroyed, just by ending slavery.

That was the narrative they heard -- in speeches, newspapers -- and the narrative they operated by. 

And  that is just one example. There are dozens of things Davis said or did, including insisting, in effect,  that killing and torture was necessary in Kansas to protect slavery.   And that blacks are not human beings, but inferior beings, so inferior they are property, and must be seen only as property, not as persons. 

And Davis did not  just boast of it, he actually sent Robert E Lee North to do that, and Lee tried his best. Lee actually did round up hundreds, perhaps thousands, of free blacks (yes free blacks) in the North, take them South, and sell them as slaves.

How on earth - - why on earth - don't we teach such basics as what Southern leaders boasted of, until they lost?

And this was not new -- Southern leaders had been boasting of killing to spread slavery since 1856.  That's before Lincoln even ran for US Senate.    Again, Southern leaders did not just boast of killing to spread slavery, they actually were killing (officially) to spread slavery.   They did not admit it, they boasted of it.

How on earth can you understand what Lincoln was talking about -- when he said the "machinery" of slavery was such that by 1858,  there was but two outcomes.   Either slavery will die (end) or the Union would end.   And he explained why he had to kill slavery carefully.  

If you don't know these things (and most people do not) you can, like almost all our text books and many "historians"  come up with any narrative you want.

That's the stubborn thing about facts.   If you get all the basic facts (and Southern leaders killing to spread slavery is about as basic as it gets) you can't created such bullshit narratives that we often teach about Lincoln or the Civil War.


 How on earth can students in schools  know what Southern leaders were boasting about (killing to spread slavery is just one basic thing they boasted of)  if you don't mention it?  

What are the students supposed to do?  Dream up the facts?  Pull them out of thin air?  

More, how as a country are we supposed to learn from our history if we hide much of it?




Depends what facts you are told.  None of us were there -- and we necessarily depend on our "historians"  and text books to give us at least the basic facts, and hopefully a rationally and honest narrative based on those facts. 


OVER 100,000 written words.

Why not get the other words?  Why not look at his amazing actions, and context?

Lincoln's two million words, over 100,000 written words, are much like the bible -- people can take a slice here, a bit there, and make themselves and others believe anything.

You can make the bible (and many did ) pro slavery and pro  torture of slavery. You can make the bible appear to mean you should kill children and "damn your unprofitable slaves to hell".

Or you can make the bible be anti-slavery "Do unto others"   "As you do unto the least, you do unto me".


But when we know Lincoln's stunning ACTIONS and full words, you can no longer be fooled by the stupid, the misled, and the demagogues, then or now, about Lincoln.

under construction.... 
working this into a book because our text books seem to miss a few "details" .

Not your fault you did not know. It's not taught in US text books.


If it were not so deadly serious, if over 1 million people were not killed over this, and millions enslaved,  those who claim Lincoln used slavery for political gain would be hilarious.

As you will see, Lincoln lost again, and again BECAUSE he was trashed for  his anti-slavery actions (yes, Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass for years before he ran for Senate) and his anti slavery words.

But you would never know that -- unless you learned his actions and full speeches, and his full words.  Lincoln "scholarship"  may seem exhaustive, but it's not.  What we have had for last 50 years is often "word  games"    Taking a word, or quote, or letter, and passing that off as Lincoln's policy. 

It's fine to take such things -- but when you know the full story, even the full words, and his actions, you will see what many people at the time saw.  A very radical man, with a history of kicking slavery in the ass as fast as he could, as hard as he could, until it died. 

Yes, he parsed words -- wisely so.   But he also spoke radically, like saying slave owners should be kicked to death. Yes, kicked to death.  Did you know Lincoln said, in public speech, that slave owners should be kicked to death?

Do you know Lincoln said slavery had to die?  Did you know Lincoln explained he had to speak carefully in public, in order to kill the snake of slavery?

You probably never heard any of that, and there is much much more most people have heard little or nothing about.  Even "history" teachers often don't know it, in context.



 For a man hated -- and killed -- at the time for his "Niggerism" and "obsession for equality for Niggers"  it's a strange thing that people now write books all about how Lincoln did not care about slavery, and was reluctant to end it. 

Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death, just one example. Good chance you never heard that. Lincoln yelled -- yelled -- that he would not let the South destroy the Union by spreading slavery.


Lincoln spoke about killing slavery -- and explained why he had to be very careful what he said publically. To kill the "snake of slavery" Lincoln explained repeatedly that he had to approach the snake carefully or by killing that snake, he would cause the death of "his children".

Why not teach -- why do so few people even know -- that Lincoln repeatedly explained why he was careful about killing slavery? Why not teach -- why do so few people even know -- that Lincoln repeatedly said slavery would die or the Union would die. Lincoln explained, again, and again and again, and again, that slavery was spreading by violent and foul means, and because of those foul means, the Union would die (perish) or slavery would die (perish).

One or the other must die. When Lincoln said this -- Southern leaders AT THE TIME (1858) called it an "act of war". Lincoln's words were so extreme, they were "an act of war".

Why not teach that? Lincoln was asked repeatedly to walk back those words. To admit that slavery could go on, and the Union could exist together. Lincoln refused.

And Lincoln was right -- because of the means, the "machinery" as Lincoln called it, slavery was going to spread to the entire US, or it was going to perish. We don't teach this -- but Lincoln was exactly right. Southern War Ultimatums, the killing sprees by Southern leaders for years, Dred Scott decision and Kansas Act had been so extreme, so violent, they set in motion a "cancer". The cancer of the spread of slavery.


LIncoln was called -- repeatedly -- to his face and by the most powerful speakers of the time “obsessed with equality for the Nigger”.

Speakers trashing Lincoln could -- and did -- roll out dozens of Lincoln’s radical quotes for equality.  They also showed his strong history of ACTIONS to stop slavery, from 1847 on.  They were not lying, they did not misquote him.  In fact Lincoln lost election after election because he was trashed -- and considered -- “radical for Niggers”  by many in Illinois.


Quincy paper -- where Lincoln had to debate -- called for the death of Frederick Douglas. Other papers in Illinois all but called for Lincoln's death for his "Niggerisms" and for being a "traitor" to the US for standing up to Polk and speaking the truth about Mexican War -- that it was actually a war for slave power to double the size of slavery.

Even "MODERATE" Newspapers in Illinois called for Frederick Douglass's death -- yes death -- for speaking against slavery in Kansas.

If you don't know things like this, you seriously don't have a clue what Lincoln faced. How wisely and effectively (just so he was not killed sooner) Lincoln parsed words.

Most people know Lincoln lost repeated elections -- but for the life of them, they could not tell you why. No one told them!   He lost because he was painted by newspapers AND very strong political opponents as “radical for Niggers”.

Radical actions?

Besides his radical statements and positions, Lincoln's actions were even more radical.

Lincoln standing up to Polk and accusing USA (rightfully) of invading and killing in Mexico to spread slavery for slave power? Hell, we don't teach the Mexican War was done for slave power, but it was, and Lincoln explained that at the time, and tried over 40 times to stop it or make the war ineffective for spreading slavery. Lincoln was forever hated, by many, even in Illinois for that.

How many people know that? Damn few. He also tried to end slavery in District of Columbia 1847. Didn't care about slavery? Jesus fn Christ, that's about all Lincoln did, fight slavery, from 1854 because of the vile Kansas Act.

If you just love your quotes, and can't understand actions, get the quotes where Lincoln said slavery was a snake he was trying to kill, but had to kill carefully. And he spoke of this repeatedly. Not once, not twice.

Why the fuck is this not taught to any extent? Disbelieve it if you want, say Lincoln was wrong if you want, but why not teach that he said this over and over? Why?

We teach his letter to Greeley about 1 million times as much as Lincoln explaining he was killing a snake of slavery. Yet when Lincoln spoke of killing the snake of slavery carefully -- he was fucking talking about the letter to Greeley!

Some true idiots insist Lincoln was just stop slavery from spreading. Lincoln said at least 50 times in long very detailed speeches that slavery would die or Union would die. Keeping Union meant killing slavery. Keeping slavery meant killing Union. Holy shit, he explained that over and over. Was he lying? In fact, Southern leaders said much the same thing -- they had to end the Union to spread slavery. Why is that virtually unknown?

The South shit their pants when Lincoln said that in that way - even Lincoln's friends asked him to please walk that back, that slavery had to end for the Union to live. Lincoln refused. Why is that not known?

Good chance you never heard such a thing.

It would help greatly if arm chair "Lincoln experts" bothered to get his full speech and his actions, because he was radical as hell, effective as hell, kick ass as hell from 1847 on, and hated for being radical for equality 1847 on. But I doubt you can get five people today who would even bother to to learn how radical Lincoln was 1847 on- in actions and words.

Yes, Lincoln wisely parsed words at times -- no kidding. Or he would have been shot sooner than he was, and never would have won dog catcher much less POTUS, and slavery would have spread, as it was for generations already, and always -- always -- by violence. Violence much like used by South leaders before and during the US Civil War. The Civil War was very much another phase is Slave Power's incessant efforts to spread slavery -- always by violence. And Lincoln explained this too. Was he lying? Was he wrong?

But more, why the F do we not teach this?

But no one - - not even John Brown -- was as radical AND effective as Lincoln. Ask a guy named Frederick Douglass about that. Douglass knew why Lincoln had to parse words as he kicked slavery to death. Why is that such a weird idea? Lincoln had to say things for years -- but he was kicking slavery in the ass like no one else as he sometimes parsed words.

There were those who at times were more radical in speech than Lincoln -- but they didn't get shit done. In fact they fucked it up, like Fremont. Lincoln DID shit and got it DONE.

For some reason, even"historians" like Foner live and die on edited out of context quotes. They either do not mention, or at least to not make clear, how amazingly kick ass radical Lincoln was. And the only reason they can get away with this shit is to ignore, or act as trivial, Lincoln's full quotes and kick ass action. While Lincoln spoke -- at times- - in careful ways -- he was kicking slavery in the ass till it died.

Frederick Douglass -- the genius most responsible for pushing Lincoln to include blacks in the US Army -- changed everything. Once Lincoln put blacks in the US Army, nothing would be the same.

Did you know that when Lincoln announced blacks will be in the US Army, the Southern leaders promised (and did) invade the North and capture thousands of blacks, take them back to the South, and sold them as slaves, in response? See Jeff Davis official promise to do exactly this, below. 


Lincoln's actions were "kick ass - take no prisoners" to end slavery, though you could not possibly know that if you don't know his actions. From 1847 on, Lincoln was doing little else, every day of his life, but fight to end slavery.  

Lincoln eventually, with the help of the US Army and nearly 100,000 black troops, did kick slavery to death.


Lincoln did -- at times -- parse words. You can, and many have, done to Lincoln's words exactly what they have done to the bible  -- pick out a few words here, a few words there, and make a case that Lincoln was anything they wanted him to be.

Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death -- did you know that?  Bet you did not. Lincoln said slavery had to die a violent death.  Did you know that?   Bet you did not.  Line up 10 or 12 of these quotes and only John Brown is more extreme.

Even John Brown did not say slave owners should be kicked to death.   If you can find a more radical quote than Lincoln -- that slave owners deserve to be kicked to death, please let me know.

So it matters WHICH quotes you use -- or if you care about context. It's human nature, of course, not to care much about context (even for many historians) if you can get attention for taking things out of context.

We were never taught the very ugly, but very real, cause of the US Civil War. Yet it was widely known at the time.  

As slavery spread, so did the verbal attacks on slavery, and the violent attacks to SPREAD slavery. The defense of slavery rose even faster, more extreme.

By 1840 slavery was defended as Godly

By 1850, slavery was not just "of GOD"  but the white race will be exterminated if slavery is not spread.

By 1860 -- anyone against the spread of slavery was an enemy of the white race and an enemy of GOD.

Lincoln was accused of both wanting your daughters to "Sleep with Niggers"  -- accused by the most famous speakers in America -- to his face, repeatedly.  And he was accused of being a traitor to white race by newspapers even in his own state. Lincoln had to be careful what he said, to who, or he could have been shot in the head much sooner -- as others were.  Yes, people were killed even in Illinois during Lincoln's political life, just for being against slavery.

Let me repeat that- -if we do not spread slavery, the White race will be exterminated.

In the defense of slavery -- and defense of the SPREAD of slavery --politicians pumped up the hate and fear of black males.   Simply being against the violent spread of slavery  was going to "exterminate the white race".

Lincoln specifically was the most guilty leading up to the election of 1858 (which Lincoln lost) of siding with "Niggers".   Indeed Lincoln was well known for his "radical" speeches and actions of 1847-1858 opposing slavery.   When Lincoln stood up to President Polk in 1847, in the Mexican War, Lincoln did so because that was was actually (as he said, and even some Southern leaders said) concocted to spread slavery.

Lincoln will "burn us slowly to death"

Lincoln -- simply by stopping the spread of slavery

"will burn us slowly to death". 

Shame on "historians"  like McPherson, Foner, Bruce Catton, and many others who are well aware of the hatred of Lincoln, and why he was hated, but never explain that in a candid way. 

Lincoln's "Niggerism"  will exterminate the white race.



Lincoln fights slavery there...

Lincoln then went to to try to outlaw slavery in all the land stolen (yes, it was stolen) in the Mexican War.  

Then, after Lincoln fought the President in Congress on the Mexican War, Lincoln tried to outlaw slavery in the district of Columbia.   Over and over Lincoln tried, even offering compensation and gradual emancipation as a more acceptable alternative, but was called "obsessed" with equality by his enemies from then on.

Lincoln lost elections because he was considered by the public (thanks to newspapers and speeches by his political enemies) to be "obsessed with Nigger equality".  Lincoln would "exterminate the white race"  just by being against the spread of slavery. 

Did you know Lincoln was hated -- loathed -- by millions of people before he was elected president BECAUSE he was such a "Negro Worshipper" .

Remember this -- because no one ever told you --the outcry against Lincoln was the outcry against anyone who did not support the SPREAD of slavery.   Our race will be exterminated if we stop the spread of slavery because "Negroes"  will be more numerous than whites. "Niggers" will revolt, like they did in Haiti, and kill all whites. 

In fact, the Lincoln Douglas debates were largely about how Lincoln was "radical for Niggers"   and would have your daughters  "sleep with and marry with Niggers".

Stephen A Douglas -- and newspapers around the country (even in Illinios) trashed Lincoln as "Negro worshipper"  and a man who would "exterminate the white race"  by being against the spread of slavery.

Over and over -- and over - people in North and South were told Lincoln would "destroy the white race"   by letting "Niggers"  walk down the street with your wife, and sleep with your daughter.

This was not an idle comment by Douglas, or the others who trashed Lincoln for being against the spread of slavery.  Douglas screamed it -- ran from side to side of the stage screaming it in at least two of the six cities.

Douglas even got the crowds to cheer "down with Niggers".

Do you want your daughters to sleep with Niggers?  Mr Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers.

Then Lincoln had to speak.

How Lincoln spoke not only changed the nation -- it changed the world.

It's time you learned how Lincoln handled this.

Most of the US public, North and South, were either fine with slavery, or would not lift a finger to end slavery where it was. 

This was the political reality Lincoln faced.

Lincoln did -- wisely so -- parse words as much as  he could.  He would have been shot much sooner if he had not. 

Get all Lincoln's words, and  his actions, and there is no doubt Lincoln was radical to end slavery, because he did end slavery, both in the Civil War, my military action, then refusing to allow the South to negotiate anything without first ending slavery,  and then by the 13th Amendment, which Lincoln personally put on the Republican platform, and then personally pushed to have it accepted in Congress.

Lincoln's death -- soon after he got the 13th Amendment ratified by Congress -- caused an outpouring of grief that helped that Amendment be ratified by the states.    Passing the 13th Amendment in Congress meant nothing..... it had to be ratified by the states.

Lincoln's death helped that Amendment be ratified by the states.

This is just one reason Frederick Douglass said Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous and determined"  for equality under the law.

Just advocating "equality under the law"   to millions of Americans at the time, was a dangerous "Nigger worship" way to destroy white race. 

We have heard it from "experts,"   Lincoln was "reluctant" to free the slaves.  Lincoln "didn't really care"  about slavery, and "only used slavery for public support".

Lincoln was "ambivalent"  about slavery,  and only cared to stop it from spreading.   Lincoln "came late to the table"  and had "to be shamed to make ending slavery a part of the Civil War". 

Each time -- 100% of the time -- folks can come up with quotes that seem to support that.    Entire careers have been made (Eric Foner) by insisting Lincoln was "nothing special"  and only the "Firery Trial"  of Civil War battle forced Lincoln to move to end slavery.   That's not true whatsoever, but Foner cut and pasted the quotes to support that, and did not emphasize facts and quotes that show the opposite.

Hardly the first to do that -- in fact Foner, despite his often goofy narratives, is a wealth of information if you don't care to find the information yourself.


Too ugly to teach?


Tell a class of high school students in Texas that Southern leaders boasted repeatedly  that they started the Civil War to spread slavery, and spread it for GOD,  you might not make it out of the building alive.   The kids won't care, but the staff will.   And why would they believe it?   No one showed them Southern War Ultimatums or speeches boasting they were killing to spread slavery.

The South -- the leaders -- actually bragged they went to war to spread slavery -- and spread it against (not for) state's rights.  They were not ashamed of that, they were proud of that.  Until they lost.

When they lost -- they and their children, and the myths created describing the Civil War -- it was an entirely different story.  Not unlike a bully, when he loses a fight, makes up all kinds of crap to justify it, blame the other guy, play the victim, etc. 

Just by stopping the SPREAD of slavery into Kansas,   Lincoln was "burning us to death"  and "exterminating the white race".

"Satan was the first abolitionist"."

"Those who are against slavery, are against God."

"Abolitionist are on an evil course and seek to destroy the American Church"

Abolitionists whisper the lie of freedom into the slaves ears"

On and on.  And on.   Southern leaders had to push back against anything anti-slavery, including making it a crime to preach or speak publicly against slavery, or slavery ends even if the South, if they allowed free speech.

So no, the South did not allow free speech.   It was a crime, punishable by torture, to preach against slavery or even own a book against slavery.  Another basic fact we simply do not teach.

Southern school boards never did allow these vile truths about the South to be taught in schools.   No one was about to force them to do so, and if anyone tried to teach the ugly truth about the South in the South, they probably didn't get elected to school boards.

Horribly, as a result, even national text books tended to patronize and cower to South's delusional and deceptive narrative of what happened.   Not really surprising, it's against human nature to admit the most vile things your leaders did and said.  Only Germany had a decent record of being truthful after they lost a war -- WW2-- and that took a lot of public and open debate about what should be taught.

Nothing like that happened in the South.  Euphamism, watered down nonsense, even outright lies got into national school books, written it seems not to piss off the South school boards.   It was easier just to pander to the school boards so you could sell the text books. Not a big conspiracy, just human nature and businesses making money.

So there is not a single text book that we know that explains another very basic truth.  Southern leaders sent over 2000 killers (hired killers) to Kansas when Kansas tried to reject slavery long before the US Civil War.  

And the guy who hired, then led, the killers was none other than the guy who, with Stephen A Douglas, got the Kansas Act passed.

Probably no single thing is more important than knowing this  -- that the guy who  passed the Kansas Act then went to Kansas and started killing, and boasting of it, to spread slavery.  Miss that basic truth, and you have next to zero chance of understanding anything Lincoln did  or said after that.   

Everything Lincoln did or said after Atchison passed Kansas Act and went to Kansas to terrorize and later kill - had to do with that very thing -- Atchison passing Kansas Act then rushing to Kansas. 

Even though 90% or more of Kansas Citizens rejected slavery, Atchison was there, killing and boasting, (yes boasting) of killing to spread slavery.  And he was paid by Jefferson Davis.

Not sorta.

Not kinda.

Not in a way. 

 (Kansas citizens were against slavery in Kansas by 95% -- remember that, it's very important)

Specifically -- clearly -- over and over -- Southern leaders made it very clear. Lincoln, just by stopping the spread of slavery into Kansas, was "exterminating the white race".  

Never mind that Kansas citizens had rejected slavery by overwhelming vote -- and had already become a free state and joined the Union as a free state.

Lincoln was "exterminating"  the white race?

Did they believe that?

Hell no -- but they told crowds this kind of hateful fear mongering nonsense, because it worked.

Pumping up hate and fear -- white race will be destroyed -- worked.


No -- these were not a few "nuts". 

 They were the top leaders of the South, and they sent killers to Kansas from 1856 on.  Long before Lincoln even ran for office, Southern leaders with paid men, were in Kansas, killing and torturing to spread slavery.

Not kinda. Not sorta.  Not a few.  But over 2000 men,  with official support of Jefferson Davis and Stephen A Douglas. (Douglas had to back off public support later).

It's not my fault no one told you.  You should have been told. It's a profound failure of our text books to whitewash the most basic truth of the 1840s-1860s.  The proud and unending violence by Southern leaders to spread slavery during that time. 

In Illinois Lincoln was accused of "Niggerism"   and treason for his long history of being against the spread of slavery. 

Stephen A Douglas and newspapers at the time had no trouble focusing on Lincoln's long history of being "radical for niggers"  and his "niggerism".  Over and over Stephen A Douglas explained Lincoln's history of "obsession for Nigger equality".

Why then do our history books seem to present Lincoln as "reluctant" to end slavery?

Lincoln was eager to end slavery -- as events showed.  As Frederick Douglass himself explained, Lincoln had to get public support.  Most people, even in the North, hated and feared that ending slavery in the South would mean black men would "sleep with your daughter"  and "walk down the street with your wife".

Lincoln LOST -- remember that -- Lincoln LOST elections because he was painted as "obsessed with Nigger rights".  And he would have lost the 1860 election for the exact same thing -- but three candidates ran against him.  Lincoln only got 40% of the vote. The South refused to allow Lincoln on the ballot in 9 of 11 states.

Even where Lincoln was allowed on the ballot, like in Virginia, the election officials simply didn't count any votes for him.




Stephen Douglas -- the best stump speaker of the age -- could get the crowds so hateful with his stories of Lincoln wanting your daughter to sleep with "Niggers"   that not only did Lincoln lose the election, crowds yelled "Down with Nigger".



Douglas painted "word pictures" -- your wife will walk down the street with "Niggers".  Your daughter will sleep with "Niggers".

Others were even more clear -- Lincoln will destroy the white race.

Unless you know that -- and know Lincoln's full speeches, and amazing words and actions -- you won't know shit, frankly.  You can, and many have,  only taken a few words (about 8 quotes out of 2 million words) .   Of course taking those 8 quotes is fine - just get all his quotes, and realize what was going on.


When the SCOTUS ordered (yes they ordered) the government to treat blacks as "inferior beings"  and property, not as human beings, Lincoln railed against it, saying those who claimed  or treated blacks as not being human beings should be "kicked to death".

Only by omitting or glossing over Lincoln's actions and full words can anyone say he was not radical for equality -- because he was.  For example Lincoln said slave owner should be kicked to death.

Kicked to death.

Kicked.  To. Death.

Why not just show that in history class?   Why not put that on  his memorial?   Lincoln did then kick slavery to death, as soon as he possibly could get the public support to do so.

Mr. Lincoln, said Douglas several times, was seen that very day with "Niggers"  and a white woman in a carriage -- that's the kind of thing that could get you killed at the time.

No one told you that, did they?   Not my fault.  I'm just telling you what the hell happened -- and what Lincoln had to face. 

Then Lincoln had to speak.

This is what waited Lincoln as he went from town to town pleading with the public to see all races as equal under the law.  He wisely used humor and brilliant linguistic devices to change many minds.

So at times, yes, Lincoln DID parse words.  He never said he was for "perfect social equality".   But read his full speeches -- he went on to say in their "natural rights" to life liberty and pursuit of happiness the lowest slave is "Most certainly my equal and the equal of any man".


Lincoln was very powerful and sometimes dramatic -- as in 1858 when he uncharacteristically yelled back, and said those who deny humanity to the black race deserves to be kicked to death.

Kicked.  To. Death.

Lincoln said a lot of things like that -- in personal letters and in conversations.

You would, if you want, string 10 or twenty such quotes together and make Lincoln seem as radical as John Brown.  

The difference between Brown and Lincoln -- Lincoln knew that ending slavery by violence could not work.    It was widely accepted -- and worse, most people even in the North would never fight to end slavery in the South, or would Lincoln want them too.

Lincoln did not want war.  He was willing to do anything -- anything except allow slavery to spread--to avoid war. Only the South's War Ultimatums and killing sprees (yes, learn about South's War Ultiamtums and Killing sprees here )  induced Lincoln to fight back.

Lincoln was exceedingly aware there was little support, even in the North, to end slavery by any means in the South.  He knew because he saw crowds yell "Down with Niggers"  even in the North. Lincoln read Southern newspapers, books, and went to Kentucky several times, and knew very well the words, actions, and intentions of Southern leaders to spread slavery --by violence.

SO Lincoln wisely parsed words -- and over time induced millions in the North to the need for ending slavery -- or slavery will take over the entire continent . We will be all one thing or another -- slave or free.  And he was right.  If the Union prevailed, slavery would end.  If slavery expanded, the Union ends.

Only one would survive.  See more how the South insisted the "House Divided" Speech was Lincoln's  "Declaration of War"   against the South.  And how LIncoln refused, even when asked to, to withdraw those comments.

Instead of withdrawing his House Divided Speech, when asked to, Lincoln doubled down and repeated it in practically every speech he made from then on.

And as soon as humanly possible, Lincoln got the public support and then kicked slavery to death. Yes, at times he parsed words- - but all the while, Lincoln was kicking the living shit of slavery.   His actions -- and his full words -- were radical.




You can -- and many have -- selected a few dozen words here, a few dozen words there, and made Lincoln seem anyway they like.

"Experts"  have made Lincoln seem like a devout Christian using his words -- other "experts" have made him sound like a heathen, using his words.  Much like the bible, Lincoln's words, picked apart, ignoring  his actions and his "full measure" as Frederick Douglass wisely said  are putty in the hands of those who which to teach about Lincoln or the Civil War.


Sometimes those who quote Lincoln simply stop one sentence short -- which would almost certainly be deliberate deception on their part.  Lincoln had a habit -- because it worked- - of seeming to agree with a common public sentiment.  No one in the United States, or any part of it, would ever campaign for public office (certainly not in Illinois)  by claiming black men should "sleep with your daughter" .

Again and again, as you will see, Stephen A Douglas actually screamed at Lincoln, and the crowd, that Lincoln "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".   After a long rant getting the public so stirred up they yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"  Lincoln had to speak.

Do you want our daughters to sleep with "Niggers"   is what the crowd wanted to know.  

This was smart politics- - hate and fear mongering was the most powerful tool not only for Stephen A Douglas, but for most politicians of that era.  And Lincoln knew why.  To be for the Declaration of Independence -- all men are created equal -- was actually "revolutionary"  by the time LIncoln ran for Senate in 1858.  The Dred Scott decision had just ruled that the Declaration of Independence did NOT apply to "inferior beings"  (bet no one told you that)  and that blacks are "beings of an inferior order".   Furthermore Dred Scott went a step further -- it ordered (yes ordered) that blacks be seen not as human beings (not persons)  but as property.   And then ordered (yes ordered) the federal government to protect that property.

So every time Lincoln dared mention the Declaration of Independence -- politicans and newspapers alike would rail against Lincoln.   MR LINCOLN, Douglas would yell (yes, he yelled)  is declaring war upon the South.  He is "preaching revolution"  and he would have your daughter's "sleep with Niggers".

Mr Lincoln will destroy the white race said politicians.  He will "burn us slowly to death"  said Southern leader, in an official document.    

How would Lincoln handle that -- public sentiment of fear of black men.  Powerful and popular politicians screaming that Lincoln wanted your daughter to sleep with "Niggers"

Lincoln had to speak very -- very -- carefully.  Not only to have a chance to get elected, but others had been killed or beaten nearly to death for taking Lincoln's position.   Few people today understand that Stephen A Douglas taunted Charles Sumner, before this, and sat by smiling as Sumner was beaten.   Lincoln's overall speeches were powerful -- and effective.  Brilliantly designed to SEEM to placate the sentiment of the day, but then reverse that sentiment.

To understand that technique, you need to at least read Lincoln's full speeches -- and learn his other words, and letters.   If you insist on going only by a few dozen words here and there -- and don't grasp how LIncoln parsed words,  and by so doing, was able to end slavery, then this is not an article for you, and it's a great time to stop reading this.  

Lincoln's enemies had plenty of facts to use against Lincoln -- to prove he was "radical for Niggers". 

From the Mexican War onward Lincoln was a "marked man" for standing up to slave power.  See more below.  He stood up to President Polk as an agent of slave power to spread slavery (indeed that was exactly what the Mexican War was about -- to spread slavery, and Southern leaders even admitted it.)

Lincoln then trie to stop the spread of slavery 40 times while in Congress, and then Lincoln tried to end slavery in District of Columbia- - Lincoln created a reputation for kicking slavery in the ass.  

While many have stupidly (or for their own purposes) tried to paint Lincoln as "reluctant" to free slaves, or "indifferent"  to slavery, Lincoln was the most effective and radical opponent of slavery.   

And part of Lincoln's genius was just that -- to parse words enough that he was first of all not shot sooner (see below)   but that the public did not hate him.  Did you know what public sentiment was during Lincoln's time?

You are about to find out.



The most amazing slams today against Lincoln is that he "only used slavery" to get popular support.  Lincoln lost election after election because -- even parsing word skillfully -- most people in Illinois thought Lincoln was "obsessed with equality for Niggers" -- and more dangerous, that Lincoln "wanted your daughters to sleep with Niggers".

No one -- no one anywhere -- got elected on what we consider now an "abolition" platform. No one in the US running for office, certainly not in Illinois, advocated blacks and whites marry, that white women sleep with "Niggers".

Stephen A Douglas (who was at one time very much anti-slavery and anti-spread of slavery) learned that he got tremendous power by attacking Lincoln and others for being "Nigger Worshippers".   A fact left completely out of most biographies of  Douglas. stupidly enough. 

Douglas did not just mention Lincoln was obsessed with "Niggers,"  he screamed it. He ran across the stage screaming it.   He yelled it as dramatically as he could -- and made LIncoln spend most his time defending himself from the charge of "Niggerism"  and destruction of the white race.

Yes, Lincoln was charged by opponents as a danger to the white race.  And that message stuck -- Lincoln never did win an election against this attack in a one on one election.   Lincoln only won Presidency in 1860 because 4 men ran at one time -- the other three all pro spread of slavery.

Lincoln alone was against the spread of slavery.   Sixty percent of Northern voters rejected Lincoln even in 1860.    The overhwhelming public sentiment was that freeing blacks meant white women would sleep with them.

It was a very effect political effort by Douglas, and others. Douglas would have easily beaten Lincoln one on one for President, because of Lincoln being a "traitor" to the nation and white race, and being obsessed with equality for blacks.

TO know how effective Lincoln was, you must know what the fuck was going on.   Without knowing what Lincoln faced, and what the country faced, you can have no clue about US Civil War, Lincoln, or  how slavery nearly spread to all of the US.



Over and over, and over, Lincoln exposed the goal of slave power -- the violent, foul, and deliberate efforts to spread slavery always by violence and fraud.  While Lincoln spoke in polite guarded tone of voice in public, in private and in person Lincoln was much more candid about the endless violence used to spread slavery, and the goal of slave power.


The problem was the hate and fear mongers used the most extreme justifications for the spread of slavery, and for slavery itself.

Slavery was "of GOD"  and God ordained not only slavery, but the torture and punishment of the black race for biblical reasons. 

Once you go to that goofy extreme, as Jeff Davis and others found out, you can't  possibly back off.   As Francis Blair wrote and spoke of repeatedly, those who pushed slavery in the speeches and documents, and could get crowds cheering for spreading slavery for GOD, did not talk like that off stage.

But once they got the crowds fired up -- and therefore attained the political power they wanted -- men like Davis, Atchison, Stephens, Toombs and others could not, even if they wanted to, stop the killings and tortures they had recently advocated or justified.

The Civil War was the result of these men and their amazing ISIS like rhetoric about slavery and the death of the white race if they did not spread slavery.



As the rhetoric became extreme -- even in the North -- that blacks were not human beings,  (Dred Scott) Lincoln was hated North and South for his "radical"  position that blacks were human beings.  As you will see -- just saying blacks were human beings was  proof Lincoln was "a traitor"  who "would destroy the white race. 

Most high school history teachers would be stunned to learn that Lincoln was hated, and eventually killed, for being "radical for Niggers". 

And they would be equally stunned to learn Lincoln's long history of kicking slavery in the ass,  as hard and as fast as humanly possible.

Yes, Lincoln parsed words -- he spoke carefully -- for a very good reason. One reason was to stay alive --not just politically but personally alive.  We do not teach it now, but in much of the North, even, it was dangerous to be "too radical for Niggers".

People were still being killed IN THE NORTH for being "radical".  In the South, it was even worse, as you will see. Preachers could be arrested and tortured for simply owning the wrong book that questioned slavery. 

As John Palmer (one of the founders of the Republican party) wrote in 1890's,  it was by that time almost forgotten just how violent pro slavery folks were in the North, and how physically dangerous it was to be called "abolitionist".


What hate speech brought to USA.

1) Violence -- to slaves and to whites who were against salvery,

2) Religion -- justified the tortures and killings claiming it was "Ordained of God".

3)  Pushing the fear that "Nigger" men will "sleep with white women.

Slave power had only three methods of spreading slavery. And they used them all from 1840-1861, when like a cancer (Lincoln called slavery a violent cancer) either the Union had to go, or slavery had to go.

Only one could survive. As Lincoln said repeatedly -- and the South called Lincoln's words "a declaration of war" -- slave power had developled machinery to push slavery into all of the US.   It would therefore be itself destroyed, or it would destroy the Union.

And he vowed -- he will not allow slavery to destroy the Union. 

Abolition  =
                               Niggers will take our women.

People today are simply not told -- not taught -- how radical Lincoln was  - from the 1840's on -- to end slavery.  Yes, he parsed words -but his full speeches, when you get all his words, and more his actions, Lincoln was, as charged by  the South and by Northern politicians  "radical for equality".

Again, and again, and again, in every Lincoln Douglas debates, in thousands of speeches by pro slavery newspapers and pro slavery politicians, Lincoln (and anyone like him) were accused of "Niggerism"  "black republicans"   and even "Negro Worship".

Lincoln was accused of having "Niggers"  for his client, and he would destroy the white race.  Lincoln was going to cause a civil war just by saying no spread of slavery.   Stopping the spread of slavery as "going to exterminate the white race". 


Needs to be told blunty.  Sorry for repeated used of the term "Nigger"and "Niggerism."  

We show the term as Lincoln's enemies used. 


Stupidly, very few high school history teachers have any clue how radical Lincoln always was against slavery. 

Yes, there are about 12 quotes from Lincoln -- and if you take those out of context, and ignore his full speeches,  you can make Lincoln seem any way you want.

But when you get Lincoln's FULL speeches, and all of his words, and learn Lincoln's amazing and radical actions, you can't get Lincoln wrong.  He really was stunningly and effectively anti-slavery.

His political enemies knew that better than anyone.




Lincoln's "radical Nigger worship"  as some Northern papers termed Lincoln's actions, were very much in display in the 1840's.   Lincoln, in his only term in Congress, did little BUT try to castrate slavery so that it could not spread.

For example, (see more below)  Lincoln would earn the hatred of many in Illinois for his bold stand against the Mexican War -- Lincoln (and many others) called the Mexican War, correctly, a war for slave power to double the size of slavery.

Even slave owner and Southern leader Henry Clay said that -- that Mexican War was all about the spread of slavery.

Lincoln first stood up and challenged President Polk on that -- forever earning him hatred by many in Illinois -- and then when the Mexican War achieved what it wanted (doubling the size of slavery) against Lincoln's effort, Lincoln tried 40 times -- 40 times- - to stop the spread of slavery into that land, just stolen.

And it was not over.

After Lincoln tried to stop the Mexican War, and the spread of slavery into that land, LIncoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia -- by paying the slave owners, if needed.

Remember -- these moves did not just earn Lincoln the hatred of many in the South -- many in the North, including Stephen A Douglas, used these facts against Lincoln repeatedly to show Lincoln was "obsessed with Nigger equality".



Over and over Lincoln is quoted only in part --and without any context like we just provided. Over and over Lincoln had to plead for equality under the law, and for the Declaration of Independence to mean what it said -- all men are created equal, with the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."



If your college history teacher even told you (highly doubtful) that again and again Lincoln was called -- loudly and to his face --a "Negro worshiper"  who wanted your daughters to "sleep with Niggers" -  your teacher  did not tell you such things could get you killed or attacked at the time.

Others were attacked -- in public, even in the US Senate, as Douglas stood by laughing as Charles Sumner was beaten.  Douglas had done much the same to Sumner -- and told Sumner he (Sumner) should be kicked like a dog.

Within 24 hours Charles Sumner was beaten almost to death as Stephen Douglas stood by.

Others were attacked, and killed, too.  Not a few, but hundreds of whites were attacked, even killed,  during the time Lincoln was running for Senate, and then President.  If you don't know that -- and most people have no clue -- you can not know how brave and radical Lincoln was.



Yes, there were other speakers more radical than Lincoln -  but they were not effective, and they were not running for office where Lincoln was. Lincoln lost elections because, even as much as he tried to parse words to assure the public he did not mean for their daughters to "sleep with Niggers" -- the public saw Lincoln in Illinois as "too radical".


Stephen Douglas explained over and over  something we do not teach today -- at least candidly, we do not teach it.

 The Supreme Court had ruled that  blacks are NOT persons, but property, and therefore they are not protected by the Declaration of Independence. 

Lincoln was a "traitor"  and "preaching revolution" to say otherwise, according to Douglas.  Lincoln was actually, said Douglas repeatedly, taunting the South into war. 

 Does Mr Lincoln want war?  Does Mr Lincoln not respect the decisions of the Supreme Court?  The Supreme Court has ruled that the Declaration of Independence does not apply to property -- and negroes are property by the Dred Scott Decision.

Again and again, Lincoln had to admit, yes, the Supreme Court had ruled blacks are property, not persons.   The proper answer to this is to pass an Amendment or seek a reversal of the order.  I am not preaching revolution, said Lincoln.  I do not have to.  The founding fathers gave us the power to amend the Constitution.

Which is exactly what Lincoln did, as soon as he was able to get enough  Congressmen to sign on to the 13th Amendment. Lincoln's death then created such sympathy for him, that after his death, the states ratified the 13th Amendment.

Without Lincoln's death -- it's likely the states would not ratify what Congress had passed.  Lincoln got the 13th Amendment to pass -- then his death caused it to be ratified.

Someone should have told you that.  I just did.

Mr Lincoln, said Douglas, insists the Union will end or slavery will end.   Mr Lincoln knows that is taken as a challenge to war -- will Mr. Lincoln have us in war?   We can go on, said Douglas,  and we can be "the terror of the world"  half slave and half free.

Lincoln got up and said "I don't think we should be the terror of the world".  And then explained -- correctly -- how slavery was spreading by means that mandated slavery in all places, North and South.     We will be all one thing, or all another. 

In fact, Douglas said Lincoln was "declaring war" on the South when he said we can not endure half slave and have free.  We will be all one thing or all the other. 


The South would be stunned to hear that Lincoln was "nothing special" about slavery, since Southern leaders actually were quite loud and clear -- Lincoln would destroy the white race by making "Niggers" equal to whites. 

In official documents   Southern leaders alluded to Lincoln's quest for equality.  Gee, I wonder why they thought that?

Maybe they read the newspapers trashing Lincoln for his "Nigger client"  ?

Here is the governor of Florida officially making it known, LIncoln -- by being against the spread of slavery -- was going to "burn us slowly to death"

Remember -- just by being against the SPREAD of slavery, Lincoln would "burn us slowly to death".

Robert Toombs, another Southern leader, made it clear, too.  Just by stopping the SPREAD of slavery, Lincoln would "exterminate the white race".

This is what Lincoln faced.  I can't help it if you didn't know that -- and how could you?   This is not taught in any clear way in US schools.  We might teach "expansionism was an issue".  

But we are not taught how Southern leaders said Lincoln was going to exterminate the white race, and Northern leaders said Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with Niggers.

Not some throw away  lines -- these were the emotional weapons used against Lincoln.

And they worked. 



Lincoln had a long history -- in words and actions -- of kicking slavery in the ass.  From his 40 efforts as Congressman to stop the US from stealing land from Mexico to double the geographic size of slavery (yes, that's what the Mexican War was -- see below) to trying to end slavery in District of Columbia.

If you do not know the Mexican War was a successful effort by slave power to double the size of slavery and spread it to the Pacific, don't blame me.  It was well known at the time.

Even slave owner and Southern leader Henry Clay said so.  

And Lincoln said so -- and was hated for it, in Illinois.   Lincoln would be hated, particularly in Southern Illinois, for the rest of his life for it. And newspapers in Southern Illinois made it clear to their readers Lincoln was a traitor,  he was about "Niggerism"  and he could not be trusted in office -- because he was against the Mexican War.

Yet there is not one college text book (that I ever saw) that even mentions this basic fact.   Certainly no high school text books, which don't dare mention that the Mexican War was a successful effort to spread slavery. 



Lincoln was on radical guy.   But you may never get a hint of that from guys like Foner, who claims Lincoln was "nothing special"  and others who claimed Lincoln was "reluctant"  to free the slaves or fight slavery.

Seriously -- when you find out how radical Lincoln was (though he wisely parsed words at times)  it takes a special kind of stupid to claim Lincoln was reluctant.

You can chop up his words (as Frederick Douglas said, Lincoln words "torn from their meaning") and make Lincoln seem anyway you want.  Lincoln wisely parsed words, or he not only never wins the POTUS, he would also fail to get the public support for saving the Union.

More correct to say -- Lincoln was hell bent for leather to get in a position to kick slavery in the ass till it died.  And when he got into that position, he kept kicking slavery so hard  that not only did slavery end --- the very real and official "God of Slavery" died.

See the best article ever written about the God of Slavery, and how Lincoln killed it.   I might be partial -- I wrote it.  I wrote it as a blog, his online group asked to run it. I said sure. 




People today -- even those who praise Lincoln overall - insist Lincoln "did not really care" about slaves.  He was "nothing special" says historian Eric Foner.   Lincoln was "reluctant" to free the slaves.   Lincoln wanted to forcibly deport freed blacks to Africa. This goes on an on. 

But at the time - - because Lincoln's enemies knew his full quotes, and his actions -- Lincoln was hated for being "obsessed with equality for the Niggers".  Lincoln will "destroy the white race"  by allowing "Niggers" to vote.



Frederick Douglass said the only white man he ever met that saw blacks as totally equal in all respects was John Brown.  They were close friends, they lived together for a while, and Brown named his son after Douglass.

While Brown is personally responsible for starting the "push back" against the 1000 killers sent to Kansas by Jeff Davis in 1856,  and rightly a hero to many for it,  Brown nearly destroyed the effort to end slavery by his "stupid and foolhardly"  attack on Harpers Ferry to get slaves to revolt. 

That was not only doomed to failure, the back lash against abolition could not have been greater, if Brown had tried.  Instantly the South claimed they had been right all along -- abolition meant blacks will kill the white race. Lincoln would destroy the white race.   

Frederick Douglass knew the difference between Lincoln and John Brown.  Lincoln was effective. Lincoln got the job done. Lincoln kicked slavery till it died.

Brown kicked slavery only to the extent he woke up the violent South and made them more determined to destroy anyone who even spoke against slavery.  Abolitionist were "going to destroy the white race."

Douglass did not take part in Brown's raid  -- Brown asked him to go along --because Douglass knew it was stupid and would cause a violent backlash, which it did.

Lincoln's way -- getting a Constitutional Amendment, bringing the public along as quickly as possible -- was smarter.  Better. It worked.  Lincoln's way -- parsing words at time, being smart about the reality of the day and public opinion, worked.




In Illinois newspapers at the time,  Illinois crowds, hearing Stephen A Douglas rant about Lincoln's "obsession for Niggers"  yelled back such things yelled back "Down with Niggers".



Lincoln was actually lucky (and so was the world lucky) that he was not shot sooner than he was.  If Lincoln had not used his humor -- as he had to many times against "Niggerism" charges --Lincoln might well have been shot. 

Lincoln ran for public office in a time, even in Illinois, that it was physically dangerous to be "for Niggers".    Never mind winning the vote, just appeasing (as Lincoln was able to do, through humor) the crowds who were pumped up with fear and hate of the black race "taking white women"  was a feat of masterful linguistic work.

Lincoln did get extreme - at times.  When in Peoria Illinois, for example, he said slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.

Kicked. To. Death.  They deserve nothing but contempt,  and kicking to death.   Why are we not told of that quote, and some like it, 10,000 times? 

Yeah, Lincoln said that.  As radical as anything ever uttered by any admitted abolitionist -- slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.



Lincoln also said many things in private, and in writing, that were extremely strong.   He showed an acute understanding of Southern War Ultimatums -- and refused to obey them.  Southern War Ultimatums appeared in Richmond papers, April of 1861.  Papers in New York quickly repeated the Ultimatums.

But the South had already been at war -- and killing -- to spread slavery for years.  These War Ultimatums were not news to Lincoln, or anyone else. They would be news to you -- we simply don't teach them in US text books. 

Lincoln explained, probably over 1000 times, what was going on.  The South was spreading slavery by means vile and violent, and would spread slavery to the West, and to the North, unless stopped.

He made it very clear the only way to stop the spread of slavery - which were the Southern War ultimatums -- was to keep the Union together.  

That was Lincoln's basic message, repeated hundreds of times. He spoke about equality, he spoke about slavery -- he rarely spoke of anything BUT slavery.

He did focus (correctly) on why the UNION has to stay together.  Union meant slavery could not spread --and he was right, it could not spread if the law of US held.  Only by ending Union and killing to spread slavery (which Lincoln called anarchy and rule of the most violent) could slavery spread.

If you want to take Lincoln at his word -- that was his word. He knew and said slavery always spread by violence -- and that keeping the Union together was the only way to stop the spread of slavery.

By stopping the SPREAD of this "cancer" (Lincoln called slavery a cancer,)  we can kill slavery.  One or the other would survive.  Slavery or the Union.

Then he added "I do not expect the Union to cease".

Did you know what the reaction was to these statements?  Douglas and the South insisted Lincoln "declared war on the South",

Declared War.

Even Lincoln's friends thought this was too strong, too "in your face"  and asked Lincoln to walk that "slavery will end or the Union will end" back.

Lincoln refused to walk it back, and mentioned it repeatedly.



You could string together just Lincoln's quotes, letters, speech excerpts, like that and make Lincoln seem like he is eager for war to kick slavery in the ass. 

It all depends which quotes, which actions, and which context you want to distort. 




It's true that Lincoln did speak several times about deportation.   Just like other topics, you can take edited quotes and do whatever you want. You can make Lincoln seem entirely against any deportation if you want, or for forced deportation.  Whatever way you want to spin it, you can find quotes for it.

Lincoln not only never deported anyone -- he actually sent the US navy to RESCUE blacks who "self deported" -- who wanted to leave the US -- and went to South America during the Civil War. 

But more importantly - context. Did you know (Lincoln sure did know) that Southern leaders openly spoke of killing all blacks if they had to free them?   Did you  know that Southern speakers were getting crowds to cheer killing blacks because ending slavery was going to "exterminate"  the white race.

Not a few nuts -- but the top Southern leaders were ALREADY killing, ALREADY torturing and excusing the killings, excusing the tortures based on the white race being exterminated?

We do not teach any of this. The ISIS like violence, the killing, the tortures, the boasting of killing and tortures -- the offical public declaration that the South might have to "kill with our own hands" all the freed blacks is something LINCOLN knew well. Southern leaders knew well.

But people today don't know at all, or only as an oddity mentioned in a few books. This was no oddity mentioned in a few books.

And the "deportations"  were not forced deportations anyway.   Lincoln did not stop blacks from hiring ships to take less than 1/3 of 1% of free blacks out of the US.  But he did rescue a shipload of free blacks  that went to South America and were starving there.   He never deported any black, and said it was impossible and unjust to (forcibly) deport free slaves.

Why not show Southern speeches boasting -- or at least admitting -- they would kill the blacks rather than free them?  Not a word.

Why not show Lincoln's rescue of blacks that did leave the US and found starvation in South America?

See, it depends what facts you use. 


But to understand any of that, to even have a clue, you'd first need to know how vile and violent the pro slavery crowd was.  They did not bluff.  They did not threaten without then acting on their threats. As you will see, it was a crime in most of the United States to publish anti-slavery newspapers, or speak publicly against slavery.   In all of the South it was that way (which was geographically much larger than the North).


As you will see, Lincoln even went to Kansas - and there spoke against slavery, even though Southern leaders had enacted laws there that made it a crime to speak publically or publish anti-slavery newspapers.

It was of course legal in Illinois to speak against slavery -- but depending where you were -- and depending on the context (such as Stephen A Douglas screaming that you wanted white daughters to sleep with "Niggers)   it was a dangerous proposition.



 Northern newspapers (many of them)  hated Lincoln for the same reason Stephen A Douglas attacked him --- Lincoln's long history of kicking slavery in the ass.

Rather than misquote Lincoln to make him look like he was okay with slavery, as many do now, at the time, they misquoted Lincoln and made it seem like he was a traitor, and wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"

The point is -- now and then -- people have misquoted Lincoln, or ignored context, to make him appear any way the speaker wanted.

Not that hard to do, either. Because Lincoln routinely -- regularly - habitually -- would seem to agree with a proposition (such as blacks and whites are not equal)  but then in the next sentence blast the living hell out of that same proposition.

Lincoln knew, better than your history teacher, what the public was like at the time.  He knew that to stand up and say "Yeah, your daughters should be free to sleep  with whichever color man or woman she wants to"  that he would be lucky to make it out of town breathing. 

So Lincoln seemed to agree -- then lowered the boom "But in her natural right she is my equal and the equal of any man".

You need the full quotes, and context.


Illinois papers - the same ones that said Frederick Douglass should be hung for speaking against slavery -- trashed Lincoln.   Lincoln was "Niggerism"   and "a traitor"  who would destroy the white race.

Here are the newspaper articles urging the death of Frederick Douglas -- remember, Lincoln had to go to this city and speak against slavery.  An editorial in Quincy paper urged DEATH to Frederick Douglass for such things. This was not typical -- but many papers loathed anyone, even in Illinois, that simply said we must stop the SPREAD of slavery.

Quincy is just ONE of the cities Stephen A Douglas went into his "Nigger rants" according to local papers.

Douglas (Stephen A) knew exactly what he was doing trashing Lincoln this way.  He was winning -- he had Lincoln on the ropes. Lincoln had to spend much of his time claiming he never said white women should sleep with Negroes.

Meanwhile, the white male audience had a lot of visions in their head of their daughters sleeping with "Niggers".

And Douglas won - easily.


But but but -- that  can't be, right?  We are told by "historians" who refer continually to 8 or 9 quotes, by Lincoln (out of context quotes).   There is no way on earth we need to know more than 8 or 9 quotes (out of context)  about Lincoln, right?


To understand Lincoln, no one would disagree with the notion that you'd have to understand what was going on at the time.

Are we told about Lincoln's "obsession for Nigger rights" ?  

Are we told Lincoln was hated all over Illinois -- where editors called Lincoln "Negro Worshiper"   whose "Niggerism" will have white women sleep with "negroes"  or "Niggers".




The emotional energy in the Lincoln Douglas debates was NOT Dred Scott issue, NOT Declaration of Independence -  not even Kansas Act and Dred Scott.

The emotional weapon -- and Douglas won the election because of it -- was the hate and fear instilled by Stephen A Douglas.  Douglas did not just mention "your daughters will sleep with Niggers".

Douglas took his time, an painted a picture of your wife walking down the street with "Nigggers".  He told the men (only male voters, and mostly only males at the debates)  that your daughters will sleep with "Niggers".   The white race will be destroyed.  You will be judged by black on juries.   Blacks will vote.

But Douglas was loaded -- he had done his homework. He knew Lincoln's history -- knew every vote, every published speech. He had been a dozens of Lincoln's speeches over the years.   In fact, Douglas was once much like Lincoln on abolition -- until political power paid him more to support slave owners.  Newspapers even then called Douglas "The slave owner's Senator".

Were Douglas, and dozens of newspapers, lying when they told of Lincoln's actions -- his rejections of Mexican War?  Were they lying when they told of Lincoln trying to end slavery in District of Columbia?

Did they have enough facts like that to justify their term "obsession"  and " radical" for the Negro.   

One thing for sure -- they sure as hell had Lincoln running backwards in every debate. Lincoln had to explain why he was so much against slavery, why he said all men are created equal, and most of all, Lincoln had to try to win an election,  even if he had to parse words, than to lose every election, and be of no use at all in ending the spread of slavery.

Did Lincoln's enemies, North and South,  make up Lincoln's "treason" against the United States for being against the Mexican War because it was done at the behest of slave power to double the size of land for slavery?

I can't help it you did not know, and are not taught, the US went to War to spread slavery.  Most high school and college history classes -- at best -- mention slavery being "an issue". 

It was not an ISSUE -- it was why the hell the US went to war against Mexico.  Lincoln certainly was not alone in telling the truth about it.   Nor was he alone in trying to stop the spread of slavery into the lands just stolen.

Did Lincoln's enemies then  make up Lincoln's efforts -- 40 times-  to stop the spread of slavery into the lands just stolen from Mexico?

Did they make up Lincoln's amazing efforts to end slavery in District of Columbia in 1840's?

Hell no they didn't make it up. You will have to ask your history teachers why they never told you this in a clear way.   It was known at the time. And Lincolns enemies -- IN THE NORTH -- made it as clear as they humanly possibly could.

Lincoln is obsessed with "Nigger equality".   And they had the facts to back it up. 


Those who "Trash Lincoln" now attack him for just the opposite reason.

He was not radical enough (though he sure the hell was, and got the job done).   He was not for equality (He sure as hell was for equality under the law- - a dangerous position that got him killed eventually).

  Every word hurled at Lincoln by Stephen Douglas was valid factually.  As you will see Douglas had his own "Lincoln" quotes, and beat Lincoln over the head with his own words.

He also ran from side to side of the stage screaming it.  Douglas saw it was working -- the crowd, according to newspapers then -- yelled "Down with Niggers".

And of course Lincoln LOST those early races for exactly that reason.  Lincoln was sure to lose the POTUS election in 1860, for the same reason, until 3 candidates ran against him.  Lincoln did get more votes than any other person, but 60% of Americans voted against Lincoln.

Remember that.

More than Lincoln's actions against slavery, they hated his words. 

Words about equality of the races.

Words about the United States will end or slavery will end.

Words about any black woman is equal to any white man in all the rights under the Declaration of Independence.

Words and Actions. Lincoln's full words.  Full actions.



Lincoln was "reluctant"  to end slavery.

Lincoln had to be dragged into ending slavery.

Even more absurd (when you know all the facts) is the bizarre allegation that Lincoln "used slavery" for political gain.   Actually, as you will see, Lincoln was lucky he was not killed sooner -- and he was killed hours after a speech he gave about voting rights for "educated blacks".


Lincoln obsessed for equality?  
I have yet to meet a single high school history teacher who has a clue that in every Lincoln Douglas debate, Lincoln was accused of "being obsessed with equality for the Nigger."

Not just accused -- Douglas ran from side to side screaming it.  Douglas went into detail about Lincoln's "obsession" for "Nigger equality".  Quincy papers said Douglas went into his "nigger rant"  -- which actually was a common "rant" by Douglas once he started running against Lincoln.



Douglas not only read numerous quotes from Lincoln (he carried a satchel of Lincoln's speeches), where Lincoln said blacks and whites are equal -- more than that, Douglas listed LIncoln's actions and positions for equality.

Douglas and Illinois papers, ironically, did a  better job showing Lincoln's profound words and actions against slavery, that almost any modern "historian".  

For example, Douglas and Illinois papers trashed Lincoln for years about his "treason" against the United States for being against the Mexican War.  And indeed, Lincoln was against it.

Why?  Because Lincoln knew -- and said publically -- that the Mexican War was  contrived deception and violence to expand the reach of slavery.  Which ts was -- and even slave owners in the South, like Henry Clay, agreed entirely with Lincoln.

Lincoln's enemies forever used Lincoln's act of bravery and honesty against him, because he stood up to Slave Power at the time of Mexican War.

Interestingly,  Foner (who likes to tell folks that Lincoln "was nothing special" )  has to be very careful how he manages to make Lincoln appear "uncaring" or "reluctant"  to end slavery, because there is little else Lincoln actually did  BUT kick slavery in the ass or try to.

Yes -- yes -- Lincoln parsed words.  Lincoln wisely parsed words.  You had to parse words or be hated, even attacked, where Lincoln was, when he was.   So Douglas, and newspapers of the time, eviscerated Lincoln for being "radical for the Nigger"  based on Lincoln's full speeches, and full actions.

Today, any number of people trash Lincoln for just the opposite. Almost always by selective quotes, out of context,  and ignoring his full speeches and actions.




In 1848, Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia.  

So he had just stood up to President Polk.  He had just challenged slave power and the POTUS for pushing slavery, doubling the size of slavery.

Forty times--  remember this -- 40 times, Lincoln tried to get Congress to bar slavery from going into the land just stolen to spread slavery.

I need to repeat that again.

Forty times Lincoln tried to get Congress to bar slavery from going into the land just stolen.  So he tried to stop the war.  Exposed it as being a violent ploy to spread slavery --  and then tried to stop it.

Still think Foner is right that Lincoln was "nothing special"?   Foner needed the "nothing special" nonsense --which is fine, except nothing is further from the truth.

Parsing words was the only way Lincoln could get anything done -- so he did that.   What was special about Lincoln is that he operated  in a time and place when just the idea of blacks walking freely in the North, able to walk down sidewalks with white women, caused hateful responses.

 Lincoln tried to get things done by consensus rather than hatred and war -- Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass, even as he spoke in  a way not to infuriate those who saw slavery as Godly, or necessary for the white race to live.



Yes -- there were those (see below) who claimed loudly and proudly that the White Race would be "exterminated"  if slavery did not spread.   Not some nuts drinking at a bar, but the top leaders in the South were quiet clear. We must expand slavery, or the white race will be exterminated.



Another thing known commonly in North and South was crowds in both places could be induced by hatred and fear of free blacks.

Lincoln, of course, was well aware of this basic truth -- he could not help it if your history teacher bothered to learn this or tell you about it.   

In fact, everyone in the North was aware of the fear and hate mongering against ending slavery, on the basis of black men would then be free to "sleep with your daughters".

Abolitionist were "on an evil course to destroy the American church"  -- even inspired by Satan, said some in the South.  

We are not taught any of this.  But when Lincoln rose to speak, as he did thousands of times.  this is what Lincoln actually faced.

You might find -- in Foner, or McPherson, or any of 100 other historians, a brief mention of this. But we do not learn it as the basic emotional and political reality of the time -- and the danger, the physical danger, Lincoln and others faced for being "Radical for Niggers".

"Down with Niggers"  -- a response by the crowds to Douglas "rants"  about what Lincoln supposedly wanted.  Let that sink in.  Douglas got the crowd to yell "Down with Niggers".

Douglas (and others) thought this technique of pumping up fear and hate of the black race to stop Lincoln was a smart idea, he used it over, and over and over.  So did others.

Strange indeed, then, that most historians have simply not learned and don't bother with this basic fact of life in Lincoln's time, and in all elections from 1840's to 1860.

Douglas was right -- this hate and fear mongering worked. He defeated Lincoln easily in the US Senate race  (that what's the debates were for, Lincoln- Douglas Senate race)

Southern politicians were also right.  By pumping up fear and hate against the black male, the more extreme speakers got more attention, more cheers.

It was that time, that place, and in those circumstances Lincoln lived.  Most white males (the only voters, essentially)- - even in the North -- were afraid of  and even hateful towards abolitionists, because politicians like Douglas made males think of their daughters "sleeping with Niggers".

And Douglas did this in the Lincoln- Douglas debates. It was no side issue. No one minute slogan.

It was the central message of the day, by those who served slave interests: free the Negro and it's death of the white race. 




Lincoln lost that election -- and he lost others.  Douglas was able to paint Lincoln, using Lincoln's own quotes for equality, against him. 

If you don't understand that people were still being killed, even in Illinois, for being "radical for Niggers"  as Douglas shouted -- you don't know US history.  And you don't know Lincoln.

Not your fault.  It's the fault of our US textbooks, controlled to an astonishing extent by Southern school boards, would never allow the basic- and very real -- ugly history of 1820-1860, and the US Civil War, into classrooms. 


What does the Declaration of Independence have to do with Lincoln?

But but but -- Lincoln was not against slavery, not really, how can he be radical?

How could anyone claim Lincoln was obsessed "with equality for Niggers"?

How could Frederick Douglass  say Lincoln was radical and swift, zealous and determined?

Radical?  Swift?  Zealous?  Oh those stupid people. Did they not read those 8 quotes by Lincoln?






You  heard  that "Lincoln didn't really care"  about slaves or slavery.   Eric Foner said "Lincoln was nothing special"  about race or  slavery, and only by the "fiery trial" of the Civil War did Lincoln come around. 

God, such bullshit. When you learn Lincoln's FULL speeches, and his ACTIONS,  you will see just how radical Lincoln was.

 Lincoln, and the world, were  lucky he did not get a bullet to the brain much sooner than he did.



Plenty of "historians"  have taken 8 to 12 quotes from Lincoln, and rather  deceptively used those to characterize Lincoln as "slow" or "reluctant"  to end slavery.

Foner took more than 60 quotes, but when you look up the quotes, you see there is much more to the story.  Much much more. Foner seemed not just willing to distort, he seemed eager to minimize -- and ignore context repeatedly.

Foner could have used quotes where Lincoln said slave owners should be kicked to death - KICKED TO DEATH.

Foner could have used quotes where Lincoln yelled "We won't let you" spread slavery and destroy the United States.

Foner could have used the quotes where Lincoln exposed the endless violence that South was using to spread slavery.

Foner could have used the quotes where Lincoln made it very clear (and correctly so) that the South fully intended to spread slavery into the North as well -- and they did intend that, as you can see from official Jeff Davis documents.

Context -- and the truth -- is a BFD.   Too bad Foner didn't care more about context and truth. You can learn a lot about Lincoln and Civil War from Foner, but you can also be misled.

 Over half the time, Foner simply doesn't show context,  and when he does, he is not totally candid. He seemed to want to portray Lincoln was "on fire" against slavery "late in the game".

 Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass -- parsing words at times, yes, and wisely so.  But Lincoln earned every insult he got from slave owners and men who represented them, like Stephen A Douglas.




There is no earthly reason for Lincoln to be more outwardly hateful and violent against slavery than he was.  He was radical as hell, as you will see, over all.  And most of all, he got the job done.



  (yes they did, and bragged about it)





Lincoln words =  a million men. 

Probably no letter in US history was smarter than Lincoln's open letter to Horace Greeley.   Yet take that letter out of context, ignore Lincoln's own explanation for the letter, and you can make it sound like Lincoln is terrible.

Never mind that at the same time Lincoln wrote this brilliant letter, Southern leaders were boasting of killing to spread slavery -- as you will see below.

So the "double whammy"  by historians like Foner is not only factually misleading, worse, it makes people dumber, not smarter, about what happened leading up the the Civil War, and how Lincoln was able to win the war. 

Foner and others do give a "nod" to Lincoln for keeping Kentucky and the other border states out of the Confederacy with his brilliant letter to Greeley about Union.   They do mention, as if they are speaking of a trivial aspect,  that Lincoln had to keep the border states or the war is over.


LINCOLN'S WORDS TO GREELEY= 1 million men in battle.

Maybe the smartest words every written in US military history -- is Lincoln's letter to Greeley.

So Lincoln parsed words. 

First of all, the letter was NOT to Greeley.   Yes, Greeley's name was at the top.

The audience  was the people in Kentucky and all the border states, then in the process of joining the confederacy -- or not.

Leaders in war often parse words. You know, like Churchill. Like everyone every involved in wars.  At times, you are very careful what you say-- and wisely so.

 Lincoln parsing words about Union was the only way the North could win the Civil War.  I can't help it if you did not know but without the border states staying with the Union -- or at least not joining the Confederacy,  the war is over.

O V E R.  Not just over, but the South wins, and as promised, slavery spreads.  (So you would also need to know Southern War Ultimatums.  Not Southern suggestions -- Southern WAR ULTIMATUMS.)

Without Kentucky, as Lincoln wisely said, and others agreed, the war was over.  LIncoln worked extremely hard, and wisely to, to keep Kentucky from joining the CSA. And he succeeded.  

Yes, Lincoln could have said "Golly. I better not give people 100 years from now the wrong Idea. I better not say just what I have said for years -- but say it in a clever way, so that the border states don't join the confederacy".

But Lincoln didn't say that or think that. Lincoln was  busy trying to keep those borders states from fighting to SPREAD slavery per Southern War Ultimatums, already issued.


Lincoln said he wanted GOD on his side -- but he had to have Kentucky.  

The letter to Greeley -- which seems every high school history teacher knows by heart -- very likely won the war.  If Lincoln did not write that public letter (it was not a private letter, it was meant to hit the newspapers and be a BFD -- and it did. It hit the newspapers and was  BFD)  Kentucky, and maybe other states join the confederacy.

It's hard to know, but keeping Kentucky out of the Confederacy was likely worth a million soldiers -- and saved that many lives.  Lincoln's letter was honest -- read it closely.  And read it in context of what he already said.   But he wrote it in a way that cooled things off in Kentucky and other border states.  Lincoln wrote that keeping Union was his primary goal.


But he had also said- - just not in this letter -- that keeping the Union together would destroy slavery.  One would die- - slavery or Union.  If Lincoln just added that one sentence- - slavery will die if I keep this Union together-- Kentucky joins the Confederacy and slavery spreads, as promised by Southern War Ultimatums.

So Lincoln left that sentence out -- and in so doing, won the Civil War.  Not a bad return for omitting one sentence -- a sentence he had said over and over and over already. But in the letter to Greeley -- Lincoln wisely left it out. 

Lincoln explained repeatedly why he wrote that --it was his way to "slay the snake"  of slavery "without killing the children".   

Stephen Douglas - - and newspapers that hated Lincoln -- did not just spout "Lincoln is obsessed with Negro equality" and other things.


People, even in Illinois, were still in danger, still being killed in fact, for being "too radical"  for "Niggers"  during Lincoln's life time there.  

In Quincy, for example, newspapers called for the DEATH of Frederick Douglass for even speaking against slavery.  Let me repeat that -- in Quincy (where I grew up)  a newspaper there called for Frederick Douglass to be HUNG for speaking against slavery in Kansas.

Don't believe me?

See for yourself.

' When Stephen A Douglas screamed -- and ran from side to side of the stage screaming -- that Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers,"  he also told the crowd that Lincoln was friends with Frederick Douglass.

Why?   Because Stephen A Douglass knew many people in Illinois hated and feared black males, if they were freed, would sleep with your daughters.

Not kind of. Not sort of. Not in a way. Douglas (Stephen A) won using this approach.   It is WHY Douglas won!  And if Lincoln had faced Douglas head to head, for POTUS in 1860, Douglas would have won again, for the same reason.   But in 1860, three candidates ran against Lincoln.  Lincoln only won because the other three split the vote.

Douglas (Stephen A) and others pointed out very clearly Lincoln's history of being anti-slavery and pro equality.  They did not make things up, they used Lincoln's own quotes against him.  

They also referred to things you probably never heard about Lincoln -- Lincoln Lincoln standing up to the President (Polk) and exposing to the public that the Mexican War was largely a way slave power used to double the land for SLAVERY.

Did you know Lincoln did that?

They also exposed Lincoln's many speeches where he said blacks and whites are equal in their natural rights- -   Douglas actually carried copies of Lincoln's speeches and read them to the crowds in the 1858 debates to prove Lincoln was "radical for Negroes"

Newspapers in Illinois even claimed the Negro was "Lincoln's client".   Lincoln only cared for the Negro -- "Niggerism" is what some Northern newspapers accused Lincoln of. 

Then Lincoln had to get up to speak.




All the while, from 1847, no one, not John Brown, not Frederick Douglass, not anyone North or South, was as EFFECTIVE as Lincoln to kick slavery in the ass..

Yes, Lincoln had to parse words -- no kidding.  People were still being killed in Illinois during Lincoln's political time there, and killed elsewhere, for speaking too "radically"  for "niggers".


Since we do not teach -- even in college text books -- that the crowds Lincoln faced often hated and feared blacks.   Why?  They were told hundreds of times that black men would take their daughters -- "sleep with your daughters"  and your wife will "walk down the street with Niggers".

Even in the debates, Stephen Douglas had the crowds churned up,  and at times, when Douglas painted them a picture of Lincoln making their daughters sleep with "Niggers"  the crowds yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"

Then Lincoln had to speak.

And Lincoln had to justify his past speeches about equality for all -- white and black -- under the Declaration of Independence.

They more famous Lincoln got -- the more men like Douglas (Stephen A) used this technique.  But newspapers used it too, it was common, only Stephen A  Douglas was the master of it, in the North.

I have yet to meet one "history teacher" who even knows crowds yelled "Down with Niggers"   and that Douglas repeatedly -- at every debate --came up with some very energetic version of screaming "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".



Since most people today (even history teachers) don't know the hatred and fear of blacks pumped up by men like Stephen A Douglas (and many others, including newspapers)  it's hard from folks to grasp what that meant for Lincoln or anyone who was against the spread of slavery.

To be against the SPREAD of slavery -- just that much, just be against the SPREAD of slavery-- was going to "destroy the white race".

We must expand slavery -- or the slaves will exterminate us.  And the men will sleep with our daughters. And our wives will walk down the street with "negroes" or "Niggers".

"Niggerism"  was a word coined to attack those -- like Lincoln -- who simply tried to stop the spread of slavery against state's rights.  

Kansas rejected slavery by 95% --see below. But Southern leaders still demanded the spread of slavery there (another basic fact most history teachers are clueless about).

 This is the kind of argument heard from 1840's on, and grew exponentially as some, like Lincoln, were considered dangerous to whites --just by stopping the SPREAD of slavery.

So no kidding, LIncoln  parsed words (at times) in the Lincoln Douglas debates, because moments before Lincoln spoke, the most powerful speaker of the century (some said so) had just tore into Lincoln for part of an hour, telling the crowds that their daughters will "sleep with Niggers"  and their wives will "walk with Niggers"   and your kids will be in schools with "Niggers". 

Lincoln had to explain -- which he did -- he did not mean blacks and whites are "perfectly equal" in all ways.  "Perhaps" we are not equal in height, he said in several speeches.  

"Just because I do not want a black woman for a wife, does not mean I want her for a slave.  I can just let her alone.  In some respects she is not my equal any more than I am a Judge Douglas's equal, in some respects.  But in her natural right to have the bread she makes with her own hands she IS MY EQUAL AND THE EQUAL OF ANY MAN"

Douglas did not always use the term "Nigger" -- but when he got worked up -- as he did against Lincoln repeatedly -  and ran from side to side of the stage screaming it,  Douglas did use the term Nigger.

And he made sure  -- damn sure -- the white males in the audience has a graphic image in their heads of their own daughters sleeping with "Niggers". 



Frederick Douglass knew what Lincoln was doing, and why. 

Douglass was not fooled by  folks who knew a few out of context quotes, as many are today.

Douglass himself chastised Lincoln repeatedly in his newspaper.  It was Douglass who got Lincoln to include black men as soldiers in the Union Army -- that by itself changed everything.  

Douglass knew that most people - - even in the North -- would not walk across the street to save blacks from slavery in the South. 

Again and again -- and again - - Lincoln's enemies painted that picture. 

I can't help it that we are not taught this ugly and vile way of campaigning against Lincoln.  We should teach it, we would know what Lincoln faced.  But no high school text book even mentions this basic truth of that time -- and as far as I know, if any college text books mention it, it's a mention, and not the basic information shared with students.


There were huge riots in the North against against sending men to fight to end slavery in the South.  As difficult as the war was in the South, Lincoln's biggest problem was keeping the Union together and getting enough support in the North to win the war, on any basis. 

So yes, at times, Lincoln did speak about Union  -- and wisely do.   He also made it clear repeatedly,  that slavery would end, or the Union would end. 


If  Lincoln was stupid about it -- he could lose the war in the first three months. 

He could have said "damn right, I will  kick slavery to death as soon as I can".   Lincoln knew that was not possible, and not legal, and not a way to end slavery.

Slavery had to be ended by legal means.   And he did that, first by a temporary war measure (Emancipation Proclamation) and later by 13th Amendment.

Lincoln personally did both -- he personally issued the Emancipation Proclamation, he personally insisted 13th Amendment get on his party's platform, and he personally bribed (yes bribed) the hold outs that demanded payments of some kind to vote for 13th Amendment.


Lincoln called it "public sentiment".  With public sentiment, you can do anything.  Without it, you can do nothing.

There was no public sentiment for a war to end slavery.  

Very few, if any,  men in the North would actually fight to end slavery in the South.  The idea was absurd. 

So Lincoln properly and rightly spoke in a way that got the public support needed to win the war.

Southern leaders did the same thing -- in reverse.  

Southern leaders kept telling their public that white women will be raped, white women will sleep with black men, our race will be exterminated.

The Civil War did not start as a war to end slavery.   Southern leaders started it as a war to spread slavery -- because, as they said, we must spread slavery or we will be exterminated.

But it was not Lincoln's stated or private intention to end slavery by war.

Lincoln  sought to end slavery,  in public and private statements, by legal means.  That would mean the public was agreeable to ending slavery. 

Lincoln  did end slavery by legal means -- and by public sentiment that had changed over time  -- by the 13th Amendment.


 In any speech -- any sentence, Lincoln could give slave power exactly what it wanted. 

  South leaders insisted blacks would kill whites if freed.  

Most folks in the South did not own slaves -- in fact, according to Hinton Helper, if the South were allowed to vote on slavery, the public would likely vote against slavery.

South leaders insisted blacks would take white women, kill all whites, exterminate the white race.  This was the common and effective ploy by Southern leaders.

You may not have been told that, but this was the basic message of Southern leaders and some in the North -- like Stephen A Douglas.

"Niggers" will marry your daughters  was not a throw away line. Douglas (Stephen A) repeated this dozens to times- - screaming it, but similiar memes were in newspapers North and South.  Southern leaders got  crowds to cheer such speeches.




  If Lincoln even mentioned -- hinted - that he intended to end slavery as soon as possible in this war, Kentucky, and all the border states join the Confederacy. 

That is not an understatement.  The border states were 100%  crucial -- not 99%. Not 98%.   If Kentucky, by itself, went to the Confederacy,  the Union faced an almost impossible job of stopping the spread of slavery.

And to understand this -- you must know the South was at war to spread slavery -- and boasted of it, at the time.  I can't help it you were not told that, but see their own war ultimatums, and their own speeches, their own documents, boasting they were at war to spread slavery.

So if Kentucky joins that war effort --the war is over.  Kentucky was the most populated state, with the most resources to help either side.    Lincoln famously said (correctly) that he wanted God on his side-- but he needed Kentucky.

 Washington DC is surrounded by slave states and Confederate soldiers.  If those border states go with CSA, US not only breaks apart, slavery spreads by force exactly as Southern War Ultimatums demanded. 

This is yet another basic truth of the US Civil War you won't find in text books -- Southern War ultimatums, and speeches, and documents, where they boasted clearly and in context they were at war to SPREAD slavery.

Not kinda.

Not sorta.

Not in a way.

Lincoln knew that -- I can't help it no one told you.

Lincoln had to keep the Union together to stop the spread of slavery. slavery. He knew it, Southern leaders knew it. Frederick Douglass didn't like it, but he knew it as well as Lincoln did. 

Southern leaders knew it best of all.  If the Union remains- they can not spread slavery as their own War Ultimatums and actions made clear that was their goal. 


Stephen A Douglas -- and dozens of others -- trashed Lincoln again and again, to  his face, behind his back, in the press, for his "Niggerism"  and "obsession for equality.

Since Douglas himself thought this was important enough that he yelled it -- ran from side to side of the stage yelling it -- repeated it to Lincoln's face,  repeated in behind his back, why on earth to "historians" not make this clear?

Hell, almost none even mention it. Guelzo does cover it -- he rocks -- but even he does not tie this to a much larger "Niggers will destroy the white race by taking our women"  thing going on in the newspapers and public forums, speeches, etc. 

Douglass KNEW Lincoln was hated -- despised -- then killed - for his actions and words for equality 

Frederick Douglass was not fooled by distorted bullshit -- he had been tortured as a slave.  He saw women whipped to death by an owner -- as the owner yells scripture to cover the cries of the dying slave he whipped.

Douglass knew what Lincoln was up against  - in the South and in the North.  He knew, for example, that Lincoln had a horrible reputation from 1847 on, for standing up against slavery when US invaded Mexico and for slave power, doubled the size of slave territories.

I can't help it that you (most folks) don't even know US invaded Mexico and started a war to spread slavery, doubling the size of slavery.   Lincoln knew -- and Lincoln called out President Polk for it.


It would help if we taught such basic truths about US spread of slavery, and the violence that always went with the spread of slavery. As Lincoln (and many others) said, slavery always spread by violence.  Never by honorable means, but by means "foul and more foul".
Now -- with Southern War Ultimatums of 1856, and 1861-- the South was again spreading slavery by violence.   Just like we don't teach US went to war against Mexico to double the size of slavery, we also don't mention Southern War Ultimatums -- see Southern War Ultimatums

Douglass knew  Lincoln was HATED -- despised -- for it by many in ILLINOIS.

Lincoln's political enemies used that against him the rest of his life. Lincoln lost elections for it in ILLINOIS. Lincoln lost repeatedly, and would have lost POTUS race in 1860, if the pro slavery folks had not put up 3 candidates. Lincoln won the most votes -- but 60% of the public voted against Lincoln.

And Lincoln tried  40 times -- 40 times- - did I mention 40 times, to stop the spread of slavery into those areas just stolen by the US in the war against Mexico.

Douglass knew that.  See, it helps when you know

 1) What was going on.   2) What Lincoln did.  3) Why Lincoln was hated for it at the time.

You can carve out sentences here and there -- make Lincoln seem anyway you want.   But in Central Illinois,  and Southern Illinois, people were still being killed for SPEAKING candidly  against slavery,  if anything you said could be turned into "Niggers will sleep with your daughter" .

 Let that sink in.  That is what Lincoln knew, and that is the very real word he operated in.  



A basic problem we have today -- even many "historians" born 100 years later seem stupid about this -- is how violent pro slaver folks were.  

In Illinois people were still being killed -- just for speaking and publishing anti-slavery newspapers.  John Palmer, one of the founders of the Republican Party, and a personal friend of Lincoln, wrote later in life that, even by 1890, it seemed that people had forgotten how violent pro-slavery folks were, and how dangerous it was to openly speak against slavery in many parts OF THE NORTH.

That is even more true today. 

Lincoln wisely -- for his own safety, and for the cause of freedom-- did parse words at times.  Overall, Lincoln was as radical as hell, and earned the hatred of many in Illinois, and of course was killed for how "radical" he was. Within hours of Lincoln speaking about voting rights for "educated blacks" who fought in the Union Army, the man who heard that speech put a bullet in Lincoln's head, changing  his plan from kidnapping to killing.

Lincoln's speech about voting rights for "educated" blacks is actually held against him, as proof of how reluctant he was.  Actually it was proof how brave Lincoln was.   But to know how brave Lincoln was, how radical, historians have to know how violent Southern radicals were, and how a culture of violence existed, with the most status going to those who showed the most violence.


Lincoln's amazing speeches -- which some hold up now as being reluctant for equality-- were actually masterpieces, that brought people who hated blacks, and feared blacks, into an entirely different way of thinking.


John Brown -- a personal friend of Frederick Douglass, actually lived with Frederick Douglass for a time. Brown named his son Frederick in his honor.

Douglass said he only knew one white man who saw blacks and whites as absolute equals, who did not see color first.

But Douglass, who also knew Lincoln, showed how amazingly effective Lincoln was -- Lincoln got it done, in other words. Lincoln became the head of the "great movement" to end slavery -- not John Brown.

Why?  Because Lincoln could change people's minds.  By his speeches, his letters, his actions, the nation changed, adapted. 

John Brown caused a violent backlash in the South that is rarely mentioned today --many blacks were hung after Brown's raid, all over the South, on the mere suspicion they might have been in on Brown's raid.

Worse, Brown's raid fed into the hate and fear mongering for the South, which insisted blacks would kill the white race if they were freed.   It's hard to think of a worse thing to do, that John Brown's raid, at the time. 

The country did not need more hate fear and killing. That is why Lincoln tried so hard, in word and deed, to avoid violence, to settle things any way other than violence. It was the South who decided on violence, not Lincoln. 


   Douglass also knew 100 things, large and small, about Lincoln.   Like that Lincoln tried to outlaw slavery in District of Columbia in 1848.   For a guy who didn't care about slavery, that Lincoln was sure creating enemies left and right trying to stop slavery.

Again and again, Lilncoln's political opponents trashed Lincoln for these actions. When Stephen A Douglas repeatedly said Lincoln was "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"  -- these actions, and many others, are what Douglas was talking about.

I can't help it that you didn't know. Not my fault. 

Fremont, nearly helped add four more states to the Confederacy.
If you don't know that, don't blame me.

Lincoln knew it. 


Douglass knew, for example, that if Lincoln did not do something to keep the border states out of the Confederacy --  the war is over. Slavery spreads, as Southern leaders promised.   Lincoln said he wanted God on his side, but he needed Kentucky.

If Kentucky goes with the Confederacy,  three other border states likely go too, and the American continent becomes essentially one giant slave nation. The "free states" would be less than 1/5 the size of slave based nation, the Confederacy.  Worse, much worse, the entire idea of government by the people, with the official Declaration that all men are equal, is gone from the earth.  

Kentucky legislature was deciding right then, by violence, by vote, by public displays  of every sort, to join the Confederacy or the Union.  Lincoln's Kentucky friends were doing all they could to keep it in the Union, or at least out of the CSA.  

Fremont could not have damaged their efforts more if he had deliberately done so.

  Likewise the other border states looked as if they would go CSA too. General Fremont had grabbed some slaves in Missouri.  Fremont then announced they were hereby free.  

This was contrary to federal law (it would soon change) and contrary to Dred Scott decision, and contrary to official GOP policy in Congress. But by far the most important part of this -- it gave pro Confederate politicians exactly what they needed to prove to the people Lincoln was going to get the white race killed.

In fact, Lincoln has specifically told him -- and the world -- we will follow the laws, odious as they may be.  We have no "warrant" (no public opinion, and no legal right) to militarily end slavery. Only by legal means can we end slavery.  

 Keep the Union together, Lincoln said over and over, and slavery WILL end by either a Constitutional Amendment (which he did)  or by rehearing for Dred Scott decision.

Violence would simply not work -- there was almost no public support in the North for a war to end slavery in the South.  Maybe -- just maybe -- Lincoln could get them to defend UNION because of the spread of slavery was by force.  We must proceed by legal means, with public sentiment behind us. Not by illegal means and force.  That will not work. 

Slavery ends -- or the Union ends. This was not just the sum total of Lincoln's House Divided speech, it was in every speech he made, one way or another, for years. 

Lincoln knew the sentiment of people in the North -- was NOT, remember this -- NOT -- to do anything to bother slavery by military force where it already existed.  Slavery must end if the Union is preserved, because slavery must spread to continue.  

Confederates immediately used Fremont's major mistake to their advantage -- whipped up fear and hate of slaves being freed -- to kill whites.  Now Lincoln and the Union Army are doing what we told you they were doing -- they are freeing the "Niggers"  who will massacre us.

Did you know -- (just kidding, no you don't know)  this was the reaction to Fremont's  public declaration of freeing the slaves by military force?   Lincoln knew this fed directly into the hands of those in border states who were already about to join the Confederacy.

 Over and over people in the South were told that freed slaves would kill them -- and here, Fremont had officially done what was contrary to the present law.

Lincoln would change that law -- soon, by his Emancipation Procomation.  And then change it more with his 13 Amendment.

But first, he had to keep Kentucky in the Union, and not have everyone believe the whites would be killed.    If Kentucky went with the Confederacy -- as he knew and said -- the war was over.  The South wins.  Slavery spreads.

Lincoln wanted to wait until it was legal -- by his Emancipation Proclamation and then by 13th Amendment. 

So yes, Lincoln wrote a letter -- as Lincoln was kicking slavery in the ass, he wrote a letter about UNION.  And he should have.  He was trying to keep the Union together -- to destroy slavery.

Lincoln knew --and said repeatedly -- that keeping the Union together was the only way to end slavery.    Slavery ends or the Union ends. One or the other.

So Lincoln, in a letter, emphasized UNION.  As if that's a crime.

At the same time Lincoln wrote that speech, the South was boasting they were killing to SPREAD slavery.   Jefferson Davis issued his "Address to People of the Free States"  boasting he would spread slavery in the NORTH!

How many people even know about Jeff Davis official address boasting he would spread slavery into the North by violence?  (See below)  Very damn few. 

And Lincoln is somehow the bad guy, because as he is kicking slavery in the ass, he dictates a letter, a profoundly wise letter, a letter than saved the war and led to the end of slavery.

That's how goofy this "Trashing Lincoln" crap is.  No one - I mean no one -- no college, no high school, no book, not well known historian -- even mentions Jeff Davis official announcement boasting he will spread slavery by force into the North.  That's bizzare.  Davis was proud of it, he put it on the front page of Richmond newspapers, he was so proud.

YOu think SOME "history teacher" would notice that?

Maybe a college history teacher?

Maybe a "historian" or two?  You know, the same guys who tell you all about Lincolns supposedly awful letter to Greeley, and only tell you slanted bullshit about it.

Maybe the could find a Richmond newspaper if I helped them?  Or check out Rice University web site, there is a copy of Davis Address there.

But every dayum high school teacher thinks they are a genius because they know of Lincoln's letter to Greeley emphasizing Union.   So what if Lincoln was for the Union?  What the fuck you think he was for, France?  

And he said over and over keeping Union together meant the end of slavery.


For someone sitting at a desk 150 years later, with only a stack of quotes as their reality, it's not easy to grasp, and therefore can't teach, what the hell happened.

You gotta have the full quotes -- not selected bullshit.

And you have to have all the quotes.

And you have to have his actions.

And you have to know context.   That's a lot different than using some quotes to fit your bullshit, and ignoring everything else.

Play all the quote games you like -- fine. Just get all the quotes, and context.  Should not be too much to ask.

Not only that, get all Lincoln's quotes -- and no, you sure as hell don't know all his quotes or context if you go by Foner or McPherson's basic narrative.  In fact, the Bruce Catton -McPherson Foner narrative may look great in the footnotes, but they leave basic truths out to fit their BS. 


Or you heard that Lincoln "arrived late at the table"  and "was moderate at best"  about slavery, and "only used slavery as an issue well into the Civil War".  

But did you hear that, at the time, Lincoln had to be careful what he said, and how he said it -- not to just have a hope to win an election finally, but to avoid getting shot a lot sooner?

Yes, there WERE folks that spoke more candidly than Lincoln -- at times Lincoln wisely and effectively parsed words, words that changed a nation.  Words that changed everything and won the war.   Lincoln's parsed words drastically HELPED.

Lincoln was actually lucky he did get a bullet in the brain much sooner -- and if he had not parsed words at times, not only would he never have won office after being in Congress, he could well have joined the others being killed (as some where even in Illinois) for being "Nigger Worshippers." 

Lincoln's five or six quotes, and his famous letter to Greeley, did as much to win the Civil War as Sherman's victory in Atlanta, because Lincoln was able to keep the border states in the Union, which was 100% necessary to win the war.

Should Lincoln have been dumb as hell, he could have said things differently, so some high school dumb ass teacher 150 years later did not make him sound horrible. But Lincoln was a tad busy kicking the living shit out slavery.


Even college history professors, and worse, authors on books about Lincoln, claim Lincoln's  plan was to deport free slaves back to Africa, and that he did not believe blacks were or should be equal to whites under the law.

Lincoln repeatedly stated why even deportation was grossly cruel, and impossible.  He even rescued, during the Civil War, a group of blacks who voluntarily went to South America and were nearly all killed there by starvation and sickness.  

You can, and many have, just gather a few distorted quotes, and ignore his full speeches, and full words at the time.  But mostly, people ignore Lincoln's powerful radical actions to kick slavery in the ass until it died.  Not just until the South gave up -- but until slavery itself DIED.

Actually, at the time, Lincoln was hated and feared in his OWN state, the cities he knew well, for exactly the opposite.  And he lost election after election -- others were attacked -- for his "radical Nigger Worship."

How on earth could Douglas and hundreds of newspapers, accuse Lincoln of being for equality?   BECAUSE THEY KNEW HIS FULL STORY.  They they his actions, and his full speeches, not the distorted 7 or 6 quotes taken out of context. 


Lincoln parsed words -- but not enough.

True, you can find 8 or so quotes from Lincoln that -- when you ignore everything else in the speech or the full context -- you can make him seem horrible.

But read the FULL speech.

And learn what the hell was going on.   You get a drastically different view.

There is a REASON Lincoln's enemies accused him of "Niggerism"  "Negro Worshipper"  and "obsession with negro rights. 



Quincy newspapers called Douglas's debate there "Nigger rants"  and indicted Douglas shouted and screamed, and  "ranted"  about Lincoln and "Niggers".


 After Douglas "Nigger rants"  where Douglas painted a picture of white women sleeping with "Niggers"  and your wife "walking on the sidewalk"  with Negroes, and the destruction of the white race --  EVERY word out of Lincoln's mouth had to be shaped to tell the public this is not about "Niggers" sleeping with your daughters",    Douglas had Lincoln over a barrell.  
Lincoln spent most of his time and effort assuring the public he was for equality of the races under the law and against the spread of slavery. And that "equality under the law"  did not mean he was personally for their daughters "sleeping with Niggers". 

Equality under the law, Douglas said, means Mr Lincoln want's blacks on your juries, blacks in your families, blacks with your daughters (and he made it clear -- in bed with your daughters). 

Yet Lincoln's full answers are powerful for equality.  Not just powerful, but Lincoln's careful and clear message was this -- any black slave is equal to me or any white man, including equal to Judge Douglas.

And away from Lincoln's face -- when Lincoln was not standing there -- Douglas was even worse.  Then Douglas all but called for violence against Lincoln (as he had done to others).  Douglas was not playing games.     Douglas shown being part of those who forced slavery into Kansas by violent means.

The killing of Lovejoy

Stephen A Douglas repeatedly told the crowds about Lincoln's friendship with the Lovejoy.  One of the Lovejoy brothers was burned to death in Alton by a crowd that hated him for being "too radical"  of an abolitionist.



  Gone, whitewashed, are the "Nigger worshipper"  comments, and the crowd yelling back in approval to Douglas "Down with Niggers".

Essentially, everything that really matters is not taught, not in any high school, and if there are any college text books that cover this, I have not seen them.



We are not told -- in any depth -- of how hated Lincoln was in his own home state, in Salem Illinois.  


  Yes, yes, Lincoln WISELY parsed words -- said things carefully, so that people who loathed and feared blacks would not believe he wanted their daughters "to sleep with niggers"  and 100 other insults hurled Lincolns way .
Frederick Douglass himself pointed out --he did not judge Lincoln by these "stray utterances torn from their context"  were not what Lincoln was about. He know Lincoln said these things about
"perfect equality" not being practical. 

All the Lincoln quotes -- about 12 of them particularly -- Douglass knew about very well.  But Douglass also knew context, and what Lincoln did.

Douglass also knew, no one in US during Lincoln's life ran on "perfect equality" that would have white women "sleep with Niggers".   Lincoln was actually radical for his position of equality under the law, per the Declaration of Independence.

Just for that -- equality under the law -- Lincoln was hated, and eventually killed. 

Douglass knew that Lincoln had to pander, to some degree, to the prejudices of the time, or either be attacked (as others were) killed (as Lincoln would be killed)  or lose elections (as Lincoln did lose).

It was precisely BECAUSE Lincoln could parse words in public, and kick slavery in the ass sideways in his actions, that Lincoln was effective. 

 Douglass also knew other things that people today do not know -- that while Lincoln was supposedly "weak" on slavery (he most certainly was not) Southern leaders were boasting of killing to spread slavery, and issued war ultimatums, and sent thousands of killers to Kansas. 

It is not your fault you don't know Southern War Ultimatums and killing sprees, any more than it's your fault you did not know how radical and swift Lincoln was -- because no one told you.


Lincoln was blamed for the white race's approaching "extermination".

You heard right, Lincoln was evil -- he was going to cause the extermination of white race -- by being against the spread of slavery




Dont skip this --read it. He is the governor of Florida. He officially made it clear -- just by being against the spread of slavery, Lincoln was going to burn us to death. Slowly.


We will die 

If Lincoln simply stops the spread of slavery -- into Kansas and beyond -- the white race will be exterminated.

No, no, no, these were not some nuts.  They were the Southern (And some Northern) leaders of the day.  Over and over-- and over. 

Officially -- in speeches, in official documents (like the one above) in books, Lincoln was going to destroy the white race, he was going to have your daughters sleep with "Niggers"  be on juries, allow mixed marriages, etc etc etc.'

Over and over -- and over -- Lincoln had to get up and say "I have never said I was for perfect equality..... but in their natural rights to life liberty and pursuit of happiness they ARE my equal and the equal of any man "  (paraphrased) 

You are told by "historians"  of the parts where Lincoln said "I have never said I was for perfect equality"  and the like.  Context is never given honestly,  if they seek to belittle Lincoln.  Yet context is everything.

Lincoln was HATED and eventually shot in the head for being for black voting rights.  Like always, Lincoln sought to introduce a topic slowly -- well aware most people hated blacks and some people hated anyone who who defended blacks on any level for any reason.   Lincoln spoke of voting rights for the soldiers that had fought for the Union in the Civil War.

John Wilkes Booth heard that speech, and was so enraged, he changed his plan from kidnap to kill.  Within 24 hours, Lincoln had a bullet in his brain -- for speaking about voting rights for some blacks.

Do you know how some historians show Lincoln for this?   Remember, he was killed for it.  They claim Lincoln was horrible because he was not more forceful in this speech.   Easy for them to say -- they risked nothing, then or now.

Lincoln knew what he risked -- and in this speech, he was not able to use humor or long stories to mollify Booth. (Lincoln regularly used humor to defang Douglas, when Douglas accused him of wanting white girls to marry "Niggers").   Booth killed him

Lincoln lost election after election -- BECAUSE he was too radical, even with that.  

Lincoln did win later -- in 1860-- but only because three pro-spread of slavery candidate ran.  Lincoln alone ran on one thing - no spread of slavery.

Yet no spread of slavery -- South made it very clear -- was death to them. Death to the White race. 

Why were you not told?  This was common knowledge then,.

This was the basic response by the South itself -- you are daming us to die by stopping the spread of slavery.

Douglas  chimed in too -- vote for Lincoln (for any office) was a vote for Negroes to sleep with your daughters, walk down the street with blacks, and vote, go to school with whites, etc etc.


We have white washed the ugly out of the Lincoln Douglas debates.
But much worse, we have white washed the ugly of what Lincoln actually faced.   As far as we know, no US history "teacher" bothers to teach this. Yet newspapers at the time, and Stephen A Douglas at the time, thought it was important enough to attack Lincoln about.

Which is more amazing to you?  That Northern papers called for Douglass's death?


Or is it more surprising  that it was illegal to speak against slavery in Kansas? It most certainly was a crime in Kansas -- and in most of the South -- to speak publicly against slavery, to publish anti-slavery newspapers.   It fact, you could be arrested, tried, and tortured in public for simply owning the wrong book.  

I can't help it you were not told this. I can not help it your history teachers do not seem to know this.  They should know it, and they should teach it.

Neither fact should be a surprise you if our text books simply told the basic facts of what Lincoln actually faced.


Guess who else went to Kansas - after it was illegal to speak against slavery, and spoke against slavery?

Go on, guess?  Here is another thing your  history teacher had no clue about -- none.  Lincoln -- Lincoln went to Kansas and spoke against slavery after it was illegal to do so.

See -- you need to know more than a few isolated out of context quotes.  

So Douglas, (Stephen A)  knew that, of course.  And Douglas went right after Lincoln as he did so many others.   Lincoln is dangerous to you, your family, your wife, your daughters.

Over and over.  And over. Yet you get no information about that, no understanding about that -- from 99% of the historians who we regard as "experts" today.   None from Foner. None from James McPherson. None from Bruce Catton.  None from dozens of them?

Allen C Guelzo brings it up, but even he does not present it as part of a larger violence done to people like Lincoln, and he does not show the violence committed by Stephen Douglas elsewhere.  Stephen A Douglas, as you will see below, was at the center of much violence -- personal violence -- during that time.  And Douglas was all but asking for people to attack Lincoln.

Here is another example -- Newspapers at the time, approvingly show how Douglas "exposed Lincoln's treason"  against his country in a time of war.

No one told you that, did they.     Not my fault. I do tell you.  

What Douglas told the crowds was not something Douglas made up on his own.   It was the meme of the time, it was the powerful answer by slave power to anyone who dared be against the spread of slavery.

Then Lincoln had to get up and make the case for blacks and equality.   



Then Lincoln had to speak. 

Horace Greeley -- and others -- said Stephen A Douglas was the power powerful speaker of the century.   His voice, his volume, his showmanship, his theatrics -- held people spellbound.

Douglas used every one of his "talents" against Lincoln. He arrived in a train for debates, and the rear of the train had a car just with a cannon.  He made the crowd wait, while  his own paid supporters played music and implored him to come out and speak.

When Douglas eventually got out of his train car, the cannons shot off, and Douglas emerged with all the theatrics he could muster.

And then he ripped into Lincoln with all he had. Personal attacks, LIncoln for "Nigger equality"  Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers". 

It's an ugly thing -- but that is more reason to teach it, rather than to cover it up.  We covered it up. 


Quincy is one of the cities where Douglas (Stephen A Douglas) went into his "Nigger rant" about Lincoln's obsession with equality, about how Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

A very effective way to beat Lincoln .... Douglas won because he was able to paint Lincoln and  radical and obsessed for "Nigger equality."

Lincoln's own hometown paper began to hate Lincoln, after Douglas got through with him.   Salem newspaper described in detail Lincoln's long "Niggerism"   and "being a traitor"  and a "black Republican"  because of Lincoln's radical idea that blacks and whites should be equal under the law.

Salem loved Lincoln -- remember this -- until he went off to Congress and got into "Niggerism",  and spoke against the Mexican War because it doubled the size of slavery.  And worse, Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia the next year.

Newspapers  detailed Lincoln's  "Niggerism" -- and went on and on about what Lincoln had done for equality of the races, and they did it to trash Lincoln, not to praise him.

And it worked 


Quincy papers said Douglas would go into his "Nigger rants"  yelling about Lincoln wanting your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"   and that Lincoln wanted "Niggers" on juries, "Niggers"  to vote, and "Niggers"  to walk down the street with your wife.

But the real knife Douglas used -- and he won because of it -- Lincoln wants your daughters to "Sleep with Niggers".

There is not a single text book in the USA that even mentions that Lincoln was  called "obsessed with Nigger rights"  and "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".



Douglas did not just do the "Nigger rant" as Quincy papers called it, once or twice. He did it repeatedly  - at times dramatically - in each debate.   In Charleston Douglas ran side to side during the debate, screaming it to the audience on each side.

And he went on and on how horrible life would be for you, for your daughter, for your wife, if Lincoln got his way. 
Then Lincoln had to get up, and had to answer -- do you want our daughters to sleep with Negroes?  Or not?
Lincoln would say -- so he would not get shot, as much as so he could have a chance to get elected-- things like "I never said I was for perfect equality"  and "If I had to chose which race was in a superior position I would chose my own race".

But then read the rest of the speech.


The black woman "may not be my equal" in certain respects.  But in her natural right to eat the bread she made with her own hands she IS my equal and the equal of any man".

Lincoln also said slave owners deserve to be "kicked to death".

KICKED TO DEATH.   Let me repeat that -- slave owners deserve to be kicked to death.   Strong enough for you???



Lincoln's ememies were quite good at trashing him for being "radical, obsessed and extreme"  for equality.   Douglas have speeches hours long -- all about Lincoln's "obession"  about "Nigger equality",

Douglas carried Lincoln's quotes around with him, in a satchel, and actually got Lincoln quotes out of the satchel in the debates!
Douglas and others also showed how Lincoln, from 1847 on, had proven his "obsession" for "Negro Worship"   by trying to end slavery in District of Columbia.  Who the hell even bothers to mention that today, show me one high school history teacher who even knows Lincoln was trying for years to kick slavery in the ass.

Yes, Lincoln had to be careful what he said -- just to survive in some places, but certainly to have any chance to win office.   Over and over Lincoln LOST his efforts to get political office because he was branded as "radical"  for equality.


Douglas -- and others -- including Illinois newspapers repeated regularly stories of Lincoln's resistance to Mexican War.  Lincoln -- and many others --claimed correctly that the Mexican War was done for slave power to double the size of slavery,  The killing was done FOR slavery to spread.

Even  some Southern leaders, and slave owners, admitted Lincoln WAS RIGHT!   Did you know that?  Some Southern leaders admitted Lincoln was right, the Mexican War was done as a means to double the size of land for slavery.

But hardly any US text book even admitted the Mexican War was known -- at the time --for doubling the size of slavery territory.  And if they admit it at all, they don't show Lincoln was one that called President Polk on this charade -- the war to spread slavery. 

People at the time knew- - full well.  And many in Illinois, including Douglas, reminded the public again and again and again of Lincoln's  "treason" for being truthful and against the Mexican war. One of the big reasons Lincoln could not win a head to head political race against Douglas- - Douglas was very good at branding Lincoln a traitor, a "Negro Worshipper"  and someone who wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers" 

Lincoln also said he would not allow the South to spread slavery and destroy the Union.   Southern leaders -- at the time -- claimed Lincoln  was calling for war with such statements.  Lincoln's statements were so strong, so amazing, so powerful for equality and how he would not allow slavery to spread, and would keep the Union together so that the slavery COULD not spread, that he was hated for his "extremism"  about this "Nigger equality" business.

His own supporters asked Lincoln to take back his assertion that slavery will end, or the Union will end. One will end.  One will survive.   And he did not expect the Union to end.

In other words -- slavery would end.  And he made sure it did

Too ugly to teach, but Douglas wisely used it over and over -- and he was not the only one to use this hateful and fear mongering approach. 


Frederick Douglass, of course, knew all this.   He knew Lincoln was called "Negro Worshipper".  Frederick Douglass knew Lincoln was accused by the most powerful speakers of the day for "Niggerism".

Frederick Douglass was not fooled by bullshit and distortions. He knew exactly what Lincoln did, said, and why.  

Douglass knew more than a few distorted slogans -- he knew what Lincoln DID.


Douglass knew that people were still being killed -- even in the North -- for being "Negro Worshippers".   Anyone that even dared be against the spread of slavery was attacked, as Lincoln was, for being "obsessed with Nigger rights".

Then Lincoln had to speak. Moments after the crowd yelled "DOWN WITH NIGGERS"  Lincoln had to get up and speak.

Moments after the most powerful speaker of the day ran side to side on the stage yelling "Mr Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers" -- Lincoln had to get up and speak. He had to explain to the crowd.

Not just to get a chance to get elected (he lost that race for Senate).  Lincoln had to explain himself or be in physical danger.  If Lincoln had said "Hey, if your daughter wants to sleep with Niggers, that's her business buddy"  Lincoln probably does not make it  home that night. He likely gets a bullet in the brain long before 1865.

As it was, others DID get bullets in the head, hung, drowned,  and even burned to death for being "radical" for equality of the Negro.

And guess who knew all that?

Lincoln knew.  Frederick Douglass knew.  Stephen A Douglas knew. Most people alive at the time knew.

But you did not know.  And likely, your history teacher does not know.  No one told you.  Ever.



Yet nearly every text books -- without any context, and then only giving a partial quote -- shows Lincoln as if Lincoln was indifferent or racist.   Yet when you get Lincoln's FULL quotes, and his actions, indeed, Southern leaders had reason to call Lincoln "radical and obsessed with equality"  for "Niggers".

Because Lincolns full speeches, his full communications, his full actions, are stunning, powerful and effective. Yes, a times he spoke about Union. At times he parsed words about "perfect equality".

1847 ON 

But he was always kicking slavery in the ass -- from 1847 on.  And Lincoln's record of kicking slavery in the ass -- and dramatically so.  When Douglas, and many others, accused Lincoln of being obsessed with equality for "Niggers"  it was this long history Lincoln had of doing all he could to stop the cancer of slavery and to keep blacks as human beings under the law.

The South - -and Stephen Douglas - were doing all they could to spread slavery, and declare blacks as not even human beings, but as property.


Douglas did not just say one time "Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers".  Douglas screamed it -- repeatedly.

In Quincy, as you will see (a city newspaper called for Frederick Douglass's death for speaking against slavery)  Douglas went into his "Nigger rant" per local reporters.  Douglas "Nigger rant"  was common, and part of his dramatic standard speech against Lincoln.

In Charleston, Douglas ran from side to side of the debate stage screaming that LIncoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".,  Lincoln wants negroes to be with your wife walking down the street, too. Lincoln wants Negroes to be on your juries, he wants them to vote.   He will have white women sleep with and marry "niggers".

This is what Lincoln actually faced -- and it was not just Douglas,  Douglas was wisely - and effectively -- tapping into a field of fear and hate.   Fear of blacks being free -- if slavery would end, or even if slavery did not spread, blacks will be allowed to walk down the street and be with your women.



Then Lincoln tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia.  A fact well known to Lincoln's enemies, including Douglas,  but for some reason, hardly mentioned by those trash Lincoln now. 

When you get all the facts, and Lincoln's full speeches, it's a drastically different set of facts that you are led to believe by a few out of context quotes.





Just stopping the SPREAD of slavery will burn us to death slowly, and doom the white woman to equality with the black man. 

Just stopping the SPREAD of slavery will doom the white race.   So said Southern leaders loudly and proudly and violently as humanly possible.

Why? Because that extremism worked -- it worked to get you elected, it worked to get you power, and it worked to lead the country directly to war. 


The hate and fear demagogues used race to get attention, to get power. To win elections. We deal with those hate and fear mongers to this day because the hate and fear did not end or even slow down, at the end of the Civil War. 


Yanks want us to marry our daughters to "Niggers".

Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with ......

Ending the spread of slavery will "Exterminate us".

Toombs own book at the time:

If we can not spread slavery (yes, spread it) the white race will be exterminated.  "EXPAND OR PERISH".


Perpetual slavery - - for the protection of the white race.

To just keep slavery where it was was fatal to the white race.


One example. Quincy Illinois papers (I grew up there) called for Frederick Douglass to be hung -- hung-- for speaking against slavery.   Quincy is where Lincoln had to debate.   See these newpaper clips I found -- you won't see them anywhere else. Foner or no one else seem remotely concerned about what Lincoln actually faced --even in IL.   

Lolvejoys death in Alton Il.  he was killed for publishing an abolitionist newspaper.  He was killed by a mob.  Not a lone assasin -- a mob.

A public mob decided Lovejoy had to die -- so they killed him,

Lovejoys death in Alton.
Killed for being "too radical" for "Niggers" 

One of the Lincoln Douglas debates was in ALTON.  

Douglas knew exactly who had died there.  Douglas actually named "Lovejoy" several times in the Lincoln Douglas debates.  He was telling folks -- and he knew this -- how radical and dangerous Lincoln was.  Lincoln's "friend" Lovejoy -- Douglas taunted him.

Douglas did not just imply such things -- he shouted it bluntly too --Lincoln would have your daughters sleep with black men. 

The crowds knew why.

Lincoln knew why.

Douglas knew why.

Why the hell are we not taught this was a big deal?

We are not even taught that it was a issue, much less the major and central emotional issue.

  Why give us the whitewashed limp version that is essentially meaningless?   Thanks Foner. Thanks McPherson. Thanks Catton.  You stupid bastards.

If you went to the wrong place, and said the wrong thing, to certain people, you could be dead.  It was impossible -- it could not be done -- that an avowed "abolitionist" to be elected.  Abolitionist in the minds of the public then meant you were for race mixing.You were for black men to sleep with white women.

It would take 40 years for that term "abolitionist" to be a term that meant anti slavery only.  And it would take 80 years  for it to have a place of honor in our history.

At the time -- remember this  --abolitionist was a very scary term to most whites, even in the North.  And especially in places like Illinois, which was still considered "the west".

Douglas had told Sumner the day before that he "should be kicked like a dog".   Then as Sumner was beaten,  Douglas sat just feet away, smiling.  He did not lift a finger to stop the beating.  

See the small man in the back, on the right?

That's Douglas smiling as Sumner is beaten. 

No one every told you any of this.



Douglas won this race, because Lincoln was "too radical" for the Nigger equality.   Many Illinois papers agreed with DOUGLAS! Yes Lincoln had supporting newspapers, too. But there was no newspaper in the state that advocated blacks and whites marry. In fact it would take almost 100 years for any "white" newspaper to advocate blacks and whites could sleep together, that black men could date or sleep or marry white women.




Lincoln's effort to end slavery in Washington DC 1848-- right after he stood up to President Polk on causing war  in Mexico for the benefit of slave power. Strange -- almost no "history majors" I have ever met even know Lincoln proposed ending slavery in District of Columbia.  Why?

Lincoln also tried 40 times to stop slavery from spreading in the land US stole from Mexico.  Some history teachers would be surprised to learn Southern leader Henry Clay agreed with Lincoln -- US conjured up a war against Mexico so they could steal land to spread slavery.  That was Henry Clay's insight, and he knew what the hell he was talking about. 

LIncoln called out Polk on this war, and the theft of lands from Mexico -- in order to spread slavery.

That was a terribly brave thing to do -- Lincoln was hated for it by many in Illinois.  No way he wins re-election because of this, nor did he even try to run for re-election.
Really odd -- if Lincoln did not care about slavery, if he was "late to the table" or "reluctant" to free slaves, why the hell was he doing these crazy and unpopular politically activities?   

And Lincoln was not done!!  Then he tried to end slavery in the District of Columbia.  Boy, that Lincoln  -- "nothing special"
 said Foner.  "Reluctant to free the slaves"  said others.   He sure was kicking slavery in the ass a lot, for a guy who didn't care about slavery. 


There are stunningly ugly parts about US history and Civil War -- widespread rape of slave women, torture of preachers who preached against slavery --gouging out the eyes and cutting off the heads of slaves.



Men were killed, tortured, and beaten IN THE NORTH during Lincoln's political life for speaking too bluntly for equality of the races.  Did you know that, or not?

  US Senator was beaten almost to death on the Senate floor-- you may know that already -- Charles Sumner.

But did you know Stephen A Douglas sat ten feet away laughing as Sumner was beaten?  No, you did not know.  

The newspapers at the time reported Douglas was joyous as Sumner was beaten -- and in a drawing of the beating, Douglas was shown in the background laughing.  

I show you the drawing, and Douglas, highlighted. And here is the newspaper clip....


Did you know Stephen A Douglas told Sumner, the day before he was beaten almost to death, that he should be "kicked like a dog"?

Sumner had just finished one day of the "Crimes Against Kansas" speech. He would give another full day to the rest of the speech.

No one knows  how the man got in to the Senate Chamber, he was not a Senator, and no one was allowed in, as a rule.  No one even alledged, that we know of, that Douglas got anyone in. But it is very well known Douglas sat there laughing as Sumner was beaten.

And very well know Sumner was talking -- by name -- about Douglas  and his partner Atchison -- David Rice Atchison.  Atchison at that moment, and for two years hence, was in Kansas terrorizing and killing.

Remember this, Atchison and Douglas were the ones that got Kansas Act Passed.

Then Atchison went to Kansas, began terrorizing, later killing, to spread slavery, and boasting of it.

Most of all, remember this -- THAT IS WHAT SUMNER WAS TALKING ABOUT.

Sumner was talking, in the speech he was beaten nearly to death for, about Douglas and his friend Atchison, and what Atchison and his paid men were doing (torturing and killing) to spread slavery.

You now know more than your history teacher.  Few history teachers know this -- until you tell them, then they act like they know.   But if you first ask them who Sumner was talking about, they do not know.

If you first ask them who got Kansas Act passed with Stephen A Douglas, they won't know (it was Atchison).  

If you first ask them who went to Kansas, worked officially for Jefferson Davis, and boasted about killing to spread slavery  (it was David Rice Atchison) they won't know.


The edited quote here seems to prove Lincoln was "as racist as anyone," right?

You must get his full speech, in which Lincoln then undermines that very statement --  refutes it, and goes on to say any black person is equal in natural rights to any white person.  

Yes Lincoln did say the above, notice the quote does NOT include what he said next, that blacks, in their rights under the Declaration of Independence ARE the equal of Judge Douglas, and himself, and of any man.

Lincoln was careful what he said -- notice "perfect equality".  Lincoln was trying to get whites to stop torturing black women, selling babies, stop the US from burning to death black skinned people who fought against slavery.

He was not worried about "perfect" equality.  He was hated just for being as radical as he dared to be. 

So you need to get his full speeches, and the context -- context being the hatred and fear pumped up by men like Stephen A Douglas, Toombs, and a thousand others. 


It serves no purpose to teach the ghastly horrors -- but we should teach the basics truths, best we can, about what led to the Civil War. 

Stupidly we have not yet done so.



Every time Lincoln got up to speak (and he gave over 3,000 speeches) he had to avoid getting hated - even assassinated - by the fringe radical part of the pro-slavery folks. 

They called Lincoln radical and obsessed for equality for a reason -- they knew his actions and his full speeches.  Like his speech about slave owners deserve to be kicked to death


There were also more radical speakers than Lincoln -- but they refused to go where Lincoln went, and did not run for President or Senator.  

The abolitionist speakers were hated by many -- even by people who opposed slavery often had no use for "abolitionist"  precisely because abolitionist were tied to the notion white women would sleep with black men.


Not the blunt, ugly, but honest approach, that's for sure.



If anyone could trash Lincoln, it would be Frederick Douglass who sometimes blasted Lincoln in his newspaper, North Star, for not being militant enough, and eager enough, for war to end slavery.

But Douglass knew - and you do not -- what Lincoln faced. 

Yet Douglass said that, all things considered, Lincoln was "radical, swift, zealous and determined"  to end slavery.  

The Cornerstone speeches

          The Cornerstone speeches

The Cornerstone speeches 

Alexander Stephens gave a series of speeches --most history teacher assume there was only one. It was a series of speeches to crowds that cheered. Stephens was on a speaking tour, just before the fighting started, bragging that the Confederacy was based on "the great truth" that blacks are inferior beings.

He also bragged that the Confederacy was based on punishing the black race for biblical sins. Let me repeat that.  He boasted the Confederacy was based on -- created for -- God to punish the black race. 

No one batted an eye -- this was a meme by slave owners all along. Blacks were being punished -- or civilized as some said -- for God.



It takes a special kind of crazy to boast of punishing an entire race, and to justify torture.   But then, Southern leaders had, over the years, gone more and more extreme  in this regard, as they had to i


Mostly our "historians" seem enamored over BS.  There is always plenty of room -- chapters or the entire book -- of bullshit, and little basic information. You don't get much more basic than Southern War Ultimatums and Southern leaders long repeated speeches about killing to spread slavery and how they created their country to punish blacks for biblical sins.

  Regardless of the reason, only a few historians even mention any of this, and when they do, it's on towardsthe back page 178, in a throw away paragraph, on a throw away page, in a throw away chapter.   Essentially they may as well not put it in at all -- and most "historians"  did not put it in anywhere at all.

No room, apparently. So the basic emotional and hateful weapon used by the South and by Lincoln's enemies in the North is virtually unknown by now generations of Americans.

"Historians" like Bruce Catton and James McPherson spent more space and time covering Confederate belt buckles than describe or seem to even be aware of what Lincoln actually faced. 

You can't understand Lincoln, or what was going on in the USA, North and South, unless you understand this.  __________________________________________

We are not taught any of that.  None.  Yet that was the actual and effective way Southern leaders not only spread slavery -- but it was what Lincoln and the world (not just US) had to deal with.  Violent oppressive men who claim God told them to enslave -- even that God told them to punish (torture) blacks.

And our "historians" give us drivel like " ""middle rank Southerners believed there were advantages of capital controlling labor"

Furthermore if you major in history, you better be able to give your teacher the bullshit. Most history teachers swim a pool of bullshit, but then so do most "historians" including McPherson, Foner, and Catton.

As long as "historians" give us bullshit, we will not only not learn about what led to the Civil War, we will have no ability to correct our mistakes of the past.   It's time we learned who did what -- and why -- leading to the Civil War.  


maybe they knew?

When some Southern  soldiers were captured early in the war -- they said they fought because the "Yankees"  were going to have their daughters sleep with "Niggers."

Gee -- I wonder why they got that idea? 

 The point is, the propaganda against Lincoln, against anyone who dared be against the spread of slavery -- was effective. It worked.  It also led to hate and fear of black race that continues today. 






There are reasons Southern and Northern leaders claimed Lincoln was "radical" and "extreme" for equality.  In fact, Lincoln was called "the worst sort of abolitionist" -- do not believe him, they said. He has said the Union had to end, or slavery had to end, and this, said Southern leaders "WAS A DECLARATION OF WAR


If you were taught the facts about Mexican War you would know US did invade Mexico, did start a war, and did it to gain territory to spread slavery.    Even Southern slave owner leaders said so (Henry Clay, notably). 

Lincoln failed to stop the war to spread slavery - - but he then  tried 40 times -- 40 times -- to stop the actual spread of slavery into the land just stolen by the Mexican War.   His enemies knew that. I doubt anyone ever told you.  I doubt most history teachers have a clue of either fact. 

Lincoln's  enemies also knew Lincoln pushed into Congress, not long after the Mexican war, a bill to abolish slavery in District of Columbia.

In books about Lincoln and slavery -- you'd think the authors could find a page or two -- or even a paragraph -- about Lincoln's amazing efforts to stop the Mexican War, to call out President Polk on his efforts to help slavers spread slavery, and then try to end slavery in District of Columbia.  

This was part of a pattern of Lincoln's day to day, almost hour by hour, efforts to first stop the spread of slavery so that slavery would die, rather then the United States and the Declaration of Independence die.

It was one or the other, said Lincoln essentially.  He was not the only one saying this or acting upon this premise.  As you will see, Southern leaders said the same thing, and very much acted on this premise.  It's not my fault no one told you

 And repeatedly Lincoln spoke about the impact of this upon the world, not just US. 

If the slavers could force slavery into the rest of the country by Dred Scott and Kansas Act, and officially declare certain races as not human beings (The Dred Scott decision did in fact declare the black race as not human beings, not persons),  the that could well be the end of government of the people, by the people. 

In private conversations Lincoln repeatedly spoke of this.  It was NOT simply for United States.   If slavery spread to all of the US, if the only right was by the right of power, of the strongest oppressing the weaker at their will, then this great experiment of freedom is over.

And freedom lost.

You are not taught this -- but SOUTHERN leaders said the same thing from their point of view.   They would spread slavery to all of the US -- including the North-- and to the rest of the world.

Bet no one ever told you.


 When Henry Clay said the US invaded Mexico to spread slavery (and many others said it too) then the US invaded Mexico to spread slavery.  
4) Lincoln's enemies knew that Lincoln said slave owners deserve nothing but "kicking and death". 


Most people -- even many "history teachers"  think slavery was  voted for  in any state in an honest way. It never was.  

As Lincoln explained correctly in his letters, slavery was ALWAYS spread by killing and violence, ALWAYS maintained by the same means.  Everything about slavery was violent. What we call "Trouble in Kansas"  was the South's campaign to send over 1000 men there in 1856 to kill and torture those who even spoke publicly against slavery -- all the while calling it "a perfect right to decide their domestic institutions themselves".

The Kansas Act -- which is idiotically and absurdly taught today as being an effort to "resolve the slavery issue peacefully"  was the most violent effort to do just and precisely the opposite.

It takes a special kind of stupid 
to call the Kansas Act
an effort to settle slave issue peacefully.

45) Lincoln's enemies knew he spoke of violence against those who would attempt to destroy this country by pushing slavery in the manner of Kansas Act and Dred Scott.  No one told you that, either. 

6) Lincoln's enemies knew Lincoln said dozens  of times, slavery had to end -- or the Union would end. Essentially one would live, one would die. He was not fooling around, he was deadly serious. 

And he was right, only one could survive, because of Dred Scott and Kansas Act. 

That's why so many people today are stupid about Lincoln and slavery.  They don't know what the hell Kansas Act and Dred Scott were -- though Lincoln explained it many times.


House Divided  

"It will be all one thing, or all another" 

Stunningly, though Lincoln's House Divided Speech is taught or at least mentioned in all US schools, stupidly we don't take Lincoln at his word.  

Southern leaders sure did. In fact, they agreed.  They made sure that was the case -- either slavery spread to the Pacific, or there would be war. Southern War Ultimatums boil down to that.

Slavery will spread to all of the US -- or slavery dies.   Only one thing will survive (because of the "machinery of Kansas Act and Dred Scott). 

Lincoln (and others) saw this immediately -- Kansas Act was a violent ruse to spread slavery where 90% of the citizens were against it.   When the ruse did not work as planned (because KS citizens fought back) the South went as we would say "nuclear"  and put through Dred Scott decision. 

From that point on, the Union had to end, or slavery had to end. Given the war ultimatums and killing sprees, given that Southern leaders were by now fully entrenched in spreading slavery by their speeches and pledges to Southern voters, they could not back down.  
Lincoln was not kidding. And he was correct.  Furthermore, Southern leaders agreed with him on that. 

In fact Lincoln's "all one thing or another" -- all slave or all free -- speeches, were used against him time and time again.  . One would live, one would die -- and he "did not expect" the Union to die.

It takes a special kind of stupid to ignore Lincoln's repeated and most famous speeches leading up to the Civil War.

Lincoln shouted, in an unchartaristic manner for him,  "WE SHANT LET YOU" destroy the Union, in his Knox speech.   At the time, the South was promising endless violence to spread slavery (See Southern War Ultimatums 1856).  In the Knox speech Lincoln essentially responded to the War Ultimatums out of Kansas.

The famous "House Divided Speech"  was entirely about this -- one thing would survive - the Union or slavery. Keeping the Union together meant one thing to Lincoln -- slavery could not spread.



Only by destroying the Union could slavery spread.  This was not simply Lincoln's guess - this was the promise of the Southern leaders. 

We shall have the spread of slavery into Kansas or we shall have war and separation of countries. Only if we have our own country - where blacks are seen as inferior beings,  and based on the will of God, can there be peace between us.

  Learn Southern leaders own war ultimatums.

  It's astonishing that this most basic agreement by Southern leaders and Lincoln is ignored now.  Southern leaders made it very clear, by sending  paid killers to Kansas in 1856, and by their own official declarations and speeches.

If they could not spread slavery into Kansas and beyond in the Union, they would indeed spread slavery into Kansas and beyond, outside the Union.

How on earth this is a surprise to anyone alive today, who claims to know the history of the Civil War, is an indictment of the lazy and inept way we teach the Civil War. For some reason our "historians" and text books have been too cowardly to expose what Southern leaders were bragging about and doing at the time, in candid terms.


Yes this is an ugly thing - Southern leaders were obsessed with the idea black men being free to "be with your wife"  and "sleep with your daughters".   Over and over this was the central emotional issue of speeches against Lincoln, including during the Lincoln Douglas debates.

Why not show that -- Southern leaders were proud of it! 

It's a damn shame we don't teach this.
It's basic -
It's what actually went on
It's what actually mattered. 


  They well remembered Lincoln's efforts to try to end slavery --starting in District of Columbia, submitting this legislation to outlaw slavery there. 


It was no secret to Lincoln's enemies that Lincoln went where others dare not go (see below) and spoke against slavery even in Kansas, where it had been against the law to speak publicly against slavery.

They knew that newspapers, even in Illinois, called for the death of black people who spoke against slavery in Kansas. 

Lincoln had to speak in cities where the newspapers called for THE DEATH of blacks who spoke against slavery. Let that sink in.

These were not Southern papers I show here, they are from cities were Lincoln travelled, and knew well, and had to speak in debates there. 



Lincoln -- who always said public sentiment means everything -- was very careful how he fought back against these charges.  He would say things like "I never said I was for perfect equality --"  but the overall speech was amazing and powerful FOR equality under the law.