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Douglas must be stupid.   Right?
  Douglass claimed Lincoln was   


   Gee, Douglass had to be stupid, right?   


Not only did Frederick Douglass claim Lincoln was "radical" to end slavery -Lincoln's enemies, including Jeff Davis and Stephen A Douglas, called Lincoln "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"  and "The worst kind of abolitionist"


WTF?  LIncoln radical to end slavery???

WTF  Lincoln zealous?

WTF  Lincoln swift?


  Douglass has to be stupid.  Did he not  hear about that letter to Greeley? Lincoln was keeping the UNION together!

  Did Douglass not know those 10 sentences (picked out of 3000 speeches )?     



Did he not read Eric Foner -- Lincoln was "nothing special", and very ordinary for his time.


Did he not read McPherson -- Lincoln had to be pulled into freeing the slaves, he did not want to.

Maybe Douglass just needs 10 minute "history lesson"  from any high school teacher in America.

There are thousands of idiots, some wrote books about Lincoln, even teach at major universities.   But these stupid bastards leave out a few things. We show you.

Then again -- maybe not.,

See, Douglas knew things your "history teacher"  never mentioned,  like how Lincoln was called "Nigger lover"  and "Negro Worshipper"   who "wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers."

Dougalss was no one's fool --  saw women whipped to death, chased to Europe, became the most famous AMERICAN in Europe for years,  and focused his entire life on slavery and equality for blacks, did not know what he was talking about.

So to those stupid bastards who pretend to be intellectual because they know a few out of context Lincoln quotes, absent his actions, absent his full quotes,   STICK THIS UP YOUR ASS.

Like the truth.What happened. Learn what the fuck happened, and you wont be so easily fooled by bullshitters.



Frederick Douglass knew things that no one ever told you, because he lived it. Every day, every hour of every day.

He really didn't give a shit what some book said 100 years later, or what some "history" teacher read in such books.



Telling folks that Lincoln wants  your daughters to sleep with and marry with "Niggers"  was Stephen Douglas way of trying to scare the shit out of Lincoln.

It worked. 

  Lincoln had to parse words -- but even when parsing words, Lincoln brought down the thunder.  Years later people could edit quotes, chop apart this, remove the context, and make Lincoln seem horrible.

No one left a Lincoln speech or debate with any confusion whatsoever.   No one walked away and  was confused.

You'd have to read Lincoln's full speeches -- in context.   And learn his actions, 1846 on.  


Did you know Lincoln was called "the WORST type of abolitionist" by  Southern leaders?  No.

Did you know that blacks were killed in the South, when Lincoln simply gave his "House Divided" speech -- where he said slavery had to end, or the Union had to end.

And Lincoln said -- the Union will NOT end.  Southern leaders went bat shit. Did anyone ever tell you that?   Southern leaders called this an "ACT OF WAR"  that Lincoln, then a Senate candidate, would dare say the Union or slavery would last, but not both. One would have to go.

No one ever told you that, did they?

Did you know Lincoln's friend was killed -- burned to death -- for writing a newspaper against slavery, in IL?  No.

Did you know Lincoln went to Kansas, where people were still being killed for speaking against slavery, and there, spoke against slavery?   No.

These are the kinds of things Frederick Douglass knew verywell, and you never heard of.

 Do you know who accused Lincoln, to his face, in front of white crowds, that Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with "Niggers"?

No -- but Douglass knew.

Did your your  history teacher ever tell you that Stephen A Douglas, again and again, to Lincoln's  face, and in other speeches, told the public Lincoln was obsessed with equality, and wants your daughter to sleep with and marry with Niggers.

That's all been white washed, but was reported at the time very clearly, in papers at the time.

Lincoln wants your WIFE to walk down the street with "Niggers". 

New York papers called Lincoln the "Negro Worshiper".

No one ever told you that.  And much much.


 Douglas knew Lincoln was lucky he didn't get a bullet to the brain SOONER for his radical (yes radical, we show you) message to the public.

People today have no fucking clue how violent Southern folks, and Southern sympathizers were.  US Senator was beat on the floor of the Senate for speaking of things I tell you here.

Your history teacher SHOULD have told you -- 


You probably do not know -- your history teacher probably does not know either -- that blacks were being burned to death, and whites hung, for being against slavery.

Did your teacher ever mention that in all Southern states, and in Kansas, you could be arrested, tortured, and put in jail for just owning the wrong book? Hell no. You could be arrested and tortured for publishing anti-slavery pamplets?

Did anyone tell you that? FUCK NO.  And Lincoln went to Kansas and spoke against slavery, at a time doing so was illegal.

No one told you that, did they?

Hell no. 

Guess who knew all this -- and much more?

Frederick Douglass.

Guess who didn't know this -- YOU.  And likely your history teacher had no clue either.


It's only slightely overstating it, to say that at the time, in many areas (Southern Illinois one of those areas)  to be called an abolitionist was like today being called a child molester.

John Palmer, LIncoln's friend, wrote about this as an older man, saying that people of that day (1890) had no concept that just 30 years ago, abolitionist was a vile term in much of the US.  

No one, in fact, went were Lincoln did, and when Lincoln did, speaking as powerfully as Lincoln did. 

And if your history books weren't so full of bullshit, your text books would show you why both -- both -- Frederick Douglas and Stephen A Douglas called Lincoln radical.


Lincoln's basic message was -- keep the Union together, that will over time end slavery.  Slavery was a cancer, and Southern killing sprees, Southern War Ultimatums, were all about spreading slavery.  Stop that spread, and that has to end slavery.

No one -- absolutely no one -- seriously suggested the North should invade the South to end slavery by force.  First, there were not 100 men in the North that would try such a thing.   Southern leaders jumped up and down and accused Lincoln of that, saying if they could stop the spread of slavery, they could stop slavery where it already existed.

Stephen A Douglas, in the debates  called Lincoln, to his face "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"  and told the crowds "Mr Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with, and marry with, Niggers" 

Over and over -- in high school and college  history courses, the same crap -- Lincoln didn't really care about slavery. Lincoln was ambivalent.  Lincoln "evolved".  Lincoln was racist and wanted blacks to go back to Africa...   Lincoln used slavery to get public sentiment on his side for political purposes.


Yes, you can take a sentence here, and there, and make Lincoln seem anyway you like.  That's the game often played.

Sometimes Lincoln haters repeat quotes that leave out certain words,  but Lincoln DID say things that, taken out of context, make him look horrible.

But get all the words -- and more, get context, and Lincoln's actions, and you will see, Douglas, Douglass, and Jeff Davis were all correct: Lincoln really was a radical abolitionist.





Hundreds of times, Lincoln began 

And get the full words.   Lincoln was often very careful how he said something.

Lincoln's basic approach was to FIRST mollify a crowd, most of whom either hated blacks, feared black men "being with" their wives and daughters, or at best, did not give a shit.

Again, and again, and again -- hundreds times, Lincoln "set up" his powerful words for equality under the law, by seeming to agree with a basic fear or prejudice of the day.  So yes, if you get the quote from that part of his speech, and don't give the full words, scum sucking pigs can, have, and will continue to make Lincoln look horrible.

But get the FULL speech, in context.  You won't be fooled by the lying bastards, or those that repeat that bullshit.

When Lincoln went further, however, he kicked ass, he mowed down the sentiment he just seemed to agree with.

We MAY not be perfectly equal, Lincoln said, in COLOR. No duh.  PERHAPS we are not equal in intelligence.  

Lincoln's full message was this --    in our natural rights, protected by the Declaration of Independence any black person, no matter  how low, is equal to any white woman, no matter how high.

THese fucktards have taken part of Lincoln's words  -- deliberately ignored the full speech, and more, the full context.

Southerners,  -- you probably don't know this -- hated Lincoln because he was "the worst sort of abolitionist"  who deceived the public by claiming to be first for stopping the SPREAD of slavery.

Make no mistake, Southern leaders said Lincoln WAS "the worst sort" of abolitionist"

But Southern leaders shouted as loudly as they could -- Lincoln was not just a "Negro Worshipper"  but that Lincoln wanted to end the spread of slavery because Lincoln knew that would kill slavery where it was.

Do not believe Lincoln, they said. He may focus on stopping the spread of slavery -- but he is actually going to kill slavery, as soon as he can.  Keeping slavery from expanding will destroy the white race, and Lincoln knows it.


And they were right. 


Lincoln was hated -- at the time - for being a "Nigger lover"  who was "obsessed with equality for the Nigger".  And he was killed for his speech about voting rights for blacks.

Lincoln would probably laugh, if you told him 150 years from now, people will claim he was not really against slavery.  Or that he just used opposition to slavery to win political favor in the North.

People in the North did not, by and large, give a shit about slavery, and sure as hell were not going to fight to free anyone.   The South were the "tough guys".   They were violent, and threatening, and beating up US Senators. They were torturing slaves, promising spread of slavery in their War Ultimatums.  

Most people in the North would not walk across the street to piss on a slave.   Lincoln had to be very careful how he spoke.

There are books -- by "experts"---- who tell you Lincoln didn't care about blacks or slavery.   

Or that Lincoln brought slavery as an issue only late in the war.

Or that Lincoln only used ending slavery as political issue because it was popular (idiots, Lincoln lost elections and was eventually shot in the head because ending slavery was NOT popular.)

Others, seemingly "scholarly" books claim Lincoln was "reluctant" to end slavery and that really,  he wanted to send all blacks to Africa.
BTW - no, Lincoln and Stephen Douglas were not personal friends.  Lincoln hated him, with reason.   Lincoln knew full well Douglas duplicity in working with Jeff Davis and Davis Rice Atchison to spread slavery, but that's another story.

No one tells you -- have they - how dangerous it was for Lincoln to say many of the radical things he said. You are not told how radical Lincoln was -- for his time and place,  no one was more radical.

Even in books ABOUT Lincoln-Douglas debates, such as by David Zarefsky, somehow completely ignore Douglas amazing calls to, essentially, violence against Lincoln, which Lincoln handled well, using humor. 

For example, did you know Lincoln was hated  -- North and South -- by millions of people because, as some claimed he was a "Nigger Lover"  and a "Negro Worshipper"? 

  New York papers showed him as a goofy "Negro Worshipper"   and Stephen A Douglas told crowds, as Lincoln stood there, that "Mr Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with and marry with Niggers"

No one ever told you that did they?

ANd there is much, much more. 



We all know -- no one would be at all surprised -- that people cherry pick the bible. A few words here, tie it to a few word there, and you can make the bible say anything you want.

Same with Lincoln's 3000 speeches, and his letter to Greeley.

But get ALL of Lincoln's speeches, all of his letters,  in context, and more, his actions, and no one comes close, in being as effective and powerful as Lincoln.


The only white person more radical than Lincoln -- according to Frederick Douglass -- was John Brown.   And John Brown's approach got him captured in about 2 hours, and hung in two weeks.

Worse -- John Brown's raid actually militarized the South and gave the most extreme folks like Robert Toombs justification for their crowd pleasing hate mongering.  Frederick Douglass - a good friend of John Brown -- said Brown's raid hurt, and did  not help, the abolition cause.

Lincoln's was as radical - but smarter.  Lincoln had to speak more carefully, especially when and where he was.

Lincoln gave over 3000 speeches, and by leaving out his full speech, his full meanings, you can make Lincoln say anything you want -- as we show.

 Some of these idiots even claim Lincoln had slaves and that the South was anti slavery, Lincoln was pro slavery.  




AND -- to his face, repeatedly, Stephen Douglas said Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

Gee -- someone forgot to mention the full story?

 Lincoln eventually got a bullet in the brain because  he spoke about voting rights for blacks. No one told you that, did they? 

Booth heard Lincoln's speech about voting rights for blacks -- and changed his plan from kidnap, to kill.  
And if Lincoln had spoke that way sooner, he would have been killed sooner. 



Yes, there were folks out East -- talking to people who already agreed with them, preaching to the choir. But no one going where Lincoln went, when Lincoln went there, saying what Lincoln said. How the hell have most "historians" missed that?


Frederick Douglass sure didn't miss it, that Lincoln was radical and zealous.  But largely, "historians"  in last 50 years, have.

Lincoln would be shot later -- and others were shot at the time -- for saying the wrong thing. In all Southern states, and in Kansas, it was still a crime, yes a crime, to speak or write against slavery. In Kansas, people were being drowned, tortured and hung for speaking against slavery.

We don't teach any of that.  Did your teachers tell you abolitionist were still being killed -- white abolitionist -- when Lincoln ran for office?  You had to be very careful what you said -- or  like Lovejoy, Lincoln's friend, you could end up dead.

You have to know that -- as Frederick DOuglas knew well (he published reports of such things daily in his newspaper, the Northern Star.).

Lincoln's love for, and obsession with, equality for the "N*gger" (the word Douglas usually used) was woven in, and the basic fear and hate mongering by Douglas. 

As you will see - Douglas said this, repeatedly -- to stir up hate and fear against Lincoln.  People were still being killed at this time for letting white women, be anywhere near a black man. 

These may be idle words to you , but at the time, it was like calling someone a "child molester".  Douglas was heaping scorn on Lincoln as no other words could have, at that time.

The fear and loathing of black men, being free and being allowed near white women, was a huge issue at the time -- and Douglas used that over, and over, and over.


Lincoln might  laugh -- and so would his enemies -- to think people 150 years later said Lincoln was not really against slavery.   Actually, as you will see, Lincoln was lucky he didn't get a bullet in the brain sooner. In the South, it was even worse...... 



Lincoln's friend -- Lovejoy -- was killed by a mob, for writing a newspaper against slavery. He was burned to death inside his newspaper building - he published anti slavery newspaper.  Some say he was killed first, but others said he was burned to death in the building.

In fact, Stephen Douglas slyly mentioned Lincoln's friend Lovejoy, in the debates.   Yes, he knew Lovejoy was killed for being too radical for equality.  

Douglas was doing his best "dog whistle" - tying Lincoln to a man who many thought was dangerous, Lovejoy. Rather like many today tell of Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, who was a radical in 1960's,

Always - always -- it was about black men being around white women. Douglas was blunt about that - Mr. Lincoln wants your daughters to "sleep with and marry with N*ggers"   

They don't teach you that in school.  So "history teachers" are too ill informed (aka stupid IMHO) to tell you. But that's exactly what was going on.

And it worked -- Lincoln was not elected to Senate, and furthermore, Lincoln was from then on seen as very dangerous man by many, especially in the South.

The term "Negro Worshipper" was common then, for just being against slavery.   Routinely, anyone in Lincoln's party was called "Black Republican" even in "polite" circles, in official documents by the South, such as letters from the governor of Southern states, to the people .

Murder of Lovejoy, Lincoln's friend.


Hell yes Douglas knew it -- and that's why Stephen Douglas again, and again told the public LIncoln was radical and obsessed for equality.

And Douglas used the Nword.  It was cleaned up in some papers, and in all history books, but some papers left "Nigger" in, and Stephen Douglas was well known for use of that word, even in the US Senate, both before and after the debates against Lincoln


And that was from NORTHERN folks, like New York newspapers and Stephen A Douglas.

  Lincoln will burn you to death by slow fire  .

From the South, Lincoln was called "the worst kind of abolitionist" who will "burn you slowly alive"  and destroy the white race.

As Robert Toombs said -- we (white race) are about to be "exterminated".   And the guy who would cause this was "radical"  Abraham Lincoln, by simply being against the spread of slavery into Kansas.


Pushing the envelope

No one did what Lincoln did.  

None of the great "anti-slavery" speakers went where Lincoln did - they went to places that already agreed with them,  mostly in the far east. Never in Quincy or Alton or Charleston.

Did anyone ever point that out? Those folks who trash Lincoln?


Did they show you the full speeches and context?


Certainly no abolitionist speaker went to Kansas,  as Lincoln did in in 1859, where people were still being killed for speaking against slavery.  It's amazing he got out of there alive, if you know what was going on in Kansas. Others were killed there, and Southern leaders boasted of that.

Only when you know the complete story -- not some slogans and out of context crap -- can you know how amazing Lincoln was.  Frederick Douglass knew what the  hell he was talking about -- your "history" teacher does not.

Lincoln's friend, Lovejoy, was killed for being outspoken against slavery. 

Lincoln himself did get a bullet in the brain, after his speech about voting rights for blacks, when Booth changed his plan, because he heard that speech, from kidnap to kill.

Gee -- your "history" teacher never mentioned that.

Guess who knew all this, and more??

Not your history teacher. 

Frederick Douglass knew it.   


You can take edited out of context quotes, and many do.  Play those word games, if you want, but get all the words -- and all the actions.

Lincoln was lucky he didn't get the bullet in the brain much sooner.


  See this....


As you see, you COULD take a few words here, and a few words from there, and make Lincoln say, "blacks are certainly not my equal".
This  movie clip  is edited so Stephen A Douglas says "Negro." 

Otherwise, the dialog is nearly verbatim, and show in context, with the meaning of both men faithfully expressed.

According to newspaper reports at the time, in two cities (Quincy and Charleston) Douglas spit the word "Nigger" out, with great emphasis

There is no mention of this in any US history text book, college or high school.   So how else would you know?  We got this from newspapers at the time -- and the speeches by Southern leaders, and Frederick Douglass,  at the time. 





Also  no mention that Lincoln operated in  time ENTIRELY under the Supreme Court order -- yes order -- that blacks were not human beings, not persons.  

That's another basic thing Douglass knew well -- everyone knew it.

But people today, do not.  

Dred Scott decision was far more vile than your history teacher probably bothered to mention. Douglas called Lincoln a traitor for even claiming blacks were human beings, BECAUSE the Supreme Court had ruled they were not human beings. 

That was Stephen Douglas logic -- and Jeff Davis.

The US Supreme Court had ruled blacks are not human beings. See below. NOT persons. Specifically -- by order -- NOT persons.

It did not suggest it -- did not mention it. The Court ORDERED it. Expressly ORDERED that.  

Most  history teachers look at you like you are out of your mind when you tell them. Then, you show them the decision, and how Jeff Davis/ Stephen Douglas used Dred Scott, and how they hated Lincoln for saying blacks WERE human and should entitled to all rights in the Constitution.
When you show them that -- clearly they never heard of such a thing --they act like they knew that.  They didn't know shit.

Douglas would pump Lincoln up as some kind of lunatic who WANTED - WANTED your daughters sleep with "NIGGERS"  as you will see.

That was in addition to his supposed "radical abolitionist" stance of claiming blacks should have all rights of Declaration of Independence.

By the way, the United States Supreme Court- - and Stephen A Douglas, repeatedly said the Declaration of Independence was "unconstitutional".  Another thing you never heard. In long drawn out speeches, the Declaration of Independence was unconstitutional.   Gee,  the things your "history teacher" forgets to mention.

After being called Nigger lover.  Lincoln was hit with all this.

After telling the crowd Lincoln wanted your daughters to sleep with Niggers.

After telling the crowd Lincoln was a radical abolitionist,
Lincoln had to get up and speak. 

Unless you know that -- and few people do -- you don't know shit about Lincoln, or Douglas, or what led up to the Civil War.



No one ever told you that. Frederick Douglass knew it, and much, much more.




   Measuring Lincoln by the "sentiment of his country"   Lincoln was swift,  zealous radical and determined.  

Douglass also knew Lincoln was not King.  He could, for example, end slavery be decree, or he would have.

Douglass also knew -- as did everyone alive in 1862, that Lincoln had to keep the border states in the Union.

If Lincoln did not keep those border states in the Union, the war is over.   The CSA  would be 3 times larger than USA.   

So Lincoln wrote that letter -- about Union.

Lincoln was called "Negro Worshipper"   and "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"  by Stephen A Douglas, repeatedly and to his face, in the debates.

When not in debates, Douglas accused LIncoln of being a traitor -- literally a traitor -- to the United States, for the crime of claiming blacks were human beings, and as such entitled to all the rights in the Declaration of Independence.

This was in "direct violation"  of the United State's Surpreme Court ruling that blacks were not even human beings, not persons.  The court -- as you will see below - affirmatively ordered, yes ordered, that blacks will NOT be seen as human beings (not persons).

As property, blacks are indistinguishable to dogs or bucket or a load of hay. They have no rights

 The person owning them has the rights. And slavery shall therefore, by a second order in the same decision, the federal government will protect slavery, even in areas that voted 95% against slavery.

That's right. There were two orders of the court, in Dred Scott. One, that blacks are not human beings, not persons. Two, that it did not matter at all, that 95% of the people in KS were against slavery, as they were, and as they voted.

That Lincoln would dare disagree with that -- Douglas said he was a traitor. And "obsessed with equality for the N*gger"

This was the reality of the life in 1858.   Both for Lincoln -- and for Jeff Davis.

 Jeff Davis, of course, was thrilled with Kansas Act and  Dred Scott court orders. He sent Atchison to Kansas, and got reports of how the killing was going.


And contrary to what some tell you (like Erik Foner)  no, Dred Scott was NOT about citizenship and a "rather narrow ruling".

Foner insists that Dred Scott was a "rather narrow ruling" about citizenship and Congress's ability to decide slavery in Kansas.

Oh shit.  Far more drastic.

Blacks are NOT HUMAN beings.  Eric "forgot" to mention that, though LIncoln, and Davis, and the decision itself makes that clear.


 Did Frederick Douglass just need to learn about Lincoln's letter to Greeley?    No -- he published Lincoln's letter to Greeley.

Did Frederick Douglass just need to learn about those quotes from Lincoln in Charleston, and elsewhere?

No, Douglass knew those quotes very well.


 Douglass knew the full story -- not the selected bullshit so many people spout today, out of stupidity and or out of hatred even now of "The War Of Northern Aggression".

Sadly it is not just Southern apologist who claim Lincoln "didnt really care"   The slanted out of context bullshit is repeated so much, people believe the distoms 


But when you see ALL Lincoln said, and know how Douglas was saying LIncoln wanted your daughter to sleep with "Niggers"  - no one in their right mind was confused.  

Lincoln did say -- she is "CERTAINLY NOT MY EQUAL IN CERTAIN RESPECTS"  . That's the part  quote.

 . That's the part  quote.

. That's the part  quote.

. That's the part  quote.

  But then he would reverse course and bring the thunder in the opposite direction.  


The equal of  any man.

The equal of every man.  IN her natural right -- in her rights under the Declaration of Independence -- she IS my equal. And the equal of any man.

That is a perfect metaphor for the tortured RHETORIC position Lincoln had to take.  The word game he had to play.

Try to grasp that.

No one ever left a Lincoln speech confused at all. He was FOR equality of the races under the law. Radically so. Profoundly so.

And his full actions, full speeches, make that clear.

His enemies -- to his face -- said he was a Nigger lover who wanted your daughters to sleep with Niggers.

His friend -- Lovejoy -- was killed for abolition statements.

Others were killed for abolition statements.  It was STILL illegal in 12 states to even give speeches like LIncoln gave.   And it was dangerous to speak too bluntly to people where LIncoln spoke.

The amazing thing about Lincoln is how powerful he was -- but you need to read the FULL speeches. And know what was going on.



The famous abolitionist did NOT speak where LIncoln did, when  he did. They stayed in Maine, New York,  Chicago,  and spoke to crowds that already agreed with them. 

People paid to hear them, no one paid Lincoln. But that was a minority of people that would turn out to hear abolitionist speakers.

This was no secret then. It's just glossed over now.





Stephen A Douglas. 


Lincoln had to be careful -- his friend Lovejoy had been killed by a crowd for his "radical abolitionism".   Most white people in Illinois had never seen a black person up close -- and it was illegal for lacks to move to Illinois.

 Lincoln had to prove he was not saying your daughter should "sleep with Niggers".  Politically, it was suicide in those areas to be too "radical".  

Lincoln, even when speaking carefully as possible -- was called "Nigger lover" who "worshipped the Nigger" by some who wanted to enflame fear and hate.

Make no mistake, said some Southern leaders,  Lincoln "is the worst sort of abolitionist"  that will destroy the white race.

Lincoln would have been arrested in South
Some in the North wanted him arrested 

If you believe Lincoln, "our fate will be that of whites in St.Domingo"  -- whites were killed by revolting slaves there, an event everyone was well aware of.

When they accused Lincoln of wanting your daughter to sleep with "Niggers," and told the crowds Lincoln was going to exterminate the white race --  Lincoln was actually in danger, and would eventually get killed, get the bullet in the brain, because he was for equality, NOT because he was against it.

Lincoln responded --with humor and dignity, quite a trick when the other guy is more or less urging the crowd to hate and violence.

Yes, Stephen A Douglas was pro violence, he had a role in the beating of fellow Senator Sumner, laughing at him as he was beat, and predicting he would be beaten that day, earlier.  It's likely Douglas and others planned for Sumner to be beaten the floor of the Senate that day, according to people there.

Lincoln did sometimes parse words -- but no matter how respectfully and carefully Lincoln would say things, haters like Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and dozens of Northern Congressmen would attack him anyway, pump up the fear anyway.

Still, Lincoln had to parse words.  If he had said "Hell yes, any black woman is equal to you idiots"  he would have been shot.

But he did say -- any black woman is equal to any white man, in a way you never  hear about. Instead, they misquote Lincoln, omit the stunning statement and actions FOR equality, from 1846 on.



In fact, there Northern Congressmen who wanted Lincoln ARRESTED -- let me repeat that -- ARRESTED -- if he even said the words slavery should end, so the war could end.   They wanted to end the war, but keep slavery.

Lincoln said no.

And Lincoln had long history of kicking slavery in the ass. He stood up to President Polk, when he was a Congressmen, and called him out for stealing land from Mexico - - in order to spread slavery.  No one told you that, did they?

Lincoln also tried to get slavery outlawed in DC, as a Congressmen.

Lincoln tried 40 times to get Wilmot Proviso passed, to keep slavery out of the newly stolen territory, stolen by Polk and the US military, to spread slavery.

Gee - for a guy who didn't care, he sure spent 1846 to his death in a funny way.




What Lincoln "evolved" on was not slavery, but his ability to kill it. 

In 1861, most whites would not piss on a black person if they were on fire, much less go to war to end slavery.

The governor of Georgia said freeing the slaves would mean blacks and whites would live together contrary to the will of GOD, and nature.  And black men would  be able to talk to white women.   That was not allowed before.  Did you know that. 

No one told you that, did they?


Douglass  knew all this. And he knew Lincoln got up and blasted slavery -- again and again, as Stephen A Douglas said "repeatedly, over and over"  LIncoln spoke about equality for the the "Nigger".


Making fun of Lincoln for saying blacks were equal to whites. 

   As a result, Lincoln had to parse words, which he did artfully.  His FULL quotes are quite amazing, and his actions, even more so.

Frederick Douglass was well aware of LIncoln's quotes -- and his FULL speeches, where Lincoln brought down the power.   Compared to anyone -- anyone -- where Lincoln was, when Lincoln was, speaking to whom Lincoln spoke to, no one else came close.

He was radical.  Yes, at times he parsed words, but the overall message he gave was one that stunned those who heard.  Lincoln effectively changed the course of the  nation, with those words. 


Yes,  Lincoln did not talk about Union -- in that week of 1862, those four states were about to go to the Confederacy, because John Fremont declared slaves in Missouri free, on his own authority.  

Instantly people in the border states  had extra reason to join the Confederacy.  And if they did  and the war is over.   There would only be a few states in the Union, against an overwhelming number of states in secession.

The South wins. And as the South promised, they would spread slavery.

Lincoln DID say he was trying to save the Union. No kidding. Wisely so.

But he ALSO said saving the Union was the way to end slavery.  Douglass knew that.  The House Divided Speech was about that -- about keeping Union together to end slavery.

If the Union stayed together, Lincoln said, slavery would end.  If the Union did not stay together, slavery would spread to all of the US.


 Southern leaders said Lincoln would destroy the white race -- just by refusing to spread slavery into the West against popular sovereignty.   Kansas had voted 95% against slavery -- yet (see below for proof) Southern War ultimatums were that Kansas must accept and respect slavery. 


Stephen A Douglas , and Southern leaders, said such things for a reason --  it worked. It worked to make people hateful and fearful.   Your history text books -- not even movies about slavery -- show this aspect.

Any "Western" politician (Illinois was considered west, then) who dared to be against slavery, even just against the spread of slavery, had to be very careful what they said.

No one ever told you that, did they?


  Douglass knew the whole story.  Not just the bits and pieces your are fed. 




Douglas (one s) claimed Lincoln was a "traitor" for just saying blacks and whites should be equal under the law, because Dred Scott decision said blacks were not even  human beings (not persons) but property.

Lincoln -- and many others -- had exposed Dred Scott as a way to force slavery into all of the US.  Speeches by Southern leaders verify this, they did in fact use Dred Scott decision to justify spread of slavery into rest of the US.

Douglass knew that too.



Obsessed with equality for the "Nigger"?   Huh?

It was not just Douglas (Stephen A)  that claimed Lincoln would have white women sleep with and marry blacks.   There were dozens of Northern papers, including New York papers, that ridiculed Lincoln for claiming blacks were equal to whites.

Oh - -I know, I know --  you heard the edited quotes, which were true, but out of context.  Lincoln said a LOT  of things - -- as he had to, but he was radical as hell, for his time and place.  


Lincoln was "out there" on equality-- and said so, if you get all the quotes.  This was not a word game, but if you want to play the Lincoln word game, get all his words.

Yes, he parsed words. There are a dozen of so times, Lincoln parsed words so much, his advisors were disappointed.  Like in Charleston Illinois -- but  Stephen A Douglas had just spoken, and went from side to side on the stage, calling Lincoln the usual "Nigger" stuff, but even more so now.



Douglas was extremely good at getting crowds whipped into a frenzy.   

 You may not now know,  Douglas was all but inciting hate -- he kept mentioning Lovejoy/  You probably don't even know who Lovejoy was.

Lovejoy was killed by a mob in Illinois, for being too outspoken against slavery.    When Douglas brought  up Lovejoy's name - which he did repeatedly -- Douglas was pumping up the hate. Tying Lincoln to his friend Lovejoy was good politics for Douglas, and dangerous for Lincoln/

But more that Lovejoy -- Douglas said outright -- Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with Niggers. Most newspapers and all history books have cleaned that up.  

One paper -- in Quincy and another in Charleston -- reported how mean Douglas was when he 'went into the Nigger stuff'.   He did not just say it,  he shouted it, he had drool coming down his lip.   He went side to side, shouting it.

Since you have no idea of this --  and you only know part of Lincoln's FULL speeches and quotes -- it's easy to come to exactly opposite conclusion.

Lincoln knew those people in Illinois, particularly  central Illinois, where LIncoln travelled extensively, day in, day out, for years.

Lincoln could use humor to defuse Douglas rants about wanting your daughter to sleep with "Niggers".

Lincoln would have been arrested if he travelled South -- it was illegal, a crime (you didn't know this either) to speak publically against slavery in the South.




Yes, at TIMES Lincoln parsed words.  But he kicked ass anyway, even when he parsed words  

It's common for stupid people -- and sadly, even common for some "historians" -- to just take the parts of Lincoln speeches where he parsed words.

They run like cowards from words -- AND ACTIONS-- where Lincoln kicked ass. 

Lincoln STILL said blacks should have equal rights under the Constitution, even though Douglas was all but physically accosting him for it. Any black person -- no matter how low in social status, no matter how dark their skin - was EQUAL TO ANY MAN. 

WAS EQUAL TO ANY MAN. The lowest of the low in social order of the time, was equal, Lincoln said to the highest of the high in their rights under the Constitution.

Why leave that out?  Fucking ass wipe lying pieces of shit, thats why.

Again, and again, and again, Douglas would tell the public Lincoln was "revolutionary"  and a "traitor" for saying blacks and whites are equal under the law, when Dred Scott decision said otherwise.


 Lincoln was  in a dangerous world for abolitionist -- in fact, the term abolitionist was a vile term at the time, North and South, to most people.  

WE consider "abolitionist" as good, now.   But  95% of the white public did not. 

  Forty  years later,  in 1890's, people writing about that time, would try to explain this. Abolitionist was like calling someone a pervert, or that they wanted your daughters to "be with"  Niggers.

   In Kansas, Southerners bragged about killing every abolitionist they could find!  You could be killed, even in Kansas, even in IL, for being too "abolitionist".

   Lincoln, of course, got a bullet to the brain, after Booth heard his speech about voting rights for blacks.

So, no kidding, Lincoln avoided that term. He would have been killed much sooner, if he did  not.

  Stephen Douglas claimed Lincoln cared more about the Negro than he did about his own race. 



You just know a small part of it, now. 

So tell me, was Frederick Doulgass stupid?

Should he have just listened to your high school teacher for 10 minutes?   Maybe read that letter to Greeley?

Consider this -- Lincoln was not the only white person to die, for being too radical for equality. He is just the best known.  It's a shame people are  now so stupid they often claim Lincoln "did not care"  or was not "really" against slavery.




  Don't pretend you knew this already


If you think you know history, and you do not know that from 1857 until just before Lincoln was killed, that officially, by order of the US Supreme Court, blacks were not human beings -- you don't know shit about Abraham Lincoln.

It's not your fault you don't know.   But Lincoln knew. Douglass knew.  Most of the country knew this. 

Small sentences.  Big wars.  

That whole "by order of the court"  that blacks are not  human beings -- you never heard that, did you?

Yes, see more below.   

Stupidly, again and again, in every US text book we have seen, and by "historians" like Eric Foner,  this is glossed over.  Foner inexplicably claims Dred Scott was a "rather narrow ruling" about "citizenship".

Citizenship? Jesus, do you Orwell much?   It was whether blacks were human beings, or not. The court said NO -- specifically they are property. They are to be seen as property.

They are "SO INFERIOR"  no white man could possibly think blacks are in the same caste (Jefferson Davis said blacks are in a different caste, delivered by God to be enslaved).

But at the time, this was BFD, the BIGGEST BFD. 

Douglas again, and again, and again -- dozens of times, both face to face with Lincoln, and by himself, degraded Lincoln for his obsession for equality of these "inferior beings".

Did you know that? HELL NO. You do not know that. Don't pretend you ever even heard of it.  Because this information is not in any US text book.  You have to read the Dred Scott decision itself, and newspapers books and speeches at the time -- how Jeff Davis and the South used Dred Scott to justify their killing sprees into Kansas.  And how they justified their War Ultimatums -- see below -- on Dred Scott.

Narrow ruling, said Foner?  Unreal.  Jefferson Davis and Abe Lincoln sure as hell didn't think it was a narrow ruling.     

Why the hell do you think LIncoln explained this about 50 times, in his House Divided Speech and elsewhere?  Do you think he was kidding?  

If Dred Scott held, there was no way to stop the spread of slavery into free states. No,Lincoln was not wrong.

In fact, Southern War ULtimatums prove LIncoln was not wrong.  Southern War ultimatums demanded Kansas -- already a free state by then -- must accept and respect slavery.

You had no clue about that either, did you?   Yes, Southern WAR ULTIMATUMS demanded a free state accept and respect slavery.  Kind of a big deal.

Another basic fact, overlooked in US textbooks.


Lincoln and Jefferson Davis did not agree on much.

But they both agreed, and said, Dred Scott changed everything Because of Dred Scott's order (yes order) that blacks are not to be seen as human beings (as persons) but property,  AND because Dred Scott order (yes order) that the fed government actually protect slavery, even in places is was rejected (like Kansas), there was no way to stop the spread of slavery.

This is what Lincoln said in House Divided.   It was nothing unusual -- hundreds of others had pointed it out -- including Jeff Davis and Southern leaders.    Of course, the South boasted of it. 

Lincoln decried the decision and got the 13th Amendment to supercede it. Most "history" teachers can not even tell you why LIncoln needed the 13th Amendment. The answer, was to get rid of Dred Scott decision. 

Dred Scott was  "logic" behind Southern war ultimatums, too, that appeared in Richmond newspaper headlines just before the Civil War (as you know it) started.  See more about Southern War Ultimatums.

So the Dred Scott decision was perfect -- and as Lincoln pointed out -- made that way, like a machine -- to spread slavery where it was impossible to spread slavery before.   Now, because of Dred Scott, it no longer mattered one iota if the people of Kansas rejected slavery 95% or  not. 

The Southern War Ultimatums were specific -- Kansas must accept and respect slavery. Why?  The Dred Scott decision.

So no, Lincoln was not wrong. 

He knew what the fuck he was talking about, and so did Jefferson Davis. .

I can't help it, that you don't know.  This is exactly what leaders on BOTH sides were saying -- Lincoln in the North, and Jeff Davis in the South.  Not kinda, not sorta, not in away.   This is exactly what they were saying. 

Short of renting billboard space on your ass, Lincoln could not make it any more clear.  Likewise, Davis made it clear.  

Dred Scott changed everything Davis said. Dred Scott ordered blacks to be property, and the federal government protect it.

How the hell do people not know this most basic thing? That Dred Scott court ordered blacks to be seen as not human beings (not persons).   

More importantly -- the South used this decision to justify killing and spreading slavery.  Over, and over, and over, Southern speakers, documents and newspapers referred to Dred Scott as the authority of them to put slavery wherever they wanted. 

And they wanted it -- in Kansas and all the way west -- even though Kansas voted against slavery 95%.

Southern War Ultimatums were about one thing -- spreading slavery.  

You had no clue, 30 seconds ago, that was even an issue.

Here is where most people (especially history teachers) pretend they knew.

If you don't know why Lincoln would be called a traitor, then you don't know enough about Lincoln, the Civil War, or Stephen A Douglas.




Lincoln would get a bullet to the brain,  in 1865, for the same reason Stephen A Douglas repeatedly taunted LIncoln -- to his face - for his obsession for equality "for the Nigger".

Yes, no shit, Lincoln parsed words.  He parsed words about voting rights for blacks, too, after which Booth shot him anyway. 

I can't help it, you don't know. That's not my fault. If you have a degree in history, and you don't know this, go ask for your money back. It's that basic. 

Why would Stephen A Douglas call Lincoln a traitor- - because he was disagreeing with Dred Scott, "the law of the land"  said Stephen A Douglas.

And guess what -- DOUGLAS WON.  

Gee - there is a lot, lot more you don't know.

In fact,  Stephen A  Douglas went from side to side of the stage in Charleston IL, spitting out the word "nigger" claiming Lincoln "cared more about the Niggers that he did about his own country."

Newspapers in at least two cities-- Quincy and Charleston -- reported Douglas had clearly been drinking, by the anger he displayed when saying the word "Nigger".

Lincoln wants your wife and daughters to "be with" Niggers.

People feared -- white males sure as hell feared -- that black men would be free to move to Illinois (it was illegal for blacks to even move to Illinois at the time) and "be with" their daughters.

So Douglas stabbed this raw nerve, again, and again, and again.



Lincoln was called a traitor -- and "obsessed with equality for the Nigger"  for daring to say in public blacks and whites ARE equal.   Yes, he said that time after time, in various ways.

Isolated facts -- TORN FROM THEIR CONNECTION?   In other words, out of context.

Ironically, Lincoln's enemies accused him of being far far too concerned with equality -- let slavery continue, just keep it down South, was the attitude in the North. 

Douglass told folks, as plainly as he knew how, that Lincoln was radical. We can't go by this quote or that, out of context.  Lincoln had to play this game -- he was not king.  He did parse words. 

But parsing words -- he STILL kicked ass, if you know all his words.

It's just not taught like this. 

Don't pretend you knew this already -- because 99% of the people we ask, have no clue about this basic fact.   If you don't understand this, you don't know shit about Lincoln or the Civil War

" Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with and marry with Niggers." 
"Mr. Lincoln is obsessed with equality for the Nigger."  


   The United States Supreme Court ruled blacks  
   were not human beings (not persons) under the
   law, and Lincoln was a "traitor" for saying otherwise.

The fact most people today have no clue whatsoever that when LIncon ran for US Senate, then President -- the Supreme Court had already ruled blacks are not human beings.

Lincoln spoke against this with power -- over and over and over. 

And you never heard of that, did you?

Slap your teacher for that. But there is much more





You don't know what Lincoln faced,  but Douglass did. 

 Lincoln got much grief and threats from people in the NORTH.  Lincoln's political enemies in the NORTH wanted him arrested, or gave speeches to that effect, if he even said slavery should end for the war to end. 

Southern leaders were even worse -- Lincoln will destroy the white race.   When you learn what kind of violence (yes violence) Lincoln faced, you wont be so stupid.   People were still being killed for speaking too bluntly, in the wrong place, for equality.  Yet read Lincolns full speeches -- he kicked ass on equality, when you know the full speeches. 

In fact, no one spoke more powerfully than Lincoln, for where, and when he was, while running for office.   It was one thing to speak in Maine or to select crowds in Massachusetts, Lincoln was radical as hell -- when you learn his full speeches -- in Illinois and Kansas. 

  Some Northern Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested for just saying slavery should end for the war to end. 

  Southern leaders claimed Lincoln's House Divided Speech was a "declaration of war" against the South. 

   Lincoln shot in the head after Booth heard his 
  speech about voting rights for blacks

  Lincoln's Southern enemies said he was going to 
 destroy the white race and was "the worst sort of

  Lincoln's friend Lovejoy  was killed by a mob in   IL for speaking too blunty against slavery

No text book in the US shows this aspect of hatred for Lincoln IN THE NORTH -- and how dangerous it was for him to speak.


Lincoln's claim that the Negro is equal to any white man in his rights under that law is treason -- he cares more for the Nigger than he cares for his own race....


 Bullet in the head - Lincoln's reward for   being "obsessed  with equality for the Nigger".

Lincoln could  have gotten that bullet in the brain much sooner, if he had been any more blunt, sooner.

Somehow, Lincoln is the bad guy?  Here Southern leaders are bragging about killing to spread slavery for God -- and Lincoln, is the bad guy?

Lincoln's NORTHERN enemies are jumping up and down claiming Lincoln is obsessed with equality for the Nigger -- and Lincoln is the bad guy?

Fucking hell -- there was no one, no one -- like Lincoln.  Yes, some others gave speeches, for money.  Or in Boston, or Maine.

Show me anyone who went to Kansas and spoke like Lincoln.  Show me anyone who went to Alton, or Charleston, and spoke to those crowds, like Lincoln did.

Lincoln's FULL speeches are amazing.  If you want to play word games, play it, dumb ass. If you want to know what was going on, read 1000 Southern newspapers and speeches, and see what Lincoln was up against.



Douglass (Frederick)  was not fooled by word games, played later.

More than anything, Douglass knew that Lincoln HAD to parse words at times.  People were still being killed -- and Douglass knew that -- for speaking too bluntly about equality.

 As Frederick Douglass said, "we did not judge him by stray utterances" -- because Douglass knew all of Lincoln's speeches, he knew the Lincoln DOuglas debates well -- he published much of LIncoln's words in his own newspaper.

Sure -- you can play word games.  Go on, lots of people do. But if you want to know why Frederick Douglas AND Stephen A Douglas both said Lincoln was a "radical,"  you can't play word games.
You have to know what happened. 


Yes,  Lincoln  had to parse words, but if he had not,  Stephen Douglas would have been president -- Douglas was Jeff Davis buddy.

There may have been no Civil War -- Stephen A Douglas was fine with spread of slavery into Kansas.  He defended Dred Scott decision out the ass, again and again.

Dred Scott decision was the LAW OF THE LAND, per DOuglas.

So if you don't know what Dred Scott was about (and most people do not) you don't know how fucking horrible it would be, if he were President.






Douglas even showed up in a rail car with a cannon on the back, and he would come out of his car, when the cannon went off.  He was big-- real big - on theatrics. 

His central message -- Mr Lincoln is dangerous.  

His other message -- Dred Scott decision is law of the land.

The words Douglas used to give that message: Lincoln wants your daughters to sleep with "Niggers".

The effect of those words -- Douglas won that election.

Do you grasp that -- or not?  Douglas won that election.

If not for Lincoln -- Douglas also wins POTUS in 1860


Governor Brown of Georgia wrote a long "open letter" - very famous at the time, saying how Lincoln was going to make whites live a "degraded existence"   and have your daughters "be with" and marry with, Negroes (at least he said Negroes, not niggers).

Lincoln would cause the death of the white race -- just by stopping the spread of slavery 




WTF?  No one told us that.  Obsessed for equality of "Niggers"?

Lincoln was obsessed with equality for the Negro -- New York papers called him once a "Negro Worshiper" -- lingo at the time for anyone against slavery.

Read the FULL speeches -- holy shit, he kicks ass.  And learn context.  

Whatever the reason, no one  left a Lincoln speech, a debate, confused at all........ Lincoln was determined to "put slavery on the path to extinction" --and then, he did exactly that. 

Lincoln's enemies -- and all of the Southern demagogues  -- were screaming bloody murder that Lincoln was dangerous,  and would either destroy the white race, or at least make your daughters and sons be "on equal terms" with the Negro.

Lincoln was actually kicking ass about equality for the races, and ending slavery, all along.  

Lincoln HAD to empathize Union for those four border states.  And did. It worked. 

We all know now, those four states stayed in the Union -- but no one knew then.

Only Lincoln reassuring those states -- he did that through the letter to Greeley -- did LIncoln satisfy them that they would not lose slavery this way.  Lincoln would even offer slave owners in Kentucky payment to end slavery, and some accepted.

Lincoln said slavery had to end by LEGAL means -- a Constitutional AMendment. But until then, Lincoln would be obliged to deal with slavery, as the Supreme Court ordered in Dred Scott. 

Lincoln had to get 13th Amendment passed, and he did that as soon as possible.  He could not just end slavery by legislation or Presidental order.

Even the Emancipation Proclamation was a temporary order -- once the slave states stopped being in rebellion, that order would go away. It was an order based on martial - war time -- law.  When the war was over, slavery would return.

Unless Lincoln could get an Amendment to the Constitution. So he did. 


But Lincoln, before, and after,  Dred Scott decision, spoke thousands of times about the need to get rid of slavery, and how slavery would take over the US, like a cancer, or  the Union would remain.

But he would get rid of slavery legally. Not by an illegal order, or by legislation. The Dred Scott decision meant even US Congress could not end slavery. Only -- only  -- a Constitutional Amendment would work.

So LIncoln did that.

Keeping the Union together was the ONLY way to stop the spread of slavery.  Southern leaders agreed, if Lincoln would not let them spread slavery, they would create their own nation, based on slavery.

And they boasted about that.  They boasted they were creating a  nation based on slavery. Lincoln kept the Union together -- and said so -- to end slavery.  Ending slavery = keeping union together.  Keeping Union together = ending slavery.

He made that clear by House Divided Speech. And, he was right.




Because Kansas Act pushed slavery into Kansas -- and then Dred Scott decision said blacks are not human beings, Lincoln and thousands of other people, North and South, knew slavery was going to spread all over, or be kicked out.

Lincoln was hated in the newspapers -- in the South -- for House Divided. It was a in effect, said some in the South, a declaration of war against the South, saying slavery would end everywhere, or spread everywhere.

So when Lincoln did write the letter to Greeley (to the South, really, but via Greeley) he had already said repeatedly, 


When Lincoln's letter to Greeley is a prime example.

He actually wrote it to the Border States, which were going to join the Confederacy any day -- any hour.     The stupidity of Fremont in Kentucky gave slave owners what they needed -- see, Lincoln is going to free all the slaves and they will intermarry with  your white women.

Lincoln wrote it to Greeley, knowing very well by the next day or two, many Southern newspapers would print it.

If Lincoln does  not write that letter, or if it did not work (it worked)   the Civil War is over, and slavery spreads, per the War Ultimatums.   South had issued War ultimatums before the fighting started, demanding the spread of slavery.   

Mostly, those who trash Lincoln don't explain that many people alive in 1850's,thought blacks were more like monkeys that could talk -- not actual human beings.

Southern leaders BRAGGED blacks were subhuman, did you know that - or not? 

Southern leaders BRAGGED their "new nation" was based on the "great moral and scientific truth" that blacks were inferior beings, not human beings like whites.  

But Lincoln is the bad guy?



Learn the full story, not slogans. Lincoln's full speeches are amazing, powerful, and his actions to kill slavery were even more powerful.  

So read  his his full speeches, in context, and you won't be so stupid. 

"Lincoln would have taken a bullet to the brain, much sooner than he did, if he was not careful what he said --what  good would a dead Lincoln do, in 1856?"


Yes, Lincoln did parse words -- but read the full speeches.


The Southern War Ultimatums -- printed first in Richmond papers, with headline "THE TRUE ISSUE".

How war ultimatums appeared in Douglass's paper.

Full text of Southern paper

The TRUE ISSUE -- and their war ultimatums, were that Lincoln allow the spread of slavery into Kansas, and Kansas "accept and respect slavery."

The WAR ultimatum, let that sink in WAR ULTIMATUM -- that Kansas accept and respect slavery.

Kansas had REJECTED slavery and become a free state, and by a 95% vote!!   Do you grasp that?   FUCKING HELL.

No one told you -- ever -- that Southern War Ultimatums demanded a free state turn into a slave state. Did they? You never heard that? FUCK NO.

It would help if US text books mentioned it- - so all the US would know what scum sucking pigs and lunatic Confederate leaders were.  

COnfederate leaders didn't suggest it, didn't say it would be preferable.  They said in writing the war ultimatums.


They were not fucking bluffing.  They issued their war ultimatums, Lincoln would not obey, and they attacked.  They were already killing in Kansas, anyway.


Lincoln did evolve-- on his awareness how he could kill slavery so bad, for the next 150 years, Southern leaders would deny the very things they bragged about then.


Lincoln called "Negro Worshiper"  by New York papers.



Every high school history teacher can tell you about Lincoln's letter to Greeley, where LIncoln says if he could save the union without freeing and slaves, he would.

Sounds horrible?

Why would Lincoln write that letter to Greeley??

Actually, Lincoln did NOT write that letter to Greeley  -- he wrote to the border states, via Greeley, because Lincoln knew that in 24-48 hours, most people that mattered would read his letter to "Greeley".

More about that, below.

Meanwhile, Southern leaders are killing to spread slavery, bragging about it, and that's fine. Lincoln is the bad guy?  Seriously?

Remember, Southern leaders were BRAGGING they were killing to spread slavery.  And LIncoln is the bad guy because he, at that time, spoke about Union? 

He fucking had to.  A few more days, and those Southern states go with Jeff Davis. Do you grasp that or not?




Killing the God of Slavery. Lincoln's final gesture


No one seems to grasp this now -- but once Lee surrendered, do you know that no Southern leader, not one, not for the next 150 years, ever claimed that bullshit again, about God intended slavery, intended slaves be tortured (yes, they claimed that before, often) and that God wanted white men to enslave the black race.

That all stopped -- instantly.  An amazing difference.  Blacks were still beaten, some were in slavery illegally, many of the horrible things continued.

But that "God of slavery" was a very real God-- at least used daily by Southern leaders.   Lincoln killed that excuse.


Plus Lincoln's actions.  Have you ever heard about his "radical" actions from 1846-65?

Douglass knew all these.  Did anyone bother to mention them, to you?


The fact you do not know this -- everyone knew it in 1850's -- show how whitewashed the Dred Scott decision has been, we now teach it as something about "citizenship"  and Congress can not decide slavery "issues" in the territories.

As Jefferson Davis said -- Dred Scott was about blacks as persons or not. They are not persons, specifically they are not persons.

John Brown lasted about two hours, in Virginia, kicking slavery in the ass his way. Then he was hung, and so were his sons.

His other son already got killed, back in Kansas.

Lincoln fought a bit smarter -- and got the job done.



People  were arrested in the South, just for owning the wrong  book-- even preachers were arrested.

The article claims the South is the most moral, religious, and contented law abiding people on earth.   But those abolitionist are against God, against religion, against decency, and should be hung.  

The US Senator from Missouri boasted in his speech, he would kill to spread slavery, and kill to stop folks from speaking openly against slavery. That's not from some nut -- that was a US Senator boasting of it.

Those against slavery are against human virture, against modesty, they "must be hung or put in the penitentary" or the South will secede at once.


Frederick Douglass knew about articles like this -- because he reprinted them, in his own paper.

So Douglas knew the dangers to Lincoln -- and he knew Lincoln was trying to win elections, to get support of folks who thought blacks were sorta dogs that could talk and walk upright.

But Frederick Douglass already knew that.

Even in Illinois, speaking too candidly against slavery could get you shot - a fact Lincoln's friend Lovejoy learned too late. He was killed for his anti slavery newspaper.

Lincoln himself was shot in the head, by Booth, after Booth heard Lincoln speak for voting rights for blacks. Booth changed his plan from kidnapping, to killing, because of Lincoln's speech about voting rights.

Did anyone bother -- ever -- to tell you that?

I just did. Frederick Douglass already knew it.

People who saw Lincoln's speeches and debates did not say stupid things like "Lincoln is not really against slavery".     Nor did they say "Lincoln was reluctant to free the slaves".   
But see the video anyway, "Nigger" word cleaned up to "Negro" or not.  And go read his full speeches, his full debates -- and learn his full actions.

You may learn a  lot.  We did.

Douglass knew that most whites -- even in the North - would not walk across the street to free a slave, much less fight a war to do it.  He knew Lincoln had to gather support from millions of people who did not want blacks living anywhere near them, including Illinois, where it was illegal for a black person to move to.

Your "history" teacher may or may not know that. But Frederick Douglass lived it.  When you understand what Douglass knew, and why he said Lincoln was radical, swift, zealous, and determined, you won't be so stupid about the Civil War, or Lincoln.


Frederick Douglass was world famous before most people in  Illinois  ever heard of Lincoln.  He had been tortured, he has seen a slave woman whipped to death while the slave master shouted bible verses.

His biological father raped his mother, a slave woman, and would send bounty hunters after Douglass when he escaped.

Douglass  had seen slaves torn by slave dogs, specially trained to attack blacks who ran.


Other things NORTHERN politicians and NORTHERN newspapers called Lincoln at the time:






      'Lincoln is an ignorant man who, by stopping the spread of slavery, will be like burning us to death slowly'

     'Lincoln and black Republican's  true intention is clear, to abolish slavery in all of the states'


If you told people in 1854-1865, that Lincoln was not against slavery, most of them would have looked at you like you were out of your mind.

For that place, and to the people Lincoln needed to get to vote for him, he was radical -- and lost several elections, because of it.


Actually, though Lincoln did parse words at times, overall, read his FULL speeches, and see, LIncoln was kicking slavery in the ass sideways, from 1846 on, when he stood up as a fresman Congressman, to President Polk, and called him on expanding slavery, via the Mexican War.

In fact, where he was, and where he was, LIncoln was radical as hell, and he had to be careful or he would have been shot much sooner.    

Those who claim LIncoln was not against slavery -- are you nuts?  NO one else did what he did, long before the Civil War. Lincoln essentially did nothing BUT travel around IL because of Kansas Act, and work to unseat the man who got it passed, Stephen A Douglas.

Lincoln gave over 2000 speeches, and his full speeches are amazing -- and for his time and place, radical as can be.

Others did speak more candidly -- but not in Illinois, and not where he did.   The big "abolitionist"  speakers would not dare go where Lincoln went -- they were speaking to audiences that already agreed with them.

Llincoln was speaking to folks who thought blacks were somehow not fully human. At the time, Illinois did not even allow blacks to move there into the state -- did you know that?

Many whites would not walk across the street to piss on a black person, much less fight a war to free him.   Lincoln had to change those folks mind, and get their votes.

Lincoln was shot, for speaking too candidly, about voting rights for blacks.   Booth changed his plan from kidnapping to killing, when he heard Lincoln speak of voting rights for blacks.

Did anyone ever tell you that? 

Douglass knew about that.   You probably did not. And there is much, much more. 

Swift?  Radical?  Zealous?  Determined?

Lincoln called "Negro Worshiper"  by New York papers.

 Lincoln's enemies at that time trashed him for just the opposite reason, a fact Lincoln detractors today, seem blissfully unaware of.


LINCOLN?  Radical to end slavery?  That's hilarious!  Poor Frederick Douglass, such a sucker.   Man, Lincoln conned that fool.

Lincoln ZEALOUS?   

Are you kidding!!  Everyone knows Lincoln was "reluctant" to free the slaves, and promised the South he was not out to destroy slavery where it existed.

Didn't Douglass know anything?

 Even the "Lincoln" scholars admit old Abe wrote that entire letter to Greeley, that he was out to save the Union. 



Border states did not matter, no matter what Lincoln tried to say. 

Lincoln SWIFT?   Frederick Douglass may have been a genius, but he was sure a dumb ass about Lincoln, even though he was there.  Lincoln was so slow to do anything. 

Who cares about border states?  Lincoln did say he hoped God was on Union side, but he really needed Kentucky on the Union side, or all was lost.

What did Lincoln know?  



Going where he did, and when he did, was radical -- even dangerous.  Lincoln's friend, Lovejoy, was killed for speaking too candidly against slavery.  Did you know that, or not?

No one ever told you that, did they? Douglass knew.

Lincoln himself was killed, after he spoke too candidly, for voting rights for blacks.   Booth heard his speech about voting rights for "educated blacks"  and changed his plan from kidnapping, to killing.

No one ever told you that, did they? Douglass knew.

See, it matters what the hell you know. It would help if those trashing Lincoln would know his full speeches and full actions, but they don't, and they seem to like it that way. 


POLK SALAD  1846 - 1865

 Lincoln had a long history of 1846 on,  of taking radical (for the time) stands.  He stood to President Polk,  actually accusing Polk correctly, of pushing for a war against Mexico, to steal land that would be used to spread slavery.

No one told you that, did they.

When Lincoln could not shame Polk and others from a war to spread slavery, Lincoln pushed  for Wilmont Proviso 40 times,  that would have kept slavery out of the areas US just stole from Mexico.  Lincoln was on the "shit list"   of slave owners ever after.

No one told you that, did they?

Lincoln as Congressman,  tried to end slavery in DC.

No one told you that, did they.

Did those who trash Lincoln -- or act like he didn't care about slavery, ever tell you about  12 years that Lincoln did nothing but speak and travel around, get into office, as President, then kick slavery in the ass?

You mean they forgot to mention that?   But they told you about a letter to Greeley, out of context. 

That whole "kicking slavery in the ass sideways"   meant nothing, right?   

Even after Lincoln could have kept the Union together, but STILL kicked slavery until it was dead dead dead, that was just for show.

That letter to Greeley means the 2000 other letters, the 2000 other speeches, don't matter.   


That some Northern Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested if he even spoke the words "slavery must end, for the war to end" -- that means nothing?

Get the full set of facts, and those who trash Lincoln, out of stupidity or malice, won't be so stupid.  

Frederick Douglass was smart enough to know the full story. 

Douglass knew  context -- like the fact some Northern Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested for simply saying the Civil War should end slavery.  Douglass knew full speeches, and mostly, Douglass knew Lincoln's full actions.



Guess who knew that?   Frederick Douglass (and of course, Greeley knew).    

Keeping the Union together would end slavery over time. Slavery was like a cancer, it had to spread, or it had to die itself. 

Southern leaders said the same thing -- but they used LIncoln's comments as justification to leave the Union and spread slavery outside the union, as their own "War Ultimatums" made clear.

Frederick Douglass knew that. You did not.


Also, at the time Lincoln wrote that letter, some Northern Congressmen wanted Lincoln arrested, if he even said slavery should end, for the war to end. 

They did not say Lincoln by name, but they called for the arrest of anyone who said slavery should end, for the war to end.

Did you know that,  yes or no?  Saying slavery should end was some radical shit, until the last part of the Civil War.

And if LIncoln had spoken sooner, more candidly, the border states would have joined the Confederacy.

Did you know that?   Lincoln did, that's the big reason he had to speak carefully.

Guess who knew -- Frederick Douglass knew.


Douglass not only knew Lincoln, Douglass knew the scum what  Lincoln was up against -- North and South.


From Lincoln Douglas debates.  Douglas makes up stories about Lincoln's "Nigger" friends. 


Douglass was personal friends with John Brown, and he was paid to speak to crowds in the US, once his friends could literally "buy him"  from his slave owner, who was also his biological father.

Douglass Speech about Lincoln

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